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Family finally released from Oakington "Reception" Centre.

levin | 17.01.2005 14:43 | Migration | Cambridge

The Arora family were finally released on bail from Oakington Immigration "Reception" Centre on Friday 7th January, after 73 days in detention, and after repeated pleas for better medical attention for their child.

The adjudicator at the bail hearing heard of the long term sickness of the child whilst in Oakington, including reports from Cambridge's hospital, Addenbrooke's, that showed "abnormal" measurements in their two year old son's blood test. Although it was claimed that they were getting adequate treatment inside Oakington, no action was taken upon receipt of results of the blood test, and the family and the refugee Legal Centre had to firmly demand to be given a copy of the report.

Although the Home Office claimed - for the third time - that deportation was "imminent" that adjudicator dismissed this as a "leap of faith" given that there was no paperwork nor evidence suggesting that this was the case. In fact, the Home Office even gave a date of January 14th for the deportation, which seems to have been invented by them. Last night the family was still in London trying to improve the health of their son before they are deported. They have been prescribed various dietry supplements by their doctor before undergoing further tests.

As it is, it seems that the Home Office will have no qualms about imprisoning a family for 73 days as part of the "fast track" procedure, weakening the health of a child, and then deporting them.