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BBC Election Bus in town today. Whoopee.

IMC'er | 03.05.2005 14:37 | Cambridge

At very short notice, and with hardly any publicity at all, the BBC's election roadshow wends its way into the centre of Cambridge today.

Well, almost the centre.

On enquiring, the reason for the very obscure location (copy this Post Code into multimap to find it: CB2 1RT) is due to the total lack of sufficient parking facilites in Cambridge for a 17tonne double decker bus!

Better have a word with the City Council then hadn't they, seeing as they've contracted dozens of people (and state of the art heavy machinery) to knock down one of the biggest car parks in the middle of town to make way for yet another shopping mall (we need another one?).

I digress.

They're pleasant enough people (if you're into kinky things like voting for men with a suit fetish). They have a little Marquee next to the bus, with web terminals (which needless to say are displaying the BBC Election site), there's some 'WHAT DO YOU THINK?' boards for innocent bystanders to put postit's up on saying what they think are their pet issues for the election (um, all of them..?).

Tellingly, the overwhelming majority have the word 'Iraq' or 'War' on them.

There's even some free sweeties, pens and stickers for if you want to be reminded there's an election happening at the moment with the BBC logo generously displayed on them.

They'll be around until after the six o'clock news tonight, part of which will be going out live with Sopie Ray Worth hosting it, plus there's News24 coverage on and off during the afternoon.

The location of the bus is the car park of the Garden House Hotel, at the very end of Granta Place (follow the access road around the corner to find the car park), which is off Silver St.

I'll stick up some photos later this week when I can get the film processed.