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Medieval Curse versus Debenhams

The Knights of St Edmund | 14.11.2005 16:02 | Globalisation | Cambridge

Globalisation isn’t just about Third world countries. Residents of Bury St Edmunds have threatened Centros Miller and Debenhams with an ancient curse in order to prevent the construction of a 12 acre shopping development in one of England’s most historic towns.

The Cattle-market redevelopment in Bury St Edmunds is being bulldozed through by an unholy alliance of Tory and New Labour politicians on St Edmundsbury Borough Council. On three separate occasions that they have had the opportunity to have a democratic vote on the development, the people of St Edmunds have massively rejected plans for the cattle-market redevelopment.

This development means:

1. Unemployment: the ‘inefficient’ small shops and their suppliers in the town will be killed off in favour of the larger more 'efficient' businesses dominating the high street.
2. Crime and anti-social behaviour: Kids in hoodies just love to hang around the mall, as do opportunist criminals.
3. Lack of Diversity: Bury St Edmunds has many small family run businesses that will go out of business because they cannot compete with a Debenhams super-store.
4. Ruins a great architectural town: the blandness of the development is stunning, it has no reference to the local timber framed construction tradition for which the town is noted.
5. The development is being paid for from the money received from the sale of the Borough's council housing stock.

The curse will be unleashed at a public ceremony on the 20th November 2005 at 7.15 pm. Please check web-page for details and more information about campaign.

Deus lo volt!

The Knights of St Edmund
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