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So Far and Yet So Near - show 2

dmish | 18.01.2006 00:44 | Culture | Cambridge

Here is the second edition of "So Far and Yet So Near" produced in Cambridge on 209 radio. This week:
- Terrorism and society - Claire Bennett from the Harambee Centre comes into the studio to talk about her workshop on the social effects of terrorism in the UK
- Hannah and Derek play samba with the Arco Iris samba band
- Being ethical and healthy in the new year - Cambridge shops give some advice
- Hear from Nim Njuguna, director of the Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum

Audio So Far - 7th January 2006 (ogg) - application/ogg 8.2M

So Far - 7th January 2006 (mp3) - mp3 8.8M

So Far and Yet So Near shows you that the world really is on your doorstep here in Cambridge. We will bring to you the diversity of Cambridgeshire by speaking to people who are originally from different parts of the world, and covering news stories that link you to the whole globe.

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