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Multinational Chains on Mill Rd

no chains | 23.01.2006 21:42 | Globalisation | Cambridge

A campaign has started to ask people to boycott the multinational chains on Mill Rd. Prompted by the recent opening of Pizza Hut and Chicken Cottage, a group of Romsey and Petersfield residents have been talking to shopkeepers, leafleting shoppers on Mill Rd and pushing leaflets through front doors in the area.

Mill Road is an oasis of independent shops in contrast to the city centre and Grafton centre - where you can find the same shops as in any city centre or shopping mall in the country. It has a real character, and you can get to know the shopkeepers and have a chat on the weekly shop. There is food (take away and grocery) from all regions of the world. The diversity was well shown during the Mill Road winter fair in December.

Subway is another chain that has invaded Mill Road. And the Kailash shop has been threatened by their landlord with eviction to make way for a Ladbrokes betting shop (that would join the other two betting shops on Mill Road). And Perfect Pizza is part of the Papa Johns chain.

So far the response to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive. The door to door leafleting has led to many of the leaflets being displayed in the windows of houses in the area. We can but hope this campaign prevents any more multinationals trying to set up shop on Mill Road. And ideally persuades Pizza Hut that they don't need their fourth store in Cambridge.

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