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So Far and Yet So Near - 18th March

dmish | 28.03.2006 14:40 | Analysis | Globalisation | Cambridge | World

In this episode of So Far and Yet So Near:

- coverage of a Fair Trade Fortnight debate: is free trade better than fair trade?
- a Muslim poet speaks about his life and work
- the role of famine in human history - and how obesity and famine may be linked

Audio So Far - 18th March 2006 (ogg) - application/ogg 7.8M

So Far - 18th March 2006 (mp3) - mp3 8.5M

So Far and Yet So Near shows you that the world really is on your doorstep here in Cambridge. We will bring to you the diversity of Cambridgeshire by speaking to people who are originally from different parts of the world, and covering news stories that link you to the whole globe.

Presented by Hannah Higginson and Derek Thorne

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