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Immaterial Labour

Harry Halpin | 28.04.2006 13:44 | Analysis | Culture | Globalisation | Workers' Movements | Cambridge

Ed Emery of the Universitas adversitatis has organised the "Immaterial Labour, Multitudes, and New Social Subjects: Class Composition in Cognitive Capitalism" Conference in Cambridge this weekend (August 28-30th). This conference will be feature a large international gathering of radicals and militants, with a focus on autonomous inquiry in the digital era and a keynote open to the public by Antonio Negri, co-author of Empire.

This diverse revolutionary current believes that the era of the "material labour" of the factory has been superseded by the "immaterial labour" that includes unpaid family work, "service with a smile" and the production of affects, and symbolic-linguistic production such as computer programming and entertainment. There is also an increased focus on the cybernetic communications of both capital, and as opposed to vanguard parties, the natural antagonism of labour to capitalism and their ability to subvert their own machinery - including the Internet (see texts related to the themes of the conference).

Antonio Negri will give his keynote in French on the evening of the 28th on the topic of "J.M. Keynes, Guaranteed Minimum Income and the Recent Events in France," an analysis of the recent revolt in France against the neoliberal CPE.

To make this conference as widely available, there will be live audio-stream available on and an IRC chat room at This room will allow people, regardless of their location in space, to discuss the speakers and ask questions. A full archive will also be made.

Update: At the last moment, Negri had to cancel for personal reasons, but his paper will be delivered by his esteemed colleague Andrea Fumagalli at 7:30.

Antonio Negri
Antonio Negri

Harry Halpin


Note that Negri is not speaking in person

28.04.2006 15:39

At the last minute due to personal reasons beyond his control, Negri cannot speak at this conference in person. Howevever, his paper will be delivered by his esteemed colleague from Italy, Andrea Fumagalli. Negri offers his apologies, and he has discussed this particular work with Andrea over the deeply over the last few days, so he feels that Andrea will deliver the paper properly. Also, unlike Negri, Andrea can deliver the paper in English.

Harry Halpin


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29.04.2006 11:55

Where it says Auguest above read April.

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Ogg Vorbis audio stream

29.04.2006 11:57

in audio player such xmms open location

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