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Cambridge Coach to Ipswich Reclaim the Night

dmish | 21.12.2006 13:01 | Gender | Cambridge

A coach has been organised to take people from Cambridge to the Ipswich Reclaim the Night on Friday 29th December. It will leave Parkside (opposite the fire station) at 5.30 pm and return around 10.15 (leaving Ipswich at 9 pm) Tickets cost £5.50 Please book in advance if you can (with jimjepps AT )

The call from the organisers is:

"In memory of the five women recently murdered we ask people of all genders, sexualities, ages and races to march together against violence. To demand the right to walk the streets without fear. To share their thoughts, fears, hopes, dreams and love with each other. To show that united we will never be broken."