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Cambridge Mill Road Social Centre evicted

PB | 01.08.2008 08:51 | Free Spaces | Cambridge

On Friday morning around 9AM, police and bailiffs kicked down the door to the social centre and started evicting people from the premises. No advance warning was given. It goes to show that Tesco can never be trusted, as they reneged on their promise not to take possession of the building before they needed to start building.

Tesco were obviously very confident that the previous night's planning meeting (to allow them to build waste and airco facilities) would find in their favour. As it turned out, their application was turned down. No doubt Mill Road's Broadway will soon sport a set of shiny metal window boards.

If you are reading this on Friday morning, help is needed to get stuff out and stash it.



update on eviction

01.08.2008 11:48

Specific help required is

* vans to transport the stuff dumped out of the social centre
* space to store the stuff - do you have space in a garage or warehouse where kit could be kept?
* people to carry stuff around.

If you can help, please go down to the social centre and speak to people there. If you don't see anyone at the front, they may well be around the back of the social centre.

Tesco obviously planned the eviction before the planning meeting last night. You don't get 5 baliffs and 20 cops at short notice. In addition they had arranged to cut off the water and electricity to make life harder if there was resistance. It's not a terrible surprise it was ignored, but it is worth mentioning that Tesco had said they might give a weeks notice before eviction.

And it appears they're going for wood rather than metal to cover the windows. So there is a brand new surface to decorate ;-)

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Photos post eviction

01.08.2008 11:59

Collecting the kit that was chucked on the pavement.
Collecting the kit that was chucked on the pavement.

Boarding up the windows
Boarding up the windows

Pile of kit out the back, looking for a new home ...
Pile of kit out the back, looking for a new home ...

Currently people are clearing up, while contractors are boarding up the windows.

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Article from local paper

01.08.2008 12:34

It appears Tesco planned the eviction 2 weeks ago. That and other details are mentioned in this article from the local paper.



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