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Eviction Threat at Cambridge Gaza Occupation

repost | 28.01.2009 22:05 | University Occupations for Gaza | Palestine | Cambridge

The following is from the Cambridge Gaza Solidarity Occupation at the Law Faculty...

Dear Friends,

the university authorities have issued a legal document threatening to exercise their legal rights to remove us from the building by 9 pm tonight. We would ask you to support our right to peaceful protest.

We have been in negotiations all day and have cooperated and compromised extensively. The university is being intimidatory and heavy handed.

We would ask you to support us by emailing the Vice-Chancellor -, by contacting MP for Cambridge David Howarth and by coming down at 9 pm. Please bring food.

This is an infringement of our right to peaceful protest and that is an issue we feel that all students should act on.

In hope and peace,

Cambridge Gaza Solidarity

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