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Anti-Capitalist Choir Hits Cambridge's Consumerist Temples

ARA | 01.08.2009 23:15 | Culture | Globalisation | Social Struggles | Cambridge | World

Video of 'Buy Less, Sing More' Choir – Saturday 1st August 2009

Buy Less, Sing More hit the streets of Cambridge to sing at the Grand Arcade, the Grafton Centre and Mill Road at the site of the proposed Tesco. Spoof pro-capitalist protesters joined the fun calling for people to 'buy more'. Different types of people came along from animal rights activists to regular anti-capitalist types.

The protest was good humoured and 'fluffy' in style, with support strong on Mill Road.

There were some concerns from the good natured protesters about security people being in the video after a security man grabbed me. I had excluded some of the footage however I would like to make it clear that this video is the work of an independent camera person and is not an official video from the group.

I tried to upload the video to Indymedia but it didn't work out, so here's the Youtube link:



My Photos of this action...

02.08.2009 13:57

I was at a well known local festival yesterday, hence the slight 'timelag' in posting these images!

One (in)security gaurd at The Grafton Centre tried to make an issue of me taking pictures - until I rather publically 'pointed out' the hypocrisy of this, seeing as that shopping centre is bristling with CCTV!

Another one also asked if I could ask 'my friend' (i.e. the other photographer), once we were OUTSIDE the building if I could tell them to adhere to the rules about not taking pictures.
I pointed out to them that they are a free agent and I have no control over their actions.

Ho hum.

These minor nuisances aside, on the whole this action was friendly, fun, creative and very empowering. I'd definitely like to see more activism-as-performance-art like this going on around these parts.

It was also really good to see activists from diverse causes working together for this action.

My favourite, most memorable lyrical refrain of the day:
"Back away from the Chainstore, back away"...

Enjoy the pictures.



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From the counter-campaigners of the anti-capitalist action in Cambridge

03.08.2009 13:57

It was really fun to shout shrilly to support the commerce and capitalism. Every campaign should have a counter-campaign, it's funner that way! Really liked the mock-fight at the end of the video on Mill Rd.

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