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Camp Against Nuclear New Build - 23-26 April, Sizewell, Suffolk

Stop Nuclear Power Network | 06.04.2010 15:44 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Energy Crisis | Cambridge

Friday 23rd – Monday 26th April - Chernobyl Weekend

It's time to step up the campaign against nuclear new build. If we want to stop the next generation of nuclear power stations, now is the time to act. Come and join us for a weekend of networking, protest and info and skill sharing!

Sizewell B, Chernobyl Weekend 2009 (Photo: D. Viesnik)
Sizewell B, Chernobyl Weekend 2009 (Photo: D. Viesnik)

The government is planning a massive expansion of nuclear power in the UK. Sizewell, on the low-lying Suffolk coast, is planned to host one of the first new reactors.

The long-term safe disposal of radioactive waste has still not been resolved; and even without a large-scale nuclear accident, radioactivity or radioactive substances regularly released from nuclear power stations are highly likely to be the cause of higher incidences of cancers, leukaemias and birth defects found in populations living close to nuclear power stations and other nuclear sites.

Building new nuclear reactors makes no sense economically and will divert attention and investment away from genuine solutions to climate chaos and achieving secure and sustainable energy supplies.

Schedule for the weekend:

Friday, 2pm - Meet at Sizewell beach car park for camp set-up

Saturday 24th, 12noon - 2pm - Demo at entrance to Sizewell A and B
Saying NO to new nuclear, YES to sustainable alternatives.

Public Meeting - Saturday 24th, 7:30pm, Leiston Community Centre

Campers will explain to locals why they are holding an anti-nuclear camp at Sizewell and will talk about recent direct actions at the plant. They will explain why they are opposed to nuclear power, talk about more environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternatives, and outline problems with the new decision-making process for national energy infrastructure.

Sunday 25th, At the camp - Workshops and Walks


To include: nuclear physics for beginners; energy, alternative energy and centralised vs decentralised energy; campaigning skills (by Seeds for Change).

Wildlife walk

Wildlife spotting on the site proposed for Sizewell C.

Monday 26th (Chernobyl Day) - Day of remembrance and activities
- Meet 12noon at Sizewell Beach Car Park

Remembering the hundreds of thousands affected and who continue to be affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster 24 years ago to the day.

Getting to the camp:

Sizewell is on the Suffolk coast, about 8 miles from the A12 and around 100 miles from central London. The nearest train station is Saxmundham, 7 miles from Sizewell.


(The postcode for the power station is IP16 4UE‎)

On Friday, people will be cycling from Saxmundham with a 'nuclear white elephant' in tow, so get in touch if you would like to join them.

What you will need:

Three meals a day will be provided at the camp (for a suggested donation of just £5 per day), so just bring whatever else you need – tent, waterproof clothing, swimming cozzie, Geiger counter, etc.

It may be windy, and the soil under the tents may be sandy.

Disabled access is possible. Please get in touch if you have specific access requirements.

About the camp

We want everybody to feel comfortable at the camp, so please behave responsibly. If you bring alcohol, please try to keep drinking to a minimum. We ask campers to avoid playing loud music or making a lot of noise, especially at night time. Successful campaigns need support from local people, so we can't afford to antagonise them. The camp will be run by everybody, so please muck in and help with setting up and taking down the camp, washing dishes, etc.

To book your place at the camp (we need numbers for catering), contact:

0845 337 0282 (before camp)
sizewell [at]

Contact number during camp: 07976 705 127

The camp is being organised by the Stop Nuclear Power Network

Supported by:

• Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
• Shut Down Sizewell
• Stop Hinkley

and others

Stop Nuclear Power Network
- e-mail: sizewell [at]
- Homepage: