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Vegetarianism, Reincarnation, Fallibility In The Early Christian Church

IAC | 16.02.2013 18:49 | Analysis | Animal Liberation | History | Cambridge | World

Papal infallibility did not become Catholic doctrine until 1870. Long before that
vegetarian and reincarnation teachings had been quashed.


For 3 centuries after the death of Jesus, early Christians practiced Jesus'
vegetarian diet. Jesus was an Essene from Galilee. Paul too took the Nazarene vow which included a vow of vegetarian diet. In 325, appointees of the emperor, Constantine, a nonvegetarian,
removed at the Council of Nice references to Jesus' vegetarianism. Jesus had
thrown out of the temple the moneychangers... secondary to their role as butchers
of animals to be sacrificed. Isaiah: "I delight not in your blood sacrifice".
Genesis 1:29 had proclaimed a fruitarian diet based on
foods given by trees vines bushes and plants without killing
the plant or fruits, nuts, berries, seeds, eggplant, squash, beans, peas,
tomatoes, etc. "Behold I have given you herbyielding seed. To
you that shall be for meat." Father Lengwin has hypthosesized that the apple
eaten by Adam and Eve was
actually the first heart of a butchered animal.


"Emperor Justinian wanted Origen's writings and teachings to be condemned and
destroyed but Pope Vigilius refused to sign a papal decree condemning Origen's
teachings on reincarnation. As a result of his disobedience, the Emperor had the
Pope arrested and put into jail. In 543, Justinian convoked the Fifth General
Council of the Church and told the Pope he would sign into doctrine whatever the
council decided. On the way there, under guard, the Pope escaped to avoid being
forced to condemn Origen's writings. The Emperor commanded the council to
continue despite the Pope's refusal to attend."

It was not until 1870, nearly 1900 years after Jesus' death, that Pius IX called
and controlled a Vatican council which
declared him and future popes infallible when speaking 'ex cathedra' or from the
papal chair.

Jesus has said "Let him with ears to hear hear".