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Alconbury & Brampton Surgeries Betray Patient Confidentiality To Protect Nazi In

Anon | 29.05.2013 03:24 | Anti-racism | Policing | Cambridge | London

Cambridgeshire Police have secretly approached G.P.s at Alconbury and Brampton Surgeries, on at least two occasions, to discuss a patient's medical treatment. This was done without the patient's consent and is an attempt to silence a whistleblower's exposure of a Government cover up.

Alconbury and Brampton Surgeries of School Lane, Alconbury, Cambs, PE28 4EQ, have allowed clinical decisions concerning a patient's treatment, to be influenced by covert and highly illegal interventions by Cambridgeshire Police. This has happened on at least two occasions and at no time was the patient informed or consulted about these 'discussions' between G.P.s at Alconbury and Brampton Surgeries and Cambridgeshire Police.

Alconbury and Brampton Surgeries' betrayal of patient trust is bad enough, but the sinister cover up which lies behind it is even worse.

A close examination of the intrusive measures taken by Cambridgeshire Police is very pertinent here, because it gives credibility to the argument that the police are trying to suppress any re-examination of a much more serious crime committed by one of its own informers.

This was the Metropolitan Police's reckless use of an unreliable agent provocateur, which culminated in the 1999 London bombings.

At the heart of this is a simple question. If the police have no case to answer, why the heavy handed and illegal intrusions with my doctor?

More on this later. But first some background to our case and some details of the curious advice given to my wife and I by a G.P. at Alconbury and Brampton Surgeries.

In 2006 our computer was hacked by a particularly violent group of nazi thugs called Combat18 / National Socialist Movement. It appears that our home address was stolen from documents on the hard drive, because the nazi group's leader came to our village and paraded up and down outside our front gate. Soon after that these people began to harass and intimidate us on a daily basis.

The following short extract shows the tactics used by Combat18 to harass an Asian family.

“Such influence could be seen on Europe’s largest housing estate, Harold Hill, in Romford, Essex. The local Combat18 “cell” subjected an Asian family to several months of attacks and racial harassment. A boulder was thrown through the family’s front door, graffiti was sprayed on the outside of their house, wheel nuts were loosened, and a corrosive liquid was thrown into the wife’s face. When asked about this incident,Xxxxx Xxxxx was coy but eventually said with a guttural laugh: “I only heard that the family dog was thrown through the front window – dead.”

Considering the seriously violent reputation of Combat18 / National Socialist Movement, Cambridgeshire Police were very unhelpful. They suggested that the sighting of a notorious nazi police informer outside our house was a figment of my imagination. My wife had seen exactly the same thing, but her concerns were dismissed as well. As was photographic evidence of dog mess, vandalism, graffiti, intimidation and stalking. The position of Cambs Police was simple – they alleged my wife and I were both 'delusional' and that we should stop complaining.

So we approached our G.P. at Alconbury Surgeries. Not for medical treatment, but rather to obtain the support of a professional person to help tackle the appalling behaviour of Cambridgeshire Police.

Unfortunately, it appeared the police had got their before us. The doctor produced a virtual carbon copy of the police line. Despite the photographic evidence of dog fouling, vandalism, trespassing etc., the doctor felt sure this part of a 'psychosis' on my part. When I said that my wife had seen the same things, the doctor wouldn't reply. Then the conversation with our doctor took an even stranger turn.

The doctor suggested that I undergo an immediate psychiatric assessment. The G.P. advised that this assessment would help me prove my sanity in court, should any legal action be taken later on. The idea of having to prove one's sanity as a prerequisite for justice seemed very odd to me.

I have since discovered that this is a common ploy used by the police, or anyone else trying to conceal scandal in its ranks. Please see the case of whistle-blower Kay Sheldon (Independent 15-8-12). Senior members of the Care Quality Commission attempted to have Ms. Sheldon removed from her post because she was about to expose the scandal at Mid Staffordshire Hospital. The fact that Kay Sheldon had received treatment for depression was used as a method of attacking her reputation, undermining her testimony and ultimately an attempt to have her removed from her post permanently. So that the cover up at Mid Staffordshire could continue unchallenged.

After the first visit to Alconbury and Brampton Surgeries my wife and I knew that our doctor was behaving strangely. But at that stage we did not have any proof of a direct link with Cambridgeshire Police. In 2012 the betrayal of patient confidentiality by Alconbury and Brampton Surgeries was finally exposed.

On day, in the car park of a local garden centre, one of the Combat18 deviants who regularly abuse us got out of their car and began making obscene gestures at my wife. I got the registration number and rang the police. As usual Cambs Police lied to us and said we would just have to ignore it. In reality, making offensive gestures is an offence under section 5 of the 1986 Public Order Act. Having already suffered six years of this sort of thing, I insisted on speaking to a police officer. I had a brief conversation with someone at Ramsey police station and met with the standard police response – 'you can't prove harassment, go away.'

A few days later I got a phone call from another G.P. at Alconbury and Brampton Surgeries. The police had been in touch with him and suggested that he recommend me for psychiatric treatment. This was in direct response to my complaint about the person making obscene gestures at us. Needless to say Ramsey Police hadn't asked for permission to contact my G.P.

This blatant abuse of my privacy put the earlier weird consultation at Alcoonbury and Brampton Surgeries very clearly into context.

Firstly,it was proof positive that Cambridgeshire Police do approach doctors without the patient's knowledge or consent. The first I knew about any contact between the police and my G.P. was when he rang to offer treatment.

Secondly, it proved that the police had attempted to influence the doctor's treatment regime and clinical decisions – again without the patient's knowledge or consent.

Thirdly, it also showed that G.P.s at Alconbury and Brampton Surgeries do not ask the police if they have their patient's permission to make contact.

Finally, and in light of the above, it clearly demonstrates the outlandish and completely unethical 'advice' given at the first consultation at Alconbury and Brampton Surgeries, was almost certainly orchestrated by the local police.

After a protracted correspondence with a G.P. at Alconbury and Brampton Surgeries, I have finally obtained a written statement that a definite breach of patient confidentiality has occurred. The G.P. states:-

'I think it is not common practice for the police to approach a patient's G.P. without first asking for the patient's consent.'


'It is not standard practice to recommend an immediate psychiatric assessment when victims of crime visit our surgery.'

And in conclusion,

'I do not think it is normal for victims of crime to undergo mental health checks as a prerequisite for protection under the law.'

After the obscene gesture incident, Cambridgeshire Police have made it even clearer that they will defend their nazi informer's right to bully and intimidate – even if innocent people are injured or killed.

The police have consistently maintained that we have no proof of harassment. Yet when I managed to get video footage of someone trying to force our car of the road, Cambridgeshire Police simply refused to look at it – or even to speak to me about it.

So who is the mysterious nazi informer that the police are so keen to protect?

In 1999 a series of nail-bombs were detonated in the Soho, Brick Lane and Brixton areas of London. An intellectually stunted nazi called David Copeland was convicted, but it was always suspected that someone with greater technical ability had helped with the bombs' construction. That person walked free, became a Muslim and subsequently published internet tracts encouraging suicide bombers to murder civilians.

It is believed that this individual is an agent provocateur under police protection. This is another case like the Mark Kennedy scandal. The security services want to use undercover agents, but can't actually be bothered to regulate their criminal behaviour. So ordinary people get hurt, as they did in the 1999 London bombings.

My wife and I are the victims of a nasty little career criminal and Cambridgeshire Police are bending over backwards to protect him. Even if it involves completely destroying the trust between us and our doctor.

It is a sad fact that Alconbury and Brampton Surgeries have placed us in the position of being frightened to obtain medical help when we need it. Frightened because G.P.s at Alconbury and Brampton Surgeries have such close relations with the local police, that they are willing to take instruction from them on clinical matters.

But worst of all, we now know that anything we say in the supposed privacy of the consulting room, could be 'shared with other agencies'. All without our knowledge or permission. How can anyone be expected to trust people like this?

The casual contempt for patient privacy at Alconbury and Brampton Surgeries should serve as a warning to us all. A warning about the rapidly growing culture of covert bullying and spying in our society.

For example, Haringey Council have been heavily criticised by a High Court judge for approaching a child's G.P. and school without the parent's consent, (Evening Standard 15-5-13).

Sir Nicholas Wall of the Court of Protection, has condemned the idea of secret courts locking up mentally ill people without public scrutiny (Evening Standard 7-11-11).

The Metropolitan Police has been accused of attempting to hide its 'dirty secrets' in undercover cases, by using closed courts (Evening Standard 19-11-12).

Geraldine Van Bueren, a commissioner for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, has said that the way that the Government and its agencies use and store personal data is 'deeply flawed' (Metro 15-8-11).

And as previously touched upon, there is the despicable treatment of Kay Sheldon. Somebody who was merely trying to protect the lives of patients. Yet who ended up being betrayed by a 'health professional' who recommended that Ms. Sheldon's medical records be obtained without her permission.

Society is changing rapidly, but this is only the beginning. If you don't protest now, the State will ensure you have no legal right to privacy in the future.



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