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Damascus: Syrian army finds chemicals .........

Peter Weber | 25.08.2013 10:04 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | Cambridge

Syrian army finds chemicals in militants’ tunnels ....... Syrian army soldiers have found chemical agents in tunnels dug by the foreign-backed militants in a northeastern suburb of the capital, Damascus, Syrian TV says. The discovery came after the government forces surrounded a sector of militant-held district of Jobar on Saturday. "Army heroes are entering the tunnels of the terrorists and saw chemical agents," Syria television said, adding, "In some cases, soldiers are suffocating while entering Jobar.” ...

It added that ambulances arrived in the region to rescue the people who were suffocating in Jobar and the area is now controlled by Syrian army forces. The Syrian government also stated that the foreign-backed militants had carried out the recent chemical attack in Damascus suburbs of Ain Tarma, Zamalka and Jobar. On Wednesday, Syrian opposition claimed that hundreds were killed in a government chemical attack on militants’ strongholds in Damascus suburbs of Ain Tarma, Zamalka and Jobar before dawn. ...... more ........

Peter Weber


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who to believe?

27.08.2013 17:14

probably both sides are lying


Who gains...

28.08.2013 10:58

Why would Assad, tyrant that he is, use chemical weapons when he has superior conventional weapons? The US and Israel are known to have stockpiles of chemical weapons, and have beeen gearing up for an attack on Syria for some weeks now. It is in the interests of the US to have the world believe that Assad has used chemical weapons, to avoid condemnation of their forthcoming bombing campagn.

Yes, both sides are lying, they are governments after all, but the US has far more to gain than Assad in the use of chemical weapons. The US/Western rhetoric drew a line in the sand weeks ago about their intention to 'punish' Assad if he uses chemical weapons, and have been moving heavy weaponry into the area ready for their planned attack. Their uk lapdog sent warships to the area on 12th August, and a uk nuclear submarine was spotted near Gibraltar on Saturday 24th.

The Western powers will attack very soon under the pretence that Assad has used chemical weapons, when they could wait a few weeks for the UN weapons inspectors to carry out their mission. Remember Iraq, when the West launched a full-scale attack before the UN weapons inspectors could report back that there were no WMD in Iraq.

As I asked above, who gains from the use of chemical weapons?

Hans Blix