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All Countries In Europe Consider This Texas Persecution A Crime Against Humanity

Hillary's Agenda* | 02.10.2013 01:22 | Culture | History | Repression | Cambridge

Texan Attorney General Greg Abbott Has No Problem Giving Hank Skinner A Posthumous Pardon !
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These Scary Texas Demons Now Want Hank Skinner Executed Even After Destroying His Legal DNA Defense Exoneration Evidence !

Does Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Believe He Has 666 Authority to Persecute DNA Hank Skinner ?
Will Prayers of Deliverance From All of Us For Texan Greg Abbott,Free Hank Skinner ?

Who in Texas believes it's ok for Attorney General Greg Abbott and his demonic posse to continue misleading everyone about Hank Skinner's DNA crime scene tests ?

We find it very revealing that Texas Attorney Greg Abbott never found the interest at all for an investigation into the vanishing DNA Hank Skinner exoneration evidence?

Obvious now to most,Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was not interested in finding out the truth about these 3 murders enough to allow proper Hank Skinner DNA tests for the last 10 years

After the U.S. Supreme Court stopped Greg Abbott's execution of Hank Skinner,crucial DNA exoneration evidence that could free innocent Hank Skinner from 20 years in a Texas prison vanished !

Texas State Attorney General Greg Abbott is now running for Texas Governor with a mind and soul that needs deliverance ?

The sick demonic Texan posse that Greg Abbott continues to direct to persecute Mr Hank Skinner, needs prayers from all Americans to free them from Satan's world..

Florida Innocence Project

Hank Skinner Continues to Languish on Texas’ Death Row

Henry Thompson — September 30, 2013

A man has waited on death row in Texas for his exoneration for twenty years. Hank Skinner was convicted of murdering his then girlfriend, Twila Busby, and her two adult sons in January of 1993. The police failed to investigate another potential suspect, Twila’s uncle, who had a history of violent activity and molestation. At the trial, there was little mention of exculpatory evidence due to the fact that Skinner was at the scene of the murder. Upon his conviction, the jury recommended the death penalty. Skinner has been languishing on death row in Texas for twenty years all the while maintaining his innocence.

Now thanks to DNA testing Skinner may have a shot at regaining his freedom. Twila Busby’s uncle had often worn a jacket that was similar to the jacket found next to her body. Upon testing some hair on the jacket and in Twila’s hand it was found that the hairs belonged to her uncle. The District Attorney had made a promise to Hank Skinner that DNA testing would be allowed and taken into account though upon the test results being revealed the D.A was reticent to fulfill that promise.

After years of appeals and Skinner’s lawyers unsuccessfully fighting his case, Hank was to be executed, though at the last minute the state of Texas issued a stay of execution. Just one year later, the courts ruled that he would have access to the biological evidence in his case and justice would be served. Unfortunately for Hank and conveniently for Texas the original jacket that had already been tested was lost. However the hairs were still available. DNA testing on the hairs excluded Skinner and revealed a potential match to Twila’s uncle.

While the legal wrangling and testing has been going on, Hank was living on death row. Spending the majority of his days in a cramped small cell eating terrible food has begun to take its toll. Hank Skinner was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis recently and is back on death row while a resolution to his case is pending. What’s worse is that Twila Busby’s uncle, the only other suspect in the case, has been deceased for years and his body must be exhumed for Hank Skinner to be freed.

We all hope that Hank Skinner can stay healthy enough to see his family and friends again. More information about Hank Skinner’s case can be found at The Huffington Post and

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