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Call To All Destructive Workers

DAMTP | 06.01.2014 20:43 | Workers' Movements | Cambridge







We are the union of psychic workers - in solidarity with reproductive
workers, productive workers, non-productive workers, dead and non existent
workers everywhen - we call on all destructive workers to join us and
arrest the Cambridge masons at their meeting tomorrow

We write in solidarity with the 15 soldiers from 1st Battalion the
Yorkshire Regiment who were jailed for disobeying an order to stand up
during a parade at Archers Post, a British Army Barracks in Kenya.

The soldiers took this unprecedented action in refusal to capture local
people and hand them over for torture. This shows that even destructive
workers - not just productive workers - can unionise against the bosses,
in solidarity with other workers. We call on you to do the same.

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is
meeting at the Cambridge Masonic Hall on Tues 7th Jan at 1pm in order to
arrange how the NHS is to be sold off to private companies - Serco the
notorious "government services" firm has been involved in negotiations.

While we agree with the broad aims of the “STOP THE NHS SE££-OFF” in
connecting trade unions and community groups we do not think that such an
alliance can go beyond the roots of freemasonry. We need new radical
unions – of one or more persons – to completely unionise all of society –
from reproductive workers to destructive workers. We therefore call on you
to organise as workers even if only with yourself – but hence with all
workers on the planet and beyond – to shut down the anti workerist
organisations of the freemasons not just of the present and oppressive
past but also of the future.

The first and most salient fact about the Freemasons of the Future is that
they do not exist. However they are sentient beings trying to struggle
into existence. From their perspective they are involved in a life and
death struggle to ensure their own past, some of which we perceive as the
present. Located in the distant future after time travel has become
commonplace they endeavour to sojourn into what they regard as history to
create the conditions which they consider as necessary for their own
existence. But this does not mean they are going to be successful.

They justify their existence upon their existence, which they consider
self-evident. The current conditions of life are to be extrapolated into
the future until every quanta of human activity has been commodified: from
genetic engineering to nanotechnology, the search for profitability is
projected in every conceivable way. A world where sentient scraps of human
biology exist as islands of wetware within the framework of vast
cathedrals of computerised electronics. The distinction between human,
animal and machine is dissolved as these products of bio-engineering are
installed to fulfil operative functions within a nauseous system developed
to do nothing but to manifest continuously expanding value. Whether we can
regard such creatures as our offspring, or whether they are simply
genetically engineered mutant beings created out of this or that strand of
DNA is perhaps beside the point. This is the nightmare world to which we
are heading, and which would provide the sort of massive bio-computer
needed by the Freemasons of the Future to realise their greatest desire:
unequivocal existence.

Faced with this onslaught which we can see around us, as all barriers to
genetic engineering and the conversion of existence into docile
information are torn down one by one, how can we respond? The class
struggle now manifests itself in dimensions which have recently been
invaded by the process of industrialisation: from the industrialisation of
the imagination, through television, to the industrialisation of knowledge
through the internet, the information age continues to build on the
‘achievements’ of the Age of Steam, the Age of Petrol and the Atomic Age.
The current episode we are living through is rattling asunder as the
ripples of the Quantum Time Bomb1 penetrate the deepest recesses of human

Cambridge Lettrist and Situationist Society (CLASS)
DAta Miners Travailleurs Psychique (DAMTP)



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