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Ukraine is a burp of what USA did in Syria

Ben Weber | 08.03.2014 10:19 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | Cambridge

The XI Paralympic Winter Games are opening in Sochi today, March 7th. As many as 600 athletes from 45 countries will take part in the competitions. For the first time in the history of Paralympic Winter Games, athletes from Brazil, Turkey and Uzbekistan will be presented. Within ten days, they will compete for 72 sets of medals in alpine skiing, biathlon, cross country skiing ice sledge hockey, and wheelchair curling.

Paralympics always create a special atmosphere - because unlike the Olympics, this is not just a sports festival, but also a proof of the power and resilience of human spirit. According to Vladimir Putin, it is important that "people should see unlimited possibilities of athletes with disabilities."
Indeed, the Paralympic Games execute several tasks at once. On the one hand, they pay public attention to the presence of people with disabilities in our society and push governments to take more care of such individuals. On the other hand, Paralympic sports achievements prove that man is capable of any accomplishment, and there are no barriers for that. One can say that in this case, sport is only a pretext for Paralympians to show what a human being can do even in the most difficult and, how many might think, hopeless situation.


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Ben Weber


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