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Stop The Agency Rip Off (Flyer)

Undercover Agent. | 18.10.2015 20:19 | Education | Public sector cuts | Workers' Movements | Cambridge | London

this a flyer design for a new campaign against the use of employment agencies in the teaching profession, something which is both expensive for cash-strapped schools and colleges, and exploitative of the workers having to use them.

Stop The Agency Rip Off Flyer Design.
Stop The Agency Rip Off Flyer Design.

This file is 300dpi, and will print in full colour at A5, which is the original size of the flyer scanned.

You may be able to print it at A4, but due to the resolution it could appear a little 'bitty'.

Also note there is a link to the campaign's petition - please sign it and support the cause.

Undercover Agent.
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