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Keep Jeremy Corbyn!

Chris | 30.06.2016 22:11 | Culture | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Cambridge | London

Readers, following the events of the last couple of weeks I would urge all of you to sign the following vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. It is now more vital than ever that a socialist voice is heard in opposition to the impending move to the right. I for one don’t believe that Corbyn who was voted in less than a year ago with 59% of the vote (more than all the other candidates combined!) by the members should be without support at the recent behaviour of both Labour MPs in their coup attempt.

If Corbyn keeps his word and stays to fight the attempted coup, there will likely be a leadership contest very soon, you can sign up to the Labour Party to have your say. This is a direct way of supporting Jeremy.

I for one believe that this is a genuine change for the members of the Labour Party to have their say and for the balance of power between parliamentary and party membership can be decided. Further it is a wider chance to offer a genuine alternative to the austerity measures the successive governments have implemented and the ramifications it’s caused.

While the Brexit result has caused critics to seek the chance to attack him for his lack of campaigning, two thirds of Labour votes (63%) actually voted the way.

Under Corbyn so far we have seen,

In local elections in 2016 Labour’s performance was as good as 2001, when Labour won a second landslide in the general elections
Over three million families would have lost over £1000 a year in tax credit cuts but thanks to Labour campaigning this cut was abandoned by the Tory government amid public outcry at plans to cut support for the working poor while giving to the richest in tax breaks.
The victory of Labour candidate as London Mayor.
The successful rejection of the academy implementation in all schools.
Forced government to U-turn on police force cuts.
Scrapping of the Saudi – UK deal on prisons after it was highlighted by the Labour leader of the history of treatment in Saudi Arabia.
This is to name just a few, in less than a year.

You can sign the petition here or join the party to have your say in the leadership contest.

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