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Indymedia UK is a network of individuals, independent and alternative media activists and organisations, offering grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial coverage of important social and political issues
IMC Cambridge, 17-01-2004 12:13

IMC Cambridge Meetings

Meetings: If you would like to get involved in a local media collective with global connections, we are the place for you! No journalistic or technical experience is necessary. Join us at our meetings, every other Monday, 7:30 pm @ 'The Hut', just off Argyle Street, near Mill Road. Here is a map.

Before meetings...

The `meeting gimp,' appointed at the previous meeting, will circulate an agenda on the Cambridge planning list. Anyone is free to add stuff to the agenda via email.

At meetings...

Meetings are run according to our principles of unity - thus the aim is to be non-hierarchical and to decide by consensus. We are also autonomous (while we are part of UK the decisions reside with the local meeting and do not come up from above). Anyone is welcome to participate and have a voice although people are encouraged to bear in mind point 7 of the principles of unity.

A sample agenda may run as follows:

  • Report back from events which have happened since last meeting
  • Upcoming local events
  • National network issues (including reports from people subscribed to various email lists)
  • Problems with the site
  • Hidden stuff on the newswire
  • Possible features
  • Appointment of next meeting's gimp PLUS working meeting gimp
Note that a lot of the items on this agenda are also dealt with on the mailing list. In particular feature proposals are posted there. We have an optimistic policy, and after 24 h without complaints the feature is up.

After meetings...

The meeting gimp writes out the minutes and sends them out to the planning list.

In between meetings...

Every other week there is an attempt to have a working meeting to generate material, posters, cover special stories, prepare features, ... There is a working meeting gimp that coordinates that.

IMC Cambridge