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Anti-fascists Prepare to Stop BNP "Festival"

Notts IMC | 11.08.2008 14:02 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism

Between 15th and 17th of August, the fascist British National Party (BNP) is holding its annual Red, White and Blue 'festival' on a farm in Denby, Derbyshire. In previous years this so-called 'family festival' has brought together BNP members and white supremacists from across the world to enjoy Nazi marching songs and drunken glassings. The event has past off largely unremarked upon in previous years, with just a token response from the anti-fascist movement. Last year when the event was held in the same place, there was only one single protester. This time, however, local campaigners involved in Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP have been mobilising since late last year. The call has subsequently been taken up by Antifa England, Lancaster Unity, Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism among others.

Details: Leaflet and maps | Antifa Callout | Google map of site | Photos of the area | Coaches: 1 | 2

Newswire: Will It Be All White On The Night? | The Alan Warner (BNP) Supporters Club | BNP Begin Arriving for Festival, While Anti-Fascists Leaflet Codnor | RWB toilet supplier targetted | BNP's Second Licence Application Rejected! | Protest against fascist BNP's Red, White & Blue | New paint job for the RWB's fascist farmer

Previous Features: BNP Withdraw Festival Licence Application in the Face of Protests | East Mids Campaigners Up The Anti as BNP Make Electoral Gains | Midlands and Yorkshire organise against the BNP

Links: Stop the BNP's RWB Festival | Smash The BNP's Scumfest! | Indymedia UK Stop RWB topic page

When the BNP applied for a premises licence the police, who had initially been happy for it to go ahead, decided at the eleventh hour to require a series of onerous conditions be included, citing concerns about the looming counter-mobilisation, at which point the party withdrew its application. The BNP later tried to apply for a more limited Temporary Events Notice, but had their application rejected.

The event is taking place on land owned by former-Tory Alan Warner. Apparently unpopular amongst local residents even before he began hosting the event, Warner has not endeared himself to his neighbours by inviting hundreds of fascists to the village. Locals submitted a huge number of objections to the licence applications both last year and this. As the campaign against the festival has stepped up, Warner has found himself the target of anti-fascists. The flag which usually seen flying outside his farm was stolen and, in a separate incident, anti-fascist graffiti was painted on his walls. He has also claimed that hypodermic needles were left in his garden. Warner is so concerned that police have apparently fitted a panic button in his house and placed covert surveillance around his property.

Notts IMC

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The right to offend

03.08.2008 09:08

As a democrat I'm concerned by the implied threats of violence on some of your threads and support for illegal actions. Using words like 'smash' and 'stop' seem to be encouraging violent confrontation. Will you be paying the fines or serving the time for those you are inciting? Will you be explaining to their dependents when their career prospects have been blighted by a criminal conviction? Will you be visiting them in hospital if the police or the fascists respond to violence with violence?

The BNP festival is on private land and whilst you have the right to counter demonstrate you don't have the right to prevent their festival.


Re: Democrat

03.08.2008 15:00

They don't have the right to have a festival because they wouldn't allow rights for anybody who isn't white and british. There is no justification for the BNP, pin.

Force is a poor second choice, but when every other method has been exhausted; there is a lot of justification for it. Just something a suffragette told me once upon a time.

defending rights

Rights for all

03.08.2008 19:24

The fact that the BNP may not allow rights to others is not in itself a good argument for denying their rights. They don't hold power in this country and are unlikely ever to do so. We weaken our democratic structures and values if we respond to them with persecution or harassment. You say that force is justified if all other options have been exhausted. Clearly all other options have not been exhausted. In fact many options seem scarcely to have been considered by you before you jump to using force.

If the BNP try to deny rights to minorities the law will protect their would-be victims. It is the same law that protects us all. It generally punishes behaviour not opinion or belief.


Clearly all other options have been exhausted

11.08.2008 14:45

One of the few other options is to try and get the festival cancelled, by getting the licence revoked, which has happened, but yet the festival still takes place.

Non-violent means to protest the festival have clearly failed, even targeting the property and the toilet suppliers didn't get the event pulled.

There could be no better advert for militant antifascists and antifa to shut it down, even though they had planned to do so anyway...

not a fool

Anyone travelling through Gloucester or from Bristol - lift needed?

12.08.2008 13:18

Please give WARN a ring on 01452 539673 - Thanks!

mail e-mail: warn at riseup dot net
- Homepage:

Sorry - I mean we are seeking a lift!

12.08.2008 16:05

Bit unclear in my last comment...

mail e-mail: warn at riseup dot net
- Homepage:

Join the club

12.08.2008 17:03

Looking also for transport around the Bristol area...anyone sorting?

Southern Antifascist

Freedom of Speech

12.08.2008 18:55

The planned harassment of the members of the BNP is against everything we -as a free people (arguably)- stand for. As long as they harm or intimidate no-one their freedoms should be the same as mine.



12.08.2008 19:47

And the fascist scum are against everything we as free people stand for so choose a fucking side idiot. Ill die before these scum get in power. Maybe your bullshit could get you a job as a politician?


a quick reminder

12.08.2008 20:43

don't carry! the police will be there in force stopping and searching.
on a completely unrelated matter i hear it may be windy, make sure your flag are attached to a nice sturdy pole.



12.08.2008 22:30

Not even hammers?

Boring! Pigs spoil all tha fun!


Well said

12.08.2008 22:32

'And the fascist scum are against everything we as free people stand for so choose a fucking side idiot.'

Spot on.

- Homepage:

Those who don't learn from history

13.08.2008 08:47

It's pretty unbelievably naive of people to suggest that a democrat would protect the BNP. It's that sort of politics that has greased the wheels of 'democracy' to put fascists in power before.

for real democracy

@ Democrat & Matt

13.08.2008 10:56

Hate to burst your bubble, but the BNP's right to free speech is the exact same right that justifies people trying to organise protests to stop them.

Personally I am all for letting the BNP and other assorted scum voice their opinions whenever and wherever. However I'm also a firm believer in the idea that any opinion voiced in public is an open invitation for analysis and criticism and that's exactly what happened when they publically announced their intentions. Remember, they didn't just get their licence refused because militant anarchists would be descending on the village from around the country, they were refused it because local residents objected en masse.

If the BNP have the right to gather from around the country in a small village and upset the residents, then how is it that you would deny the right of protesters to gather from around the country (with the support of locals) and upset ONE resident?

I also try to hold to the ethos of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" - unfortunately a direct corollary of this is "do unto the BNP as they have previously done unto others". Therefore turning up at their events and shouting at them is entirely justified - they should just be grateful they're not getting jumped in dark alleys by gangs of multicultural socialists.

MonkeyBot 5000

Newswire link or Detail?

13.08.2008 18:13

"Smash The BNP's ScumFest"

This press release qualifies as the "detail" for the event just as much as the link to the leaflet and maps. So unless I'm mistaken, it should be moved up from the newswire articles to the detail articles. As in all fairness the event isn't just organised by the, infact I would say more popularity as been established through Antifa's angle on the event - to smash it using force.

All in all though, the main point is that to "stop" it or to "smash" is up for debate, like the links show, so it would be nice to keep the balance for the undecided community to choose from with the detail links.


The threat of the BNP is greatly over exagerated

14.08.2008 18:22

The BNP is a small time party with very little support and is given far too much attention by those that fear it the most.
And certain political groups (such as Respect and the Socialist Workers Party) exploit ethnic minorities' fears of the BNP getting into power (which they would never do!) to garner support and votes for themselves.
Behind panic about the BNP is a deep seated middle class librel fear of the white working classes whom they believe too be racist and it will only take a few words from people like Nick Griffin to bring their racism to the surface.

Dan Factor
mail e-mail:


14.08.2008 20:21

Why do people support political parties like the BNP? Because they are ill-educated or have experienced an event which has pushed them in this direction I guess.

All I know is that it certainly smells of fear, I mean why else would someone harbour such an extreme hatred for a group of people? With comments like 'choose a fucking side idiot' you actually add to the problem not diminish it.


put the bnp on the map

14.08.2008 21:26

what some dont understand is this demonstration is going to put the bnp on the map it gives them more publicity and media coverage than before this they couldnt dream of getting.
nick griffin is rubbing his hands together saying any publicity is good publicity especially when all that will be shown in the news is
1 a baying chanting mob of people
2 a family event with kids enjoying themselves.
this is a big mistake by our side 1 nil to the fash scum


When extreme prejudice is acceptable

14.08.2008 23:07

Mild prejudice becomes the norm



15.08.2008 07:29

If the BNP can hold a mass event like the RWB without need of police and security fencing then it meas that they do not fear a counter movement of people opposed to them. If next year they have to increasingly take into account the use of 8ft tall security fencing, private security, police..etc it will increase the cost of the event, reducing funds available for political campaigning. It will also prevent the event from growing.

If we can scare people off from going to RWB, deter them, then it WILL impact on the ability of the BNP to organising people.

Bring on Saturday, I've actually got a RWB ticket of a relative who's a member so will try and mess things up from the inside!

Good luck comrades!


F***K The BNP

15.08.2008 09:34

I predict a riot!


Respone to Dan Factor

15.08.2008 09:35

Dan, my contempt for the bnp is not based in a fear of the working class, how exactly could i be affraid of my mates and my fellow employees?! My contempt for the bnp is due to them being a fascist party who's main aim is to divide working class communities along lines of race in order to weaken working class solidarity and resolve. They don't need to get into power to have influence, they are a danger in the sense that their devisive and reactionary ideals are gaining popularity. This means that a war of words is obviously necessary as part of any strategy against the bnp and the far-right, theory and practice.

With regards to the demo's giving the bnp publicity i agree that it will probably give griffin an opportunity to appear on newsnight and spout his terribly PC verbiage about "the indigenous population", "multi-culturalism" and "british tradition", we all know this rhetoric is a PC cover for his his parties fascist ideals and obviously we need to confront this PR campaign on a theoretical level. Despite this I'd say that ignoring their rise would be a big mistake and that showing that there is a working class opposition is far more important to dispell the middle class liberal critique of the bnp as well as showing others that the bnp is a party that despises the white working class as much as it despises the asian or black working class.

I hope that next year these reactionary fools have to think twice about where they hold their fundraisers.

No Pasaran!

Bruised Shins

tickets please!

15.08.2008 11:04

Well as I was told by my relative he is allowed to bring family with him. So yes I do have a "ticket" for the RWB and will be there. I have also got by membership of the BNP coming through soon, I was told I can finalise it on Saturday by the regional organiser.

As for me taking on the BNP security team well there is more ways to skin a cat. I think sabotage is much much easier. Plus I look very normal, short cropped hair, good clothes and an experience of growing up in a racist family - so will fit at the RWB.

See you there!


the bnp blimp

15.08.2008 14:53

i like the sound of the blimp, how funny it would be to see it float up and away, i hope its well secured!

up up and away

Not 'Arrff!

15.08.2008 16:01

Up up and away and then a big bang!


Any news yet?

16.08.2008 09:52

Surely someone's managed to twat a fascist?


only news so far

16.08.2008 11:14


news from stormfront

16.08.2008 11:18

Just had a call from a friend at the RWB. While the anti-BNP demo was going on in the village a fairly large group of Reds have tried to get onto the campsite but were beaten back by Police using riot battons.


From Media Source

16.08.2008 11:21


anyone twatted a facist yet?

16.08.2008 11:32

not that i know of,
but i think theres a uaf coach missing a couple of occupants at a service station on the m1.

holey moley

scum news

16.08.2008 11:34

news from the fash. it will be intresting to see what the scum make of it.

ox - red/black

I mite aswell keep you updated with the news from Stormfront

16.08.2008 11:43

for those that can't bring themselfs to visit stormfront

"Reports are a bit patchy so far but I am informed the reds have been crossing farm land to reach the site & more importantly that the Police are not doing a lot - typical, if it were us on the way to cause violence at a Red event we would not get within 20 miles of it - look how many Police turned up at the last london BPP meeting. At the moment there is a stand off between reds & BNPers just outside the campsite entrance that they have managed to block."



16.08.2008 12:15

Who gives a toss what is said on Stormfront?

They can't even distinguish between 'reds' and 'anarchists', fucking idiots.


why not.

16.08.2008 13:15

Because it was the only place with up to date news, and I am sure there are others like myself who could not be there but want to know what is happening.
Anyway it was not long before the posters on stormfront turned on each other and lost track of the original topic.

A few new posts from in-between the infighting….

“Further to one of my earlier posts, I have been informed that it was not the Police who stopped the Reds from getting onto the Site but hundreds of BNP members. Needless to say Antifa's arses could not be seen for dust - MUGS.”

“From what I've been told by someone who lives there, the majority of the police were on the market place with the official demonstrators. 8 people have been seen being arrested. One copper is injured and police have dogs out all over everybody's gardens.”


Piss off fascist

16.08.2008 13:46

You are about as obvious as double decker bus!


Ox Fathead Is Also A Believer In Fairystories!

16.08.2008 13:53

The BNP couldnt fight off an invasion of guinea pigs.

Jewel In The Crown loves making up stories on stormshite.

Someone delete that fascist scum please.


Meanwhile tony and gordy are laughing...

16.08.2008 14:10

Are you for real or do you make it up ?



16.08.2008 14:22

Makes me laugh really, I was just trying to give people and update on what was happening and the only site with any news (true or false)was stormfront. Why was I looking at stormfront? Know your enemy!
Any way it was fun watching them get distracted talking about the twat of a leader,

I thought I made it clear that I was just repeating what was being said on that forum. I was not trying to stir thing up on here.

Never mind. I am not going to get in to an argument and ruin this thread.

By the way I am a life long member of the “loony left” having been involved in actions with S.P.E.A.K , Anti-globalisation, Mayday, And many more.
I could not get up north due to having a Young child and no child care.


Latest news

16.08.2008 14:35


Of course you are Ox brain.

16.08.2008 14:41

Thats why you used the term 'Reds' in your post when refering to anarchists....because you are an idiot fascist.

Sod off back to Shitefront.


troling stormfront is fun

16.08.2008 14:57

We've been having a lot of fun on there lately. There is six or seven of us.

Red Mack
mail e-mail:


16.08.2008 15:05

'reds' was a quote from a posting on the stormfront cesspit, which Ox-whatever explained he was quoting as the only source of any news.
Chalky boy you really need to calm down mate, you're making a bit of a tit of yourself.



16.08.2008 15:30

ah. i get you now. in my first post I forgot to put quote " " marks. It was not me that said it it was from stormfront.

ox- red/black

The action is backfiring guys

16.08.2008 15:43

I was up in Ripley this afternoon and people were say a load of trouble causers are coming down from everywhere to cause mayhem at the bnp festival.


Thank Goodness for the Protesters

16.08.2008 17:59

Solidarity and thanks to everyone who protested today/ is still protesting. Shame on me for not being there. Shame on the cops for restricting the protest and cancelling the anti-fascist gig but then it stands to reason that the BNP are given top protection - they are the state's useful idiots after all.


it appears there were more police than antis

16.08.2008 18:16

What happened? 34 arrested? A fine display of antifascism for the locals to see and the BNP come out looking like angels again. Well done chaps.

looking at the coverts blog
- Homepage:

BNP Angels?

16.08.2008 18:56

It may have been poorly planned and perhaps a bad idea given their numbers, but the idea that a poorly executed action in the face of Derbyshire Police Force makes the BNP angels is laughable. They're still fascists despite Nick Griffins attempts to hide all politics beneath a PC veneer that would have Labour's PR team wetting their pants and fascists wouldnt know moral highground if they were falling down it head over heels.


Red, White and Blue protest pulls in 700 while Martin Reynolds begs for help

16.08.2008 21:31

Around seven hundred people turned up in Denby today to protest against the BNP's Red, White and Blue booze-fest. Among the organisations represented were members of various unions including NASUWT, Unite, PCS, CWU, and Unison, Notts Stop the BNP, Derby Racial Equality Council, UAF and a whole bunch of locals determined never to have the BNP anywhere near their homes and families again.

They may well have got their way. Around two hundred and fifty police officers, some in riot gear, were deployed, plus a helicopter was keeping an eye on things from above for most of the day. The cost must have been astronomical - and all to protect a load of fascists, their minders and scum like Petra Edelmannova, chair of the far-right Czech National Party, who is a guest of the BNP this weekend.

The police were pretty much everywhere - though mainly at the gathering-point, where there was a number of speakers throughout the afternoon, and at the entrance to the RWB itself - though that seemed to be well-covered by a number of thugs who looked ready to kill and eat anyone who pissed them off.

The march from the village to the site was marred by a brief fracas between anti-fascists and BNP members after the former were attacked by the latter. The groups were separated by police. On several occasions, anti-fascists tried to break through police lines to enter the RWB site itself but were beaten back by riot police and officers with dogs. Apart from these brief interludes, the event went of peacably, with the assistant chief constable of Derbyshire Police Peter Goodman stating: 'We did have an incident which took place with a small number of people, but the majority of people who have come here today behaved impeccably.'

Six arrests were made during the attempts to break through police lines (including across the fields behind the site) but a further twenty-seven occurred as the groups began to disperse and return to their homes or vehicles, when they were in many cases set on by BNP supporters.

Some of the more interesting action took place behind the scenes and well out of the public eye. One of our supporters had a receiver that could pick up the police band and we were treated to a breathless step by step account of the chase over the fields that only ended (for us) when the noise from the police helicopter drowned out everything else.

Once back on the radio, one of our group pointed out that the police referred to us as 'reds' all the way through the day, including the anarchists - described as a 'bunch of reds' even though they were dressed all in black. Nice to know the police aren't biased in any way...

More here:

Lancaster Unity
- Homepage:

News to come.

16.08.2008 22:38

Antifa will post on this sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, don't take as gospel anything posted on either this site or the stormshite fantasy mongers.

London Antifa

Antifa London


17.08.2008 08:22

The RWB will not be held in Denby next year...job done-total success.

F Ryan


17.08.2008 09:13

just got home,
even the middleclass fantasist wimpy white kids who only dare try cause trouble when the police are about cant bullshit up this catastrophic balls up.
you are now even more of a NATIONAL laughing stock!
ps.anarcho-worker didnt saboutage nothin? did he pop the bouncy castle or wernt any coppers about to save him!
one lad literally threw up laughing at the antifairy 'attack' on the empty field (with police in it of course).
never mind kids unis back in september,holidays are nearly over!

laughing boy

True picture

17.08.2008 10:58

The left will never win its side of the arguement because the British public will see them as the nasty, grubby, chav like scum of the earth who cant speak properly, with unusustainable and conflicting political policaies (eg unlimited mass immigration and protesting against housing being build for them and roads etc...) The BNP will carry on appealing to the masses and like global warming, appears unstoppable.

Joe Public

Press coverage

17.08.2008 11:25

I have just been looking at the coverage of the BNP 'festival' and the protests on the Ripley and Heanor news website It is unbelievably biased towards the BNP. In fact their 'journalists' have done such a good job of smoozing up to the BNP that the newspapers on-line video of an interview with Nick Griffin has been linked on the BNP website as an example of great coverage.
The comments section on the newspaper site reads like a fascist free for all. I know it is only a useless local rag but an email to the editor complaining about the biased coverage in support of the BNP might be worthwhile,

Hope it doesn't rain!


17.08.2008 11:46

Please note the above comment and spread as widely as possible. DO not attempt to contact Antifa on the number appearing on our website (which is still down) or any leaflets circulated for the RWB action.
Antifa London.


RE whos at the front.

17.08.2008 14:14

Nothing to do with us. That was the official march not connected with Antifa.

S.London Skin

too many trolls...

17.08.2008 14:33

I think they put YOUR MUM at the front TBH.

Autonomists and antifa have shut down Nazis time and again, biggest recent time was Switzerland, we took over Bern and the little boneheads ran and hid behind the pigs as always.

Is it a coincidence that "Ripley resident" posted right before the BNP trolls started? I'll remember this next time I see one of these random "resident" posts.

BNP are not "working class". Interesting that "ex miners" were mentioned. During the miners' strike BNP called for the ARMY to be brought in to smash the strike, and one of their candidates ran a right-wing anti-union group.

At least smashing up McDonald's and running away, we don't do any real harm, not like Nazis who smash up a local Asian-owned shop and run away, or even plant NAIL BOMBS and run away, fucking racist cowards, I dare you to spout your shit in the middle of Brixton you cunts.

PS let's have someone delete the trollshit please. And we were promised a report from AFA yesterday. Also let's hear about the arrests please - why did pigs grab so many at the end of the day, are people facing serious charges? I really hope not.

I'm hearing 700 at the main rally, 40 at the action. Ten years ago it would have been 7000 at the main rally and 400 at the action. Twenty years ago, 70,000 at the main rally, 4000 at the action. It is very sad how small we are in number. Really limits what we can do to the state etc.


One of the 6 arrested for S14

17.08.2008 18:22

I'm not quite sure what you're asking for here.

So I guess I'll just give you a few small bits from our lot.

We were a group of 6, clambering through the fields attempting to get to the RWB festival.

We were masked up at the time because Redwatch were crawling along the field fences next to the police, who obviously made no attempt in stopping them.

We ending up finding ourselves at the farm next to the festival, before we know it police dogs, riot police etc etc we are searched for the second time that day under S60 and then held for a higher ranked officer to come over.

We were all arrested under S14b POA, Approx 12.30 I think. Got to the station and 14.30 after following the fluffy UAF march in the fucking van.

We were all interviewed and had DNA etc taken.

To return to answer bail in just over 2 months, bail conditions being not to enter the county of Derbyshire.
Phones and "face masks" were taken as evidence.

We were released all released between 10.30pm-12.00

Probably better to wait for Antifa to give you an update.



17.08.2008 20:45

ya in court when? ..........see ya later

see ya later

Was it worth it?

18.08.2008 08:13


Yes it was!

18.08.2008 10:57



18.08.2008 16:28

Apologies for taking a while getting our report out.Contrary to what I posted earlier it should appear over the next few days.

To put a few rumours to rest;there were 80+ activists in the field and more who were stopped by police at the entrance to the fields. 33 arrests seems about right and the amount of shit coming out on Stormshite is astronomical. No Antifa were attacked by fascists and all their guff about running us is pure bullshit...not a suprise to anyone who has the misfortune to read their site; and in pubs afterwards the locals seemed more inquisitive than hostile. As has been posted already, it seems local feeling is against the bnp returning to the area, so you can draw your own conclusions on whether or not this was an effective action.

Antifa London

Links to demo and direct action reports - incl. audio

19.08.2008 08:59

anti-fascist & anti-trot

Anti, but what for?

20.08.2008 10:06

What I love about Anti-Fascists and Anti-Capitalists is that they only oppose and have no vision of what should replace Fascism and the capitalist economic system. They only have vague slogans, if at all. The BNP at least has a program. I myself am leftwing on economic issues, but rightwing on social ones. So I believe we should strive towards an economic democracy, based on cooperative ownership of the means of production by all those who work(and NOT State ownership that gives power to bureaucrats over those who actually create value). But I also believe the family unit is the fundamental unit of social cohesion, while the national culture is the guarantee of democracy (because of its localised nature, national culture is more open to democratic oversight than international "multi-culture"). Both must be preserved against internal and external threats in the name of security and balance. I would describe myself as a National Radical, a term of European (Hungarian) origin, which is widely used by far-rightwing Hungarian parties (e.g. Movement for a Better Hungary).


Next time you choose to riot be in the right location!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20.08.2008 12:31

I am a local resident of Denby village who witnessed first hand the invasion of ANTIFA from a local farm. Exiting the farm track carrying gates, tyres and other farm equipment stolen from the farm (I bet none of you would offer to compensate the innocent farmer for the damage you caused to the fences,not to mention the distress you caused to the horses) ~ 50 ANTIFA members dressed in black and covering their faces with scarves etc (too chicken shit to show your faces!) came out onto the junction of Heanor road and Breach road. At the time only 4 local policemen were at this end of the village, ANTIFA started shouting (including threats to overturn cars belonging to local residents who had nothing to do with the BNP),
and throwing stuff into the roads, entering OUR properties to steal bins etc that they could also use to throw about. I have no idea what these people achieved because they were still 10 mins walk away from the BNP festival!!!!
Once the riot police turned up ANTIFA ran for the hills leaving the mess they had made behind!! revealing themselves as the cowards that they really are.

I have no idea what ANTIFA have achieved from this farce apart from scaring the shit out of local residents alot of whom are elderly, whilst not even measuring on the BNPs radar (GREAT JOB!!!). You really did play into the hands of the BNP, they love this sort of coverage where they come out smelling of roses (MaybeANTIFA are a secret organisation of the BNP helping them to look good), you are all as bad as each other!


Denby Village Resident

'Denby Village Resident' is a liar

20.08.2008 14:23

or at least grossly mistaken.

if those horses were spooked then i'm the queen of england.

i spoke to the farmer's wife, explained what was happenin and she gave us her full support, explainin that her husband would also be supportive if he realised what was happenin.
the only shoutin was comin from him but he calmed down once he spoke to us, he only got wound up again when the riot cops came bearin down and ordered him to close the fence. i understand that it must have been frightening for him but his actions ensured that a lot of unarmed, peaceful protesters suffered. i'm talkin broken bones here.

no property was 'stolen', i suggest you find yourself a dictionary.
'stolen property'.
we're talkin about tat here, yes, i admit that farm tat is never just abandoned, but we're talkin about broken pipes, tree branches and tyres. hardly high tech farm equipment.
and why is everyone suddenly so attached to their wheely bins? they weren't thrown about, they were carefully placed in the road to form a barricade to stop the fascist bnp from havin a party.

yes, we moved fast, but there was no threats to overturn locals cars, no terrorisation of anyone except at the hands of the state-sanctioned militia (aka the police force).

it is not cowardly to retreat from a superior force. when i witnessed 3 cops goin at an unarmed protester with batons, when i was struck, full force, in the chest and back, i decided not to hang around for more of the same.

i wear a mask because i am sadly aware of what happens to those of us who stand up against oppression and fascism.

yes, the bnp are an official political party.
just like the national socialists were.
just like many fascist organisations currently are.

i've heard people ask innumerable times, "why did the german people allow 6 million to be slaughtered?"
readin and listenin to some of the opinion and comments over the last few days, i have a better understandin of how.

you may not consider yourself to be a racist,
you may not consider yourself to be a fascist,
you may believe that you would never have informed on your neighbours and watched as children were gunned down in the street, the elderly led off to auschwitz, men and women used in medical experiments.
you may believe that you would have acted differently but,
do you actively oppose the rise of fascism?
do you support those of us who are riskin our liberty and safety to oppose the rise of fascism?
do you ask who really makes the laws, or are you brainwashed into believin their lies and twisted version of events?
are your eyes open or closed?

don't know about you, but i can feel my grandparents spinnin in their graves.
they lost family, friends and freedom to stop hitler and mussolini encroachin on these shores.
60 years later, the descendants of fascism are bein invited to have a party.

if they get into power, they'll come for you as well.


So called resident...

20.08.2008 14:35

"I have no idea what ANTIFA have achieved from this farce"

Thats because you are a thick Stormshite nutzi. We are waiting for you idiots to suss it aren't quite there yet though are you.....

Let us know when you've cracked it.

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