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Resident Nottingham Speedcore DJ Crazy2nr is exposed as a BNP activist

LMHR Supporter | 24.11.2008 17:30 | Anti-racism | Culture | Birmingham

A popular Nottingham resident speedcore DJ at Rigormortis, (Crazy 2nr) was on the leaked membership list as a BNP activist, using his musical acitivites to try to (allegedly) turn local clubbers into fascists.

"Vote for Enoch Powell", came the counsel from a stage in the West Midlands. "Stop Britain from becoming a black colony ... Get the foreigners out ... I used to be into dope, now I'm into racism".

These were the words of Eric Clapton, followed hot on the heels by David Bowie's unbelievable admiration of Adolf Hitler.

Since then, thanks to Rock Against Racism and lately Love Music Hate Racism, musicians have been relunctant to become involved with fascism.

Sadly, also hailing from the Midlands, a popular clubbing DJ /promoter/producer who DJs in Nottingham has been exposed as being a BNP activist. A 21 year old speedcore DJ called "Crazy2nr" was listed on the BNP membership list as a racist activist for the far right party, the contents of which is now in the public domain.

Sadly, "Crazy 2nr" is a highly paid resident at the Blueprint Nightclub on Alfreton road, Nottingham. (see the following review in the national newspaper The Metro): -

It is feared by anti-fascists that DJ Crazy2nr (AKA Mr Shane Coxhead of Stanwick Alfreton, Derbyshire), has been using regular events at the Blueprint Nightclub in Nottingham to reach out to young fans with his message of race hate, to win clubbers over to fascist ideals.

Sadly the promoters of this event which are a company from Holland do not realise that one of their resident DJs is a nazi - not merely a silent member but a BNP activist - and performs alongside DJS from the whole of Europe. Someone like this, must not be allowed to become famous so they are able to use their infamy to pollute impressionable minds.

Lancaster Unity is a regular supporter of Love Music Hate Racism, so it would be fitting if this blog could alert clubbers in Nottingham (and their parents) over the very tangible fears that that weekend clubbings sessions may be used to recruit young speedcore lovers to race hatred.

Anybody who is concerned for the mental and physical wellbeing of young people should contact the company behind the Rigormortis events, asking them to sack the (allegedly) white supremacist DJ.

Rigormortis productions can be reached at: - 07999 695250

Blueprint bar and nightclub - Official website:

509-511 Alfreton Road
tel: 01159422050

How many black, Asian, gay and Jewish clubbers know that there is an active nazi in their midst, spinning records to an increasing number of fans?

Coxhead (Crazy 2nr) is part of Nick Griffin's concerted efforts to reach out to a younger audience just like the National Front tried to achieve through Eric Clapton and David Bowie through bars and nightclubs.

Concerned clubbers and parents should contact the venue direct, insisting that the venue stops hosting the event is Coxhead isn't fired from his Rigormortis residency.

It is worth remembering that it is the prerogative of club promoters to decide who they will and will not pay to perform, and normally DJs do not often sign legal contracts of employment.

Getting rid of a (seemingly) neo-nazi DJ from a nightclub is an ethical choice that most clubbers would support, given the black music origins of popular electronic music.

House music began in a Chicago nightclub called the Warehouse, which was popular with a young, vibrant black and gay audience, and house music was an offshoot from disco, whih came from funk and soul, with beats that came out from Africa.

Hopefully, with the help of your readers you can assist the campaign to rid the dance music scene of racial hatred. We're not just talking Nottingham, but emerging DJ Shane Coxhead has also played at large parties in Holland, the country where Anne Frank died.

Hopefully, if promoters are made aware of his fascist activism, Cockhead's (excuse the spelling mistake) bookings will dry up overnight.

Addition to this article by Notts IMC: Nottingham Indymedia does not fully support the Indymedia features which would have allowed us to promote the reply from Crazy 2nr to appear directly below this article. Therefore the direct link to his response is here.

LMHR Supporter

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24.11.2008 18:00

Isn't Blueprint the club owned by dodgy capitalist Finbar?


This article is very, very poor

24.11.2008 21:51

This article is bad. It is very, very bad. And I don't mean bad, as in bad news, I mean bad as in retarded.

The leaked BNP membership list does indeed contain an "Activist DJ and events promoter" called Shane Coxhead from Alfreton. The list even gives Mr Coxhead's age as 19 in 2006 - the age given on DJ Crazy 2nr's profile page. Perhaps they are one and the same, but how are we supposed to take this article seriously when it is so badly written?

The article is so staggeringly badly written that it comes across like a p!ss-take. I mean, how on the earth is speedcore music going to turn people into fascists? The music has no lyrics, being virtually unlistenable noise. And how on the earth is Crazy 2nr "highly paid" when the Rigor Mortis night struggles to get anyone through the door?

The article urges us to complain to Blueprint, when everyone on the scene now knows that the club's owner is himself a member of the BNP! And what kind of pantywaist would complain to their parents about a DJ? LMHR Supporter, are you ****ing kidding? Do you want us complain to our school teachers too?

And what's all that rubbish about Eric Clapton and David Bowie? And the stupendously irrelevant brief history of house music?? And the utterly pointless Anne Frank reference??? Unbelievable verbal diarrhoea!!

The poor quality of this article makes a mockery of Indymedia. It should be removed and its author blocked until he/she acquires some basic skills of literacy.


The nature of Open Publishing

24.11.2008 22:50

To Clubber above: Such is the nature of open publishing!

Anybody can publish here. There is almost no such thing as "Indymedia" to make a mockery of - or rather, anybody who posts here is effectively becoming a part of Indymedia (at least for that posting).

This is the thing which is so misunderstood about this site: Indymedia is YOU!

Indymedia is not an organisation, but a network of collectives - each running their own bits of the site largely autonomously.

We who have editing rights try to stay away from making use of them wherever possible, and only fix stuff which is broken and hide stuff which is not relevant to Nottingham (or is legally very dodgy etc.) - and we also run our editing decisions by the rest of our collective, to maintain as much accountability and consensus as possible.

We don't write most of the stuff that appears here on the newswire - visitors to the site do. We do write the occasional feature when something interesting pops up, but really, at the end of the day, we're more like guardians or caretakers of the site than anything else.

For what it's worth, I don't personally consider this article well written either. But as a member of the collective who edits Notts Indymedia, we're also not in the habit of removing things simply for being badly written.

Finally, I will now be emailing the rest of the collective to tell them I have written this response on our behalf (because even when wearing my Indymedia hat, I still can only really speak on behalf of myself).

Notts IMC Person

what a wally

24.11.2008 23:27

first they say this DJ is using their position to promote fascist views then they question whether the punters are aware he's a fascist. how can he promote his views if he is keeping them secret? aren't there enough real targets in this world without digging up spurious bollox like this? or is it a spoof and we've been taken for a ride perhaps....

unimpressed also

does it matter how the article is written?

25.11.2008 00:27

Does it matter that much how the article is written? The fact is he is a BNP supporting scumbag so he deserves whatever shit he gets.

Thread here on this forum about "crazy 2nr" aka Shane in July 2007:

He had a signature on his account that said "Its not racist to be proud"

after some complaints Shane said:

Who said anything about the BNP??? Confused
Some of there views are right and some of them are wrong, same with all parties.
Have you got a problem with my signature? Does it offend you or something?
Dont let political correctness ruin our country

and then:

If someone was offended by it i would definatly remove it, i can see your point but why is it racist to be proud of your country i dont understand Confused
I am not racist i am far from it actually, i just cant understand why you have made a big deal out of it, when no body has ever mentioned it before and that has been my signature for months, it wasnt meant to come across the way that you are saying it does.
I will gladly remove it if it offends you

Looks like his father died quite young last year so maybe that screwed his head up a bit: J. COXHEAD&19/12/2007


Flea Pit

25.11.2008 00:28

Anyone knows how notoriously racist Blueprint is. And dreadful fleapit of a dive where anyone with a brain wouldn't be seen dead.

It's hardly rocket science that a far right club owner would employ BNP activist DJs.

Where else would the clientelle feel at home on a Halloween fancy dress party wearing Ku Klux Klan robes, number one haircuts and pure white glowsticks, scribbling mein kamph on their beermats?

Cockhead is no doubt a nobody who thought it was a way of getting a DJing slot by becoming a member, and "getting in bed with his boss" (Mark Collett/Richard Barnbrook stylie).

If so, Cockhead might not be a diehard fascist loser who hates foreigners and people with darker skins to himself, but merely a talentless cock.



25.11.2008 00:42

Shame about the death of his father. Hate the BNP but don't wish nobody bad luck.

Maybe this is true, the loss made Coxhead susceptible to the influence of strong personalities like the corrupting effect of his hardcore fash boss, thus the aligning of racist views with his powerful superior.

Sometimes vulnerable teenagers are taken in by smooth talking older adults.

Psychologist Pete!


25.11.2008 00:53

Actually David Bowie did thankfully renownce his fascism, and apologise, so hopefully 2nr will also admit his mistakes and sever all links with the fascist bnp. His wife Iman is black and a Muslim which proves he has totally changed his views.

Everybody deserves a second chance. Everybody young makes mistakes, and for all we know, 2nr might have told Nick Griffin where to stuff his bnp membership.

Give the lad a chance please.

Dr Kneival

true though dr he does need chance to renounce fascist bs,as everbody

25.11.2008 11:43

knows the best music is a refined but diverse mix, though whilst still a BNP member he needs to be at least boycotted until he proves he has changed

Radford & nottinghamclubber

yes it does matter how the article is written

25.11.2008 13:44

OK Notts IMC Person, point taken.

Thanks for the Rigor Mortis forum link, antifash. Judging by that conversation, other members of the Rigor Mortis crew share Crazy 2nr's BNP views, including DJ Pinhead and Ian CP. I guess Radford & nottinghamclubber is right about Rigor Mortis being a BNP crew then.

Brenda, I don't think you should be passing judgement on Blueprint when you don't seem to know anything about the club scene. While the owner of Blueprint has been exposed as a member of the BNP, that doesn't make Blueprint a "racist club". I've been going to Blueprint for years and I've never seen racist politics there.

Blueprint may be a dive, but at least it's underground, and many clubbers, myself included, would rather go to a place like that than one of the hideous clubs in town where men wearing shirts and gel-spiked hair go to fight over women in high heels and handbags.

Club nights are not organised by the club owner - they are organised and promoted by independent crews. In the case of Blueprint, these include social justice campaigners Demo and fluffy psy-trancers Psycle as well as fash crew Rigor Mortis and various apolitical crews.

That is why - Brenda and Pete - it is not right to refer to Blueprint's owner as Shane's boss. Finbar isn't Rigor Mortis's boss any more than he is Demo's boss or Psycle's boss. For all we know, Shane and Finbar weren't even aware that they both support the BNP - the arrangement could have been purely financial.

It is good that the far-right politics of Blueprint's owner and the Rigor Mortis crew have been exposed on this site. I just wish that those important facts weren't mixed with so much nonsense and uninformed opinion.



25.11.2008 14:26

Indeed. Now the Nottingham people know the truth about Rigor Mortis, they will boycott the event. I'd rather travel all the way to underground clubbing events in Birmingham than pay good money to keep a crew of proud nazis off the dole.

Rigormortis does mean dead, so dead it will become!


I dont think so...

25.11.2008 18:56

I go to Blueprint all the time and I have attended Rigormortis there's definately no racism going on the club owners wife and the bar staff are African I think they would have noticed!! Blueprint is the most diverse friendly club in Nottingham I have ever had the pleasure of attending.

This article just reaks of bias hatred and made up nonsence it sounds like the author has some sort of vendetta against the event or the DJ in question.


The Facts

25.11.2008 20:23

What's the deal with Finbar?

Is he or isn't he a BNP activist/supporter?

Finbar and 2nr were on the BNP membership list, weren't they?

If the facts are presented by internet postings like above, there's little ambiguity that they do approve of the BNP's racist policies.

What appears diverse, often scratching the surface isn't always the case.

As for employing African students as staff, overseas students who have to pay all their fees and bills often have to work longer hours doing crappier jobs for lesser pay, so desperate they are to earn their way as hardworking students.

A capitalist who is also a BNP member may decide on profit ahead of principles.


Smell The Coffee, Blueprint Apologists

25.11.2008 20:39 Finbar Bryson of Nottingham wrote:
"I'm a member of the BNP and my partner is black and feels more strongly about the mess this once great nation is in than I do."
He stated that "BNP patrols have reduced anti-social behaviour-FACT" and that "[Non-whites who vote for the BNP] are not impressed one bit with the creeping Islamisation of the West".

On a right wing blog ( a Finbar Bryson of Nottingham is quoted as having written "The reason for uncontrolled mass migration becmes clearer by the day-more votes for Labour to replace those like myself who have been betrayed."

In the Glasgow Herald ( a Finbar Bryson related the stories of a fellow dentist, Fadi, a Christian Syrian:
"Incredible the tales of woe in the asylum 'system' and his shock that Muslims were being granted asylum in the UK."

A Finbar Bryson of Nottingham, commenting on plans to build a 'mega mosque' in London in the Daily Mail ( urged readers to complain and then "vote tactically. Your nation needs you."

In an article on the ThisIsLondon website ('s%20racism%20you%20want,%20head%20out%20of%20town/ about increasing racism outside London, Finbar called the author a "cretin" and then signed off with "Kriss Donald RIP." Kriss Donald was a white Scottish fifteen-year-old who was kidnapped, beaten and murdered in Glasgow in 2004 by five Asian men. The case has become a rallying cry for the far right in the UK.


Bird from the Word

25.11.2008 21:04

Well done to the author of this article for being an absolute clueless retard on this malicious and extremely personal attack on Crazy 2nr. I find your knowledge (or lack of in this case) on the subject in hand most amusing. As a regular attendee of Rigormortis nights this does not affect me in anyway whatsoever, im sure you spent a lot of time preparing that article but its completely wasted on myself and the majority of people i know. Well done you though for wasting some time in your ridiculous life!!

Top Bird

Love Thy Neighbour (but send them to face their deaths if they're not Christian)

25.11.2008 21:23

Cold-hearted Finbar Bryson also wrote in the about a family in Glasgow who were protesting against being deported to Turkey where they were facing being tortured and killed, as political dissidents: -

"No to non-Christian asylum seekers and no to all economic migrants who offer this country no benefits".

In other words, Finbar being such a zealous Christian, would most happily send a Muslim family to their impending deaths, their crime, not believing in Jesus Christ as their saviour.

Then he goes onto say that certain "economic migrants" can be tolerated:

"Yes to economic migrants who offer a skill that cannot be provided by the people of this country".

Does working in the bar of the Blueprint fall into the second category, you sick pup???

Darth Vader

Membership List

25.11.2008 21:32

Sorry darling, but the leaked membership list (now legally in the public domain) had Mr Coxhead (2nr) listed down as a BNP activist. Then there's rhe blog action listed above by someone else which states that 2nr approves of racist BNP policies.

Jenny Taylor


25.11.2008 21:49

The Jewish asylum seeker children who thankfully escaped Nazi Germany via the Kindertransport programme wouldn't have been allowed to escape Hitler's holocaust as they were not Christians, under Finbar's brutal religious criteria about who can escape death, and who cannot.



good club

25.11.2008 22:11

"It is feared by anti-fascists that DJ Crazy2nr (AKA Mr Shane Coxhead of Stanwick Alfreton, Derbyshire), has been using regular events at the Blueprint Nightclub in Nottingham to reach out to young fans with his message of race hate, to win clubbers over to fascist ideals."

Have these anti-fascists even bothered to attend to see whether this is true?? I dont think so.. What a load of sensationlist crap.



25.11.2008 22:40

How do you feel, Nottingham Raver, about paying your pennies to attend an event at the Blueprint, knowing that a proportion of your pennies is going to a nightclub owner (for hire of the club and drinks income), regardless of the politics of (according to list) BNP member Coxhead?

Are you happy boosting the income of someone who would (according to his letters to the press) send non-Christian asylum seekers to their deaths, by attending club nites at the Blueprint?

If so, Raver, you have no conscience.

Please answer this question, and not like many BNP supporters do, scotch the issue. Shane is a small-fry compared to Finbar, who is clealy an outspoken hater of Muslim people and foreigners.

Paranoid Android


25.11.2008 23:12

I attend the party mentioned regularly, it's an excellent night that draws in a lot of people from all over the country from all walks of life!

I think you will find that most if not all of the people attend for the music and nothing more. A lot of effort is put into the night and because of that we regularly get to see many international artist that no one else in the country has ever seen.

There is no preaching of race hatred going on as the article suggests and the club is not full of skinhead nazi's in 18 holer Doc Martens!

As has been said by several people, the article is horrendously biased almost comical with the over dramatisation it contains.

There was an article a few months back in your local area (I am not from Nottingham) that mentioned Rigormortis and it's success within an article about the Blueprint, I don't think the local rag would be praising a club full of fascists would they?


Paranoid Android

25.11.2008 23:41

I dont care what the club owners opinions are he's entitled to them it would be fascist to suggest otherwise. They are not reflected at the events there and imposed on me so I dont worry about it as much as I dont worry about the political views of any other indivdual I might be indirectly benefitting by purchasing goods or services.



25.11.2008 23:43

Still doesn't answer the question about the club owner with the extreme views about only letting Christian asylum seekers stay in Britian, while fleeing torture and death, profiting from everybody who passes through the door of Blueprint, or does nobody in Nottingham give a shit about ethics and such stuff?

Money from the door and bar takings will most probably end up in the pockets of the extremist club owner. If you refuse to buy Nestlé, drive 4 by 4 vehicles, and support Palestine, you will most probably have reservations about giving a penny of your heard-earned cash to people like Finbar.

Does music really come ahead of human rights?

Ethical d&b Fan

So our democratic right to call a boycott of a fascist is fascist??

26.11.2008 00:21

So our democratic right to call a boycott of a fascist is fascist??
what kind of worser world would we live if everyone followed your mislogic?
do you work in corporate PR or maybe a government department supporting the "war on terror"
His views are even worse than those being done by those right wingers who have taken over the labour party, his aim to take away millions of peoples liberty & lives, not just their views, we are entitled to boycott, the scene in Nottingham is legendary & far bigger than bluprint in its current guise.
The old sky club would never have been started by a nazi, it was & is kept going by true skins,punks & ravers. "Class" your kind of Oxford Cambridge liberalism would have allowed Hitler or Stalin to take over the whole of europe, its also the same kind of liberalism that keeps us as a outpost of corporate america.
We know most of Riger Mortis punters arent fascists, but the fact that many of them have known that Coxheeed & others have fascist leanings which is total disrespect to a multicultural clubs ethos & total disrespect to house. Maybe you dont mind being treated like cattle by Finbar & his mates, as someone with contacts with doormen&club workers in Nottingham & having gone around all of nottinghams clubs in the last 16 years I can say Sky Club used to be one of the best, know its one of the worst,generally you can see better door policy at 90% of clubs in town, the reverse of 16 years ago.

Radford & nottinghamclubber

I'm sorry...

26.11.2008 01:05

....which part of my comment are you suggesting fits what you say?

"Class" your kind of Oxford Cambridge liberalism would have allowed Hitler or Stalin to take over the whole of europe, its also the same kind of liberalism that keeps us as a outpost of corporate america."

I can assure you, I was writing purely as someone who loves the music and nothing else?

At the end of the day, there is no racism or facism 'practised, praised or preached' at the nights, that's nothing to do with 'liberalism' it's just the truth, something you cannot argue as you know no different. If you'd been and seen racism/fascism, then you could? If it's such a racist party, why do people of races other than White British people attend, surely if it was full of nazi's they'd get a kicking and sent on their way?

All you can do is comment on someone elses allegations. The only thing you know for certain is what is on the published list, something that's 2 years old?

Making comments on speculation (as most of the article is) is poor.


lets get facts right the list is a year or so old& if you love the music

26.11.2008 09:28

then shouldnt you respect its roots?
Yes there are some coloured people who go to Riger Mortis nights, Blueprint has always been multicultural way before it got into the hands of a certain frustrated dentist, its Radford, most BNP arent crazy enough to be open about there membership in NG7. In the 2Oth century it was fashionable for BNPers to target in their words niggers darkies, now its fashionable to get in their words rag heads.Maybe I should get some of my universalist sufi muslim mates to go to a Riger Mortis night, what do you think would be the reaction of of some there??
The house-rave scene in nottingham isnt fascist at all,speedcore isnt either its been infiltrated by fascists, do you think the same amount of tolerance & free speech would happen at a whitelaw gig?. Many people I speak to about this think the undergroud scene is being way too tolerant to fascists, I think its because we have a New labour government who have pandered to another fascist oil war whilst flavouring things with pc politics back home& the BNP have convinced afew people they are the resistance, whilst they are the total opposite.

Oh yeh anyONE watching who think they are resistance wakeup!, NWO is blatantly the Old World Order. Bilderberg, Trilateral, G8& now G20 are its consolidation. NWO,New labour= same fuedal undemocratic empire shite weve had for centuries, VVsimple, fxxk fascism,
fxxk dictatoships!!

Goodmorning nottingham,working class,universal pride,
Get lost nazi "shite" pride,you dont represent me or white people MOFO's;)!
we all need to get back & check our roots

Radford & nottinghamclubber

What a load of cobblers!

26.11.2008 20:53

Thought I'd add my two penneth worth seeing as how I've been 'named and shamed'. I have no association with the BNP. I am not reacist nor facist. In fact I am so non political it is untrue. The fact that Shane Coxhead is my friend is either here nor there.

The article itself is shocking. I wouldn't mind so much if it was factually correct be it isn't. If speedcore was full of racists and facists why would some of the world's best known speedcore djs have ethnic origins? Don't expect anybody reading this to know them but please feel free to check out Akira, Bonehead and Darkraver as a reference point.

Like many people I attend Rigormortis and quite a few other parties at The Blueprint because of my love of the music and the friendly atmosphere within the club. I don't think it's any coincidence that a core of people within Nottingham attend the club regularly. It's just a bloody good night out!

mail e-mail:

No1s saying speedcore is fash,what do you think of coxhd being in a nazi party?

27.11.2008 17:04


Radford & nottinghamclubber

Shocked and saddened

27.11.2008 19:33

I was totally shocked, saddened and sickened by the posting which has been put up and the incorrect slander on this posting. Seeing as this is a freedom of speech site i'd like to put a few records straight (not vinyl)

1) Yes i was a member of the BNP, however that was two years ago and never renewed my membership as i don't whole heartly agree with a lot of their issues, also i was young and thought i'd try and get my head around the politics however far too mind boggling.

2) Never have I BEEN or INTEND to be a RASCIT, i have strong views on this country but no way are they rascit views, I have many ethnic friends who i have known for many years and have total respect for.

3)How can i be trying to influence the minds of young clubbers, it's distorted noize with no lyrics AT ALL, yes it may come across as aggressive but so does punk, heavy metal with lyrics, we have regular clubbers who attend our night which are ethnic and I'll tell you something they know how to party and they have never had any trouble or harsh words at any time said to them at the event and we always ask them if they've enjoyed them selves the answer is YES hence why they keep coming back for more.

4) Surly the majority of people in the uk are proud to be British does that mean they're rascit i think not, same as Africans being proud or asian it to do with your roots and being proud of them, quote me if im wrong.

5) And finally whats with the obitory of my Dad, you could have at least got the correct man and what has that got to do with any of this.

Crazy 2nr

Fair enuff

27.11.2008 22:32

Hi Crazy 2nr ,

I haven't taken part in this thread mainly cos I have no idea what speedcore is. Nobody try to explain it to me, you'd be wasting your breathe.

It is good you posted to set the record straight, and it is great to hear you aren't racist. You are going to have to forgive the comments here though for one reason - the BNP are a racist party and joining them even briefly was stupid. The BNP want to send your ethic friends back to where their parents or grandparents came from. The people here who posted about you were trying to protect your friends from thugs.

It is perfectly alright to be proud to be British as long as you remember your ethnic British friends deserve your respect - and joining the BNP disrespects them and threatens them. If you say you aren't racist then I'll believe you, there are lot's of people on the list who shouldn't be. Next time someone asks you to join a political party "Just say no"!
Or at least talk it over with all your friends. A lot of nightclub owners are really dodgy people, be careful where you work.



Bird from The Word

28.11.2008 15:57

So Crazy 2nr has set the record straight?? so why are people not allowed to read it ????proven fact that this is nothin more than a malicious witch hunt,organised solely for the purpose of bringing this talented and respected artist within the worldwide speedcore scene down to a level which "indymedia" sees fit. Absolutely disgusted that his post has been removed from this article... i think an explanation is due and pronto.

Top Bird

Bird From The Word

28.11.2008 16:02

did not see that it had been moved to the top... my apologies i did not see this.

Top Bird

Right of Reply to open publishing

28.11.2008 18:38

It is good that Crazy 2nr has made use of his 'right to reply' through this open publishing process. Due to the way that Indymedia works readers at the UK site may find that extra prominence has been given to his reply 'Shocked and Saddened' by making it an 'addition' right below the original article.

Notts Indymedia works differently, so local readers may find the reply about four up from this comment.

Either way readers should check out Crazy 2nr's side of the story and make up their own minds. He is clearly trying to make up his own mind, and perhaps that process of learning should be respected. Many people make bad choices in life and thankfully many learn from their errors by rational argument from places like Indymedia.

Indymedia has an important role to play in making fascists' lives difficult, but if this guy isn't a member of the BNP any more (and left because he disagreed with their politics) then he deserves a chance to clear his name.

Campaigners should be careful about indiscriminate actions which may target people who have nothing to do with the BNP (or any other evil practice), eg those unfortunate to be related to nasty family members whose views they do not share. Collateral damage of this kind wins no friends. A well-considered approach is needed, that's all.

Nottm IndyReader

Tonight at the aparently racist Blueprint nightclub:

28.11.2008 18:57

Come celebrate DEMO's 4th birthday this friday at blueprint!

This month we are celebrating and supporting the Romani Gypsy peoples. They spread all over Europe from North India about 1000 years ago and have often been misunderstood, misrepresented, feared and oppressed since...
-We are supporting a project in Serbia which helps to get Romani teaching assistants into schoots to provide positive role models for Romani children.
-We are also supporting a project in Nottingham to extent play work to the Romani community.

SO ... we also gonna have our main room music themed on this tip...

Lunchout, Gypsy Smith, JackbeNimble and more Muzika + Demo DJs playing balkan, ska, manouche, klezma, speed-folk, beats and more
Nila Raja (bloomin amazing indian/flamenco/folk)
Aistaguca (balkan turbo-folk)

Little Monster (d'n'b/jungle/ragga)
Milena (breakbeat)
Dave Russel (techno)
Dawntreader (dubstep)

2.30ish-4ish DJs Nic-Oh, TinMan and Bizmarc getting electronically ambient
1-2.30ish FILMS of the Eastern European kind...
9-1ish Lots of lovely acoustic and poetic goodness

2, yes 2 pirate bands!

fairtrade cakes, pastries, tea, coffee 'dat

hot food for a quid before 10pm
birthday cake

See you all there!!


go demo!

28.11.2008 21:15

yeah lets go support fascists - its gonna be so much fun - wooh! if i stick my head far enough into the sand maybe i can pretend that nothings going on!


Surprising response?

28.11.2008 22:08

No surprise that that kind of response would come from Demo Club entering the debate.

Before jumping to conclusions that this most amazing project is burying its head in the sand, give them time to explain what they intend to do after they have got this night out of the way. Perhaps they had already committed to raising support and awareness of the needs of the Romani Gypsy peoples that are to be the beneficiaries of this night, and may have had no time to move this time.

The Demo crew work damned hard putting these nights together and have supported such a huge range of very important campaigns. No doubt they would welcome comment with genuine suggestions of alternative alternative venues that could be considered for future Demo Clubs.

If the appropriately named critic can dip into his/her own pocket to raise £1000+ to help get Romani teaching assistants into schools in Serbia and to extent play work to the Romani community in Nottingham, just step forward.


Any updates?

29.11.2008 11:12

Comment posted on this site on 31.10.2008 20:16 by 'Demo project collective'

"The Demo project collective are in discussion around the issues raised in this article [about Finbar Bryson]and their implications."

That's almost a month ago, more than a month since the article was published and over a year since the Demo collective first began discussing the allegations (now proven) that Finbar was a member of the BNP.

Would anyone from the Demo Project Collective like to share with us how these discussions have progressed? At what point, if ever, will these discussions result in action?

tap says "No surprise that that kind of response would come from Demo Club entering the debate"

Demo still haven't entered the public debate. Simply publishing an advert for your night on Indymedia isn't getting involved in the issues. That's probably why a previous commenter has accused Demo of burying its collective head in the sand.

Come on Demo! If you are taking a particular stance on this at least have the guts to say what you're doing and defend it.


Crazy2nr is not racist. But what about Isamophobic Finbar?

29.11.2008 15:16

I must applaud Shane for leaving the BNP as he is indeed not racist, and joining the party was simply a mistake. Clearly he was duped to join by propagandists who covered up the nazi truth about the party, such as Nick Gri££in who claimed the Holocaust hadn't happened, and the hundreds of members with racist backgronds, and/or criminal records.

It took some guts to come on here setting the record straight.

We all make mistakes, and Crazy 2nr isn't racist and has moved on!

One person without any guts is Finbar, who although he is married to someone who happens to be black, he has published a multitude of racist letters to the press, the most sickening of which said that Muslim asylum seekers (fleeing danger and death), should not be allowed sanctuary from death AS THEY ARE NOT CHRISTIAN.


It's a shame that Demo don't tell the owner of Blueprint what they think of his hardcore Islamophobia.

It's views like this which led to the wars in Afganistan and Iraq.




29.11.2008 15:24

Perhaps both Demo and Rigormortis should look for an alternative venue which isn't run nby a man who posts letters to the newspapers hating immigrants and Muslims.

If the neo-nazi letters highlighted are indeed from Finbar Bryson, this should be evidence enough for Demo and others to boycott Blueprint.

I really appreciate what Demo are doing but Finbar's viewpoints are extreme and offensivce to most clubbers whether they are into speedcore, house, bassline, or whatever.

Please come on here, Finbar, and confirm or deny your (apparent) hatred of Muslim asylum seekers.

What was said in those letters to newspapers was so vile and offensive.

Islamophobia Campaigner

The BNP Oppose Free Speech

29.11.2008 15:58

Looks like the BNP isn't the rebellious party it claims to be in trying to silence the free speech of Indymedia. So much for it's false claim to be a "radical claim to the alternative" when they act like little kiddies who have thrown their toys out of the pram, silencing all criticism of the party, and yet, many party members have (and still) contribute to Redwatch, a website which doesn't merely list names, but has incited actual violent attacks against peaceful anti-fascists.

Whereas the bnp list has resulted in peaceful boycotts of businesses, people and evenst, Redwatch calls for violent action to be taken against supposed "race traitors", as the scumbags call anybody who doesn't share their beliefs.

Let's not forget that plenty of insiders on the far right accuse Nick Griffin himself of leaking his own membership list just to get free publicity and interviews on the radio and the telly, the lying cheating one-eyed scumbag!

Behind their spindoctored, cleaned-up veneer, the BNP is racist, fascist, pro-censorship, reactionary, and a party of hateful potbellied ugly old men. No wonder they were preying on Nottingham DJs to try to get them to disguise the Hitler-worshipping, homophobic, racist, and Islamophobic party hardcore.

In recent years, BNP leadership including Cyclops himself have attended gatherings of SS veteran nazis (the real thing) in Germany, the Ku Klux Klan in the USA, and talks about eugenics and Holocaust denial.

Thank God Crazy 2nr did the right thing in telling the BNP to get stuffed! We now have to reach out to all the other brainwashed bnp members, alerting them about the white supremacist nature of the party.

Peace to everyone!



30.11.2008 19:32

I can't believe the level of biased, badly researched, fabricated nonsense this article consists of.

I regularly play at Rigormortis (and Blueprint in general), have done for the last 3 years and have never felt anything but a good, friendly vibe from the club, the promoters and its attendees. Indeed, in my opinion it is one of the few venues in Nottingham (and for that matter, the UK) that is still somewhere you go for the music and not to be ripped off by drinks prices, spend half the night avoiding drunk idiots looking for a fight and not be turned away at the door based on your clothing.

The people that run events at and attend Blueprint are so culturally diverse you would be hard pressed to find a greater mix of creed and colour in any other part of Nottingham or city of the same size.

A persons political views are their own, along with religious and any other opinions they hold. As long as they are kept to themselves and not pushed on me and others then people should be able to think what they want. Had I felt at any time that this was happening I would not have continued my association with the club and events held there.

I notice that LMHR Supporter felt they could post fairly personal, along with contact, details for the person they are mindlessly slandering....where's your email address, location and phone number, LMHR Supporter? Afraid you might have to actually comment on some of this drivel you're pushing as news?

Hiding behind an anonymous posting to make up lies about people and events without having the good sense to either check for yourself before writing any of this (which it is evident to me you have not done, although I would imagine if you had found any evidence that proved you wrong you would have written this article regardless) or make any effort to find out what the people and places you are writing about are actually about is foolish and cowardly. Even if there was a 'story' here, your sensationalist ranting and misrepresentation would have rendered it a mute point.

You seem to have an axe to grind for whatever reason....maybe you would be better 'telling your parents' about what a nasty place Blueprint is and what bad people there are there and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy the musical diversity Blueprint brings to Nottingham and make our own minds up about the events we attend based on our experiences at them and not an appallingly written article based on a badly interpreted piece of paper from several years ago.

mail e-mail:

Concern for free speech

01.12.2008 18:13

I have never commented on an indymedia article until now but am doing so because so many of the posts referring to this article are so worrying.
I believe the central debate here is; to what extent free speech should be curtailed in a democracy such as ours. We live in a democracy and one of the central tenets of democracy is that everyone should be able to hold their own political/ideological beliefs and that everyone should be fairly represented in making decisions to do with said society. (We can debate all day whether this is the right system or not, whether it works or not, whether it there should be a different model, but that it not relevent to this particular debate). Some would argue that to have a true democracy you cannot infringe on rights by saying that someone cannot have a given view, be it facist, nazi or otherwise. Others would say that you should try and stop such hateful views from spreading and people should do their upmost to do so, and even have laws implemented to help this (such as laws against hate speech). Both are honourable arguements in their own way and both have flaws. I think it is a really interesting and positive debate to have as it makes us question our own views on our society.

What I find so worrying is the fact that so many people who have written here, who clearly seem to hold anti-facist views, have written things that seem to mirror what a facist might say. Openinly and aggressively slandering people they do not know, slandering a nightclub many seem not to know and bringing in all sorts of hateful and irrelvent details about someones private life, regardless of whether they are facist or not. Right wing publications like the Sun, the daily mirror and co. profit from this kind of propaganda; words not backed up by fact.
It seems that in trying to condemn others many people here have been condemning the very rights they are seeking to uphold.


As Above

02.12.2008 16:47

Another shameful hatchet job of an 'article' from our self appopinted guardians of free speech and liberty.How low can you people go???

Just to be clear Demo have raised nearly £1000 for Indymedia at their gig held at BluePrint at minimal costings/rent to generate more funds for charity-ask Matt from Demo how long ago we arranged this fee as the gig is for charity and he wished to maximise the giving which i was happy to oblige.Ironic that £1000 went to people like you.

You people who bite the hand that feeds SHOULD be the one's taking the principled stand and hand back this money as you allege 'my' views and others within Blueprint are intolerable.

Then when I state I will be attending your monthly meeting at the SUMAC you cancel it as it's not the place to discuss your allegations.

You people are an utter disgrace hiding behing anonymity to slander and character assasinate decent people and then when challenged e-mail me a half baked apology and cancel your meeting.

As you are well aware this nonsense is now in the hands of my solicitors and has been discussed with the Police.

Three requests1)remove your anonymity
2)Hand back the near £1000 raised at my club indirectly by my good will and directly by others to show YOUR principles-I will gladly donate this to a friend's orphanage in South Africa on the authority of Jack,Alice et al(from DEMO) and match this figure-being a rich fash dentist I sure can afford it.
3)Just to be clear to the ill informed phD's in rabble rousing fools on here-BluePrint does not run for profit-never has never will.It doesn't make economic sense for it to as I'd be hammered for tax and therefore all monies are put back into the venue.Clearly opening two nights a week at most doesn't generate huge sums anyway.

Over to you Indymedia-in Glesga vernacular it's a case of put up(the £1000) or shut up.

Either way when i identify the individual(s) who have slandered me and racially abused my partner with your 'anti fascist' views i will pursue you vigorously as i'm sure you're well aware.

As any good Physics student knows for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and to be sure as my mother often says 'what goes around comes around'

TIOCFAIDARLA as we say round the Gorbals. this is my e-mail address not the one on your BNP list thanks.

Finbar Bryson

To Fascist Finbar

02.12.2008 19:21

Finbar, you really don't understand the concept of open publishing!

The articles here are not written by Nottingham Indymedia, but by members of the general public - visitors to the site.

The people who volunteer their time to keep Nottingham Indymedia running should not have to put up with threats from you (or anybody) for the things that ***MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC*** publish here!!

Indymedia people are not responsible for the content which appears on this site, though they can do things like remove it where necessary. (Which they seem to have done in your case - lucky you!)

Anybody can write here - that is the nature of open publishing and of grassroots free speech (though Indymedia is not the place for commercial advertising, homophobia, racism, party political broadcasts etc.)

Now, on to your denial of being in the BNP.

Your idiotic comment about it "being a crime to be white in Britain these days" at the end of the article containing those allegations was the icing on the cake.

I wish it was still visible to the public, so they can read your denial (which was half convincing) and then watch you shoot yourself in the foot so badly at the end of it.

You just can't help yourself, can you? So why don't you grow a backbone like Crazy 2nr, and admit that you either are (or were) in the BNP?

The evidence against you was pretty compelling, and that's even before the BNP membership list was leaked with you on it. You are a hopeless bullshitter, and it seems a spineless closet fascist to boot.

Do you think the fact that your wife is black means that you couldn't possibly hate Muslims? Shit, I've MET black people who hate Muslims (though thankfully not very many). I've also heard tales of a few disillusioned black people who used to go out "paki bashing" with white supremacists - not realising that as soon as all the Pakistanis (and anybody else who could be mistaken for a Pakistani) were gone, it would be them next!

That your wife is black is little more than an illustration that you don't really appear to understand what the BNP are all about (which is OK, you know - they're a deceptive bunch of lying slimebags who manage to hoodwink quite a few unsuspecting working class people with their bollocks).

Still, personally, I'm not that bothered what you say any more. You're clearly quite a nutter who thinks it's perfectly OK to threaten people (with a distinct hint of menace and violence in the air), and harbours stupid views about it "being a crime to be white in Britain these days", so as I said before, I for one will not be setting foot inside Blueprint again while you are still the owner.

Now do yourself a favour and piss off! (Or by all means, keep posting here so everybody can see what a nice, reasonable guy you aren't!)

I mean really, what sort of twat replies to accusations of fascism with threats of violence against the maintainers of an open publishing platform, and "justifications" for their views (which they've just spent the last several paragraphs denying) like it "being a crime to be white"...?

You're so transparent it's laughable!

Next you'll be threatening Nottingham Indymedia people for what I've just posted here, right?

So like, if I close by telling you to "fuck off", it's somehow as if they said it to you themselves, is it?!?

Get a clue! (Or at least a rudimentary understanding about how it is possible these days for people to post stuff on websites which is not necessarily the views held by the owners or maintainers of those websites - imagine that!)

Just another observer

Understanding Open Publishing

03.12.2008 03:17

I like the way the previous comment on this open publishing, do-it-yourself, free speech forum closed with:
"...Or at least a rudimentary understanding about how it is possible these days for people to post stuff on websites which is not necessarily the views held by the owners or maintainers of those websites - imagine that!"

I would have though that Mr Finbar would be quite familiar with the concept. After all he (or someone VERY MUCH like him) has taken advantage of exactly that kind of open publishing facility for many of the offensive or offending comments that have been drawn to local people's attention via Notts Indymedia.

How ironic that Finbar (or someone VERY MUCH like him), amongst various pro-BNP comments (such as " the calibre of person joining the BNP continues to grow the party will get stronger and stronger") at said:
"Unlike your shower I may not agree with what you say however I will happily allow you to vent your poison, so all can see the reality for what it is."

Is appears that Indymedia moderators (not editors - there is a difference) gave Mr Finbar the benefit of the doubt by taking down an earlier debate (hidden at For him to now threaten action against them suggests not only a lack of understanding of 21st century web publishing, but a lack of gratitude for their (perhaps mistaken) regard for his earlier complaints.

Perhaps the moderators were responding to a guideline (at which says:
"Articles and/or comments may be hidden for the following reasons:
- Personal attack: Articles and/or comments that contain abusive language against other activists or site users."

In retrospect is seems they may have made a mistaken judgment in this case, but they are after all just volunteers giving their time to help maintain an awesome and valued resource, and they should be able to do so without fear of legal or physical threat.

btw Finbar.
Note the explanation at the top of the now hidden article that:
"IMC UK is an interactive site offering inclusive participation. All postings to the open publishing newswire are the responsibility of the individual authors and not of IMC UK. Although IMC UK volunteers attempt to ensure accuracy of the newswire, they take no responsibility legal or otherwise for the contents of the open publishing site."

another other observer

To Above

04.12.2008 06:29

Well thanks for the learned explanation anonymous ones.

So what your saying is that because it's an Open Publishing Forum it's okay to print lies,falsehoods and chinese whispers wrapped up as facts and one should not seek legal advice on the content and postings on what is verging on hate crime and potentially libellous. Okay I'll inform my solicitor he's got it all wrong and clearly Indymedia with their half baked apology to my personal e-mails to them have too.

Clearly a career as a replacement for Cherie Blair awaits you. I salute you most knowledgeable ones.

Now don't get it twisted chaps. The threat of violence like much of what you spout is only in your imagination.

Let's keep it simple. You state your organisation is run by Volunteers-why have we donated close to £1000 and where has this money gone???

It's very straightforward-you state you have principles and are convinced you are whiter than white(probably wrong phrase to use on here but hey). The solution which is a Win-Win to all is for this Indymedia Organisation to put up the £1000 donated by events at my club as you allege the owner(Me) and others views are unacceptable and i will donate on the authority of Jack,Alice et al (from Demo) the same sum to a friend's orphanage which we sponsor in Johanessburg.

I'll be there at Christmas visiting as i always do and our friend's mother will be ecstatic by such a donation as in SA £2000 is a huge sum. You will also find that in the season of goodwill you guys may feel a bit better about yourselves and your life.

Over to you.

Clearly you can give the cheque to Jack or Alice as you obviously wish to maintain your anonymity for reasons not yet clear.

Finally my partner is not my wife as we don't get married until later this month in Swaziland. I know it's a minor but I like to deal in the currency of facts. She's also not an asylum seeker fleeing corporate land grab in Africa as another of your crew posted on your delightful and informative site.

I'm sure Brenda can utilise her furtive imagination to post an exclusive on the KKK theme of our wedding celebration. Indymedia you read it here first!!!!

Now I think i've managed to post without being 'reactionary and angry',showing signs of 'cognitive dissonance'(Thanks James that made me laugh) and I do plan to as you so politiely put 'F##k O##' to the sun of SA. I'll not hold my breath for your good wishes for our future together.


We just want you principled people to put the cash we have indirectly donated where your educated mouths are.

Memo to yourselves-phonecall to Mumsy to increase allowance this month. Ah bless. May have to cancel Christmas in Goa this year chaps. Okay Yah.

Finbar Bryson

so are you in BNP or not then?

05.12.2008 07:10

1000quid at demo was made with support from activists in nottingham& free advertising via IMC. If demo want it back thats their call not yours, its not your dosh or your scene, the scene belongs to itself. You dont have a legal or morale leg to stand on, just threats& intimidating behaviour witnessed by more than 1 good standing professional. IMC has about 3 or 4 employed doctors reporting for it in Nottingham, retired ex chief paramedics,engineers, if you knew anything about poverty today you would know dole isnt worth claiming these days & activists dont sign on long term except for one or 2 on disability, not that its really any business of a scapegoating fascist.
Saw afew dentist job offers recently vwell paid in Scotland, near Glasgow.What have you got to moan about?, why dont you go back if nottingham is so intolerable for you?.Be interesting to hear what antifascists there have to say about you.
You have so much dosh to splash, how much of it has been going into BNP coffers?, many indymedia do more than just give abit of money maney of them volunteer for volunteer projects allover every day,every week& donate alot of money to orphans& victims of war without bleating on about it. They also risk their liberty & get raided by the FBI whilst longstanding nazi, death threatening websites in the USA like Redwatch publish with impunity.
Thank you IMC nottingham for standing upto these nazi bully boy thugs& right wing authoritarians like Bush, the world would be a much darker place without your effort.


Fascists are not welcome at Sumac, its in the constitution&your not a member

05.12.2008 14:28

so why shold be allowed to go to a Sumac meeting, many people that go to Sumac& sumac meetings do not participate in indymedia& the majority only a few dedicate themselves to writing about nazis, most just want to get on with meeting their friends & DIY environmental work.
If it was public meeting & you werent a BNP member.One of Sumacs roles is that of a activist centre & its as democratic as possible, consensus & voting dont come into fascism.
In most peoples opinion politicians who believe in dictatorship but try to hide it shouldnt be allowed in a democracy.
So are you going to deny your in the BNP again as you have done repeatedly to those asking before?, you seem to silent on this part of topic now.
Hopefully you arent in the BNP anymore, I must say there is a lot of refulsion towards extremist islam in the activist scene, I think this became more apparent after 911, but then we dont like any kind of undemocratic extremism whatever brand.
Nottingham is a great place with a leading interfaith council, where many religions come together in respect, we could go on all night about the terrorists & repression in Christianity, but lets not most, like it or not we have to try & get on. It wasnt IMc that leaked the list or that you were in BNP this was discussed by many people beforehand, weve have to wast time trying to clear this up since, we have alot of proof what do have to say about that?


To Finbar above

05.12.2008 15:42

What I'm saying Finbar, is that as Indymedia is an open publishing platform, the "caretakers" (for want of a better word) of Nottingham Indymedia are no more responsible for what individuals do on this website than you are responsible for what individuals do in your nightclub.

Indymedia is a place or a facility, just as your nightclub is a place or a facility, and what individuals get up to there is up to that individual alone. However, where inappropriate behaviour takes place, the caretakers can make some attempts to deal with it, just as you can make some attempts to deal with people behaving inappropriately in your club.

But if someone started threatening legal action towards you because of something that someone else did in your club, you would rightly tell them that you are not responsible for the actions of that other person, and that in the eyes of the law, you could not be held responsible, particularly if you had taken reasonable action to deal with the problem at that person's request.

As it appears that Notts Indymedia have hidden the article about you (presumably at your request?), I'm not sure what else you expect them to do? There's obviously only so much apologising that can be asked for when what has happened is not the fault of those you are blaming for it.

I still feel you don't understand this concept, and yet you yourself are able to post on this website in exactly the same manner as whoever it was that wrote the piece about you. (What next? Notts Indymedia is responsible for what you're saying about yourself? See where this type of thinking leads? Nowhere fast!)

As for you going to the police - by all means do so! In case you hadn't noticed, they've been firing people for simply being on that list. So if the list is concrete enough for the police to be embarrassing themselves by having to air their dirty laundry in public and fire their own, then I'd say it's concrete enough to now know for certain that you are (or were) in the BNP!

That Notts Indymedia has hidden the article (in which you not only made yourself sound like a reactionary who harbours racist views, eg. your "crime to be white" comment, but then several days later the BNP member list comes out with you on it) is pretty good of them really, considering the weight of evidence against you.

Equally, I'm pretty sure your solicitor would tell you not to engage in bickering on this site, as you would risk undermining any legal action you might take. So again, I call your bluff: you have not and will not go to your solicitor or the police, and even if you did, you would not have a leg to stand on.

I propose that this is for a very simple reason: you are in fact a member of the BNP, and that you now refuse to lie in a bed which you have made for yourself.

You got caught out big time - so why not come clean? (Or, if you're going to deny it, you'll need to make more of an effort than you've been making so far, because you really haven't been painting yourself in a good light.)

Ironically, the type of unsubstantiated accusations you've been making so far (on this website, no less) are exactly the same sort of unsubstantiated accusations you allege that Nottingham Indymedia has made about you. So I'm sure you can now see how such things could happen? (Can you?)

Now, I have a few direct questions for you, and I think you'd do well to answer them in a direct manner (that is, if you want to stand any chance of people seeing your side of things, or clearing your name):

1. Are you or have you ever been a member of the BNP?

2. Do you categorically deny that the Finbar Bryson of Nottingham NG2 appearing on the BNP member list (which the BNP themselves say is genuine, and which the police are treating as genuine) is you?

2a. If so, do you believe there is another Finbar Bryson in Nottingham who is a member of the BNP? Or something else altogether (please explain)?

3. Briefly, what are your views on asylum seekers coming to the UK?

4. Briefly, what are your views about Islam and Muslims in the UK?

5. In your comment below the other article when you said (and I quote) "Kriss was white and in NU Labour Britain that in itself is a crime" - what did you mean by that?

Now a few more things:

At the time I wrote my previous posting on this thread, I was unable to check the status of your wife / partner (I believed she was your wife), because the article had been taken down, presumably at your request.

To the best of my knowledge, I don't think anybody who looks after Nottingham Indymedia is currently a student, or living on handouts from their parents! Some of them are probably old enough to be your parents, in fact!

So when you presume things like that (run by students, allowances, holidays in Goa) and make condescending comments to that effect, you just make yourself look foolish.

Far be it for me to stop you doing that, if you want to! After all, the only person responsible for your comments on here is you... though I'm still not sure you understand that yet, despite it being explained numerous times.

The real question is, Finbar: Do you want to actually convince people that you aren't a fascist, or not?

Because so far you're doing a pretty good job of convincing people (myself at least) that you're a card-carrying member of the BNP, who simply refuses to accept being recognised as one.

That's right. It was NOT the original article on Indymedia which absolutely convinced me that you are a fascist. It was YOU!! (And now it's the BNP member list too.)

Just another observer

Talking all that jazz

05.12.2008 22:03


That's right it is Demo's call entirely, however as the moral high ground has been adopted by IMC then surely being true to their principals they will hand back this money and stand by their allegations.

As a fair minded guy I will also add £1000 and donate it as mentioned.

Clearly it is a Win(for IMC) Win(for the orphange).

So in your opinion it's not my business as a 'scapegoating fascist' to know the occupations of IMC contributors-I disagree and i'm entitled to an opinion thanks.

So you're truly suggesting if I can't handle it in Nottingham go back to where I come from???!!!

Oh jacky the irony.

I have nothing to moan about. I wasn't aware I was.Sorry for moaning apparently sweaty Socks are famous for it.

I don't know any anti-fascists in Glasgow and on the evidence here the thought of a Glaswegian, fascist anti fascist with a chip on each shoulder makes me kinda glad i do the door in Radford. However i would fathom a guess that a true anti-fascist and not the breed on here back in Glasgow would have lots in common with me. Working class,state school,love the Celtic,abhor the racism of our rivals and join many like minded fellow Glaswegians of Irish stock dealing with the behaviour of Glasgow BNP-about two guys- and their anti catholic and anti Irish literature generally distributed on match days at Ibrox. So again you're way off the mark. Of course it was also stated on these very pages that despite my background and ethnicity I could be in the BNP as Jews were involved with the Nazis!!!!Yes folks Indymedia-you read it here first.FFS.

I don't have so much dosh Jacky.I'm putting my money where my mouth is and expecting IMC to do the same.

Therefore for all the reasons given above the grand total of Zilch.

So because of Indymedia's volunteering work that allows their representatives in Nottingham to post bile???Sorry again I don't agree.

2nd Post-Are you pished jacky???Your spelling is worse than mine.

I bet loads of people who go to SUMAC give IMC a bodyswerve of Pele proportions and reading the crap on here I fully understand why.

Fully aware of SUMAC's roles and will be applying to join imminently. Do you use your real name or some 'amusing' moniker. I was thinking of Titbar, Finbum or Foolbar just to get in the spirit of Indymedia.

I think I run the risk of being accused of 'Doth prosteth too much' if I deny this false allegation again.

I agree with your last paragraph.

I hope i will be afforded the opportunity one day of viewing your proof,however I fear we have long passed the time when this was appropriate or relevant.

I will not accept my intenesly private partner being dragged into crap like this and being racially abused by 'anti-fascists'. Standard.

I also today learned that Shane has been receiving telephone calls to his home threatening to burn him in his bed etc etc and I would implore for this to cease and that as your people suggested that the big bad Wolf that is Finbar polluting young impressionable minds just like |Shanes that I receive these thanks. My number is 07866765320 and I do look forward to your calls 'anti-fascists'.

Just Another Observer-surprised you're back having told me to Piss and F##k Off. Was concerned you may have been arrested. Lovely to have you back.

You're wrong(AGAIN).Whether I like it or not I am. I really wish you would talk about something you have knowledge of.

Wrong yet again. Legal requirements for licensed premises are extreme and about to get worse under more fascist Nu Labour laws-check facebook for details.

Depends what it was.It's a minefield.

I expect Notts Indymedia to stand by their reps allegations and their own principals and give back the £1000. My position is crystal clear on this.

That is your observation and I don't agree and think you are wrong.

I don't agree and dispute your version of 'weight of evidence'.

My solicitor advises me. I instruct him. He'll probably give me a hard time, however i came on here to defend Shane as others have also.

A QUESTION-Why are the people for Shane almost to a man giving their names and e-mails yet those against are not??Enlighten me??

I refute your proposal and know it to be wrong.

I always lie in the bed I make whatever the circumstances. You clearly do not know me.

I don't plan to make any effort to come clean thanks. Are you suggesting their is a way to pacify some of the lunatics on here??? A career sorting war torm Somalia awaits you post the Cherie Blair role.

As we're on a legal discussion you must be familiar at least in passing with 'a man is innocent until proven guilty'. That has not applied here at all. Just poorly written assasination followed by more drivel and a few threats now directly by phone for dessert. That's cool, however don't ignore the cornerstone of our justice system and then quote legal issues.

Gosh an ultimatum from an anonymous hater.

Am i at the end of a huge wind up here on the run up to our big day???If so i'm hooked and this is poor,poor taste.

These questions should all have been asked directly to me prior to playing your judge,jury and executioner roles. You have zero credibility outside your own ever decreasing circle because of this.

My name will never be 'cleared' in the eyes of some. Whether that be the 'anti-fascsists' on here or the more extreme of the Rangers' support.That's life.I'll just have to accept at present that IMC have made this bed and I will have to at present lie in it.

However as a fair minded guy I'll answer:

1)See Above
2a)No;I don't indulge in idle speculation as I have witnessed the damage it can do both to yourself and others. I pay heed to the law of unintended consequences thanks.
3)In what respect??
4)In what respect??
5)Read about the murder of Kriss Donald.It's clear he was kidnapped and brutally murdered for being white.The BNP attempted to gain votes out of this as I would expect from a political party(they're all opportunists) and the Establishment attempted to play down any racist element despite witnesses and evidence that it was clearly racist.Their excuse was community relations.An utter outrage and playing into the hands of the BNP.Read and gain knowledge of the value of a young white boy in Nu labour Britain and then compare/contrast with others of a different skin colour and although also despicable i feel you'd have to go back as far as the Moors murderes to find violence and depravity on the level Kriss suffered.He was a 15year old kid.Why the media black out??Why the press conference within 24 hours stating racism not a factor???Why do you think Mohammed Sarwar MP went to Pakistan and brought two of these racist cowards back himself.Start to understand why it's emotive when you are from the South side of glasgow where Kriss was kidnapped in broad daylight.No??I thought as much but play the racist card or as others have done say stating the facts on this horrific incident is the language of the far right and what fu##ing happens???That's where people go.

The real answer to your real question is-I personally couldn't care less.

However I will not stand idly by and allow wild accusations against my partner,Shane,BluePrint or anyone I know well.That's not my style.

Clearly like many of your colleagues on here you neither know me nor my partner at all. It's public knowledge.

Our engagement was held last year at BluePrint. All DJ's promoters,staff(past and present) friends,family,man and his dog received an invite.

To my fullest knowledge noone at BluePrint is involved with the BNP or any political party. We are an underground music venue run by music lovers(me) for music lovers(promoters and punters.We are apolitical.

No sir.It was a tongue in cheek 'attack' in a light hearted vein.

How do you and others associated with IMC view the attacks on me(He deserves it for being a fascist),my partner,BluePrint,the phonecalls to Shane etc etc etc???Are you with Fuckwit(how apt) and antifash(how sad) on this???

You're entitled to your opinion and if you continue to formulate opinions based on misinformation,disinformation and lack of information then it would appear you'll be quite at home with people old enough to be my parents(Good God that is terrifying) and will begin to understand one day why the majority at SUMAC and elsewhere give you and yours a wide berth.

IMC may publish worthy material however the Nottingham branch have removed all semblance of credibilty they may have had with this turgid offering of utter bias crap. Then to find they happily accept donations from events supported by our venue really allows the veneer to slip for all to see the true face of our principled,free speech defenders and 'anti fascists'.

It will be most interesting to find out who is behind this and the fact that another multiple venue owner was mentioned from your side on your BNP list expose as not being on it(the list). This comment certainly raised eyebrows. Where the hell did that come from????

Keep observing with your opinion forming strategy it will sure beat engaging.

Finbar Bryson

BNP Threatens Free Media

06.12.2008 11:19

Indymedia has had threats every week for about 10 years of its existance. Of course it has. There are so many dark corners that the mainstream press don't / can't / won't get to look into. Further threat received.

Indymedia is yet again facing legal threats to prevent the free flow of communication, this time from a political movement known for its hostility to free speech. On the 21st November 08 Indymedia UK received an email from someone claiming to be a legal representative for the British National Party, threatening to take legal action on a number of counts for publishing information on BNP members.

After the hilarity of the “little Fuhrer”, Nick Griffin, running to the safety of the Human Rights Act to try to prevent the publication of members’ details, Britain’s fascist party has resorted to threats.

The letter sent to Indymedia by Lee John Barnes LLB (hons), from the “BNP Legal Affairs Unit”, threatens to take legal action, on the basis of theft, data protection and contempt of court, unless the list of members is removed.

The “lawyer” also attempts to shoehorn his charges into the form of anti-terrorism legislation, “The use of this information we feel is being hosted on your site for use only to incite acts of harassment, incite violence and direct targeted attacks against our members in the Leeds area”. He then goes on to explain the sections of the Terrorism Act under which Indymedia would be charged.

Indymedia rejects any accusation that the information could be used to incite violence and has strived to remove any comments that may be seen as incitement. One volunteer explains that there are many legitimate uses for the information, “for individuals to be able to check that their doctor, teacher, nurse etc. isn't a member of the BNP, for example”.

Rupert Bear

Lets clear this up

06.12.2008 14:22

Danger G,Ian CP put their already known emails down in reply to article by someone it appears isn't from Nottingham, the word about Riger mortises right wing leanings again didnt come from indymedia.
Dont try & shoot the messengers
The Sumac centre& other social centres& clubs related to indymedia have always organised far more accountably & openly than the BNP.
Your avoiding the question which points to the overwhelming evidence that your in the BNP. I used to go to Bluprint & the sky club before it regularly, I still went to Pure Filth & Demo nights after the rumours & asked you personally wether you were in BNP, you denied this to me then & have done to many others.Then you also claimed to me also that you had been involved with antifascism in Scotland, but became disgruntled with the ANL.
An unofficial article on this appeared almost 2years after indications you were in the BNP, that sounds fair to me.
You have been known to talk about being unhappy with being forced to live in Nottingham as a economic migrant from Scotland who couldnt get a job there due to migrants.
I agree this must be a v distressing situation especially for your partner. If you have evidence your not in the BNP I'd be happy to meet you, maybe at the crocus cafe, the TAO or the Art exchange, so we can clear this matter up.
I understand why many people are using their real names, the BNP & C18 are well known for helping organise cowardly attacks on people,mainly based on race. Recently antifascists with children at home had a serious petrol attack& only just escaped with their lives.
My non left, non jewish Mum is a austrian-polish refugee who came to live here with my grandparents after managing to get out of Poland under the nazis & then a siberian prison. They were proud to live& work in the UK, my gran worked at players & my mum then worked in Nottinghams still famous fashion industry. They were happy to come to a country which continued the fight against fascism alone after Spain& won it despite Stalins initial alliance with Hitler. The BNPs ancestors supported Hitler & have tried to destroy what democracy we have since,spearheading Thatchers assaults against the miners.


Another nazi attack against innocent children in europe

06.12.2008 14:47

by friends of people in the BNP, check Russia for more info on activities of brave aryan warriors who dont represent me or the majority of caucasians. Its weird but in research at university & on the internet Ive never heard of repeated deliberate attacks or torture directed against children by antifascists, even in the Soviet union


Email address

08.12.2008 20:44

Finbar Bryson wrote
" this is my e-mail address not the one on your BNP list thanks."

From the BluePrint website (

"Want to get in touch with BluePrint? send us a message and we'll get back to you sharpish...

If you prefer to send us an email or want to send attachments please email us here:"

Now why would Mr Bryson pretend that the amserve email address from the membership list wasn't his unless he was hiding something?


To above

09.12.2008 00:11

Thanks Johnny for posting and giving a contact.

We'll see about the 15th,however for sure we'll meet up to discuss all of this in the New Year and if you wish to act as the mediator between myself and Indymedia then i'm cool with that thanks.

Hope all goes well with your mother.


Reposter-yes very good.Clearly i'm guilty as charged then.What's the sentence???You'll find that the BluePrint website has not been updated for yonks,was operated by the guys at Leftlion(ask Alan Gilby) and that e-mail address was through an amstrad e-mailer telephone which was well known,accesible to many and not exclusively for my use.Therefore I don't classify that as MY e-mail and the phone has disappeared from BluePrint about three years ago.Keep posting anonymously it adds weight to your opinions.

Next you'll be suggesting i'm marrying my partner who happens to be black(Indymedia contributors' copyright) in an attempt to hide my white supremacist mantra by cunningly having children who are mixed race.Go figure!!!The logic of Indymedia and their learned contributors.

PS I've just realised i'm breaking the guidelines here by posting about comments and not the article.Sorry.It's only having re-read them that i realised this and therefore won't be posting again in response to comments only articles.My apologies.

Finbar Bryson

Let's try one last time - open publishing, for those who *STILL* don't get it!

09.12.2008 15:07

I'm going to make a last ditch attempt to explain once more the simple (though clearly easily misunderstood) concept of open publishing to Mr. Finbar Bryson, because he STILL doesn't seem to get it!

Finbar - you either understand the concept of open publishing, or you don't. So let's start from the begining, and try to make it explicitly clear, so there can be no misunderstandings:

If you DO understand the concept of open publishing (as implemented on this website), then you understand fully that the articles, views and opinions posted on this website are the sole responsibility of whoever posts them here. They are not necessarily endorsed, upheld or otherwise supported (except as an act of free speech) by the kind people who volunteer their time as caretakers of this website. The caretakers of this website accept no responsibility WHATSOEVER for the views that are posted on this website.

It even says words of that effect in the "Legal Disclaimer" section at the bottom of this page (which, granted, I couldn't find how to access except by searching Google for "indymedia legal responsibility" and following the second link, but then nobody ever said this wasn't a confusing website):

On the other hand, if you DON'T understand the concept of open publishing, then you'll continue to in some way hold "Indymedia" responsible for the article which ***A MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC*** (I'm not really sure how I could emphasise that point any more?) posted about you on this website. An article which seems to have been removed from this website, presumably at your request.

You appear to claim that you understand the concept of open publishing, yet at the same time you're demanding some money (granted, it's not for yourself) from Indymedia for an article which you clearly DO hold Indymedia responsible for.

In what way are Indymedia responsible for this article, which was published by ***A MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC*** on an open publishing website?

(That was part of the point I was cynically attempting to illustrate when I told you to "fuck off" before. If I write "fuck off" on the wall of your club, are you responsible for it? No, you are not - though you'd probably still have to remove it. Same on Indymedia.)

Under what circumstances do you believe that you have a right to claim "back" *ANY* sum of money which was raised for and donated to a particular local cause by Demo promoters (and their punters) holding a night at your club?

If you have a problem with who Demo (and the punters attending their night) raise money for, then you must discuss it with Demo BEFORE the event, not AFTER the event with the beneficiaries of their work. (That would be called "having your cake and eating it".)

You have no authority (either legal, moral or otherwise) to demand ANY sum of money "back" from Indymedia, simply because ***A MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC*** posted an article on the Indymedia open publishing website which you disagreed with for whatever reason.

To continue to make such demands illustrates absolutely perfectly that you simply do not understand the concept of open publishing (particularly where you disagree with what it has been used to publish), and continue to hold the caretakers of Nottingham Indymedia responsible for an article that they are not responsible for, and have evidently been rather cooperative in removing for you.


(Maybe once we've moved beyond this tedious circular discussion, I'll address your other points.)

Just another observer

All quiet in here?

11.12.2008 12:19

Gosh, it's gone so quiet in here now you could almost hear a penny drop.

Sorry, I do of course mean a PIN drop... silly me!

Just another observer

So that's settled then, is it Finbar?

12.12.2008 14:16

So that's settled then, is it Finbar?

You withdraw your demands for money and fully accept the nature of this open publishing website?

In fact, I'd go as far as to say that having already posted responses here, it shows that you understand that anybody can post to this website, and thus you acknowledge you have no right to make any such demands - otherwise, you wouldn't be able to post them here, would you?

Do let us know old bean! :-)

Just another observer

Sad and Shocking

14.10.2009 17:21

It came to my attention that my friend Dj crazy2nr From Rigor Mortis is getting accused of recruitment through his party's in The Blueprint Nightclub for the BNP.

I think this is not true he hosts antifascist artist whose name i cant say here because i dont know if they wanna get dragged into this. I am a foreigner myself and he payed my ticket to get there. Further there warent no signs of rascism the two skinnies that i saw at the party even spoke out against it. For the owner of the club its strange that he works togheter with so much foreigners and treats them nicely in there face i never considered the idea to think of him as a rascist based on his behaviour.

Dj crazy2nr strengtens the international music network and host and works togheter with alot of antifascist and dont deserve this blame on his name i think its very sad that people didnt checked the background good and started writing this its sad but you could have checked the flyers and stuff and do some background checks on the artists. That the owner of the venue is a member of the bnp we couldnt smell it and he didnt act rascist to me and my foreign friends so i didnt see the point in backgroundchecking the venue. It happened the Blue Print doesnt get a option too host anymore party's for rigor mortis. Thats all we can do for now. I hope that after this we can get some cleaning in the article because now Rigor Mortis party's are in the same link as the BNP and i dont think we wanna attract the people that google BNP i think where with them.and come to that party's.

That the owner is linked to BNP could be true but rigor mortis/crazy2nr isn't one fo them and the recruiting is a total lie. The posters of this article or other people involt in this case can contact me for more details.

mail e-mail: