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Scotland January 03 Features

ImcScotland | 25.01.2003 00:00

Content of the Indymedia Scotland January 03 feature.

1.) Edinburgh: Solidarity Picket at Spanish Consulate - Repression 24.1.2003
2.) Solidarity with Glasgow Anarchists facing repression - Repression 19.1.03
3.) New law leaves Refugees hungry and homeless - Repression 17.1.03
4.) Global Days of Action against the War on the Gulf War anniversary - Anti-War 16.-19.1.03
5.) New variant out - january 03 - Alternative Culture January 03
6.) Freedom of Movement is Our Right! Support Refugees! - Repression 25.11.02,
7.) Stop the war, chuck out the army and remove the Chancellor!! - Anti-War 17.12.02
8.) Weapon inspection in Glenrothes- Anti-war 14.12.03

Solidarity against Repression - 24.1.2003

Edinburgh: Solidarity Picket at Spanish Consulate

'In Valencia repression against political dissidents and grassroots social movements is becoming a common thing; the arrest of these four anarchist activists, the eviction of squats including "Malas Pulgas" where they were also involved, illegal home searches by the police, harassment towards solidarity groups.....It is a very long list. For all those reasons we are here today.'
full story | pictures]

Repression- 19.1.03

Solidarity with Glasgow Anarchists facing repression

Some of the brave Glasgow Anarchists who took direct action against the war by occupying the Adam Smith Lecture Theatre on campus for 21 hours are now to be facing the repressive intimitation methods of the powers that be.
As usual when the state and other representatives of power lack arguments, they try to suppress civil courage and resistance by abusing their bureaucratic hierarchies to prove their self-righteous, elitist, capitalist, sell-out neo-liberal attitude.

The demands are and were:

  1. to the Chancellor of the University of Glasgow to step down; because of him investing the universities pension funds in war-profiteering companies.
  2. the Army to be booted off campus instead of the brave Glasgow Anarchist students; because the army does not belong there, whereas courageous, independant-thinking ethically sound students do.
  3. For the university to keep the Slavonic and Philosophy departments. Because philosophy makes more sense than war.
  4. Read Adorno!
    Reading tip especially for university professors and politicians: Minima Moralia. For more brains and more discussions and less intimitation or superiority policy.

For all to support the Glasgow Anarchists Students meet on Friday, 24th, 9.30 outside Hillhead Underground to protest against the university hearing. [full story | link to former article]

For more demands on libertarian education go to: lib ed magazine
Free University Copenhagen
[ women | abz | all powers | publications | on knowledge production | all power ]

Nationality Immigration and Asylum Act - 17.1.03

New law leaves Refugees hungry and homeless

The new sections 55 and 57 of the Nationality Immigration and Asylum Act leaves the first persons starving and homeless on the streets.
[Glasgow refugee goes hungry and homeless | Daily Mails War on Refugees and Immigrants]

Direct Action Against the War - 16.-19.1.03

Global Days of Action against the War on the Gulf War anniversary

Glasgow Anarchist Students prepare for a weekend of direct action, starting Thursday 16th of January. This weekend will see global anti war actions on the Gulf War anniversary January 17-19th. Actions have been called in Argentina, the USA, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Pakistan, Australia, Egypt, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Italy, France, Japan, Indonesia, Britain, Germany, Austria, Russia, the Phillipines, Switzerland, Bahrain and South Korea.
[Glasgow events against the war | global events against the war ]

New variant out - january 03

The new variant number 16 is out

The new edition of the "cross-currents in culture" magazine variant number 16 is now available for free from following outlets: Articles recommended for reading are in particular "Making waves" about the Save our Pool Community Campaign to resist closure of the Govanhill Swimming Pool in Glasgow, "Communities in resistance" about the autonomous Zapatistas Communities in Chiapas, Mexico, and Noam Chomsky's article about "Antisemitism, Zionism and the Palestinians." The content of Number 16 will be available on the web soon, about 2 month after publication of the newsprint edition.
[ variant ]

Imperialism and Immigration- 25.11.02, ongoing

Freedom of Movement is Our Right! Support Refugees!

with the introduction of “The Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act” on January the 8th, 2003, thousands of refugees will have their support withdrawn and will be pushed into poverty, crime, prostitution, begging and discrimination.
Also new plans include to abolish the right of permanent settlement for those granted 'Refugee Status' or 'Subsidiary Protection'.

statewatch report
full story
Support refugees!
new law
statement of the NCAD

More links:

[National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns | Refugee Council | BarbedWireBritain | Noborder ]

Glasgow University Occupation - 17.12.02

Stop the war, chuck out the army and remove the Chancellor!!

Glasgow Anarchist Students occupied the main hall of the university building in Glasgow. They protest against the war, the army which has recently tried to recruit on the campus, as well as the investment of the Universities pension fund in war-profiteering companies.
[ full story ]

weapon inspection in Glenrothes- 14.12.02

Stop the war

On Saturday, 14thof December protesters tried to inspect weapons at the Raytheon arms manufacturer in Glenrothes, Fife. The action was organised by the local 'Stop The War Coaltion'.
[ full story | rock against war in Kirkcaldy ]

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