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26-03-2006 16:48

Another court victory for EDO protesters

A High Court judge has lifted the interim injunction on the 2 remaining protesters fighting the injunction and issued a damning indictment on EDO MBM's conduct of the trial. EDO MBM were accused of 'woeful neglect' of the issues and indemnity costs were awarded to the two protesters. The trial will go ahead at an as yet unspecified date in the summer.

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12-03-2006 13:43

Sussex students revolt!

MORE than 100 students at Sussex University have staged a 'learn-in' occupation of their library in protest at the "continued degradation" of the quality of their education.

On the evening of Wednesday 8th March 2006 the Sussex University library at Falmer, Brighton, was held open past its 9:30pm closing time, until 2am.

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28-02-2006 23:06

Southampton Seed Swap

Building on the success of the Seedy Sunday event in Brighton(1), a similar event is being organised for Southampton. Southampton's very own Seedy Saturday is happening next Saturday (4th March) at the Edmund Kell Hall. Bringing together home growers from all over the region to swap seeds and advice. The event is organised by Active Arts Community a not-for-profit group that aims to promote healthy living and ecologically sustainable lifestyles through the arts. The seed swap event is an extension of the other more arty based work though it complements well the ethos behind the group.

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26-02-2006 18:30

A state of panic?

THE tidal wave of draconian suppressive legislation being rushed in by the Government is a sign that they are losing control.

That was the positive message to emerge from a meeting on civil rights held in Brighton on the evening of Thursday February 23.

One local campaigner told the 50-strong gathering at the Friends Meeting House in Ship Street: "It is a real sign of weakness by the Government. They know they haven't got any answers. "They are desperately trying to shut people up. It's all trying to get people off the streets."

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25-02-2006 15:33

And the Hunt goes on...

This month marks the one year anniversary of the Hunt Ban enacted by the Labour government to outlaw the "sport" of hunting with hounds. Despite the passing of this act, many hunts are continuing in flagrant disregard of the ban without monitoring or intervention by the police. Indeed in some cases when Hunt Sabs have arrived at hunts to monitor the activities of hunts they have been assualted, some times even by the police 1.

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25-02-2006 13:21

EDO MBM Injunction crumbles

Campaigners against Brighton arms manufacturers EDO MBM, have made progress in their year-long battle against the company's attempt to silence them with an injunction under the Protection from Harassment Act,1997. At a High Court hearing on Monday 13th february, EDO MBM agreed to drop the provisions of the temporary injunction which affected any individual who wished to protest against the company. Restrictions included a prohibition on filming by protestors, and a designated protest area which was a grass verge across the road from the Moulescombe factory. The verge backed onto a steep drop to a railway line. Over 30 arrests have taken place in the last two years as EDO MBM tried to quell protests. 2 protestors spent a week each on remand in Lewes prison for alleged breach of the injunction. EDO MBM's failure to impose a blanket injunction represents a major victory for the right to protest. The matter is yet to be concluded for 2 campaigners who have declined to sign undertakings, and are determined to challenge the whole manner in which EDO MBM, their lawyer and Sussex police acted together to bring the proceedings.

Plans are in place for a 'Victory demonstration' outside the factory on Wednesday March 1st from 4-6pm, and protestors have vowed to carry on with their campaign against the company which makes bomb release mechanisms and is involved in the manufacture of the Hellfire missile.

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19-02-2006 12:58

Wiring up for a police state?


A TIMELY warning of the current rush towards what looks like becoming a police state has been sounded by a Sussex newsletter. The Porkbolter, produced by volunteers in Worthing since 1997, brings together a frightening array of recent developments in its latest issue, which hit the streets just as ID cards and yet more "anti-terrorist" laws were passed by MPs.

Meanwhile, civil rights campaigners down the road in Brighton are holding a public meeting on civil rights.

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05-02-2006 11:17

Workers' power in Argentina

Worker at Zanon Factory

A WORKER from the famous occupied Zanon factory in Argentina is speaking at a meeting in Brighton on Monday February 13. Jose Julian Penunuri is currently touring the UK and will be at The Brighthelm Centre in North Road from 7.30pm to 9.15pm.

In December 2001, in the midst of economic collapse, Argentia exploded as unemployed activists, impoverished savers and workers occupied the streets, attacked the banks and took over their workplaces. The Zanon tile factory in Neuquen is one of many 'recovered' factories in Argentina - factories taken over and run by the workers.

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28-01-2006 16:14

Seven blockaders acquitted

banner at lunch

On Thursday 26th January, seven defendants were acquitted on charges of aggravated tresspass and failing to leave land when requested to do so by a police officer. The charges resulted from a blockade of the Agrexco premises in Hayes Middlesex on November 11th, 2004. Agrexco is the Israeli National exporter of fresh produce and flowers from Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories. The acquittal after submissions at the end of the prosecution case, meant that the defendants were unable to present their defence that trade with Israeli Settlements is not lawful activity.

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15-01-2006 15:41

Brighton campaigners to march on US Embassy

A BRIGHTON campaign is taking part in a national march on the American Embassy to call for justice for British residents held in Guantanamo Bay, the US concentration camp in Cuba.

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07-12-2005 10:57

Freedom to Protest - Call to Action - 10th Dec - International Human Rights Day

Churchill Square, Brighton

Campaigners against EDO MBM (Smash EDO), a Brighton factory manufacturing electrical weapons components for conflicts in Iraq and Palestine, have been fighting for their right to protest as EDO MBM, backed by Sussex Police, have applied for an injunction under the Protection from Harassment Act.

Smash EDO call on everyone who cares about freedom to protest to join them on Dec 10th, 12 noon, Churchill Square, Brighton.

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28-11-2005 10:38

Runway to Ruin

The Government is proposing the biggest single programme of airport expansion this country has ever seen. In its Aviation White Paper, published at the end of 2003, it came up with plans for at least five more runways by 2030. There could be new runways at Heathrow, Stansted, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and possibly Gatwick. The White Paper makes clear that even without expansion at existing airports there will be an increase in air traffic. That expansion in air traffic volume will occur even at those airports not targetted for immediate expansion. In the South Coast there are plans to expand many of the local airports, with larger terminals and more runways.

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20-11-2005 16:47

Site update to display of comments


You may notice we have changed the way comments to articles are displayed. If you want to know why and how, please read the full article.

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25-10-2005 10:32

Police threat to woodland protest

SUSSEX Police have mounted what looks like a politically motivated campaign against protesters fighting the 875-home housing development and road widening at Titnore Woods, Durrington.

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26-09-2005 09:35

SouthCoast Perspective on the DSEi Action

The South Coast had a contingent present at the recent succesful blockades of the DSEi Arms Fair held at the ExCel centre in East London. A critical mass bike ride left the Bank of England shortly after 9 o'clock and held up traffic throughout East London for 2 hours before managing to clog up one of the main roundabouts and routes to the ExCel centre.

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05-09-2005 21:05

Post Protest - vision making actions bloom

Vine and fig tree planters Show, don’t tell. Don’t explain, make it evident." "proactive resistance materializes visions and morals. This nonviolent incarnation happens inside military bases, companies, prisons. Nonviolence is to imprint.

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26-08-2005 12:07

SmashEDO Peace Camp

Smash EDO recently held a week long peace camp in the Wild Park behind EDO MBM in Brighton. The Peace Camp came just months after EDO MBM sought a civil injunction under the Protection from Harassment Act aimed to limit protest outside the factory. Smash EDO are a grassroots campaign group who have been trying to shut down Brighton arms manufacturers EDO MBM for over 18 months. EDO MBM manufacture weapons for the US/UK's war on Iraq and to the IDF for their oppression of the Palestinians.

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22-08-2005 18:26

New protests as bulldozers threaten ancient Sussex woodland

MAJOR conflict is fast approaching in a fraught battle to save a piece of ancient woodland in West Sussex from a massive housebuilding and road widening scheme.

The planning application to build 875 homes and fell 275 trees at Titnore Lane, West Durrington, was approved by Tory-run Worthing Borough Council at a meeting on June 10, at which police were called to evict protesters from the stage. And with the Government Office for the South East announcing on August 1 that there would be no public enquiry, battle lines are now being formed for a new stage in the long-running conflict.

To kick this off, an outdoor public meeting is being staged close to Titnore Lane on Sunday September 4. This is at 2pm in Northbrook Park, between Titnore Lane and Romany Road. It is a short walk from Goring railway station on the main South Coast line between Brighton and Portsmouth.

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08-08-2005 15:08

EDO MBM desperate to stop protests as resistance increases

The ‘cage’ roadblock with protestors locked on

Brighton-based arms manufacturer EDO are producing electrical weapons components for the US, UK and Israeli militaries. For over a year, the Smash EDO campaign has been trying to shut them down by direct protest at their premises. Recently, EDO MBM have applied for a High Court injunction to stop all protest at their premises except at designated times. The Smash EDO campaign regards this as a direct attack on freedom of expression and calls for a week-long protest camp, starting with a peace march in Brighton [report].

Update 16 Aug: News from the peacecamp 1 | 2

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01-08-2005 13:17

First Pride in Canterbury

Earlier, in June this year, the historic City of Canterbury witnessed its first Gay Pride event.
It was estimated that 500 turned out to parade through the City centre and that at least 1500 people attended the Dane John Gardens, where there were over 30 stalls. DJs Bunny and Christine got the entertainment off to a good start, and after speeches from ex-mayor, Councillor Fred Whitemore and representatives of Kent Constabulary and Unison, amongst others, local entertainer Lee Tracey presented a show that included popular drag artistes, and singers from the Ship Inn, Rochester. The performance by the recently formed City of Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus provided another highlight.

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