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Wales Climate Chaos

Reporting on Climate Chaos and related actions.

See also UK Indymedia - Climate Chaos

Wales Climate Chaos Feature Archive >>

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Wales Climate Chaos Newswire

Text The £469m Cost of Restoring Opencast Coal Sites:
30-01-2015 12:10

Image Wrexham: Report from Borras Anti-Fracking Evening... More Planned
25-10-2014 12:11

Text Wales author of climate fiction
23-06-2014 20:52

Text Plea to Make Coal a 'Special Case'
13-01-2014 08:18

Text Fracking, Coal and Planning: The Story Of Westfield
14-09-2013 17:35 | 1 comment

Image Cardiff Shell petrol station rooftop occupation
29-06-2013 17:04 | 1 comment

Text LAON's April Review of English Opencast Sites
09-05-2013 14:40

Text Scottish Coal's Collapse : A Failure of the Planning System
25-04-2013 16:34

Text Scottish Coal's Collapse : The Untold Story
23-04-2013 17:03 | 1 comment

Image Local residents campaign against UK Coal at Great Oak
26-03-2013 17:17 | 1 comment

Text Is Welsh Planning Policy for Coal about to Hit the Buffers?
21-03-2013 12:18

Text LAON's Feb-March 2013 of Welsh Opencast Sites
21-03-2013 09:27

Text Call For an Open Debate on the Use of Coal
15-03-2013 15:43

Text Coal and the Risks Faced by Planning Authorities
03-03-2013 13:59

Text LAON's February Review of English Opencast Sites
03-03-2013 11:03

Text Does the UK Need nealy 50 New Opencast Mines?
05-02-2013 09:58 | 6 comments

Text PR 19 '2013- A Crunch Year for Coal and the UK Coal Industry
01-01-2013 13:19 | 3 comments

Text December 2012 Review of New UK Opencast Sites
01-01-2013 10:26

Text Does the Energy Bill Herald An End To Opencast Mining?
05-12-2012 15:29 | 1 comment

Text The Clause 21 Growth and Infrastructure Bill Threat: More Info
01-12-2012 15:54

Wales Climate Chaos Newswire Archive >>

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