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Successful Anarchist Bookfair Marred by Police Attack

London features | 24.10.2005 16:02 | Repression

Thousands of people crammed into the London Voluntary Resource Center in Holloway Road for the 22nd annual Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 22 October. As usual people came together to buy and trade books, films, t-shirts, stickers, gossip, and new directions for the anarchist movement in Britain and beyond. About three dozen meetings and seminars took place throughout the day, on subjects such as precarious labour conditions, no-borders and migration issues, anarchism in film, housing co-operatives, and the proposed National ID card scheme.

After the bookfair had ended, a small incident took place in a pub nearby. As a result, large numbers of police arrived at the scene pushing and kicking anyone that was in the street, thus escalating the situation. Additional riot police quickly moved in, closing off to southbound traffic for more than 40 minutes, which caused huge disruption in the area. During the fray, an Indymedia photographer taking pictures was knocked to the ground, handcuffed, and arrested. He and the other 6 detainees were finally released on bail on Sunday evening after spending around 24 hours in police cells. [Call for eyewitness statements, video and photographic evidence]

Reports, photos and comments: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Eyewitness account of the events:

As the bookfair ended, many people went for a beer at the Coronet pub down the street. At about 6:20, some people began playing music on a small portable sound system inside the pub. After a while, the music went off, then back on, then off again. This not only annoyed the bar management which immediately said that there would be no more beer until the music was shut down, but it also antagonised many people that had attended the bookfair for being a meaningless and selfish action. Eventually, the police arrived outside. Management went round the pub, informing people that they were closing on police advice. At 7:00, about 8 police officers confronted people as they left the pub, arresting a person who had had a little argument with one of them. As the crowd attempted to de-arrest the person, about 10 vans full of riot police, plaincothes and regular uniforms, with some additional cycle cops, arrived at the scene whilst baton-charging down Holloway Rd, beating people as they went.

London features


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boys with toys

24.10.2005 18:33

obviously the Met decided that Brummy cops couldn't have all the "fun" and decided to start their own riot.


Bored police and pointless punk posturing

24.10.2005 23:34

Obviously the police were out of order. A few people playing a stereo too loudly is annoying, but not a public order situation. Of course its perfectly possible that it was planned, as a story such as this in the local newspapers will do a great job of reinforcing people's (largely) innacurate stereotypes about anarchists and anarchism. Also, landlord probably wanted to clear the anarchos out of the pub.

That said, there is no point in confronting the police for the sake of it. Anarchists score an own goal when they behave abnoxiously for no particualr reason and give the authorities and the media every opportunity to come down hard on them, and portray them as spoilt teenagers rather than people with serious criticisms of the current society and viable alternatives to the current hierarchies.

Sam Frances
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Breaking in anywhere; mislabeling tonight Sam?

25.10.2005 03:06

Can't stand to see a woman speak for herself, maybe? People have different ideas about what is obnoxious. For some, it is apparently for someone to be sitting quietly or existing (if that existance happens to refute lies).


I saw bits of it

25.10.2005 09:45

There was one jam sandwich just down the road from the bookfair attempting to sort out or exacerbate the 'incident' in the pub - whatever that was.
After an arrest was made in the pub the arrestee was dragged out, by which time several more police cars had arrived. Ten or so bystanders who were watching and coming out from the closing bookfair nearby started chanting "let him go, let him go".
There was an attempt to de-arrest whomever it was from the previous incident and that sparked an even larger police presence.
I left an ugly scene wondering why was this guy in the pub arrested? And did the people trying to de-arrest him know why he'd been picked up?
No excuse for nicking snappers. More of us need to be them.

Tony Gosling
- Homepage: http://www,

Does a bar room brawl really warrant being a feature?

27.10.2005 22:01

Does Indymedia see this as being part of some courageous struggle for the glorious revolution? Quite frankly I'm amazed that anyone should want so much attention being lavished on such a shameful incident. That we can allow some dysfunctional crusties not only to get several hundred people evicted from a pub & which then turns into a riot with multiple arrests is not much to be proud of at all.

Stick to reporting the important issues. You've got enough problems with trolls already without creating a field day for them with a totally non-news article like this.

somewhat aghast

fancy that...

01.11.2005 20:19

Interesting that Mr Gosling had time to observe such incidents--indeed, he was nearly in one himself. I refer to the fact that after the bookfair, in the company of his spook friends Shayler/Machon & a few of their goons he had the confidence to loudly state in my earshot to the undynamic duo that "these are the people I have to follow, aren't they". When I quite reasonably told TG to fuck off or I'd make him, he did. No doubt I'm part of some Jewish conspiracy now am I??

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lunatic fringe

03.11.2005 17:06

lunatic fringe

Indymedia is Open Publishing, anyone can post an article, anyone can add comments.

This brings forth eye-witness accounts, others can add from their own viewpoint additional sources of information.

The advantages of Open Publishing are also its disadvantages, and it is open to abuse by a tiny minority.

It attracts the lunatic fringe, also others, who if it wasn't for Indymedia, would be engaging in petty vandalism or scrawling graffiti on the back of a toilet door. There is then those who from ulterior motives spread disinformation.

Into which category does Larry O'Hara appear, as he has posted a pack of lies, is for others to judge, as I can only report on what actually took place.

Myself and friends were with Tony Gosling when he left at the end of the Anarchist Bookfair. Maybe we are the goons referred to. There was no one else with us.

At the end of the Anarchist Bookfair, that is around 6pm when the building was being cleared, I was by the stall run by Tony Gosling and the adjacent stall. I picked up material from both stalls.

Whilst I was there, Annie Machon passed by, picked up a pile of books, and left.

Shortly thereafter, I was out on the street watching the riot police assemble and slowly seal off the area.

Myself and a few friends, then negotiated our way back into the building, helped Tony dismantle his stall, and then left by the back, thus avoiding the police on the main street out front.

At no time during this period were Annie Machon or David Shayler with us. It would have been impossible for them to have been with us as they were elsewhere at the time.

At no time were the reported remarks uttered by Tony.

We then left for a somewhat grotty pub, then went to Finsbury Park, passing the infamous mosque where ranting Muslim clerics preach death and other such nonsense.

Could our poster of misinformation be the same individual (or jerk as the less charitable would say) who when Annie and David gave a presentation during the day asked them if they were genuine to hand over a list of all MI5 agents?


Disinformation continues

04.11.2005 10:50

Interesting that Gosling should get one of his associates to assert such elaborated & convoluted lies, especially when there were probably c30-40 people outside the Main Entrance to the venue where this confrontation took place.

Although Gosling was too cowardly to even announce his name, I did double-check later it was him by doing an internet image search on him. The pathetic attempt by Gosling to distance himself & his clique from Shayler/Machon in this one instance is precisely that--for not only did the 911 clique book Shayler's room, 911 Bristol also organised their "sophisticated Soiree" the very next day in Leytonstone. I do not claim Gosling finally left the area in the company of Shayler/Machon--they were spotted (by chance) leaving with another female in a car later.

This confrontation was, I reiterate, not inside the venue, but outside, on the street. Furthermore, after I told Gosling where to get off, as we left Ms Machon sought to confront us, no doubt to use the tired spook trick of manufacturing/alleging violence against herself in order to get nearby PC Plod involved. We did not take the bait.

The logical explanation of course, is that the Bilderburg Group planted Tony Gosling/David Shayler/Annie Machon lookalikes at the Bookfair exit to play out this elaborate (not very actually!) scenario, before beaming them all up via remote-controlled Telepods back to AirForce Seven, before jetting off for evening drinks with their puppet Adolf Hitler (aged 116) at the secret Alien: Human hybrid breeding centre at the North Pole (or is it Uranus?).

Larry O'Hara
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lunatic fringe

04.11.2005 16:12

As noted earlier, we have inputs and disinformation from the lunatic fringe.

Tony Gosling did not put myself up to make any comments, I simply made observations as an impartial witness on what I saw.

As far as I am aware, the meeting in Leytonstone was organised by people in London, the notice of which was on a stall run by Tony Gosling, and possiby on other stalls too.

Lary O'Hara seems to be making a complete idiot of himself, but at least it is good to see these peopel outed



04.11.2005 18:13

Again interesting that when I provide further specifics of the event I describe, and refer to there being a largish number of potential witness, all this "Keith" does is claim he isn't Gosling. Given Gosling's predeliction for postings here & elsewhere under various aliases, including Class War, observers can make up their own minds.

Interesting too that this "Keith" is on v. friendly terms with "Annie & David" as his first post shows, and had the cheek to originally call me a "jerk" and then misrepresent what I said when confronting Shayler/Machon at their Book fair meeting booked under false pretences. As for the Leytonstone meeting, the only address/contact details of any sort on the flyer given are Which on our planet is Gosling & his clique.

The non-virtual reality of "Keith" (no email address note) is in some dispute--mine is not. Again, observers can make up their own mind here. No doubt the claim there was a Bookfair is another Bilderburg invention??

If "Keith" would care to email me, I'd be happy to clarify, in person, the question of whether I'm a "jerk" or not, just as I was when Gosling (Or "Keith") decided to be flippant in my presence in the first place.

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lunatic fringe

05.11.2005 16:36

Indymedia is an independent media where those on the spot can post raw news as it is happening. Others can add, correct, answer unanswered questions, offer help and support, point to sources of further information.

It does though rely on the integrity of those posting information, and as Open Publishing is open to abuse from a troublesome minority, who by their puerile childish antics, are devaluing the credibility, hence usefulness of Indymedia.

It should never be used for posting personal attacks or for pursuing personal vendettas.

Larry O'Hara, seems to be running some form of personal vendetta against Tony Gosling, David Shaylor, Annie Machon, and now apparently me too, as I have exposed him as a charlatan.

Normally I would not even respond to comments from the likes of Larry O'Hara, as it only encourages them and inflates their self-importance, but when I read his original comments, I was aghast, and felt the record had to be set straight.

As I was with Tony Gosling, when he left the Anarchist Bookfair, I at least knew the comments posted by Larry O'Hara to be untrue, and the least I could do was post a correction and set the public record straight, now it seems, I too am under attack.

At the end of the Anarchist Bookfair, I, together with a few friends, helped Tony Gosling dismantle his stall. We each carried a box out the back, and loaded up a parked car, which together with a few old vans, was parked at the back of the Resource Centre.

After a brief discussion of what we were all doing next, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

Tony and a female passenger (I know who it was and it was not Annie Machon), drove off, and the rest of us walked to a grotty local pub, had a few drinks, then walked to Finsbury Park station, where we went our separate ways, some to a party, me to dine out.

Neither Annie Machon nor David Shaylor were with us when we left. It would have been somewhat difficult for them to have been with us, as they were elsewhere at the time.

I do not know at what time David left, but I am aware that Annie left earlier, as she picked up signed copies of her book whilst I was standing by Tony's stall, around the time the Bookfair officially closed.

I do not know who organised the little soiree at The Gallery at Leytonstone the following day (Sunday 23 October 2005) as the flyer was not clear, but the event appeared to be organised by people in London. Certainly it was not organised by either David Shaylor, Annie Machon or Tony Gosling. All three were invited guests, David and Annie were invited as speakers. Whoever did organise it, did a very poor job and gave the event very little publicity. Apparently it was organised at very short notice, or at least that was their excuse.

Yes, the flyer does mention

but that seems to be as a source of further information, or possibly the producers of the film Face the Facts (which was to be shown, only there were problems with either DVD or DVD player).

In a later posting Larry O'Hara admits he does not even know Tony Gosling or what he looks like, and had to do a search on the Internet for someone whose faced fitted. Surely looking for a needle in a haystack?

Fortunately I do know who Tony Gosling is, and thus what he looks like, but no doubt that will cause further accusations. I have not given my e-mail address, although several people know who I am and how to contact me, simply because I do not wish to encourage the lunatic fringe and be inundated with their junk e-mails.

Larry O'Hara is stuck in a hole and digging frantically ever deeper. In what has to be seen as an act of desperation, I now find I am accused of being an impostor, or worse still, Tony Gosling masquerading as someone else.

This is just getting sillier and sillier.

I won't even comment on the other other rants by Larry O'Hara, but if one wants a measure of the man, check out his website. Maybe there are some nuggets of worthwhile information, but who would want to mine the dross and lunatic ravings to find it.

Unfortunately, Indymedia, being Open Source publishing, is open to abuse, of which we have just seen an excellent example.

I am not even sure why Larry O'Hara is wishing to attack these individuals or myself, and quite frankly I do not care, neither I guess does anyone else. But no doubt he has his reasons for trying to discredit people and spread disinformation.

David Shaylor and Annie Machon had the courage to speak out at the abuses that were taking place within MI5, and we should support them for doing so. Maybe if less resources were spent monitoring dissent and more spent monitoring real terrorists, we would not have had the suicide bombings in London in July.

We are seeing our liberties eroded. David Shaylor and Annie Machon have come from within the establishment. They had every right to have a platform at the Anarchist Bookfair, and we should be prepared to listen to what they have to say and give them a fair hearing. Not come out with childish comments like: 'give us a list of MI5 agents, else we will not believe you'.

Highly recommended reading:

Annie Machon, Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers, Robinson, 2005

What is wrong with questioning the official line on 911? Fortunately I move in different circles to Larry O'Hara and have access to structural engineers, air crash investigators.

The official explanation does not add up. The twin towers were so well engineered (over-engineered), that they should not have collapsed so spectacularly, especially in what in other circumstances would have been seen to have been a classic controlled demolition. Why no wreckage at the Pentagon? Why no black boxes recovered etc etc?

That does not mean there was a conspiracy, but it does mean we need a full in-depth investigation, in the same way, we need a full in-depth investigation of why we went to war with Iraq.

Highly recommended reading:

Ian Henshall and Rowland Morgan, 9-11 Revealed: Challenging the facts behind the War on Terror, Robinson, 2005

worth watching:

Loose Change
Confronting the Evidence
Painful Deceptions


Keith Mothersson has produced a useful pamphlet on 911 for copying and distribution.

As Larry O'Hara has noted, I seem to be well informed, but that is because I take the trouble to unearth the facts. I am also only too happy to expose charlatans and liars, be they corrupt councillors and their officials or posters on Indymedia of misinformation from the lunatic fringe.

Hopefully we can draw a line under this sordid tale, but I doubt it, Larry O'Hara seems to be a glutton for punishment.


The land that time forgot...

05.11.2005 16:43

Glad to see that the boring and tedious backstabbing, bitching and conspiracy theorising which led me to leave the 'movement' (ho ho) some 10 years ago in search of something more positive and constructive is alive and well and still looking like a stale old copy of 'Green Anarchist'...

Green and blacks...

Bickering boys

05.11.2005 17:15

"If "Keith" would care to email me, I'd be happy to clarify, in person, the question of whether I'm a "jerk" or not, just as I was when Gosling (Or "Keith") decided to be flippant in my presence in the first place."

Yes boys, sort it out in private rather than bickering here.

Lizzy Glover


06.11.2005 16:09

Keith, who still hasn't acquired an email, repeats personal abuse, Shayler/Machon propaganda, 911 conspiraloonery & falsely accuses me of lying. I again suggest readers can make up their own mind as to whether he is Gosling or not. I have better things to do with my time, though note yet again the vicious lying/disinforming characteristic of the Gosling/Shayler clique. To reiterate--I and my colleagues have been engaged in radical Left anti-state politics even before Shayler/Machon began spying on/disrupting us, & when Gosling was being hatched on Mars. We will not be deflected, or disoriented, by insults from the likes of them.

mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Larry O'Hara's furballs

07.11.2005 16:46

Dear old Larry,

You're so uptight mate,

I wouldn't trust your judgement and that of the publication you edit one bit having met you for the first time at the A bookfair - I have absolutely no malice for you (and precious little time) but I do reckon you'd benefit from a visit to the doctor.

I suggest you have a holiday and take a step back for a rethink... and go further into the links between MI6/MI5 and the occult. There are plenty of good people with wives and kids working in all these services but they are undermined from within - and when you throw mud at the whistleblowers from without as well. I really wonder why you bother ;-)

You really must learn to chill out and have a laugh at yourself - and the rest of us. It proved impossible to have a laugh with you at the A bookfair - with the tightening furball you have in your tummy you're gonna do yourself an injury.

Please don't.


Tony Gosling
- Homepage:

Gosling appears, Keith vanishes shock...

07.11.2005 22:58

So, now Gosling appears to be admitting I did encounter him--or is he? That Notyes From the Borderland isn't trusted by this wacko, who actually believes in all that stuff about Freemasons et al running the world I am gratified by. To deal with just one point from earlier--Gosling/Keith et al (plus some who should know better) affect themselves bemused at why I & others distrust Shayler. Some of the reasons for this are very carefully summarised on At this stage, I am happy to conclude, for now, this laughable exchange. After all, I've still got a Satanic ritual to attend (oops, let that slip Tony--am I done for now?). Here's to the eye in the pyramid...

Larry O'Hara
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sillier and sillier

08.11.2005 16:19

I was not a party to the incident to which Larry O'Hara originally referred, I just happened to be on the spot at the time, and so could give an independent and impartial account of what took place.

Myself and friends, happened to be on the spot when Tony Gosling was dismantling his stall. It would have taken Tony several trips to get everything out of the venue. We offered to give him a hand. We each picked up a box or two, and with a single trip, we were able to get everything out of the venue. For us, it had the advantage we could leave via the back (which we did), rather than get held in the police cordon at the front of the building.

When one sees disinformation being posted on Indymedia, one has a choice, either let a lie remain in place, or challenge it, but in doing so, give the person spreading the disinformation far more importance than they deserve.

In choosing the latter, it has done exactly what I feared, inflated the individual's self-importance, and wasted a lot of time and space.

I can only apologise to users of Indymedia that it is sprawled across these pages, but we must stamp out this nonsense as it is damaging the credibility of Indymedia.

Having given an account of what took place, I then find I too am in the firing line and I am accused of all sorts of nonsense.

Apparently I am an impostor, Tony Gosling under another name. That I am in some way associated with that Bristol lot, whoever they may be

And yet we learn from Larry O'Hara that he does not even know Tony Gosling is, even less who I am.

I know who Tony Gosling is, I also know who both Annie Machon and David Shaylor are. The three who were falsely accused, and that is what kicked off these lunatic ravings.

I haven't a clue who Larry O'Hara is, and care even less, but looking at the various comments made by Larry O'Hara (and even more so his website), I have to draw the sad conclusion that he has serious mental problems, a difficulty relating to reality. Maybe for him it is therapy, his mad ravings helps get it out of his system. But it could be worse, maybe he is deliberately spreading disinformation. If true, then the question is why?

Personally, I have far more important things to do, than waste my time knocking on the head, comments and disinformation from the lunatic fringe. But at least to my satisfaction (as an impartial observer who was not a party to the incident), he has been exposed and fully discredited. I now know not to believe anything that comes from him, and I will make sure via other channels that people are warned.

Oops, an error in previous comments, should be

whether or not they organised a meeting in Leytonstone, I do not know, they appear to cited on the flyer as a source of information.



09.11.2005 09:43

This will be my final comment on this ludicrous pack of lies.

1) The incident to which I referred not only involved Gosling Shayler & Machon, but must have been witnessed by say 40 people, potentially.

2) That this character 'Keith' is creativbely changing his story, from not being there, to being there, to being at the back of the building, and then the front, to there being no incident at all, shows what a fantasist/liar he is.

3) Repetition of the phrase 'lunatic fringe' from one in the Shayler/Gosling/Machon camp really does take the biscuit.

4) For someone who claims not to know who I am Keith has been, consistently, markedly abusive. His pretence not even to know what differences many of us have with Shayler/Machon speaks volumes for his dishonesty. I do not, however, regard it as inconsequential that Shayler/Machon continue to spread lies/disinformation about the Left. For example, Shayler/Gosling have repeatedly stated Class War was run by the state--in the words of Shayler's Alec Jones interview transmitted 20/6/05 a Met Police SB officer ran the group "it couldn't do anything without him" (paraphrase--summary on Indymedia elsewhere I think). Yet on 21/6 Shayler claimed (on camera) that the officer may not even have actually been in CW. Furthermore, at the BookFair Shaylrer claimed Stop the War was (is?) "penetrated at the highest level" (NFB taperecording). Again, no details--it is this point (of top-level SWP assets) that I pressed Shayler, a fact misrepresented by 'Keith'

5) Maybe Keith is Gosling, maybe not--the material point is both he & Gosling are engaged in a laughable attempt to deny a confrontation took place, probably because Gosling's actions immediately prior to that show his subordinate relationship to Shayler. Although all three share in common a penchant for wacky conspiracy theorising, & indeed letting MI5 off the hook (see Gosling's post). The absurdity of Gosling's reference to the 'occult' & MI5 can be shown in the fact two of the last 3 MI5 DGS have been female, including current incumbent. Might I remind Gosling that neither she nor Rimington were ciphers, yet neither could join the Freemasons as proper members. I do not of course need to remind Shayler anbout Manningham-Buller: he & her worked at concocting anti-Libyan scare stories over Lockerbie, & together with Machon targetted journalists,m film-makers & a cinema showing the Maltese Double Cross. The refusal of Shayler/Machon to properly come clean on this episode is one of many reasons why they are not to be touched with a barge-pole. If (like Philip Ageee) they actually came clean, that'd be another matter. But they haven't, despite repeated opportunities.

Hence Shayler/Machon/Gosling & their associates are not be trusted--and the elaborate bizarre fantasies 'keith' /'Gosling' have concocted to cover up a simple confrontation provide further proof of why they are not to be trusted. End of--for the moment, here, not elsewhere.

mail e-mail:
- Homepage: http://www.borderland

boring but true

09.11.2005 17:41


Me, joking around, next to you asking David Shayler if you were the person I was supposed to follow was a fine joke - unappreciated I'd say, by a bore.
I feel hurt ;-)

Meanwhile if you want to forget this snore-laden stuff and do something useful read
this book
or this one


Tony Gosling
- Homepage:


09.11.2005 18:11

I thought I would comment, as Larry isn't going to. After pages & pages of insults, lying and abuse, Tony Gosling now admits that he (& Keith--who he??) were lying when they denied the 'brief encounter' took place outside the Bookfair. Although I am glad the record has finally been set straight, what a pity such lies were uttered in the first place, in response to Larry's simple (and now conceded to be factual) comment. It would be too much to expect an apology from these liars--we will just put it down to the chronic effects of radiation sickness (maybe).

That said, 9/11 conspiraloons should take note of our (NFB) collective indefatigability and refusal to be cowed. And (in ideological terms) we are soon going to move from a 'war of position' to a 'war of maneouvre'. As the saying goes 'watch this space'

Heidi Svenson
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- Homepage:

more lunatic rantings

10.11.2005 15:36

I am finding it increasingly difficult to comprehend what Larry O'Hara is ranting about, but whatever he is on, it must be pretty potent stuff.

It is at times very difficult to resist the temptation to simply take the piss out of the poor guy.

As I have said (and it is annoying to have to keep repeating myself), I do not know who he is, and care even less, but what is of concern is when he is using Indymedia to spread disinformation, launch vicious personal attacks on people for no apparent reason, and abusing Indymedia for his lunatic ravings.

If he needs therapy, maybe he should confine it to his psychologist.

This all started when Tony Gosling posted an observation on what he saw at the end of the Anarchist Bookfair. It was open to anyone else, as we have seen on the other pages, for them to post their observations too.

Larry O'Hara, then abuses the open nature of Indymedia, to use it to out of the blue post a vicious, uncalled for, attack on Tony Gosling.

And why would anyone want to follow Larry O'Hara?

As I was there, with Tony Gosling when he left, as myself and a few friends helped him dismantle his stall and carry it out to a parked car out the back, I knew that what had been posted was false. I therefore posted a correction.

I then find I too am subjected to the same vicious attacks, accused of being put up to posting comments, of being an impostor, being Tony Gosling and so on.

In amongst these various ravings, we learn that Larry O'Hara does not even know who Tony Gosling is!

I am accused of saying various things, which a perusal of my posts, show I never said.

It is now claimed, I keep changing my story. No, it has remained consistent throughout.

It is true (and I have never denied the fact), I was out the front of the building, for a brief period, whilst the riot was kicking off, did not like what I saw, and went back into the building.

I was also out front when I arrived, although Larry O'Hara seems to believe I/we used teleporters.

I am not part of any faction/group/camp, I was not even running a stall.

I was, as were many other thousands of people, a visitor to the Anarchist Bookfair. I happened to leave when Tony Gosling was dismantling his stall, and offered to help, to save him struggling with several return trips.

As I was thus there when Tony Gosling left, I therefore knew the original comments made by Larry O'Hara to be false, and offered a correction.

Giving Tony Gosling a hand would be what any decent person would do, although from the original comments by Larry O'Hara, he would have probably offered to kick his head in.

There seems to be an obsession with conspiracies and conspiracy theories, I myself somehow being woven into these conspiracies.

I am for some reason supposed to know who Larry O'Hara is, as though he is of some importance to me or anyone else.

Why should I even be be aware of his existence, let alone what his differences are with David Shayler and Annie Machon, or even less care? Does anyone care?

But where I do care, is when I see false accusations being leveled at people, and Larry O'Hara abusing Indymedia to carry out what is becoming more and more apparent a personal vendetta against people for whatever reason he does not like.

David Shayler and Annie Machon threw away their careers by speaking out against the abuses in MI5, put their lives on the line, and in the case of David Shayler served two terms in prison.

I would be very surprised if Stop the War or any other dissident organisation was not penetrated at the highest level by MI5, Special Branch et al. That is what these organisations do. It is part of the abuse by state apparatus. Or has Larry O'Hara been asleep for the last century?

Check out for example the penetration of Campaign Against Arms Trade.

But then maybe I have traveled more, had contact with dissident groups, some of which have been banned or are banned, and seen good people beaten, tortured and killed. Or maybe I just live in the real world, not inhabit faerie land.

I personally have had the distasteful task of outing infiltrators.

That is why we have to be so careful of disinformation and always be on the look out for infiltrators, question what are the motives and actions of certain people (I'm naming no names of course).

Check out for example

and follow the many links and references.

And in particular (just for starters) read:

Crispin Aubrey, Who's watching you?, Penguin Books, 1987

Tony Bunyan, The Political Police in Britain, Quartet Books, 1977

Leslie Cockburn, Out of Control, Atlantic Monthly Press, 1987

Gerald James, In the Public Interest, Warner Books, 1996

And of course not forgetting Larry O'Hara's favourite author:

Annie Machon, Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers: MI5, MI6 and the Shayler Affair, Book Guild, 2005

Does anyone care about SWP, Class War et al, even less if they are being infiltrated. If they are, maybe a case for referral to the Public Accounts Committee for a waste of public monies, for investigating organisations seen by everyone else as without influence and at best a joke. A bit like Larry O'Hara (oops no, must resist the temptation to take the piss).

I am accused of being abusive. No, I have simply made observations on what I have seen and what has been written.

In his latest comments, Larry O'Hara is once again away with the faeries.


as if accuracy mattered

10.11.2005 15:39

I'm amused to see Larry's lack of a sense of humour has decended through a fissure in the Atlantic floor - readers can see for themselves if I ever said the incident "never happened" as you say in your previous comment. Keith quite rightly exposed your distortion.

So let's reflect, what incisive questions has Larry raised here:
Is Tony also Keith?
How many people witnessed the unappreciated joke incident - was it five or forty?
What has happened to Larry O'Hara's biscuit - filched by an ex-Spook maybe?

btw -
I never said Class War was run by the State - it appears MI5 and Special Branch had people in there - not entirely suprising - one in a powerful position. I'm reporting what Shayler said which is my job.

Looking forward to the next phantom story manoevre in Larry's 'we hate whistleblowers' charade. And Bin Laden did 9/11 didn't he Larry
- can't wait for the next NOTES FROM THE BALDING MAN ;-)

back in the real world
GREAT NEWS last night about Blair's Terrorism Bill defeat!


Tony Gosling


10.11.2005 19:31

I am amazed, frankly, that Gosling and/or Keith should yet again comment, in the light of what has akready been said, but there are so many inaccuracies it is necessary to comment, again.

A) 'Keith' still accuses us of spreading lies when Gosling has already conceded the exchange referred to actually took place. Is he on something? Can he read?? Serious questions, given he writes as if the incident is still being denied--or is this a not very clever attempt by Gosling to pretend he isn't Keith?

B) Interestingly, we now have a revisionist account of why Shayler/Machon left MI5 refutable even by careful reference to the chronology in their book.

C) Undoubtedly, Stop the War is infiltrated--and if (as probable) infiltration is at a high level, it is more than likely Shayler/Machon know exactly who some of those assettened to the taperecording of the BookFair intervention).

D) Given the preponderance in/domination of, STWC by the SWP it is not therefore of no interest to know who SWP infiltrators are.

E) As for Class War, Gosling has repeatedly claimed CW is run by the state, and on one infamous occasion even posted up bogus information on Indymedia to this effect purporting to be actually put up by Class War. Interesting too, that neither Keith not Gosling dare refute our point that Shayler both claimed CW were effectively run by a SB agent (20/6 Alec Jones) yet the next day (21/6 Conway Hall) stated he didn't even know whether the agent had ever been in Class War even.

F) Interesting too, that there is no attempt to comment on/refute the point Larry also made about Shayler/Machon/Mannigham-Buller spreading disinformation about the Lockerbie bombing.

G) Bizarrely, Gosling/Keith seek, through abuse and insult, to present themselves as 'experts' on the topic of exposing agents provocateur, when in fact that is something NFB has always specialised in, and will continue to do. It is that specialism that led us collectively to put Shayler/Machon/Gosling's various claims to the test, and find them wanting.

H) In the absurdity of the various claims made, and abuse hurled at NFB & its editor, this whole intervention smacks very much of a COINTELPRO-type operation designed to discredit genuine critics of the secret state, with an incessant back-ground of Soviet-style psychiatric abuse, attempting to personalise issues and pretending the NFB critique of Shayler et al is personal--it isn't, and not founded on evidence--it surely is, as anybody who watches the debate DVD & reads NFB issues 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 will find out, all still available via the web-site.

In short, conspiraloons, we are not going to be deflected or intimdated by you or your goon squads (as mobilised for the BookFair).

mail e-mail:
- Homepage: http://www.borderland

two incontrovertible facts

11.11.2005 15:02

Two incontrovertible facts re the recent anarchist bookfair, just to sort the wheat from the chaff, as they say :

1) Shayler/Animation did stage an impromptu pre-arranged invasion at an anarchist event - frazzell posted on a 9/11 site before the bookfair happened asking if a room booked etc - a room was not booked - the event was held at 5pm near the end of the day so as best to cause confusion - and warning 9/11 loonies that there might be some 'anarcho' types who wouldn't like Shayler turning up - as it happened this is/was the case - after all, Shayler had been a paid MI5 operative tasked to spy directly on anarchists in the past and it was thus a cheek thinking that he would be welcomed at the premier anarchist event of the year in Britain! Heavies from the 9/11 crew including a particu;larly vocal young thug with an American accent did turn up to back up/shout for Shayler but after questions from the NFB team, David lost his temper somewhat. It would be interesting still to be able to ascertain whether a booking/permission was sought by the 9/11 group behind this stunt. What next? David Icke? Stella Rimington? Alex Jones? Nick Griffin?

2) There was an altercation outside the Bookfair venue after the event finished - all seem to accept this now, after squirming vy both Gosling and the mysterious Kevin - perhaps Kevin is the aforementioned 9/11 heavy? Animation herself thought it important enough to chase our intrepid NFB team down the street, using threats and intimations in a typical ex-spook manner. When Animation was invited to spill the beans on her time heading surveillance of the SWP (which she did in MI5 for over two years) she didnt, raising a pathetic smokecsreen, arguing that those heading departments were not the same as those running agents, so she didn't know the names of spies inside the SWP - pull the other one. If Shayler can (admittedly inconsistently) raise names re Class War, then surely Animation could at least give us the value of her expertise as to who were SWP assets, what they did, what operations they were involved in etc - as some of these spies/agents might still be operational (or reactivated after the Respect Unity rapprochement with Muslim groups for electoralist reasons) Animation would at last be doing a service to the Left movement in Britain if she was prepared to talk.

heidi svenson
- Homepage:

Notes from the Bogeyman - inane or insane?

14.11.2005 12:26

I doubt it has escaped the attention of readers of this thread that it was Larry's first posting (above) that turned a sensible examination of what happened after the bookfair into a personal attack on me for reporting the facts of that evening.
For someone producing a 'tough on spooks' magazine Larry gets an E- from his English teacher. He still finds it impossible to distinguish between the real spooks - who require hard work to winkle out - and the ex-spooks who have 'come out' in public.
Unfortunately for his readers Larry would much rather go after whistleblowers than find any real spook stories - but he likes to think of himself as a 'spook chaser'. What Larry doesn't tell us is that he is the Couch Potato variety who wouldn't know a real undercover spook if one was observing him from a car parked in his drive... but I doubt if they'd bother as he seems to be doing their job for them ;-)

His ludicrous new 'Nose from the Bogeyland' flier even includes a picture of a riot cop with the National Union of Journalists on one of the riot shields. Where can such a diseased image be coming from?

Larry must have been practicing ballroom dancing as his spin factor is getting desperately high - How anyone can twist the wobbly organisation that comes with being virtually broke and incredibly busy into an dark conspiracy is laughable. this is a quote from his last post:

Shayler (still working for MI5 of course)'s "impromptu, pre-arranged invasion at an anarchist event - frazzell posted on a 9/11 site before the bookfair happened asking if a room booked etc - a room was not booked - the event was held at 5pm near the end of the day so as best to cause confusion - and warning 9/11 loonies that there might be some 'anarcho' types who wouldn't like Shayler turning up "

Larry 'Scarlett' O'Hara has previously attacked Shayler for 'hiding' - so now when he appears in public Scarlett says it's an 'invasion'.

The fact that Shayler was an Mi5 desk officer and not an agent working directly with Larry's hard-nut buddies Class War has slipped past undetected by Larry's wobbly radar scanners... as has the irony in the hilarious proposition of anyone trying to stage an "impromptu, pre-arranged" event ;-)

The 9/11 loonies Larry refers to ... now there's a mystery - are they the loonies that still believe Osama Bin Laden did it? Who exactly do you mean Scarlett?

Let the amusement continue ;-)

Tony Gosling

Marred By Police attack?

15.11.2005 02:30

"Marred by police attack"?

From what I’ve read here by the “eyewitness” it was in fact the group who (1) put on their music system inside the pub, and was quite rightly told to put it off by the pub staff…then (2) Someone was arrested coming out of the pub which led to a group of 10 trying to free the person…

So your headline “marred by police attack” is a tad confusing…From what I’ve read it looks as if some of the group “marred” the event before the police even arrived!

Why don’t some of you guys just become fully fledged “football hooligans” you seem to want to go round the “neighbourhood” in anti-everything mode, fighting with police and wrecking places…

Two Sides Of The Coin

Notes from the Borderlands Lunatic Asylum

15.11.2005 16:39

Notes from the Borderlands Lunatic Asylum

This all kicked off with Larry O'Hara expressing the delusion he was being followed, or the delusion that people would wish to follow him.

This was the first hints we had of his delusions and his sense of self-importance.

Why would anyone wish to follow Larry O'Hara? Avoid, yes that I can understand, but follow, absolutely no way.

The only people who are likely to be following Larry O'Hara are the men in white coats to return him to the Borderlands.

I have this image of the Borderlands, a crumbling 19th century edifice, a Victorian Lunatic Asylum, something out of a black and white Hammer Horror film.

If anyone was going to follow him, they'd do it discretely, not announce it within his earshot.

Did it never occur to him that people might be taking the piss out of him? Obviously not.

In posting his comments, Larry O'Hara broke an unwritten rule of Indymedia, you do not abuse Indymedia to launch personal attacks, to use it to conduct personal vendettas.

What Larry O'Hara obviously had not counted upon was someone else being there, who could verify or otherwise his lunatic rantings.

I was there. I helped Tony Gosling dismantle his stall and load up his car. I was therefore in a position to say who was or was not there. I can state emphatically that neither Annie Machon nor David Shayler were there. It would have been somewhat difficult for them to have been there, as at the time they were elsewhere (and yes, I know where they were).

Having posted my observations, I thought that would be the end of the matter, but sadly not.

I then find I am accused of being all sorts of things, of being a part of groups and conspiracies, of saying things I have not said, and then being attacked for words that have been put in my mouth, and that is not counting the rest of the lunatic rantings and ravings.

More comments were made by myself to address these rants, I even posted what was hoped to be some helpful information.

Annie Machon, Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers: MI5, MI6 and the Shayler Affair, Book Guild, 2005

Ian Henshall and Rowland Morgan, 9-11 Revealed: Challenging the facts behind the War on Terror, Robinson, 2005

and sources of further information

Larry O'Hara is demonstrating signs of mental illness, delusions of the world around him, delusions of his own self-importance.

Maybe at another time, another place, someone did shout out he was to be followed (by person or persons who by his own admission he did not know), but it did not happen whilst I was leaving the book fair.

Larry O'Hara now seems to have been joined by another flaky inmate from the Borderlands Asylum. Unless of course it is Larry O'Hara under another name, as they both seem to be posting the same sort of gibberish.

I am challenged why I have not refuted the various rantings from Larry O'Hara. For the simple reason that I do not wish to encourage him in his delusions.

Another reasons is that it is moving further and further away from what this page was originally about, ie the Anarchist Bookfair, and the disruption of its aftermath by agents of the state. And I'm pleased to see we actually have a recent comment on the subject.

Which begs the questions: Are the attacks and rantings by Larry O'Hara more sinister, part of the disruption by agents of the state, or is he simply mentally ill?

And finally, I am not in the position to give a definitive answer to the questions posed.

I see no legitimate reason why Annie Machon and David Shayler should not have had a platform at the book fair (and the Borderlands inmates can hardly claim to be a case of infiltration or spying when they are there up front), any more than the events surrounding 911 should not be questioned. Anyone who believes the official explanation of 911 (check out the facts) is in the land of the faeries just as much as those who believe Saddam Hussein had links with Al-Qaeda, Niger was shipping yellow cake to Iraq etc etc.

And, as a throw away point, Annie and David were barred from speaking at the Freedom to Protest conference held the following day. Clearly the freedom to protest only stretches so far. Not it seems to those who speak out at the abuses within our intelligence services. Applying the same logic, former UN weapons inspector and CIA asset Scott Ritter should also become a non-person.

I do not know who or at what level MI5 or Special Branch have penetrated Class War or SWP. Does anyone care? And yes it is of concern that SWP infiltrate and operate through other organisations eg Stop the War and Our World is Not for Sale. That the state waste their time and resources penetrating such organisations is well known. For example, Tony Blair in CND reporting back to MI5, M16 on the board of BBC and on the board of Astra (Iraqi super gun affair) etc etc. What is more questionable, apart from the moral question of suppression of dissent, is why waste public resources penetrating organisations like SWP and Class War, organisations lacking in influence, organisations seen as a joke.

The equivalent would be wasting public resources following Larry O'Hara or penetrating Borderlands.

Is the Borderlands Asylum really a front for a violent takeover of the state? Are we on these pages privileged witnesses of the first skirmishes in the violent overthrow of the Capitalist State? Have we not the right to know?

[Sorry, I could not resist taking the piss out of these fruitcakes in my last paragraph]



15.11.2005 21:54

Not only has Gosling/Keith not responded properly to any substantive points made by Larry O'Hara or myself, the two responses are a long litany of abusive language. Variously
--Bogey Land
--couch potato
--diseased image
--lunatic asylum
--lunatic rantings
--mental illness
--nightmare from the asylum

The intensive and repitive use of such words and imagery is intended to deflect attention from the very serious points Notes From the Borderland has made, and will make in future. In other words a "psychiatrisation of politics" whereby personal abuse, and demonisation, substitutes for rational argument. For good measure, there is the insinuation that NFB is either acting as an instrument "of disruption by agents of the state or is he [??] simply mentally ill". For those who have read NFB over the years, the calumny of that point is obvious, as too is the depth of our principled opposition to anti-semitism in all its forms. In which case....

A very simple question, which Larry has asked me to put. Do you, Gosling, accept that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a vile and evil forgery, bearing no relationship to the activities of Jewish people (or Zionists) past or present? Or, as you have stated before now, do you give this vile document any credence at all, and if so, how much & why?

Heidi Svenson
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:


16.11.2005 00:16

I posted earlier a response to the personalised demonising abuse from Gosling/Keith. I also posed a question about Gosling's attitude to the anti-semitic forgery 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion'. The posting did appear--but I have just checked & now it has disappeared. Does that mean it is alright for the most vile personal abuse to be posted about Notes From the Borderland, but not alright for us to reply?

Heidi Svenson
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Technical Problem?

16.11.2005 00:23

On the fifth try, my comment seems to be there again--apologies. Presumably a technical problem/glitch? Anyway, we await an answer concerning the Protocols from Spotlight correspondent Tony Gosling..

Heidi Svenson
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:


16.11.2005 03:10

Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn is this still going on? Dragging on a bit isn't it?

It's like two kids in the playground...My dads bigger than your dad!

third eye

Not Quite...

16.11.2005 05:47

Leaving aside the casual sexism of the last poster, I disagree with dismissal of the points raised here. In reality, Gosling was unwilling even to announce his presence to NFB at the Bookfair, whether directly or via Fran Trutt. It is instructive therefore, that he has spewed out so much venom on this thread, especially as the pretext was a lie (that he didn't make a poor joke to ingratiate himself with Shayler/Animation at the end).

Furthermore, anti-semitism has dragged on in the world for far too long, and if Gosling wants to take this opportunity to dissociate himself (or not) from anti-semitic Czarist police forgery 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion', then it will not have been wasted. Even as it is, thje extreme level of personalised abuse/psychiatrisation of politics has already revealed a great deal as to Gosling's method and mindset.

Anyway, we're waiting, Gosling--what about the Protocols??

Heidi Svenson
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Interesting Silence

17.11.2005 07:25

So, despite the pages of insults & pseudo-psychiatric abuse, when asked to clarify his position on the Protocols Gosling has so far said absolutely nothing.

Heidi Svenson
mail e-mail:
- Homepage: http://www.borderland

A lot of bollocks

18.11.2005 13:26

I dont know what the heck is going on with this whole comment section. Seems like someone is trying to discredit, divide and not even rule, but to distract a load of otherwise useful minds by throwing doubt and dissent where there is no reason for it.
I was at the time of the closing of the bookfair with Keith Parkins and i believe what he states is true -a part from the comment on the muslims...
So keep your minds at fruitful activities and not in this silly discussion, draining pipe for bollocks!


More Notes from the Borderlands Asylum

18.11.2005 16:08

Larry O'Hara appears to have passed the baton to another of the Borderlands inmates.

More and more questions are being asked, and then why have we not answered them.

I have already addressed these issues, but it looks like I will have to do so again, as it seems everything has to be repeated thrice before they begin to understand. Slow on the uptake would be an understatement.

Indymedia is not the place, and certainly not this page which was, until they launched unprovoked personal attacks, a page for discussing the Anarchist Bookfair and its aftermath.

The place for these loony scribblings is the Borderlands Asylum.

Other people are understandably getting rather tired of this, as am I, as I have far better things to do than engage in debate with people with serious mental problems. If you find it therapeutic, please confine it to your shrinks.

Answering their questions only seems to encourage them, and ever more of them crawl out from whatever stone they have been hiding under.

The questions are moving further and further away from what was originally raised, and I am not in a position to give a definitive answer, and unlike the Borderlands inmates, I restrict myself to areas in which I can give an definitive answer.

I also have provided plenty of references for them to follow.

I will though, address two of their points.

Anyone familiar with the writings of either Noam Chomsky or John Pilger, will know how the strident cry of 'anti-semitism' is used by the Jewish lobby to stifle any debate or criticism. Both writers have been so accused for exposing the excesses of the Jewish state.

This happened a couple of years ago for something as innocuous as a Christmas party held at SOAS between Columbian and Palestinian groups. Hard line Jews were even threatening to picket the party, or worse, target those who were there.

We are seeing the same today with cries of Islamaphobia for anyone who dares criticise Muslim terrorists.

We also saw this recently with a hatchet job on Chomsky in the Grauniad.

Interesting that Borderlands are using the same tactics as the state.

Ex top MI5 spook Stella Rimmington, has attacked the whole concept of ID Cards. I could not have put it better myself. Will the Borderlands inmates get in a frenzy, must be some clever ploy, and see ID Cards as a good thing?

911 also seems to be causing the Borderlands inmates to get into a feeding frenzy.

Once again, doing the work of the state, by attacking anyone who dare criticise the state official line.

We see this again with people from within the intelligence services who have been willing to put their lives on the line, and own up to abuses within the intelligence services, being attacked and vilified by the Borderlands inmates, and then guilt by association, attacking anyone who may be associated with them.

Common techniques used by the Contras in the 1980s in Central America, standard training for the alumni of the School of the Americas.

But to return to 911, it was after all a topic at one of the book fair meetings, so there is some legitimacy in raising it, unlike the gibberish the Borderlands inmates have been raising.

There are a number of anomalies, to raise these, is not to bring politics into it, that comes later, it is simply good objective science, and cause for further investigation.

Why no planes scrambled to intercept the four hijacked planes?

Why no aircraft wreckage at the Pentagon?

Why no air crash investigations? Where are the black boxes?

Other steel-framed buildings have survived far more extreme fires, and yet remained standing.

The twin towers were designed to withstand a crash by a Boeing 707.

The twin towers and WTC7 had all the appearance of classic controlled demolitions.

Material from the sites was removed to prevent any forensic examination, prevent reconstruction of the crime scene.

And no I do not want answers, rather go away and think about it.

I also suggest read the paper by Steven Jones (due for publication next year):

All that is being highlighted are the anomalies. All that is being asked is a reopening of the investigations.

Reasonable requests in the light of the many anomalies.

Hardly a conspiracy, as the Borderlands inmates would have us believe.

No doubt the clamour from the Borderland inmates will increase, like the noise of demented baboons.


for za record

18.11.2005 17:06

Silences may sometimes be due to the fact people are not anywhere near the internet - or can see no point in responding to diseased ramblings of a madman - they are not an implication of an unwillingness to respond
I was off the net for most of the last week - unlike some I have a life. Only the diseased brain of a mental patient would assume otherwise.

The protocols of zion are almost certainly a total fabrication
as any fool knoe
and as any fool who bothered to read my website would also see as my clearly espoused view
dredging up this load load of old cobblers is hopefully Scarlett's last limp atttempt at a smear

This is my final reply as I intend to waste no more time on this gutterised thread so expect more humourless raving bile-filled accusations to appear below. And - as I know all good people do - make up your own mind.

best wishes to Larry on a speedy recovery ;-)


Tony Gosling


18.11.2005 20:41

At least our persistence has galvanised Gosling into a reply. There are two strands to this, running through Gosling/Keiths posts, as well as a reference to Gosling's position on the Protocols, which we are grateful for, and which will be analysed.

Strand One: further psychiatrisation of politics/personal abuse, a clear attempt to drown out serious points we have to make. Variously (all direct quotes)
--loony scribblings
--serious mental problems
--crawl out from...stone a frenzy
--demented baboons
--diseased ramblings of a madman
--diseased brain of a mental patient
--bile-filled raving accusations
--wishes...on a speedy recovery

This language, some incessantly repetitive (like inmates/asylum) is a transparent ploy to dehumanise us, and speaks volumes for the type of mindset among the Gosling crowd.

Strand Two: the repeated accusation/insinuation that we at Notes From the Borderland are acting as more or less conscious secret state agents. Variously
--Borderlands are using the same tactics as the state
--once again doing the work of the state, by attacking anyone who dare criticise the state official line
--people within the intelligence services [presumably Shayler/Machon] who have been willing to...own up to abuses...attacked and vilified by the Borderlands inmates.
--common techniques used by the Contras

I should point out here that Strands One & Two don't easily go together: if what NFB has to say is so preposterous, and self-evidently 'lunatic' then it will hardly serve the interests of any secret state faction. Furthermore, in the light of the political track record ofd NFB in exposing unpopular (in media and political terms) secret state operations, a disgraceful if predictable calumny. For example, none of these conspiraloons has ever shown the slightest interest in Britain's Oklahoma: the 1999 Soho nail-bombing. In the latest NFB (p.46) we ask pointed questions not just of institutions (Special Branch/MI5), but specific named individuals--David Veness, DCS Andy Bunn, Chief Supt Phil Flower & former DAC John Grieve. We also indict Eliza Manningham-Buller, David Northmore, Duncan Lustig-Prean, Gerry Gable, Andrew Bell, Graham McLagan, Linda Bellos & finally Steve Greenwood, for various related omissions/commissions. This is the real world of cuttinf edge parapolitical investigation, not tired warblings about JFK, or conspiracy theorising a la Gosling.

As promised though, NFB is currently undertaking a review of evidence concerning 7/7 & 9/11, and will print our findings as & when. We have already printed some of these over 8 years concerning Machon/Shayler, and their continued lies/evasions will be further analysed. One in particular stands out--enduring lies over the Lockerbie bomb, that of course their sycophants dare not mention. Concerning the abuse/vile slanders, on this at least we are with Machiavelli--let them hate so long as they fear. And, conspiraloons, at least you've got one thing right.

Heidi Svenson & Larry O'Hara (joint post)
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

What a relief!

21.11.2005 15:44

Relief all round, the demented baboons have finally fallen silent.

The charlatans having been exposed, have finally crawled back under the stones whence they came.

Maybe the sun has come up.

We can all now go back to doing something useful.

But before we celebrate, it may only be a temporary relief as the Borderlands inmates have threatened to come back with further revelations.

As the world darkens, will we once again have to suffer their mischief?


Confused Keith

21.11.2005 20:13

"At no time were the reported remarks uttered by Tony," says Keith on 3/112005.

"I at least knew the comments posted by Larry O'Hara to be untrue," he says on 5/11/2005

"I was not a party to the incident to which Larry O'Hara originally referred, I just happened to be on the spot at the time, and so could give an independent and impartial account of what took place," he says on 8/11/2005.

"Me, joking around, next to you asking David Shayler if you were the person I was supposed to follow was a fine joke - unappreciated I'd say, by a bore," says Gosling on 9/11/2005

You're full of shit Keith. Fuck off, there's a good boy.


Divide and conquer!

24.11.2005 12:14

All the bickering over who said what and who did what is only aiding the divide and conquer policies of the neocon establishmant! There should be more attention paid to the reasons as to how "van loads" of "Police" in riot gear attended an apparently innocuous dispute in the pub so PDQ? NOW that would point to forward planning! It took them hours to respond in places like Birmingham!!! What must not be forgotten is that everyones opinion will differ - if not then you have collusion!

Jim McCracken
mail e-mail:

Arsenal Match

25.11.2005 16:39

Most likely because they were all ready for the Arsenal match that was taking place just around the corner that afternoon.

PS, yes I agree that its a shame that the '57 Varieties' sections of 'the movement' have chosen to use this thread as a place to publically thrash out their differences rather than focus on what actually happened that evening, and so divert attention from the support our arrested comardes deserve.

Anne Archy

Notes from

04.01.2006 23:49

the NFB use every opportunity on Indymeia to plug their product. This is an abuse of open media. Black Flag, Red Pepper, CPGB, SWP, SP, AWL, DSA and most others post their views on the internet on open access. NFB don't. They try to sell their pernicious rubbish at every opportunity associated with their hype - see Sheffield indymedia and Press awards What pathetic nonsesense . This says it all!!!


Oh, for a killfilter

04.07.2006 14:13

The 'comments' on this story add nothing to what happened at the bookfair, and have degenerated into an obscure internecine feud which few outside its protagonists can understand, akin to the dog-end of threads on obscure Usenet newsgroups. At least with a newsgroup or listserv you can set up a killfilter, but that's sadly not an option on here.

This is an illustration of why Indymedia needs separate, but linked, news and discussion sites, so that news doesn't get swamped by rants and opinion pieces, but people can also discuss issues on proper, threaded fora. (There was a posting on this topic the other day, but it appears to have gone walkies.)


mail e-mail:

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