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The Summer Of Rage Starts Here! - Call from London Anarchists

London Anarchists | 07.03.2009 14:59 | G20 London Summit | London

G20 London Summit: A rebellious call for days of action
March 28th - April 2nd 2009

MARCH 28/09 // 
'Put People First' Anti-G20 demonstration, 11am Central London

As the financial crisis has spurred a global economic recession the reality of the situation is being faced by us all – price hikes and wage cuts, job losses, spiralling debt and repossessions. The institutions of government and global finance are making us pay for their mistakes, giving themselves hefty bonuses for the privilege. As big banks get billions of our money to bail them out, the Post Office is threatened with privatisation and mass redundancies to claw back the pension hole! Government and bosses, while protecting their own interests, are steadily losing their grip as the anger of the working class becomes more and more apparent after a decade of enforced 'social peace'.
Putting working class anger first
The recent wildcat strikes at the Lindsay Oil Refinery saw workers take action for themselves, without union backing. Thousands of workers across the country walked out in sympathy strikes – a practice still outlawed under the Thatcherite anti-trade union laws. No repercussions were suffered by the workers - a lesson to us all.  And although we oppose such slogans as “British Jobs for British Workers”, we do not dismiss the experiences, anger and positive action of those workers to develop a pro-working class position, based not on capitalism's demands for inter-worker competition, but on international class solidarity.
If we want social change we must fight without prejudice for it.
Solidarity is not a word but a weapon

Our purpose is to put direct action at the core of any fightback - against the repossessions and redundancies that we will face over the coming months and years, to restate our commitment for an international unity amongst all working class people regardless of nationality, race, sexuality or religion. We stand shoulder to shoulder with all those who take direct action against their current situation (against the state and its institutions, against the bosses and the capitalism they cling to), and confront those who seek to hinder or recuperate that action - fascist parties like the BNP, government forces, the trade union elite and the corporate media. The memory of the miners strike, Wapping, Poll tax lingers long and hard.
2009 is our summer of rage - we are only as strong as the power we give ourselves.

Join the direct action bloc on the Put People First mass demonstration on Saturday March 28th. Meet in Victoria Embankment Gardens, 11am. Look for the red and black flags.

Meet in the Square Mile (London's Financial centre) to take back what's ours

World leaders, including Barak Obama, are set to meet at Docklands Excel Centre in London's East End, for the G20 financial summit on April 2nd, to sort out the global crisis they themselves conspired to create. While unemployment escalates along with debt and poverty - we are told to tighten our belts, not to complain, to have faith in bankers, bosses and politicians, these leaders are preparing the biggest shake up in the history of capitalism since the 1930s. We can only imagine what is on offer as their solution - from the people that brought us wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, from the heads of economies that continue to concentrate the world's wealth in the hands of a tiny minority from the obscene rich and powerful who continue to steal the products of our labour and time, forcing us to fight amongst ourselves for what's left.

We are living in uncertain, dangerous times, where we can either allow our futures, and the future of our children, to be decided by the same class of people that have brought us into this crisis (and continue to profit from our misery) or we can decide to get rid of the lot of them and organise society differently - for our own benefit and of the benefit of those around us; those we work with, those we live with, for a future based on our collective needs. 

We are their crisis
Let's make this a chance for a fundamental change in society. Let's reclaim the history of working class struggle for a new free world, for a global human community fit for all, not the undeserving rich elite who are happy to see our lives ruined if it means that they stay in charge and at the top.

Join thousands of disgruntled, angry, pissed off people on the streets of the financial district. As the bankers continue to cream off billions of pounds of our money let's put the call out – RECLAIM THE MONEY, storm the banks and send them packing.
April 1st in the square mile, City of London financial district
APRIL 2/09 // G20 London Summit, Excel Centre, Docklands
A day of fucking up the summit and other adventures. Be warned. Be aware. Be ready!

London Anarchists


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Join the anarchist block and get penned in by cops, no thanks!

07.03.2009 18:44

So are you calling for a few hundred people to join the anarchist block and all get penned in by the cops for hours and then let out one by one after being photographed and having their details taken as that is what has happened on every anarchist demonstration since Mayday 2000!

sensible protester

remember kensington 08?

07.03.2009 19:10

Israeli embassy
Israeli embassy

dont look to penned in here...

smash g20

Can't wait

07.03.2009 19:29

This is a great opportunity for everyone to let those in power know how we feel about the economic crisis that's been imposed on us and exploited for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful in society. Hopefully we can get a big anarchist bloc together for the demo's on the 28th, 1st and 2nd. There's likely to be a lot of people attracted to these days of action who haven't been on protests before but who are pissed of with the way the government and business classes have treated them over the last few years.


RE:sensible Protester

07.03.2009 19:30

if you plan to do your own thing yet still cause mayhem then thats fine but i doubt it, and im sure you walking in circles will achive oh so much. see everyone else that actually wants to make a difference on the front lines


Taking details?

07.03.2009 23:01

What is the current situation? Havn't been active for a while, how can the police take your details if you don't have any ID on you? I remember being detained at the G8 even after giving my correct details because they couldn't verify who I was for three hours just for driving into a station car park. Is there any new anti terror legislation I should be worried about?

General Degenerate

Summer Of Rage Starts Here! YOU TWATS. . .

08.03.2009 00:32

Who wrote this? Summer of rage! We are in CONSTANT RAGE. By taking the media`s phrase you play into the hands of the state. If you look at history this should be the 3rd summer of love. On April 1st we will show them our love of life,humanity, planet.

An old Hat

put ya thinking caps on!

08.03.2009 00:34

hope nobody is dumb enough to be talking direct action tactics on here or to be lured into it by the filth, they will be monitoring this place like nobody's business and looking for any excuse to go crying to the press that all hell is going to break loose and that they need to get even more ridiculous powers and curtail even more civil liberties! one thing is sure, journalists are gonna need protecting by us @ this event, the filth will be targetting them from the get-go, so come on people, keep the newswire and indy for basic info and do the actual planning in the real world!

cockney reject

re: sensible protester

08.03.2009 01:20

at dalston no one wanted to give their names, and since everyone was united on that front no one had to, they also allowed face coverings. not that police should have to 'allow' either of those two things when no one has broken the law...

at the autonomous block during the gaza march most people ended up outside the cordon, and the people in side were largely 'non militant' many 'first time protesters', with i would say not more than 20 'autonomous' people out of over a 1000 total.


G 20

08.03.2009 13:49

Lets start on the 13 / 14/ 15 of march see the Mail web site

Fred Flintstone

Re: G 20

08.03.2009 14:42

What bit of the website Fred?

Barney Rubble


08.03.2009 16:32

the 3rd summer of love????Drug-addled hippy tosh. Still don't trust em ( or their ability to count ) .

still angry


08.03.2009 16:51

The mail (daily mail) web for today

Fred Flintstone

No, what bit of the website?

08.03.2009 21:50

I've just looked at the Daily Mail website, and can't see what you mean. What is actually happening on the 13-15th that you think we should be doing something about?


14 March G20 finance ministers

09.03.2009 01:11

"G20 Finance ministers are to hold pre-summit talks in southern England next weekend, Saturday March 14, ahead of the main event on April 2-3."
(Mail article mentioned above is


Dear erm. . .

09.03.2009 04:58

Yep that was a silly comment about summer of love. I was just trying to point out the cyclical nature of things. I`m no hippy, I am however astonished by the naivety of people falling straight into the states trap in using terms such as summer of rage.


Old Hat

If you protest, you will be playing right into their plans!!!!!!!

09.03.2009 14:14

The powers that be, who have orchestrated the economic down turn, want us to protest and riot. Please dont even go to a demonstration, there will be paid trouble makers from within the gov (spies) who will encite people to start trouble. They want us to kick off, so they have a reason to implement MARTIAL LAW.

They have created the economic downturn to collapse the £, so it's then easier to bring in the Euro. The same plan for the US with the Amero. Once the US and UK have converted to the Euro and Amero, they will again crash the economy to sell the one world currency argument as the only answer.

So to the people of the world, please dont even attend any protests, what do they ever achieve anyway, remember the anti Iraq invasion march in 2003? Millions attended, did they listen? No. The only thing a protest can do is create even more problems for the people.

We can protest but in a new way, the only way we can overcome the governement is to all learn about Freeman on the land rights and then mass cross industry strikes. If every single working person went on strike for just a few days they would lose all power and realise we are awakening.

So mass strikes yes, protests and demonstrations no, unless you want to be penned in by the police and photographed as a potential terrorist.

Dont be fooled
mail e-mail:

kensingston gaza demo

09.03.2009 14:22

got to agree with the first poster. what's the point of joining the autonomous block??? to get heavy surveilance, photographed by FIT, penned and released after all details given. The Kensington Gaza demos were categorically NOT by the autonomous bloc, were in fact autonomous from the autonomous block and were largely consiting of arab, and south asian muslim youth, NOT anarchists (although there were a few there - who came independant of the bloc). Learn something new - english black blocs are SHIT and play into the hands of the police. think out of the box. don't fall for their game....!


virtual reality

09.03.2009 15:14

Ok, will keep my cool.

This bloc is happening. It is organised by real people, that meet, have been involved for many years, take a responsibility for taking anarchist ideas into the wider world. If people choose not to go on the block or march then well done for making that choice!

To reiterate about the block. It is purely a march to give a vocal opposition to the G20, to build for April 1st/2nd and to gather round many dissilluisoned people. Thats its! Its NOT a black bloc, its NOT going on a rampage, its is purely a march. People are more than welcomed to wear black if they so choose, or a mask but this demonstration is about communication to the tens of thousands of people on the march - it is not only about us and what WE want to do. Leave it for April 1st.

And before you asked, the photo was from the Gaza Solidarity Demo Anarchist Bloc. For some, they were dissappointed we were not more "affective", for others we were affective enough considering the weakness and over-surviellance the anarchists in London have had over the years. Been there, done that. If people feel more is needed, participate, organise and do it.

MB March 28th Co-ordination (personal capacity - obviously)

London Anarchists

Honestly there are other ways rather than protesting

09.03.2009 16:28

Not sure how much you lot on here know about the plans for the NEW WORLD ORDER!

If you aint heard of it, start looking up on the net now.

Last year the government sent warnings to the police, local councils and even parking attendents, stating they were expecting a summer of civil unrest and riots. This was before the economy went tits up in the later months.

How would they know this before the economy turned for the proper worst?

They know this because this is what the people in control want to happen. they are trying to make us protest and riot, so they can bring in more draconian laws. laws which will affect our freedom of speech and brand anyone who speaks against the gov as a terrorist.

I aint saying anyone here would cause any trouble intentionally, but they know about the heard mentality, so will employ spies to initiate trouble.

We all have the same quarms with the establishment and honestly this is not the way to do it this time. It was in the past but it's come to a time where we have to work out real ways to beat them at their game and protesting is playing straight into them.

They are expecting this and actually want it to happen. So they can bring in new laws which affect our civil liberties and the main reason to have an excuse for MARTIAL LAW.

Start watching and there are plenty of videos on there, the most important thing which can make them listen is learning to be a freeman and also like i said earlier, MASS STRIKES, it's the only thing that can hurt them.

The only thing protests do are hurt us in the long run. They will monitor and keep all of your mugshots on a database and then who knows what they will have in store for you once the new anti-human rights laws are brought in to stop another summer of rage, which they antagonised.

6 months later you could be arrested as a terrorist, or even worse see this.

Research, research, research, dont blindly folow the heard, that's what they want!!!

We can over throw them from just MASS STRIKES, the people are awakening and we need to start doing things against them, not as they want us to.

Dont be fooled

Save it for the 1st

09.03.2009 22:41

28 March will be a family friendly demonstration with music, children and colour.

I think the day for militant confrontational action is 1 April when we completely close down the city - lets keep our gunpowder dry


no point arguing, just do what you think is right

09.03.2009 22:44

No one of us has a monopoly on ideas, so just go with what you feel.

If you want to organise strikes, go for it.

If you want to trash the banks and other institutions of power, go for it as well.

All are great, and if we all do what we are best at, the combined effort will be vast.

Any effective tactic will lead to oppression - it's not point singling out black blocs - if mass strikes started affecting the status quo they would soon crack down hard on them too. If you never do anything that might lead to a backlash, you might as well stay at home in bed.


Police State

10.03.2009 06:49

We shouldn't forget that Yorkshire was pretty much a police state during the miners strike 25 years ago. Agree that the state will react to protect its interests as and when we become effective. The best thing we can do is DON'T LET THEM SPLIT US, either by demonsing one set of people from the other. Don't let them divide us by nationalism or race.

Unity is Strength

miner major

Makes no sense

10.03.2009 10:48

"To reiterate about the block. It is purely a march to give a vocal opposition to the G20, to build for April 1st/2nd and to gather round many dissilluisoned people. Thats its! Its NOT a black bloc, its NOT going on a rampage, its is purely a march. People are more than welcomed to wear black if they so choose, or a mask but this demonstration is about communication to the tens of thousands of people on the march - it is not only about us and what WE want to do. Leave it for April 1st. "

That's not how the call out comes across which refers to the block as a direct action block which suggests the intent to take some form of action on the march. That's fair enough although all dressing alike under the red and black and telling the cops where you are meeting doesn't suggest much strategy for pulling anything off.

On the other hand, if this is about 'communication to the tens of thousands of people on the march' then a block makes little sense either since only those directly infront or behind will see the block. If the aim is communication then the 'block' should be dispersed along the length of the March, leafleting and talking to everyone, not just our mates in the autonomous block.

does not compute

Beatniks and Politics

10.03.2009 15:51

Beatniks and Politics, nothing is new,
A yardstick for Lunatics.
One point of View.
Who cares what game we choose.
Little to win
Nothing to Lose.

Cold Stomper

to "does not compute"

10.03.2009 23:02

There will be a group of people distributing 5,000+ leaflets and newspapers thru-out the march. As not everyone on the bloc will be an anarchist or even involved, surely they count as people to speak and communicate with.

There will also be a rally on the day at 3pm speakers corner organised by anarchists. Come down and share your thoughts.

I am confident that you also have organised something and are preparing to make an effective political contribution on the day, can you share it with us?

In Solidarity


London Anarchists


11.03.2009 09:39

this is going to be some next shit. the swine are going to be on it.

maybe im being an idiot but i didnt see many london anarchists at the january gaza protests. where was the black bloc then? is this a load of shit or is there going to be some real action taken here?

protest peaceful if possible, there is more gained from civil disobediance than civil unrest in this situation. but when they call in the cavalry thats the time to smash this town up. i was wondering if anyone can predict whether there is going to be a big international contingent present?


March 14

11.03.2009 22:23

Is ther anything set up for the 14th

Elma Fudge

response to honestly there are other ways than protesting

13.03.2009 00:02

i agree with this comment.don't play into their hands...don't give them any energy.
.there are other ways..
..focus on creating the world you want to see....create it. as much as you can in your everyday life. research where your money many activists still shop in supermarkets, & use high street banks?
support those who are actively making changes,,,,fair
put your money where your mouth is ..come together in your communities to support each other....stop fighting & angry at injustices but use the energy to fire up your passion for life.....take responsibility & do your bit..everyone together we can make big changes...with love....yes i am a hippy & proud of it . one love

jelly baby

Do what you want

14.03.2009 20:02

I agree with the 'do what you want' approach, Anarchists have different opinions obviously, but there is no need to criticise those who take or do not take part in direct action, at the end of the day you are both trying to achieve the same goal, just in different ways.

p.s. Revolt in your way, and I will be at the March 28th protests!


we need more active protest.

21.03.2009 16:19

Protesting only with the say so of our government almost defeats the objective. Read your rights/the apparent rights of the fractional reserve system. The elite in control of our wealth today know of the escalating social protest (its only a matter of time before social protest turns into riot) and are preparing for it. They are attacking the American second ammendment right now. The development of crowd control has been underway for years. when it comes down to it we will be literally powerless against advanced riot control.
educate yourself now. Peaceful protest. Become passive agressive, invest in gold and stop joining the fucking army!

mail e-mail:

we can also make progress in the good, and start creating the world we want

22.03.2009 18:16

I suggest we all organise and promote regular forums and meetings in our own communities across the country (the world), inviting as many local people as we can to join them. Then each local community sets up its own community website ( with each individual in the community given publishing privileges), and then we link all the websites together via a portal website. Thus we link the communities and forums together in a global network.

The one caveat to join a forum is you must be committted to a few basic uncontentious universal values.. for example, principles of peace, against war and arms sales, for a non-exploitative and low carbon economy with meaningful work, a concern about climate change.

From this vantage point we can start creating our own libertarian socialist world, . In short we create the conditions for radical democracy with a web network connecting all libertarian socialists (which efficiently matches a real-world network across every community).

We make our own employment, with our own currency (i believe eventually money would die out) etc.. in short our own alternative society,and drop out from capitalism completely.

I realise this sounds like indymedia and in some ways what is trying to emerge. But it seems to me it would be better if this were more coordinated, and done on a vaster scale.


mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

How many times have we all seen black blocs infiltrated by pissheads or agent pr

23.03.2009 08:03

Well said alnkelly, anyone at Kensington 08 knows that there was a vlarge kettle surrounding us, well organised spikey anarchos got out, but many people were trapped, if you want to do it stick to your own block& area. Anyone that calls Ganhdi a nonce might get a slap.
Honestly, advertising party blockades & defense is widely loved, but unilateral spikey bs is not, & if you do keep well away from others please, not because they hate you but because the police take it out on them.
Save the black bloc for Mr Hitler or Stalin, capitalism makes us all guilty, if the black bloc just stood around like decent bouncers to stop fash or undemocratic cops everyone would love you, instead you steam in then clear off leaving us all exposed, no wonder alex jones etc reckon many of us are provocatuers.
How many times have we all seen black blocs infiltrated by pissheads or agent provacatuers?
There are times & places, dont give the nazis a chance to encourage a dictatorship.
When Iam in my black bloc we act respectfully & vvwell disciplined, we cant afford not to, just like the Durruti columnn

Lets enjoy the party & laugh at the collapse of capitalism, organise & rejoice in the birth of a direct real democracy.
Black bloc is the last resort, lets only get ugly in defence please, otherwise most other anarchists & people will stay well away

Durutti MIB


24.03.2009 01:34

I'm a, previously non political, tradesman. I had a good living based on my apprenticeship, several years of experience and a good relationship with my customers. That's all gone. The family business I worked for has gone under. I 'signed-on' this week. Ten years of post apprenticeship training in joinery and carpentry, made my job centre adviser suggest I look for tele sales work. I'm sorry but I'm very fucking angry. I won't be wearing a face mask....

Talk talk talk away people.

mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Come on

24.03.2009 12:41

most power in this system it in the Trilateral commission who are meeting in Japan soon. G20 generally follows out their orders though & Trilateral-Bilderberg members will be overseeing proceedings so it is worthwile. We have a direct democracy structure to put in place though this needs to be done carefully, the whole world is on a knife edge.
holly skllar trilareral commision

To the "elite"
The general plan is not to just smash afew banks up & protest, that is what procatuers do or what we do when police are ordered to mess with us, the people do want a real democracy.
People will keep doing this as safely & democratically as possible everywhere& use everything we have ballots,love, protest & force if we are attacked. Bolsheviks, fascist,Stalinist or any torturers& murderers will not be tolerated.
Capitalism is a sickness that effects us all, the worst offenders of any class in a elite or not need to be detained & or given real natural therapy.

Remember many of us are the people who feed you, drive you, clean & gaurd you while you sleep, stop messing with this planet we all live on & let us have real democracy please.

We cannot allow this system to destroy the planet, lets "evolve" & explore the space safely,the universe is waiting


soz about the repeat post, computer probs

24.03.2009 12:59

Remember anarchists are not just in low positions many are key workers making sure Health & safety & a number of life support systems keep operating for absolutely all of us so even if some in special forces want to try & crush us, dont be suprised if things start messing up & shutting down all over the world,
lots of love, pe@ce & kisses


Oops computer probs, Remember anarchists are not just in low positions many are

24.03.2009 13:00

Remember anarchists are not just in low positions many are key workers making sure Health & safety & a number of life support systems keep operating for absolutely all of us so even if some in special forces want to try & crush us, dont be suprised if things start messing up & shutting down all over the world,
lots of love, pe@ce & kisses


take it easy

25.03.2009 00:24

hey comrades, there is a kind ov virus . Its called Greek New Order. The only cure for this is state terrorism which has been in UK for a few years on great scale. UK and other European countries are trying to find a vaccine for it and the mass media are trying The Summer Of Rage trick . Imagine that you have weak willingness to do something and somebody tells you to do that. That preinvention will probably put you off unless you are determined and strong. The cops want to have a pure probe of anarchists to crush them straight away by saying "The summer Of Rage", they hope those armed with flowers will not appear on protests. I should suggest one for everyone .. you should not greet fat cats with colourful dresses , smiles and good wishes.




25.03.2009 10:28

beat the bastards beat them now!


The Birth Certificate Fraud With Which We Stop the Bankers

25.03.2009 13:46

There is a talk by John Harris, of 2moro evening, 26th March, re: precisely what this article is suggesting- taking private banking out of the equation and all the parasites under this commercial system, which is governed by admiralty maritime law. The fact that the land and human beings are under the law of water is the biggest fraud perpetrated against all of us by representatives of a so-called elite minority. It deprives us of freedom and 'grants' us 'rights'. The fact is that we are 'bonded persons'. 'Persons' are not human beings, a person is a corporate legal fiction as defined by Black's Law, Edition 3. Admiralty maritime law cannot be applied to human beings, it applies to commercial shipping.

So how did they do it? A ship when it enters the harbour to dock, (same dock as in a court) 'sits in its berth', and has to register with a 'certificate of manifest'. This is given to the harbourmaster by the captain and gives the harbourmaster temporary title ownership, until the merchant bankers claim their goods and the ship leaves. So how can this apply to human beings? Well your mother is the merchant vessel, as you are carried in water! Eventually you are 'delivered' by the ship, your mother, through the 'birth canal' (note the water based language) and are brought under admiralty because as a 'admiralty maritime product', you are required to have a 'birth certificate'. Under the law of the land you do not need a birth certificate but 'legally' a child must be registered within six weeks of berth. Legally (legalese- the secret language of the law society, which uses English words but gives them different meanings, so that human beings unwittingly contract with them) does not mean lawfully.

'Register' in Black's Law means to transfer title ownership (see ship at the end). So register anything, your car, your profession, your child and you have relinquished it to the body to which you register it. Now this constitutes fraud under contract law and everything in this system is down to contracts. Because contracts must be fully disclosed and have the signatures of both parties. You were a baby, and even if it was OK for your parents to enter into a contract on your behalf, which it isn't, they are not given a full or even partial disclosure of the significance of this document.

Next the birth cert. is given to the private merchant bankers by the govt as collateral for loans. Now we know why human beings are called collateral damage- barbaric isn't it? They float a bond for the value to them of your life and they create the person.

The person is subject to statutes and acts made up by parliament; the houses of commons and lords are all corporations registered at Dunne and Bradstreet, as are all councils, courts, schools, police authorities, & govt bodiews, the labour party is a corporation traded as Alistair Darling MP, he is a diplomat which allows the labour party to circumvent the law. However there is an important fact that Black's Law Dictionary records that statutes and acts have the force of law with the consent of the governed. We unwittingly consent by giving the person name and create joinder with the address with post code or date of birth. If we do not consent they cannot charge us, fine us tax us, rip us off in short. I have written a few articles for tpuc and the last time that I was arrested, merely for asking that a person undergoing stop and search, section 42, was told his rights, the police were unable to charge because I wouldn't contract with them. The article on this is in 3 parts under the title, Myrtle (Mirthful) Merryweather, The British Transport Police, One Brave Briton and Freedom, if anyone needs pointers on handling the authorities in this situation.

Mirthful Merryweather
mail e-mail:

Dissent or no?

25.03.2009 19:01

Reading through some of the comments about the New World Order and how the government wants there to be trouble next week with instigators causing it and what not I felt that it was a little paranoid and pretty much submitting to any percieved threat to our civil liberties before any worst case senario had been established. A movement for economic reform will now fall on sympathetic ears worldwide and given the correct use of slogons and banners the worlds media can see itself rhetoric made public by this massive and perfectly reasonable protest. As long as the protest cannot be perverted as 'green extremism' or 'mindless anarchism' (as opposed to intelligent anarchism, which is in fact all anarchism) it will do the apathetic masses a lot of good and stifle economic debate amongst people. Given enough banners with witty informed comments on the fractional reserve banking practices and new world order warnings you will find that it will propell many to take action themselves wether it be protesting, informing or using conventional means to take part in the democratic process that is still left as long as they tell us it is. Maybe we can't fill the house of commons will youthful, intelligent and ideologically different politicians but we can, given the right tact and application of direct action in tandem with information defeat apathy which in irony is the biggest enemy of the citizens of this strange debt ridden country.

Anonymous Crusading Journalist

Qualification of earlier post

25.03.2009 19:24

To qualify my earlier post: it wasn’t a proposal against protest demos or direct action to oppose wrongdoing.

- Most of us would agree, I think, that protest demos (especially mass protest), although of limited value, are certainly worthwhile; the malfeasance of concentrated power needs to be exposed for what it is, and a mass protest is a direct way of achieving that.

- The value of direct action (like the Fairford 5, the Raytheon 9, Smash Edo, Plane Stupid, Climate Camp…) to stop crimes against life (social and economic injustice, political repression, arms production and criminal wars, climate criminality, maltreatment of animals…) is self-evident.

- But to come back to the earlier post, I believe the greatest advance would be the creation of our own decent society (on a large scale across communities), unmoored from Capitalism, that celebrates life. I realise that’s what we’re all trying to do, but maybe we need more energy on this… and we can get out of Capitalism now (and I believe we’ll pull the rest of society with us).

Meantime, I hope the protests are huge.

Well well
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- Homepage:

A to B on the 28th? Maybe not...

26.03.2009 10:33

The Putting People First march will form up along Victoria Embankment from 11am on the 28th March, before setting off at noon. It will then make its way past Parliament and through the centre of London to the rally site in Hyde Park.

Want to do something a little different?


Email from Builidng Services company based in Square Mile

26.03.2009 13:09



We have had a visit from the City of London Police to advise us there will be a large protest on the 1st April/2nd April during the G20 Summit Week. Please can I ask you to all remain extra vigilant during this time in order to protect the security of the building and of course yourselves.

Please ask all colleagues to ensure they have their pass on them AT ALL TIMES. If you do not have your pass, you must check in at Reception in order to get a replacement pass. There will be no lenience on this.
If you have any couriers coming to collect or deliver to your floors on these dates, they will need to collect or deliver their item to the post room in the loading bay. We will not be letting any couriers into the building during these times. In order to sign for items, we will call you when a delivery has arrived and we will require a member of staff to come down and sign for the item.
The shutters to the loading bay will be closed during the day. If you need to park your car/bike/motorbike, please ensure you are in the loading bay by 9am or you will need to buzz for access (you must have your building pass to gain entry.)
We will have extra security in for the 2 days and would ask that any information received is passed on so we can manage the potential situation as best we can.

The City may see protests throughout the week of the Summit, however, intelligence suggests the City is likely to see demonstrations on 1 April including:

Financial Fools demonstration is likely to focus on three locations - Bank of England, European Climate Exchange in Bishopsgate and Royal Bank of Scotland in Bishopsgate. The protest is being advertised as a G20 meltdown with four meeting places advertised as Moorgate, Liverpool St, London Bridge and Cannon St at 11am converging on Bank Junction.
There are plans for a ‘climate camp’ outside the European Climate Exchange between the evening of 31 March and 2 April.
It is believed that the majority of the protestors intend to conduct a peaceful demonstration. Businesses should, however, remain vigilant at all times and ensure that buildings are secure. Banks and financial premises are the targets of the protest although this could extend to all premises in the city.


Fun at the seaside

28.03.2009 13:24

Lets remember we need the big turn out in brighton on the 4th of may, and not in other places
start looking at the EDO web pages

Slim Jim

Your right under section 44

31.03.2009 20:07

Some people don't seem to know what their rights are when face with the police. Copy and paste this link to find out

The power to stop and search under anti-terrorism powers should only be used when there is evidence of a specific terrorist threat. It should not be simply an addition to the day to day powers of officers policing protesters. Make sure you know!


another silly walk ?

01.04.2009 00:09

unfortunately peaceful silly walks achieve nothing ,nothing changes in history unless u kick ass bigtime, u may not agree! ,in wich case thats a petty bourjois deviation ,get over it or continue 2 b oppressed. rollover n take it up the perverbial.we all have our part to play in all different diverse ways , i'm not pushing for violence i hate it, i'm just saying dont be pushed around by state lack'ys,the poll tax demo achieved its agenda for one reason only,need i say more.

semi weneb

focus on creating the world we want.

01.04.2009 00:40

yes i like the dialogue that has been going on on this page , & would like to support again the idea, of...if more of us put as much energy into thinking about, designing & creating the society we wanted & act "as if that is already our reality " rather than continuously being in reaction against the situation we are finding ourselves in , we might find , we transition is hard to break away from the adiction of re-action, but thats where practise comes in.
ho to our evolving consciousness.
and if we all joined together to demand the abolition of the arms trade that keeps the whole thing
love & peace for all beings .
jelly baby

jelly baby
mail e-mail: jelly


01.04.2009 09:51

If you geniuses really desire to topple the immense, world-wide structures of historical sedimentation perhaps mastering spelling and punctuation would be a good place to start. MUST TRY HARDER

Kurt Mangger

to Kurt Mangger

01.04.2009 11:42

The only thing you can talk about is the spelling? I as a lot of people that are not stuck up care more about what people have to say and how they feel rather then the spelling. If you can't understand a word then you ask what are you trying to say or from the rest of the sentience you figure out what that person has to say (use your brain). If you have a difference in an idea or something then that is what you express, but if your whole problem is the spelling and only that. Contact that person or people that may have "problems" spelling and teach them but at the same time learn from them. Someone made some rules on how a word is spelled and what is right or wrong, but who says we should? If I feel I like to spell a word one way and someone likes to spell it a different way then what is the problem if I can understand them? There is a lot more to life and values then spelling, saying the right thing, dressing in the right cloths, having the right thoughts and so on.
Great job everybody and good luck.
We will only be free when the last capitalist is hung from the guts of the last fascist


the black bloc effect

01.04.2009 18:42

In Genova, 2001, I saw a few repetitions of the following pattern, and heard it described by others many times:

1) the black block attacks a bank/shop and start breaking/burning etc. Cops stand staring calmly.
2) the main group of pacific protesters arrives on the spot. Cops attack them unmercifully.

followed by:
3) mainstream media portray the whole thing as a simpler "cops sedates riot" scenario, and simply drop the topics of the protest
4) most people take it as the truth, and do not worry investigating the topics of the protest

and, I would guess,
5) insurance companies repay the bank/shop, which can refurbish for free.
6) some underpaid immigrant repairs/cleans up the place.

With this I do not want to imply conspiracy theories about BB being infiltrated or otherwise connected to the cops. I'm convinced they are honestly convinced of their way of expressing dissent. I'm equally convinced it's the wrong one. It has no positive effects, and major negative ones.

If you want to REALLY harm banks and multinationals:
1) consume less. A lot less. Only when you really have to.
2) change the way you consume (second hand, local production,fair trade..)
3) tell others
in other words, la decroissance/degrowth/decrescita.

a rabbit

Storm the banks? Come off it!

02.04.2009 21:19

I've been in demonstrations and situations penned up by the police and subject to their intimidation and I know that its frustrating, an abuse of power and that it just rubs in your nose in the lying rhetoric about there being a right to protest, about our policing and legal system being based on justice.

But I also think that shaking fists at capitalism and smashing the windows of banks is not going to achieve anything at all. Absolutely nothing.

Yes, it ventilates and expresses very angry tells bankers and governments how much they are hated. But so what? They will survive hatred because they have extremely well equipped police forces who enjoy an opportunity to push people, club them, pepper spray them and use CS gas. Being hated is something that has never bothered people in power, it makes them feel even more self important, even more powerful. There is nothing that so much pleases a power junky than to impose their will on the seathing rage of others and make them submit. Since it is their power that matters most of all to our betters this power is felt to be at its greatest when they can regard themselves as imposing it on those of us who are their inferiors.

This kind of politics is rather like expecting anything positive to come from writing to my Member of Parliament. It may give expression and ventilate a feeling of repeated outrage but it yields absolutely no return at all. It is futile.

If you are going to have mass action you must have millions of people behind you - and if you want millions of people behind you then you must have a tangible workable alternative that already in existence, at least in embryo, that they want to defend and fight for. Todays anti capitalist demonstrators don't have anything like that. Sure they are demonstrating against something that is immensely destructive of environment and communites but they are not demonstrating for something that is a credible alternative.

We have reached the outer limits of a debt based money system and the people in power are struggling to rescue the system with more debt. It won't work - so what it the alternative? If a new money and exchange system is needed then it will have to be created. In the 1930s when the recession was at its depth a small town in Austria established a local non debt based money system and successfully abolished unemployment in the town. If that example had taken hold throughout Austria and Germany there might never have been a second world war. But guess what - the Austrian monetary authorities closed down the experiment. Unemployment returned to what it had been in the town of Woergl. Now that, I think, would have been would have been something work demonstrating for - that would have been something to defy the law over - a workable alternative that is closed down in favour of a system that is in breakdown.

If you want to do something that is going to be an adequate response to this crisis you can protest against the system or you can work to grow and foster tangible productive alternatives. That isn't something that you can do overnight. It requires different skills to organising a demonstration - you need to build trust between people, you need to get people to commit themselves to a process where there will be obstacles to be overcome and some degree of frustration. You need to take the risk that you will embark on a course of action and fail, seeing others lose confidence and melt away. The place for demonstrations is when your approach is showing its value, gaining support and the powers that be move to close it down.

If you don't like the current money system then develop another one in your neighbourhood, your f
district, your town and network them together. There are now scores of groups all over the world developing complentary currencies.

If you don't like the system of agriculture then develop an alternative model for your community garden or community assisted agriculture. When people emjoy and like what you are doing then get them to set up their own. Once you've shown it works and you are hamstrung for lack of land then start demonstrating if your political overtures for extra land are getting you nowhere.

The chief reason that there is no green in the green new deal is that the multinationals are too integrated into the carbon economy to want to participate and there are not enough real green community level projects and businesses with enough organisational and business skills to take the money, work their way through the obstacles, organisational and technical, to get them put up.

If you think that capitalist consumerism is an inferior lifestyle ethically and that we all have enough to live on comfortably and enjoyably - then show how this lifestyle works in practice - without condescending all those other moral inferiors who haven't had the benefit of reading them same radical tracts as the ones in one's own style club. Spread your ideas by example.

Will this achieve an anti capitalist revolution quickly enough to avert climate catastrophe? Frankly I very much doubt it. The Arctic is melting and our betters are too preoccupied with money making to notice or do anything about it. What I am describing takes time and we don't have much time.

However, while I doubt that we will turn the situation around in time, working to re-create the money systems, the garden and energy projects and the lifestyles that we need does stand a slightly better chance than smashing windows in Threadneedle Street and making the police, the bankers and the establishment politicians feel self important and self righteous......unless and until those demonstrations are promoting viable alternative arrangements that are already getting off the ground and shown to be arrangements that will help millions.

Brian Davey
mail e-mail:

yes yes to rabbit & brian davey

20.04.2009 22:56

thank you rabbilt & brian ,
for your concise & intelligent comments & suggestions...the trouble is its much harder to really change & do something differently...much easier to kick out against something than take responsibility for your/our own actions that are part of the problem in the first place!!! but it is possible if we work together & support each other to change....& it starts within & then our own backyard & then our neighbourhood & gradually ripples out....trouble is campaigning mentality is into blame & violence hence the revenge remarks ..violence begets violence & the cycle carries on....
as ghandi said ..".an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind "..
ho peace & love to all beings
jelly baby ( i'm a rabbit too !!!)

jelly baby

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