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Open complaint against JET AIRWAYS for one pair Pug killing - Naresh Kadyan

Abhishek Kadyan, Media Adviser to the OIPA in India | 12.05.2009 11:59 | Animal Liberation | World

Mr. Rajender Tandon -9810187321 lodged a complaint with the International Organization for Animal Protection - OIPA in India Representative Naresh Kadyan about killing of his one pair Pug dogs by the JET AIRWAYS, this matter was taken up with the Mumbai Police vide Complaint - #12377 dated May 12th, 2009 u/s 428 & 429 IPC read with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 & violation of the other relevant laws of the land

Dear Naresh Kadyan,
Representative of the International Organization for Animal Protection - OIPA in India

I traveled on 9th May, 2009 Mumbai -Delhi Jet Airways flight 9W 370 scheduled departure 15.40 hrs along with my two pets(Pug Dogs named Jimmy and Batnu, 4 years and 3 years old). The flight departed at 16.00 hrs.

I reached airport around 13.30 hrs. We never put them in cage but becuse of travel requirements, before entering airport, at airport itself, I put them in well ventilated fiber cage. I checked in at around 13.45 hrs. Prior to check in, they were taken out of cage and cages were xray screened. Near xray machine, passing passengers played with them. They were perfectly well. I also carried their latest health/ vaccination certificates as per airline pets travel requirements.

I handed over them to Jet Airways staff at 13.58 hrs after paying for their passege vide receipt no 589 6142707184 5.

While handing over, I checked with Jet Ground staff about the place, they will keep my pets before taking them in aircraft and requested them to keep inside the building itself.

On boarding, I again requested the air hostess to check weather they have boarded and are ok. The air hostess confirmed that they are OK and now boarding.

The aircraft landed at 17.40 hrs. After collecting my luggage, I saw Jet ground staff gathering around cages of my pets near entry point from inside airport at arrival. I reached there and was informed by Jet staff about bad news that they are no more.

I requested them to call a Doctor if something could be done at last minute. They kept on trying to call a doctor but no one responded.

They took me to some Appolo airport clinic within the premises but no medical help available there.

They took me to Terminal 1 B in their clinic along with pets, but doctor on duty refused to even see them saying he has no knowledge about pets..

They tried to locate a Vet near airport and sent one of their staff with me who has taken me to Dr. Sharma in South Moti Bagh Market who checked and informed that nothing can be done as they are no more. On our request, he further checked and informed that apparently it seems that they died because of acute respiratory failure due to deficiency of oxygen and issued a certificate to this effect. Copy of same was also collected by Jet staff.

One of the staff at airport also informally told that this has happened because of carelessness on part of Captain and crew of flight. The flight was operated by Captain Sheikh Ahmed.

Some of the photographs including video of my pets Jimmy and Batnu are attached herewith.

Thanks for taking keen interest in the case so that such lapses on part of airline are not repeated.

R K Tandon

Kind attention:-
The Commissioner of Mumbai Police,

Kindly refer to the media reports about the killing of two Pug dogs in JET AIRWAYS flights, both dogs were killed due to lac of oxygen, hence the International Organization for Animal Protection - OIPA in India requesting you to please direct the concerned officer to lodge complaint against:-
Jet Airways (India) Ltd.
S. M. Center, Andheri-Kurla Road
Andheri East
Mumbai - 400 059
for violations of the various sections of the relevant laws of the land read with the 428 - 429 IPC & PCA Act, 1960.

From: Mumbai Police
Date: Tue, May 12, 2009 at 3:36 PM
Subject: Complaint - #12377
To: Animal Rights Activist from India - Naresh Kadyan


Thank you for your query. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mumbai Police
Naresh Kadyan,
Representative for INDIA,
C-38, Rose Apartment, Prashant Vihar, Sector - 14,
ROHINI, DELHI - 110085
Mobile - +91-9813010595
- +91- 9313312099
My book -

Abhishek Kadyan, Media Adviser to the OIPA in India
- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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Open complaint against JET AIRWAYS for one pair Pug killing - Naresh Kadyan

12.05.2009 13:17

Policy for Carriage of Assist animals / Service animals:

Jet Airways accepts service animals / assist animals only if accompanying guests are visually disabled / hearing impaired and these animals are trained to guide their users or alert their users to sounds.

Below are few points to be followed with respect to Carriage of animals:

* Domestic flights (except ATR-operated flights): Domesticated dogs, cats, birds and rabbits.
* International flights (except flights to/from UK, flights into Kozhikode, Kochi): Domesticated dogs and cats only.
Note: Some countries prohibit import of certain aggressive breeds of dogs, hybrid dogs/cats or transport by air of pug-nosed dogs.
* Females with suckling young and unweaned animals not accepted.
* Weaned puppies/kittens under 8 weeks not accepted.
* 48 hours notice required for international flights
* Accepted on flights operated by Boeing or Airbus aircraft only. Not accepted on ATR-operated flights
* Must be carried in the cargo hold, cannot be carried in the cabin. (Note: Service animals accompanying a disabled guest in the guest cabin do not fall under this category).
* However service/assist animals, when accompanying a disabled user are carried free of cost if carried in the hold.
* One guest can carry a maximum of 3 containers.
* No airline liability in case of injury/death.

Carriage in the Guest (Passenger) Cabin:

* The guest must carry a moisture-absorbent mat, appropriate food for the animal and a container for water
* The animal must be leashed or harnessed to the guest’s seat belt
* If possible, the animal should be muzzled during the flight
* The animal is not allowed to occupy a guest seat
* The user must comply with all local regulations for the departure, transfer point (if any) and destination. This includes (but is not limited to) Customs, Quarantine and Health Regulations, which vary from country to country, Animal/Pet Travel Schemes, e-tagging/micro-chipping, Import/Export formalities, vaccinations, health inspections, certificates, animal passports, tests and treatments and foodstuff import/export regulations if carrying food for the animal
* Only one service animal per flight
* The guest should never be seated in a way that the animal would impede access to the aisle or the emergency exit.
* If the assist animals poses a threat to other guests and cannot be brought under control or is a safety hazard or is too large to be accommodated in the guest cabin, the assist animal will be transported free of cost in the cargo hold in a container provided by the guest.

Container requirements:

* The minimum container, packaging and handling requirements as published in the IATA Live Animals Regulations must be met. These regulations prescribe the materials to be used, size, frame, etc.
* The container should be escape proof, leak proof and of the proper size.
* It should have ample ventilation
* The container must be strong i.e. not of chewable material.
* Each animal in the container must have enough space to turn about easily while standing, to stand and sit erect and to lie in a natural position.
* The cage must be properly secured.
* Pets are usually accepted on a one to one basis per container. However two small pets of the same species and same owner can share a container if they are between 8 weeks and not weighing over 10 kgs each, or, a mother with offspring of less than 4 months.

Charging Excess Baggage:

* The weight of the pet along with the container is taken into consideration when charging excess baggage.
Weight Concept: The weight of the pet plus container is charged for, whether within the Free Baggage Allowance or not.
* Piece Concept: The container inclusive of the pet is considered as an additional piece, irrespective of the number of pieces of baggage the guest has. Excess baggage is charged by piece. If also overweight or oversized, additional excess baggage charges will apply.

International Customs and Quarantine Requirements:

* It is the responsibility of the guest to check and comply with all local regulations at the departure airport, transfer point (if any) and destination. This includes (but is not limited to) Customs, Quarantine and Health Regulations, Quarantine stay fees/reservations, Pet Travel Schemes, e-tagging/micro-chipping, Import/Export formalities, Landing Permits, Transshipment permits, vaccinations, health inspections, Inspection fees, certificates, animal passports, tests and treatments, restrictions on the breed/number of pets that can be imported and foodstuff import/export regulations if carrying food for the animal.
* The responsibility of clearing the animal through Customs and Quarantine at the destination will lie with the guest.
* Jet Airways cannot accept pets on flights into/from UK.
* For international flights into India, pets can only be sent to the four metros of Mumbai/Delhi/Kolkata & Chennai where animal quarantine officers are present. In case of live animals to other destinations, the guest/shipper must clear Customs and Quarantine formalities at the above mentioned stations and rebook on the onward domestic leg.
* The guest must inform Jet Airways at least 48 hours in advance to enable us to inform the Animal Quarantine officer at destination. On receipt of the information, the staff at the destination must be informed of the flight details. The staff will then inform the Quarantine officer at the station.

The following documents are required:
* Health certificate from authorized agency at origin.
* Vaccination record with rabies vaccination date (some countries may exempt Rabies-free areas)
* Other documents may be required, depending on the local regulations.
* All documents must be in English, unless otherwise specified.
* For Bahrain, the documents, including the up-to-date Immunisation report must be faxed to Mr Majid Alwasifi, fax number +00973-17645218 for approval, along with the guest’s contact details and the Jet Airways Bahrain Office contact details.

Clearance Procedure at Destination for international flights:

* The quarantine officer will inspect the animal and verify its health. Fees may apply for some countries.
* Based on the physical condition of the animal and the health certificate, a “No objection for import” will be issued by quarantine officer.
* Based on the No Objection and other supporting documents required by the local Customs, the pet will be cleared through Customs and handed over to the guest.
* Pets that do not clear requirements may be shipped back to the country of origin, vaccinated, quarantined or destroyed.

Country Station Contact Number Email Address
Bahrain Bahrain +973 17321822 / 21
Bangladesh Dhaka +88 01713095776
Belgium Brussels +32 27883090 / 80
Canada Toronto +905 673 0388
India Mumbai + 91 22 2682 9798/2682 9192
India Delhi + 91 11 25656475/25656347

Board of Directors Jet Airways:-

Mr. Naresh Goyal, a non-resident Indian national, is the chairman of the Company. He is also the chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Goyal holds a Bachelors of Commerce degree and after completing his education in 1967, Mr. Goyal joined the travel business and underwent extensive practical training with several foreign airlines.

Mr. Naresh Goyal has more than 38 years of experience in the civil aviation industry. Immediately after graduation in Commerce in 1967, Mr. Goyal joined the travel business with the General Sales Agents for Lebanese International Airlines. Subsequently, Mr. Goyal was appointed the Public Relations Manager of Iraqi Airways in 1969 and from 1971 to 1974 was the Regional Manager for ALIA, Royal Jordanian Airlines. During this period, Mr. Goyal also worked with the Indian offices of Middle Eastern Airline (MEA) where he gained experience in various areas including ticketing, reservations and sales. During this period, he underwent extensive training in all facets of the travel business and undertook considerable international travel on business. He was thereafter appointed Regional Manager of Philippine Airlines where he handled the commercial operations of the airline in India. With the wide experience, expertise and technical know-how Mr. Goyal acquired, he founded Jetair Private Limited (then known as Jetair Transportation Private Limited) in 1974 with the objective of providing sales and marketing representation to foreign airlines in India. Shortly thereafter in 1975, he was appointed Regional Manager of Philippine Airlines in India.

In Jetair, Mr. Goyal was directly involved in marketing studies and traffic development in the Far East, Middle East, and Europe, the U.K. and the U.S.A. Mr. Goyal has also been involved in developing studies of traffic patterns, route structures, operational economies and flight scheduling, all of which have made him an authority in the world of aviation and travel.

As Chairman of the GSA company, Jetair Private Limited and the other promoter group companies such as International Cargo Carriers Limited, National Travel Service and France Air Ltd. he has imparted expertise to these companies and further refined his knowledge of the operation of passenger and cargo services and promotion and development of tourism.

In 1992, as part of the ongoing diversification of his business interests, Mr. Goyal caused to be promoted our Company for operating scheduled air services in India.

Mr. Goyal in his capacity as Chairman, Jet Airways has won the 'Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Services' from Ernst & Young and also 'Distinguished Alumni Award-2000' for meritorious and distinguished performance as an Entrepreneur and also the 'Most Respected Company in Travel and Hospitality Sector'. Other awards conferred on Mr. Goyal include the 'Outstanding Asian-Indian' award for leadership and contribution to the global community given by the Indian American Centre for Political Awareness, 'Aerospace Laurels' for outstanding contribution in the field of Commercial Air Transport twice, in April 2000 and February 2004. The airline has also been given the 'Pride in Excellence' award from Boeing Company for maintaining the highest Technical Despatch Reliability for the second year in succession in April 2004. In August 2003, the airline was awarded the 'Superbrand' status by the world's leading authority on branding, the Superbrands Council.

In July 2005, Business Week selected Chairman, Naresh Goyal as one of the five leaders from India in their Asia Edition cover story "Stars of Asia - 25 Leaders at The Forefront of Change."

Chairman, Naresh Goyal received the first BML Munjal Award for Excellence in Learning & Development in the Private Sector category from the Honourable Minister for Civil Aviation, Shri Praful Patel along with a citation at a special function at Hotel Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi on January 6, 2006.

The Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh presented the first NDTV Profit Business Award 2006 to Jet Airways, which was received by the Chairman, Naresh Goyal at a glittering function at Taj Palace Hotel on July 28, 2006. The award, in the aviation category, is to salute the men and women who fuel India's journey to the forefront of the World Economy.

Chairman, Naresh Goyal was accorded the prestigious TATA AIG – Lifetime Achievement Award at the Abacus-TAFI Awards ceremony organized during the TAFI (Travel Agents' Federation of India) International Travel Convention 2007, on Saturday 8th September, 2007 at the Sutera Harbour Resort in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Chairman, Naresh Goyal, was conferred with “Travel Entrepreneur of the Year” award at the 19th annual TTG(Travel Trade Gazette) Travel Awards. The awards were presented at a glittering ceremony and gala dinner on Thursday 25th October, 2007 at the Sofitel Centara Grand, Bangkok.

Chairman, Naresh Goyal was awarded the prestigious "Man of the Year Award" by the Aviation Press Club (APC) at its 30th Anniversary on Wednesday, April 09, 2008, in Belgium. The Aviation Press Club is an influential club of Belgian Aviation Journalists. Mr. Goyal has been re-elected to IATA Board of Governors for the year 2008-09. He has earlier served on the Board of Governors of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), from 2004-2006.

Mr. Ali Ghandour, a Jordanian national, has been a Director of the Company since February 1998. Mr. Ghandour is a qualified aeronautical engineer from New York University, U.S.A. Mr. Ghandour has over 50 years of experience in the civil aviation industry. He was an advisor to the late King Hussein of Jordan and was earlier the Chairman of the Royal Jordanian Airlines. He has also been associated with the development of a number of airlines in the Middle East.

Mr. Victoriano P. Dungca, an American national, has been a Director of the Company since January 1999. Mr. Dungca holds an MBA from Cornell University, U.S.A. and is a Certified Public Accountant from the U.S.A. Mr. Dungca has had a long and distinguished career with Philippine Airlines and retired as its Executive Vice President. He is currently a financial advisor based in California, U.S.A.

Mr. Javed Akhtar, an Indian national has been a Director of the Company since March 1993. Mr. Akhtar holds a Bachelor of Arts degree. Mr. Akhtar is a well-known poet, lyricist, screenplay and scriptwriter and is a famous media personality. Mr. Akhtar has won the Filmfare Award thirteen times, and is a five-time National Award winner for the best lyricist.

Mr. Iftikar M. Kadri, an Indian national, has been a Director of the Company since February 2000. Mr. Kadri holds a Bachelors degree in Engineering from Pune University. He is a member of the Council of Architecture, New Delhi and a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects and a fellow of the Indian Institute of Interior Design. Mr. Kadri set up his practice as an architect in 1960 and is actively involved with the problems relating to rebuilding of dilapidated buildings in Mumbai and exploring technological solutions for mass housing schemes. He was also a member of the Steering Committee appointed by the Government of Maharashtra to suggest strategies for solving the housing problems of Mumbai. Mr. Kadri was awarded a citation in 1993 as an Outstanding Architectural Engineer by the Institution of Engineers in India. He is also the general secretary of the prestigious Nehru Centre in Mumbai.

Mr. Charles Arthur Adams, an American national, has been a Director of the Company since September 2003. Mr. Adams hold a Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Hartford, U.S.A. and has 40 years of experience in the aviation industry. After a distinguished career in the United States Army, Mr. Adams joined Trans World Airlines, or TWA, in 1965 and held numerous management positions with TWA in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia. He retired from TWA in 1991 and subsequently then joined United Parcel Service, or UPS, as the Executive Vice President for UPS Yamato Japan. He retired from UPS in 2003 as President, Asia Pacific.

Mr. Aman Mehta, an Indian national, has been a Director of the Company since September 2004. Mr. Mehta holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from Delhi University. He joined the HSBC group in 1968. He subsequently held several senior positions with the HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation and was appointed Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Asia Pacific in January 1999, a position he held until his retirement in December 2003. Mr. Mehta is also a member of the governing board of the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, and of the Indian Council for Research and International Economic Relations, New Delhi. Mr. Mehta serves as an independent director on the boards of several companies in India as well as in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Mr. Yash Chopra, an Indian national, has been appointed a Director of the Company since April 2006. Mr. Chopra has had a distinguished career spanning over five decades in the Indian film industry. His work has been recognized in India and overseas and he has received several prestigious awards for his outstanding contribution to Indian Cinema. These include the National and Filmfare awards, the BBC Asia Awards (in 1998 and 2001), the Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji Millennium Lifetime Achievement Award (in 2001), the Dadasaheb Phalke Award (in 2001) and the Priyadarshini Award to name a few. Mr. Chopra has also been awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the British Tourist Authority and British Film Commission for promoting tourism in the U.K. through his films. In 2005, Mr. Chopra was conferred the Padma Bhushan, one of the Country’s highest civilian honours.

Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, an Indian national, has been appointed a Director of the Company since August 2006. Mr. Shah Rukh Khan is a well-known Actor from the Indian Film Industry. He is the recipient of thirteen Filmfare Awards, three National Honours including Best Indian Citizen Award in 1997, Rajiv Gandhi Award for Excellence in 2002. In 2005, Mr. Khan was conferred the Padma Shri, one of the prestigious civilian honours conferred annually by the Government of India. He is also recognized as a cultural ambassador of India to the rest of the world.

Dr. Pierre J. Jeanniot, a Canadian national, has been appointed a Director of the Company since August 2006. Dr. Pierre J. Jeanniot is a prominent, distinguished and widely acknowledged contemporary leader of the aviation industry. Dr. Jeanniot was Director General and CEO of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) from 1993 to 2002. He is now Director General Emeritus of IATA, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to international civil aviation. From 1984 to 1990 Dr. Jeanniot held the position of President and CEO of Air Canada. He is currently Chairman of Thales Canada Inc. Dr. Jeanniot has served on the Board of Directors of various airlines, telecommunications companies, airports, air navigation consultancies, and publishing houses. He is also President of Jinmag Inc., a management and investment company which he created in 1990, providing advice to various international civil aviation authorities and companies.

Mr. Saroj K. Datta Executive Director, Jet Airways (India) Ltd., completed his education at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, with a post-graduate degree in Economics. After a two-year stint at the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) in New Delhi, Mr. Datta joined Air-India in November 1962. During his tenure with Air-India, Mr. Datta worked in various sections of the Commercial and Planning Departments of the airline. In 1980, he was appointed Deputy Director, Planning and International Department with overall charge of the Department. Mr.Datta joined Kuwait Airways in 1987 as the Planning and Economic Advisor. He returned back to India in September 1990 following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. In early 1991 he joined the Jetair Group of Companies, India’s largest General Sales Agent, in Mumbai as its Executive Director. Since early 1992, Saroj Datta has headed the Jet Airways project to set-up a private domestic airline conceived by Mr. Naresh Goyal, Chairman of the Jet Airways group following the liberalisation of the Civil Aviation Policy by the Government of India. Mr. Datta has brought to bear his many years of aviation experience into this project. Assisted by a group of dedicated professionals, Mr. Datta has meticulously coordinated the various activities leading to the setting-up of the airline culminating in the launch of Jet Airways, a leading private domestic airline in India on May 5, 1993. Mr. Datta is a member of the Board of Jet Airways and is the Executive Director of the airline.

Naresh Kadyan, Representative of OIPA in India - Chairman PFA Haryana
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Open complaint against JET AIRWAYS for one pair Pug killing - Naresh Kadyan

23.07.2009 08:46

Mumbai Police investigation report about killing of pug pair during Jet Airways
Mumbai Police investigation report about killing of pug pair during Jet Airways

Mumbai Police failed to lodged an FIR under section 428-429 read with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 against Jet Airways responsible official for killing a pair of pug dogs during their flight from Mumbai to Delhi. Today Naresh Kadyan again moved complaint with the Mumbai and Delhi Police as well for further legal action.

Naresh Kadyan, Representative of OIPA in India
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Jet Airways told to pay Rs. 1.4 lakh to passenger for death of pugs

01.08.2011 03:46

Jet Airways told to pay Rs. 1.4 lakh to passenger for death of pugs
Jet Airways told to pay Rs. 1.4 lakh to passenger for death of pugs

Jet Airways has been directed by a Delhi consumer forum to pay Rs. 1.44 lakh as compensation to a passenger for the “emotional setback” caused by the death of his two pugs on board.

“The death of two pugs is a great material and emotional setback and loss to the consumer. Jet Airways must compensate the loss,” a Bench of Delhi District Consumer Forum, headed by C.K. Chaturvedi, said.

The Bench held Jet Airways guilty of deficiency in service, saying the death of pugs while being transported from Mumbai to Delhi had caused “mental harassment” to the consumer.

Delhi resident R.K. Tandon had booked tickets for the pugs, ‘Jimmy' and ‘Batnu,' in Mumbai on May 9, 2009 for Rs. 7,020 and had also submitted their health certificates to the airline.

However, when the flight landed at the Delhi airport he was “utterly shocked” to see the carcasses of the short-muzzled faced dogs.

The pugs were taken to a veterinary doctor who certified that they were brought dead and the death was caused due to lack of oxygen.

Mr. Tandon approached the consumer forum, where the aviation firm argued that a post-mortem was necessary to ascertain the cause of death.

The forum, however, trashed the airline's arguments saying once the pugs were handed over to the airline, the two were its responsibility. The forum accepted the complainant's claim of Rs. 1.20 lakh with interest for deficiency in service and mental harassment.

The Bench also directed the airline to pay Rs. 15,000 for mental agony and harassment and Rs. 5,000 for litigation cost.

Naresh Kadyan, Rep. of OIPA in India - Chairman, PFA Haryana
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

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