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EDL blows its cover and reveal its anti-trades union & anti-working class agenda

Barry Kade | 29.03.2010 21:28 | Anti-racism | Workers' Movements

Remember how the EDL pretend they are not a far right quasi-fascist organisation? How they say they are focused only on ‘militant Islam’ and are not against all Muslims, or racist against all Asian people? Well, we have already proved that the EDL are racist (see post below), and their are plenty of photo’s of neo-nazis attending their rallies.

Now, however they have blown their cover, and have revealed their hatred of Britain’s trades unions and working class movements. This has been made apparent in a shocking anti-trades union ‘red-baiting’ frenzy that has appeared on the front page of their website. This shows the real agenda of the EDL and their millionaire puppeteers – to drive working class organisations out of British political life.

The EDL show their hatred of trades unions and the working class having a voice
The EDL show their hatred of trades unions and the working class having a voice

This is the latest revealing public statement from the EDL front page:

“unions have become more powerful, more influential and more militant in the political sphere, this is where vested interests infringe upon a democratic political platform, so much so that democracy seems to be ebbing away right before our eyes and its replacement………COMMUNISM!!!!
Great Britain doesn’t do Communism, it never has, yet Communists are afforded more influence and more power as the Labour party look to fund its upcoming election campaign. This is a sad reflection of the corrupt political climate we live in here in the UK.
It is no secret that the Labour party is affiliated to Unite, recently the Labour party have been exposed for taking monies from this militant Union. Since Gordon Brown became the Labour party’s leader and current prime minister he has taken a staggering 11 million pounds from Unites militant coffers, people such as Charlie Whelan and Tony Woodley are now allowed to roam the corridors of power in the houses of parliament because they have been given parliamentary passes! No guessing as to the reasons why they have such privileged access to the corridors of power! Is it any wonder that half of the Labour cabinet are bankrolled by Unite? You can see a more in-depth article from The Sun here….”

EDL website, frontpage, 29 / 3/ 10.

So its clear – the EDL are lying when they say they are for the English people! They are not for us, the English working classes – only right wing anti-trades union racists! They hate the millions of us ordinary working people who join unions. The EDL publish this disgusting right wing attack at a time when the multinational corporate BA is trying to smash the Unite union amongst its low paid workers. The agenda of this article is clear – to deprive the working class of any organised political voice inside parliament. Instead, they champion the corporate voice of the right wing tabloid ‘the sun’ owned by a billionaire, Rupert Murdoch (who of course, is not English, but who chose US citizenship). The EDL are bosses tools.

Soon we will all have to fight the massive wave of job cuts, as Labour / Tories /Lib Dems all prepare to implement the big business and billionaires agenda of massive cutbacks. This is the final battle for Britain’s welfare state, a battle between rich and poor, between the working people and the global banking and financial elites, and the EDL are a weapon being made to be used against us. This attack on our schools, hospitals and other public services will be to pay for the crisis caused by the greedy ultra-rich banking elite. Such moves will represent an enormous transfer of wealth away from the working people in the interests of this global elite, with our rights to decent pensions, jobs and services all axed. Future generations will suffer. And in order to do this, the capitalists will need to divide the working class.

Thats why the EDL, the bosses new tool, in collaboration with the media that the bosses also own, are whipping up their stupid phony ‘islamophobic panic’. They make the bizarre and exaggerated claim that the tiny British Muslim ethnic minority, who make up just 2.7% of our population, are about to take over Britain and impose Sharia law! The EDL’s master plan is to set worker against worker, first dividing us on religious lines. Anti-Muslim hatred is the thin end of the wedge, the easiest prejudice to whip up because of the climate of fear already generated by Blair and Browns bloody and criminal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. From this start, the EDL’s secret bosses hope the poison of division will spread, tearing the working class apart and leaving it defenceless in the face of the growing offensive by big businesses and global finance …

The EDL are bankrolled by millionaire buisinessman Alan Lake to do this dirty job. Lake talks of dominating the streets, and has said: “Football fans are a potential source of support. They are a hoi polloi that gets off their backsides and travels to a city and they are available before and after matches.” These are the puppets he intends to use to promote the right wing agenda of big business against the trades unions and the English working people. Any working class person who supports the EDL is a fool and a class traitor.

First they came for the Muslims, but I did not speak out because I was not a Muslim.
Then they came for the Trades Unionists …

This article found at:

Barry Kade
- Homepage:


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EDL are tools!! (of the state)

29.03.2010 21:42

Good article Barry. I mentionned that page on their main web site on another of the threads here. Anyone who doubts their nature should wise up.... they are doing the bosses dirty work in an attempt to divide people. It's no coincidence their union bashing article comes during a strike by BA cabin crew. Next there'll be slagging off rail workers who are striking over cuts to safety and maintainence (remember Hatfield???? etc etc etc).... And anyone who doubts they are racists with links to the far right should take a quick look at their comments here and on You Tube. Here's just a brief example.

What a bunch of fucking tools!!!

Seth Harman ate my hamster

General Pattern

29.03.2010 21:52

Good article. I agree completely. Because the EDL leadership pretty much control the EDL through their hierarchical nature, it is clear that they have an agenda above and beyond that of being your "ordinary geezer" on the street concerned about islamification. There are alterioror motives a foot. The more I research into the EDL, and the backgrounds of certain individuals, their communiques and actions, the more I see that there is indeed a very sinister element which is behind it. It is too unbelieveable that a group like the EDL springs from nowhere. consider that March for England and UBA have been out and about for the last 10 years - the question we ask is why now, what has changed from 2, 3, 4 years ago.
Funding seems to be one of the main reasons that this group keeps on surviving.

If EDL weren't a tool of the state to exacerbate the divisions in our community, they certainly are approaching that role with this latest nonsense.

Tell me EDL, what has attacking BA strikers got to do with opposing sharia law?

Anarchist Antifa


29.03.2010 22:32

i'm personally out of pocket because of a trade unionists action - about £150
so, yes, peoeple do want to see the end of the TUs otherwise we are set onto a return to the 1970s. Remember that, the time when we could even get our power stations running for a full week and everyone was poor

Hey, at least scargill is a millionaire now


I'm no fan of union bureaucrats....

29.03.2010 22:56

.... and my own union, Unison, are shite at defending our pay and conditions. But I fucking dread to think how much more shite it would be without them at all. The unions at BA and RMT are just carrying out the wishes of the membership (i.e working people fighting against cuts), sure the union bosses will be happy to negotiate away jobs and agree other cuts, but with no organisations in the workplace we'd be well and truly fucked. That's what the rich fuckers bank rolling the EDL want. They are not on our side!

Seth Harman ate my hamster


29.03.2010 23:04

If you look at the stats, people were paid better in the 1970s than they are now. In fact there has been a steady decline in wages for the last 40 years.

I am by no means an advocate for TU, as they are in a lot of situations a barrier to workers in struggle. But when workers are in struggle, more often than not, it is the union as framework which enables workers some sort of protection.

Wonder why tube workers are well paid with good benefits compared with other public/private sector - they have a strong rank file element within the RMT that secures such a position. To argue for doing away with Trade Unionism - and I take it you are EDL - just reinforces this article above.

Anarchist Antifa

Why now? ... ah! thats the question!

29.03.2010 23:06

Yes, 'why now' indeed!

Why this sudden eruption of anti-Muslim street protests? It didn't happen after the atrocities of 9/11 or 7/7. Why now?

The first factor thats changed is the recession and the crisis of the system. People have been loosing their jobs, their public services, and are being forced to accept attacks on their pay and conditions. People are angry and bitter. If they cannot take on the bosses, bankers and the rich, a minority will seek a scapegoat. We fight the rich and powerful, the EDL fight the poor and powerless because they make an easier target for nasty soft headed muppets.

The second factor is the bloody war in Afghanistan. War always whips up jingoism and hatred. The wars for empire and western geo-strategic domination in Iraq and Afghanistan (combined with western support for the Israeli states war on the Palestinian people) have generated a new ideology for the dominant powers, of official state sanctioned Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred. In the case of the UK this gets combined with an already existing entrenched racial oppression and stigmatisation of Britain's Asian minorities, particularly those of British Pakistani and British Bangladeshi background.

The third factor is now coming into play. This is the coming war against the working class that capital is preparing to wage. This is the war to make the working classes pay for the massive crisis of the capitalist system. This war will redistribute wealth away from the working class and public services to restore profitability. To wage this war, the bosses need to play a game of divide and rule. The key weapons, the media and the police are not enough. They need a mass right wing populist street movement as well.

Cue the EDL. Funded by Alan Lake, championed and apologised for by the Daily Express. This movements first task is to divide the working class, setting worker against worker through escalating anti-Muslim hatred. But when they have coalesced a street army of anti-Muslim pogromists, who are confident they can master the streets, they will try to unleash this street army against the left, against trades unionists and the picket lines, against any community protest group or campaign that gets in the way of capital and power.

They need to ideologically prepare this volunteer, irregular street force. Thats what todays publication of the red baiting anti-union article was all about. The article end by redefining the EDL's mission as to "protect our nation from communism and islamism".

Today they attack Muslims. Tomorrow you might find yourself on alonely picket line with your workmates, with the full might of the Tory tabloid press baying for strikers blood. Waiting in the wings will be the bosses EDL street army, 'defending England' from the English people. They should be renamed the GFDL - Global Finance Defence League.

What we need is a Working Class Defence League.

Barry Kade
- Homepage:

Excellent Article

29.03.2010 23:21

Some who should know better are supporting EDL attacks on women wearing the burqa:

"A little tweaking of the original slogan would turn it into:
"‘BURQAS IN BRUM, MINI-SKIRTS IN MECCA – A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE’ surely something we can all agree on!"
Ian Bone

Ian Bone has censored a comment which argued that "The liberation of Women in Mecca shall be the action of the Women in Mecca themselves. Men campaigning for women to show us their knickers is only feminist when we are supporting an existing, non-commercial campaign. This is like liberal mine owners talking about the liberation of the workers."

No Appeasement!

"What we need is a Working Class Defence League"

29.03.2010 23:24

Yes, fucking yes!! Spot on Barry Kade.

Surely we can play the EDL twats at their own game, make a working class mass movement on the same organisational lines as theirs, with the support, organisation, numbers, appeal (but without the hierarchy and fascism) geared up to providing real answers for our communities instead of blaming it all on the Muslims?


More info on Alan Lake please

30.03.2010 08:37

Who is this Alan Lake? Where is he from and what businesses does he have?

What is the proof that he bankrolls the EDL?


intersted in alan lake? just google his name and edl

30.03.2010 09:48

guardian times telegraph wikipedia if you want mainstream sources

he makes his money from computing and is open in his support of the edl

use yr loaf

The EDL are the real working class!

30.03.2010 10:41

Unlike the middle class university educated United Against Fascism members and the middle class editors of Indymedia, the EDL membership are real working class people from the council estates and factory towns. You wont find many posh public school accents amongst the EDL membership. Most people on this website have no working class background and infact have closer links to the Tories than the British Labour movement if you looked into their family background.

Working class person

Alan Lake

30.03.2010 11:08

Is the EDL Alan Lake the same one at the person who runs the Aquarius Archery Club near Highgate?

I won't repost the details here because it will probably get removed and it's not 100% the right person, but a quick Google shows his email address, telephone number, etc.

It's listed as running children's archery clubs on various local council websites. Is this really the kind of person they want running children's activities? What if Muslim kids want to go?


RE Working class

30.03.2010 11:36

ahem. You are so off the ball mate. Yes maybe in the climate movement many are from the middle classes.
But I think you will find most in the antifascist movement are from a working class background.

How do I know, well I've been involved for years, and come from a working class background myself.
Bizzare that you say most on the left would come from a torrie background.

The truth is EDL are class traitors, doing the street thug work for UKIP and the BNP. And the UAF are a labour party front, funded by SWP. So that blows that one.

No war but class war.
No Pasaran.

oi oi
- Homepage:

More on Alan Lake, "bankroller" of EDL

30.03.2010 13:34

Alan Lake speaking in Sweden in 2009
Alan Lake speaking in Sweden in 2009

I've taken up "use yr loaf"'s suggestion to Google Alan Lake and here is a summary of what I found.

I can't see much directly linking him to fascism other than apparently having had a meeting with the EDL once. Not much about bankrolling them. Lots about anti-Islam and some pro-Israel stuff.

This page has a YouTube video of him speaking in Sweden at a right-wing conference against Islam:

That links to his Facebook profile:

He could just be anti-Islam for genuine reasons and taken in by the EDL. There are certainly valid reason to be against Islam, although most of them also apply to other religions, so perhaps he isn't just anti-religion.

His Facebook friends include former Muslims who are now atheist or even pro-Israel:

Interestingly his favourite website is the Jewish Internet Defense Force. I wonder if it's just a case of his enemy's enemy being his friend, or if his really is pro-Zionist?:

He is also a fan of UN Watch (the UN is a traditional right-wing bogeyman) and Stop the BBC - Abolish the License Fee (another right-wing bugbear).

Some mainstream media mentions of him:


@All EDL and UAF

30.03.2010 16:35

First of all all mate please don't equate us all to the middle class mutants of the UAF, their namby-pamby reformist, identity politics are as damaging to the working class as any fash group.

Secondly would everyone take one step back, look at this logically and realise their is a difference in ideology between the EDL leadership and rank and file. Yeah, well done SWP you managed to recognise some of the most famous fascists in this country however did it not occur to you that when they are talkin about 'no surrender' and the rank and file are talkin about 'no religion in politics' the two are at odds and that it may be astute to treat them as different entities? Oh wait of course not because you'd rather work with labour MPs clergymen and all manner of other class enemies than anyone who embraces a diversity of tactics (yes i am talkin about violence for self defence) than engage in proper debate and discourse with the EDL because a great deal of their criticisms of you are valid.

Let this be clear I'm not pro- EDL and have been out on the streets to oppose them, I have also engaged them in debate not just chanted slogans at them, somethin the UAF cannot an will not do and have studied an written, at length about them. If you truely want to see the end of the EDL and a resurgence of radical class based politics in the UK you must remove the UAF/SWP like the cancer it is before it kills the movements it is leeching off. Do your own research, do not follow the party line, if you doubt the vindictivness off the SWP read 'No Retreat'

Skank Antifa

Rich right-wingers are always happy to USE working-class cannon-fodder

30.03.2010 17:05

I'm NOT a Class War / Antifa type or any other brand of fail-tastic left-wing trainspotter, but there's no question of the EDL's hatred for organised Labour (also check out EDL co-founder Jeff Marsh's comments about "Commie websites" etc on his repulsive Casuals United blog).

The guy who says "you wont find many posh public school accents amongst the EDL membership" misses the point about Alan Lake - the Anti-Fascist movement is bankrolled by workers organisations whereas the EDL is bankrolled by internet millionaire Alan Lake!!!!!!!!!!!

And, as it happens, there were a few public school types in expensive suits on last the EDL London demo

Wealthy right-wing business interests are always happy to use working-class people as cannon-fodder

Word Up

No Retreat?

30.03.2010 17:07

No Retreat looks like an interesting book but reading this review from Classwar I see it is by a grass:

No Appeasment!

The REAL 1970s, by one who survived them.

30.03.2010 17:54

>>> If you look at the stats, people were paid better in the 1970s than they are now. In fact there has been a steady decline in wages for the last 40 years.

What statistics? Where on earth did you get that idea from? Were you alive then?

The 1970's was a bloody miserable, depressing, impoverished decade, both economically and (arguably) culturally. Unemployment levels were rising (though not to the peak reached under Thatcher) and inflation reached around 20%. The reasons for this were many and varied and it would be wrong to single out any particular cause.

As for the unions, a few had a lot of power in some industries (more so than today, undoubtedly) but this power was frequently used more for the benefit of the leadership or the immediate concerns of the membership than society as a whole. Long strikes in the Post Office, mining and car industries etc just caused massive suffering to all sections of society, the poorest in particular, brought the whole TU and Labour movement into disrepute, and lead ultimately to Thatcherism.

Needless to say, the strength of some unions in some industries did not meant that there was not massive exploitation of the Working Class and plenty of sweatshops full of overworked, underpaid and badly treated staff. In fact, almost everybody suffered, except the very rich who cleared off abroad to tax havens. Add to that overt racism, sexism, homophobia, shortages of essentials (petrol, sugar and bog-rolls), Mary Whitehouse, flared loon pants, "Love Thy Neighbour" and Little Jimmy Osmond, and you've got a thoroughly horrible decade - badly broken capitalism, without doubt, but certainly not the first steps towards a Socialist Utopia.

Gregory Beetle

And another thing

30.03.2010 19:17

Not only are they anti union their also antipasta .Their SCUM!!!!!!!!

G Galloway

Re the 1970s

30.03.2010 19:26

Yes you are right. The fashion industry is a punishment for the masses. Even today we are subjected to nutters on daytime TV and in fashion magazines telling us what we are all going to be wearing this season / year / decade.

Flares were bad, we are still having PONCHOS thrusted upon us and it won't get better. Meanwhile poor fuckers in factories are being abused while making the horrible clothes that we all wear reagrdless how horrible or stupid they look.

The clothes were /are bad but now we have the lefties getting RICH out of class warfare...SWP this means you.

Ugly all of it.


Clothes in the 1970s - 2010

30.03.2010 19:27

I like Trevor Kelway's grey jumper. Nipples.



30.03.2010 20:38

I say, I'm your worst nightmare - a posho and and anarchist, what! I think those EDL yobbos are jolly bad form. Please don't tell my Class War mates.

"I am going to fight capitalism even if it kills me. It is wrong that people like you should be comfortable and well fed while all around you people are starving." Sylvia Pankhust (another Libertarian Communist and posho)


Great Britain doesn’t do Communism

30.03.2010 20:49

Great Britain doesn’t do Communism
surly that's what it does do,propping up banks and business's with tax payers money.
its a two tier system communism for the elite and capitalism for us lower down the food chain.all the cuts that will be coming?are coz the banks have been given our money.

Alan Lake is EDL he doesnt hide it and he wants it to become more middle class!

31.03.2010 11:06

No surprise Alan Lake is a zionist - the EDL fly the Israeli flag at their demo's

the EDL deny they are far right and so will Lake

What do you mean drawn to anti islam for genuine reasons ? he is a genuine bigot?

From the daily telegraph:
One of the organization’s principle strategists is a man calling himself Alan Lake, who works as an IT consultant in the City and has helped create the organisation’s intranet. Mr Lake, who is 45, single and originally from the north of England, has advised the Far Right Swedish Democrats on tactics. He told the Daily Telegraph that he became interested in Islamic writings some four years ago through a love of Arabic music and became alarmed by the religion’s “supremacist” aspect.

“I learned that you can’t afford to stay asleep and there is a problem that is not going to go away. The texts are an ideology preaching racism and fascism.”

Mr Lake admits to having met Robinson and some 10 other EDL supporters, but denies any connection to the Far Right. The political class, he says, has caved in to Muslim pressure at the expense of basic freedoms.

“We are worn out with words, you need to have people on the streets. You have to get the message out.”

Lake is seeking to harness football hooligan 'firms’ by timing demonstrations to coincide with matches, yet denies an intent to cause violence.

“These guys are prepared to demonstrate, and they are already there because there is a match. This is a dirty, nasty, difficult struggle and you have to work with what is available.”

And the racist, anti-Muslim chanting?

“If a dog got kicked, would you expect it bark or lodge an official complaint? You can’t expect everybody to be an articulate, middle-class intellectual. You have a bunch of people here who are no longer represented by the Government. They are ignored and used and abused, and relegated to second class status by an ideology which is racist.”

from the guardian Alan Lake, a London-based far-right activist who has advised Swedish nationalists on "countering jihad" and is advising the EDL in an attempt to broaden support with football fans and marshal events more carefully.

"We are catching a baby at the start of gestation," said Lake, who is considering funding the EDL. "We have a problem with numbers. We have an army of bloggers [in the far-right] but that's not going to get things done.

"Football fans are a potential source of support. They are a hoi polloi that gets off their backsides and travels to a city and they are available before and after matches."

and finally Alan on his own website clearly speaking for EDL "I've been having some interesting discussions with a Guardian reporter lately and think I have learned some valuable lessons from it. I feel that at least I can now see "the other side of the fence" and have some idea of how our 'opponents' think... T1. The Pandora's Box / Hijack Counter Argument
This states that a movement like EDL should not pursue its agenda because it risks stirring up a lot of latent racism and causing attacks on innocent muslim shopkeepers, etc. Or a variant is that, altho EDL may be non-racist now, it could be taken over (or hijacked) by some right wing contingent later... If anything, we see EDL going more middle class and mainstream as it develops. And as our assessment of the threat from militant Islam is greater, the difference between those opposing risks is even more compelling for us."

Alan Lake's PR agent


01.04.2010 21:39

On the fascist EDL's webshite I just read a message from the once-hostile West Midlands Police to the EDL.....

Message to EDL Supporters from West Midlands Police
Wednesday, 31 March 2010 14:42

"MOST of you will be well aware of the protest planned for Dudley on Saturday.

You will also know only too well the events in Bolton , which were marred by arrests, injuries and recriminations. Protesters from both sides and some who sought to attach themselves were arrested and the media were quick to report extensively on the levels of violence.

Our message to supporters of the EDL’s values and principles is simple.

We are prepared to enable you to make your honestly held opinions known and will enable any peaceful means for you to do that on the day. But for that to be successful and for your views to have any chance of reaching and striking a chord with the wider public, they cannot be overshadowed by violence.

Our priority on Saturday will be the safety of the public and protesters and the policing operation will be robust and decisive to fully reflect that. Any incidents of disorder or racially motivated crime from any quarter will lead to arrest, with the offenders risking prosecution. We are committed to upholding your democratic right to air your beliefs, but only if you do so peacefully.

On the day you will come into contact with West Midlands Police officers who will guide you. We would ask that you accede to any requests to ensure all EDL supporters wishing to attend can reach the agreed venue safely. There will also be officers filming the event to ensure any protesters, whether affiliated to one of the groups or not, are not allowed to sabotage your protest through criminal action. Officers looking for any signs of weapons and banners which can be turned into weapons, will also be checking for evidence of drug taking and excess drunkenness.

Whilst West Midlands Police have a duty to enable the event to go ahead, we also have a duty to those people who live and work in the town. They are people who may well agree with your sentiments – maintaining peace in their town while getting your opinions across in a peaceful manner will strengthen their support".




The Turdinator

More info on Alan Lake please. Would like to know, too

27.07.2010 23:48

"He could just be anti-Islam for genuine reasons and taken in by the EDL. There are certainly valid reason to be against Islam, although most of them also apply to other religions, so perhaps he isn't just anti-religion".

Are you real or are you my mum?

I think you have to ask a different question. What is Alan Lake's agenda? You have to bare in mind that the main historic event that is effecting all our lives at the beginning of the 21st century is the “War on Terror”. Ask yourself the question “Who benefits?” Millionaires don’t just walk in and finance movements at random without knowing what they are doing.

I don’t think Alan Lake has been taken in by the EDL, that’s naïve. He represents a hidden interest in shaping the EDL, and it’s not nazi. If you take the time to browse the real nazi forums, like scumfront, you will see that they don’t like the EDL. It’s not white nationalist” “they’ve got coloureds” and “they wave jewish flags” they complain. It’s true there are BNP involved and Nazis would love to gain influence in the EDL but don’t think they are the only ones who have that interest.

In Britain as well as in most of Europe, the anti war movement was important and people also have a real sense of the injustice committed against the Palestinians. Israel is pretty much despised for it’s actions and would therefore have reason and money enough to try and “intervene” in and “shape” european public opinion to address that fact. If we all end up hating muslims then the WOT can go on and on unhindered. (The CIA already run campaigns to influence opinion in the EU, like when Holland intended to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, so why not Mossad?).

Isn’t Promoting rabid Islamaphobia in Europe a strategy? The war on terror isn’t just about troops and occupations, there’s the idealogical side too. They need to sell us their wars. Israel badly needs to do a massive PR job to make their victims look like the bad guys. Their propaganda seems to be working in the unlikeliest of places. Last week Johnny Rotten made an unforgivable statement about how the arabs “deserve what they get”. He said it to justify his tour going to Tel Aviv.

Alan Lake is an extremely suspicious financier for the EDL. Where does his money really come from and why? Is the main motive “the war on terror” or “the war on the left”? Personally I think it’s the former.

Since he appeared the EDL have attacked a Palestine stall in Birmingham and supported a Zionist demo in London in favour of the flotilla murders. His website has links to loads of jewish sites that look like Zionist fronts.



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