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The EDL put pig's head on Finsbury Park Mosque. Protest London 31st July 2.30pm

anon | 30.07.2010 01:35 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

The English Defence League are an Islamophobic organisation with links to UKIP, the BNP, National Front, Combat 18, Blood and Honour, White Pride, March For England and the English Nationalist Alliance. The English Nationalist Alliance will be marching in London on the 31st July. They plan to hand in an anti Islam and Sharia Law letter to the UK government in Downing Street.

The English Defence League London Division have placed a pig's head on Finsbury Park Mosque in Islington.

The English Nationalist Alliance plan to march in London on the 31st July from 2pm. They will march from Tothill Street SW1 up to Whitehall where they plan to hand in an anti Islam letter to the government and then on to Waterloo Place where they will hold a rally.

There will be a counter protest against the racists and Islamophobes in London the same day at 2pm. Meet at Whitehall from 2.30pm.

The protest has been called by an anti racist group in London and the Muslim Defence League.

We ask that people remain calm and peaceful on the protest. We understand and share people's anger about the desecration of the Finsbury Park Mosque and will contact them tomorrow. We are asking that people do not react violently at the protest towards the ENA and the EDL etc as this is what the racists od the ENA and EDL want. They are trying to goad Muslim youth into violence. Please do not walk into their trap.

Joel Titus [admin of the public English Defence League London division facebook] has said that he does not support the English Nationalist Alliance but he and the EDL London Divison members will still be attending the march.

There has been dialogue between anti racists and the EDL. Both sides promised the other that the protests would be peaceful. What the EDL have done by placing the pig's head on the Finsbury Park Mosque is goading and incitement. The promises of peace from the EDL are empty.

The EDL are an Islamophobic, violent organisation full of racists. Pictured is an EDL member Wayne Baldwin with his EDL shirts hanging on his wall next to his swastika flag.

Stop the EDL!

Meet Whitehall opposite Downing Street this Saturday 31st July 2.30pm.



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Meet up time 2.30pm. We cannot use the space opposite downing Street until 2.30

30.07.2010 02:52

Please note that the protest starts at 2.30pm and not 2pm.


utter bollox

30.07.2010 04:16

is there anyone the edl dosent have links to? if youre gonna post propoganda make it believable and back it up with some evidence


Not Bollocks

30.07.2010 06:24

The links between the EDL and the mentioned groups are many and well documented. Neo Nazis such as Wigan Mike were EDL website moderators, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon aka Tommy Robinson was a fully paid up member of the BNP (and a wife beating coke-head by all accounts) and a quick glance at any nationalist website will reveal members/supporters of groups such as the BNP/NF etc. who go on EDL demos (i.e. trips to the nearest Wetherspoons).

BFF member Liam Pinkham (Penis88) was a regular attendee as was Wigan Mike before Wigan Shite's sentencing and Pinkham lying low after being booted out of the BFF for allegedly being a nonce and a grass.


Don't encourage them

30.07.2010 08:06

Don't do a counter demonstration. It will give them what they want. They want a clash with Muslims and anti-racists to give the impression of widespread conflict. They want to be able to identify and track individual anti-racists.

EDL is an arm of the secret state. They are provocateurs.


EDL ARE fascists - but not 'Nazis'

30.07.2010 09:14

Why keep banging on about EDL links to Nazism? It's a) not true and/or b) irrelevant. Yes, the EDL are fascists but their politics are different to the BNP etc (much closer to UKIP etc). Unlike the BNP, they support the British occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and are cheerleaders for Zionism (as well as loyalism in Ireland,which they do have in common with the BNP). Is it not enough that they are a maniacal, violent manifestation of our racist, imperialist (Labour and Con-Dem) governments' standpoints? That's surely enough to have a fight with them any day of the week without the need for all this endless bollox about Nazis, as though the only conceivable enemies/racists/fascists ever and for all time are those wearing swastikas.

PS - What pig's head? Where?


Every time we do a call out someone from the EDL posts up "don't go" messages

30.07.2010 09:14

We are turning up. We are showing them that we do not agree with what they are doing. As for UKIP...nazis.



30.07.2010 18:37

I have searched for this, but I cannot see anywhere verified it was indeed EDL London Division.
How would you know that?

Oh and for the record, it is a repulsive and senseless act, no matter how did it.

Pig's head

Don't get used

31.07.2010 09:48

Every time we do a call out someone from the EDL posts up "don't go" messages
30.07.2010 09:14

We are turning up. We are showing them that we do not agree with what they are doing. As for UKIP...nazis.

Fine. But do so knowing what you're getting into.

Conflict and confrontation is deliberate.
They want to pick off and arrest anti-racists.
They want to keep EDL in the news and confrontation helps.
They want to antagonise Muslims and white people to promote confrontation
They want the impression of disorder to be able to clamp down on dissent.

What happened in Bradford in 2001 was engineered. Fascists attack Muslims and Muslim rise up in defence. Lots of Muslims get arrested and put in jail for a ridiculously long sentences. These Muslims become a recruiting ground for MI5: co-operate with us or stay in jail for five years for saying boo to a police officer. This lays the ground for the legend that Muslims did 7/7. In the eyes of the public Muslims become a threat to the public.

They then use African-Caribbean criminals to engineer a confrontation between Muslims and African-Caribbeans in Birmingham. They own an African-Caribbean 'community leader' who spouts on about 'race war' (which never actually happens). What they want is that Muslims regard themselves as under attack from everyone and African-Caribbeans see Muslims as the enemy.

The criminals have their leader and police tout jailed weeks before the confrontation. Another criminal days before gets shot by police. Police totally take over the gang? Same gang that put bullets a disco venue and accidentally shots women coming out of the venue.

The aim today is to get groups of people warring against one another rather than unite against the elite who are robbing them blind.

Far-fetched, you say? As far fetched, perhaps, as the MI6 funding Mussolini to create a gang of boot boys to attack Italian nationalists.

Don't get used.


Pig's head - story traced!

31.07.2010 20:12

Pig's head attack on mosque in Finsbury Park
29 July 2010
ISLAMOPHOBIC thugs stuck a pig's head on to the gates of an Islington mosque - offending hundreds of worshippers.

The two men sneaked up to North London Central Mosque, in St Thomas's Road, Finsbury Park, in the dead of night and hung a cooked pig's head on the railings. CCTV footage showed them taking pictures of themselves with the macabre object.

The head was not discovered until almost three hours later, when those arriving for early morning prayers were greeted by the sickening sight.

Pigs are considered unclean in Islam, and the attack on the place of worship will be seen as a grave insult by Muslims.

In May, a protester from a right-wing extremist group sparked outrage when he left a severed pig's head at a mosque in Dudley, near Birmingham. Mohammad Kozbar, a trustee at the St Thomas's Road mosque, said: "People came early in the morning to pray and saw a pig's head hanging on the front of the mosque.

"We feel shocked and frustrated. Every now and then we get hate phone calls, with swearing and racist abuse, but this is very serious.

"We are worried that the attackers might do something more than this - such as setting fire to the mosque or bringing far-right groups to demonstrate."

The mosque, which used to be called Finsbury Park Mosque, has been striving to rebuild both its reputation and its relationship with the community ever since it was taken over by the hook-handed extremist Abu Hamza between 1999 and 2004.

The current trustees, who took over in 2005, believe the pig's head incident happened because Birmingham MP Khalid Mahmood, himself a former trustee, recently cast fresh aspersions on the mosque.

In a letter to home secretary Theresa May, Mr Mahmood asked her to look into an allegation made on American radio that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab - the man accused of attempting to blow up a transatlantic jet on Christmas Day - had attended North London Central Mosque in the autumn of 2006 or 2007 to listen to a sermon by the radical preacher Anwar al-Awlaki.

Mr Kozbar, who insists the allegations are completely false, said: "Since we took over in 2005, we have worked to clear the mosque's name. We have never hosted Abdulmutallab and al-Awlaki. They have never come to our mosque, at least not since 2005 when we took over."

Mr Mahmood denied that his comments had anything to do with the pig's head attack - which he deplored as a "sacrilege on a religious place". He said: "I have asked Theresa May to look into it (the terrorist allegations). What is wrong with that?"

Islington police said they were treating the incident very seriously.

Detective Superintendent Adrian Usher said: "The nature of the crime, and the level of preparation it entailed, means I would definitely not dismiss it as a prank. Two people have offended a significant section of my community."

Anyone who knows the identity of the perpetrators, or who believes they may have sold them a pig's head or an entire suckling pig, should call the Community Safety Unit on 07909 535819 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


EDL was FOUNDED by BNP activists

01.08.2010 07:41

Q. "Why keep banging on about EDL links to Nazism? It's a) not true and/or b) irrelevant. Yes, the EDL are fascists but their politics are different to the BNP..." ?

A. The EDL was co-founded by ex-BNP member Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and convicted drug-dealer Paul Ray. Paul Ray has publicly stated that (quote) he is "no Anti-BNP" but he's been ostracised from the EDL for opposing a take-over of the EDL by BNP "Gold" activist Chris Renton. As for EDL links to Nazism, the evidence speaks for itself....

Q. "much closer to UKIP etc"

A. The the BNP proposed an alliance to a UKIP conference, UKIP called the police and physically ejected the BNP infiltrator responsible from their meeting. So if the person who offered us these pearls of wisdom could check their facts before posting nonsense that'd be appreciated ;)

The Trollenberg Terror

UKIP threw BNP activist Buster Mottram out of their meeting

01.08.2010 09:36

This bullshit about UKIP is blatant EDL trolling. Unlike the EDL, UKIP was not founded by convicted knife-criminals, wife-beaters, heroin-dealers and known BNP activists, and unlike the EDL, UKIP physically threw BNP activist Buster Mottram out of their meeting whereas the EDL continue to welcome BNP members on all levels -- QED

Focus on Trolling

A personal view of the EDL.

01.08.2010 13:11

I am a member of The English Shieldwall, & thought I'd give my own view on the EDL. They are not 'Nazis', though, as with any nationalist type group, they have problems with infiltration from neo-Nazi's & other extremists.
The majority are working-class football lads. They stand against a change in their way of life, they see the rise of Islamic extremism & unchecked immigration as a threat to it. They have many women amongst them who are concerned with Sharia Law (what it would mean for them in a country with an increasing Islamic demographic) & the terrorist threat in the wake of 7/7.

True, they aren't necessarily educated to a high standard - but having met & spoken to them, their hearts are in the right place, they are family men & women that want freedom & a democracy for their children to grow up in. There is a percentage that tag along for the day out & for the chance of a drink / a scrap, but again, that's the football crowd & that particular 'lad' culture.

I cannot speak regarding the leaders of the EDL, or their intentions - just for the majority of everyday men, women & children who attend EDL protests.

Ian W.

Not irrelevant - 'Nazi' is not the only shape fascists come in

01.08.2010 13:51

I didn't say that UKIP and the BNP were closer politically. I said that EDL's politics are more like UKIP's that the BNP's.

To make it clear, I am as opposed to UKIP/BNP/EDL/all fascist organisations as any other anti-fascist, but I don't think that proving or disproving links to Nazism is the be all and end all of opposing fascism in Britain. In fact I think it is a red herring which allows that kind of nonsense the ANL sometimes got itself into when attacking the NF - that of saying that as they were 'Nazis' they were 'un-British' and 'foreign'. It's kind of ironic if the main thing you can attack a load of British nationalist fascists for is being tied up with something 'foreign'.

The EDL do take a different stance to the BNP, although of course there's a crossover in members and supporters.

The BNP is a 'little England' party that wants Britain to pull out of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, send all the immigrants away, cleanse the country of Jews and sit down for clotted cream teas in an all white retro paradise that never really was. It's nasty, vicious and living in the past.

The EDL is also nasty, vicious and racist, but is rooted in the present. It's not concerned about an all-white membership and it is not anti-Semitic as this would get in the way of its love for Israel, a love which, like its whole programme is totally in tune with British imperialism here and now. The EDL supports the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan wholeheartedly and sees its role as fighting the same supposed enemy (Islamic fundamentalism) on the domestic territory.

Why is this so difficult for people to deal with? Why are British anti-fascists afraid to accept that the EDL is a home-grown problem, tied up with British imperialism and not just a throwback to fascism in Germany in the 1930s-40s?


Shieldwall BNPers

02.08.2010 10:21

"I am a member of The English Shieldwall"

The "Shieldwall Patriot" website is a BNP supporting website which kisses Nick Griffin's pimpled ass.

Pomme Bear

Poppycock! The edl ARE neonazis.

02.08.2010 13:09

Fascist fundraiser Alan Lake funds the Swedish Democrats which are allied with the BNP.

The so-called "Jewish Division" is a smokescreen which disguises the fact, apart from three Spurs Hooligans, there is no significant Jewish presence in the EDL. Neither are they pro-gay or pro-women. Neither is there a significant non-white presence apart from a handful of Uncle Toms including a racist sectarian Sikh who will probably end up being excommunicated by his faith one day, for being a racist twat.

The BNP have a Jewish councillor Pat Richardson.

This proves nothing other than the value of tokenism. Lake's millions go into trolling, media soundbites and spin.

Wigan Mike and Pinkham (Penis88) famously claimed that the EDL phoned them up and personally asked them to attend rallies. The BFF who are allowed to attend EDL rallies are staunchly anti-Semitic.

Enough pro-EDL sympathy please.

This is anti-fascist territory.

This is Indymedia not Stormfront.

Shirley Brookes

One size fits all anti-fascism doesn't help

02.08.2010 16:17

How does saying the EDL are fascist, imperialist thugs add up to sympathy for them? Is the only criticism anyone is ever allowed to make that a group is 'neo-Nazi'? The Israeli govt is carrying out attempted genocide against the Palestinians and is certainly worthy of the label 'fascist' but it clearly isn't 'Nazi'.

I repeat, EDL views are like the govt's. That is why they are dangerous. They are not just some fringe Adolf Hitler-loving morons (even if some also are those things). They are going to grow because they are in tune with British imperialism. That is not something to bury your head in the sand from.

Fight the EDL! Fight state racism and imperialism!


Pomme Bear's Shieldwall BNPers

02.08.2010 19:06

Pomme Bear, just to clarify, the English Shieldwall are not affiliated to the Shieldwall Patriot website, neither do we support any political party or candidate.

Ian W

Reply to Ian W

03.08.2010 23:55

Ian W says "I cannot speak regarding the leaders of the EDL, or their intentions - just for the majority of everyday men, women & children who attend EDL protests". That's a bit like saying "I cannot speak for Adolf Hitler, just for the majority of everyday men, women & children who attended NSDAP protests in Germany in the 1930s". Lots of ordinary, even (relatively speaking) "decent" people get roped-in to Fascist movements - Fascism wouldn't be anywhere near as dangerous if they didn't, and the EDL is LED by BNP activists, therefore ALL the EDL's supporters are choosing to allow themselves to be used by BNP activists. As for Ian's group "English Shieldwall", their You Tube channel has a friends list that includes Nazi You Tubers like England1418 and BNP supporters like Djvision20022000, Englishandwhite28 and AngloSaxonBob, which proves exactly why people who oppose Sharia Law should also oppose English Shieldwall -


Astrobob's comment

08.08.2010 19:05

There are not many groups willing to allay the fears of the English working class - whom the majority of EDL supporters happen to be. Too many groups & politicians are afraid of being branded racist - EDL may . They may not be well educated - but they can see the erosion of English values.
They are, of course, wrong to take out their fear & anger on Islam & only Islam - there are many problems in England.

Regarding the Shieldwall - a group should not be judged based on 'friends' on YouTube, but on our own actions & stance.. if you don't like us after reading what it is we oppose, then that is your choice - it's a free country - just about.

-We are against religious based laws - English law works perfectly well. Sharia degrades women, & I'm surprised womens rights groups aren't standing up to it.

-We are against the provision of Halal or Kosher meat. Unnecessary suffering for the animal in this day & age, as this video proves:

-We are against war in the middle-east. We are in Afghanistan for dubious reasons (US oil?) & the situation there is nothing to do with us. Too many of our young men & women are returning in body bags.

-We are against globalisation - the great culture destroyer - identikit high streets, small businesses struggling. The loss of our traditional family ran butchers, bakers, grocers, pubs.

-Following on from globalisation, we are against the class divide. Big business fat cats paying themselves ridiculous bonuses, MP's believing it fine to claim ridiculous expenses, strut around with an almost God complex, thinking that they know what is best for the working class majority - while this very majority struggles to live on minimum wage.

-We are for true equality - if Miss Black Britain is allowed, then so should Miss White Britain. If dating websites for people of an Indian based ethnicity are allowed, so should dating websites or groups for people of English or European ethnicity. Common sense and logic is it not?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

- Ian

Ian W

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