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UK Venezuela Newswire Archive

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Chavez threatens to cut off US oil supplies

14-01-2006 01:32

On top of disruption to oil supplies this week from Nigeria after sabotage and kidnapping, and on top of concerns over stability of supplies from Iran should the UN initiate sanctions, now the 5th largest oil producer in the world has asked the question 'what would happen if we were to stop exports to the US'?

Should this implied threat be taken seriously it could spell further increases in oil prices in an already jumpy market. It could also fuel speculation that the US will taken action to remove Chavez from power in the coming months....

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U.S. Criticism of Chávez Unfounded

21-12-2004 16:06

The recent round of Venezuela-bashing from the U.S. State Department and Washington- based foreign-policy organizations is symptomatic of a broader problem. And it's not Venezuela's problem; it's ours.

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O12 (Venezuela) prisoners free!

07-12-2004 00:20

As of December 6th, the three prisoners being held for the toppling of the statue of Columbus in Plaza Venezuela in Caracas were released from prison, but one of them, the most vocal of the group, Freddy Tabarquino, is still set to stand trial inliberty. There is, however, a good possibility that other individuals who have stepped forward to declare responsibility will face trial and/or imprisonment, but there has yet to be a response to the request for a collective trial for all 200 who have declared responsibility for the action.

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You are invited to meet Marisol León

06-12-2004 12:52

You are invited to meet Marisol León of the Asociación Artesanos de Tarmas (Tarmas’ crafts people’s association), the Fundación Comunicación Libre y Alternativa (foundation for free and alternative media) and the Unidad de Batalla Electoral (electoral battle units). She is in the network of users of Banmujer, the Women’s Development Bank of the
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

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Venezuela solidarity events in London on Tuesday & Wednesday next week

04-12-2004 09:57

two very special speakers from Venezuela are in London next week, come and meet with them and hear what life as a grassroots activist is like in a self-declared "revolutionary" country...

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Car-bombing, Coup-plotting & the CIA in Venezuela

02-12-2004 04:12

piece in thursday's morning star promoting tonight's vigil

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Candle-lit Vigil outside Venezuelan Consulate, Thursday 6-7pm

01-12-2004 03:19

A candle-lit vigil will be held outside the Venezuelan consulate in London from 6pm on Thursday, December 2, in memory of Danilo Anderson, the state prosecutor assassinated two weeks ago by car bomb in Caracas. The vigil has been organised by the Hands Off Venezuela campaign and the UK Bolivarian Circle.

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The USA & Economic Terrorism: TLC/AFTA/WTO

30-11-2004 06:06

From Chile to You - HAtred Grows
USA people grow fat off the mass murder terrorristic policies of their government. 90 % of US people and all of the political parties are pro-AFTA , free trade and WTO. Time that the world recognizes that the USA is dangerous, W Bush is the real terrorist, and the greed-based denial of most USA people guarantees the continued denial that these free trade programs and USA foreign policies are just like the war in IRAQ – a terrorism of mindless evil...hope that Latin Americans are not deluded. We hope that it is not too late for them to grasp that help will never come from anyone in the USA.

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Extraordinary meeting of Chavez with workers in Madrid

26-11-2004 10:31

solidarity with Venepal workers at the rally
Chavez' visit to Spain has generated a lot of enthusiasm, he has spoken to the students at the University, with workers at the Workers Commissions meeting hall, and has generally broken protocol all the time. By denouncing the involvement of the previous Aznar government in the April 2002 coup he has also created a massive polemic in the media. Here's a report of his meeting with the workers:

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British MPs condemn murder of Venezuelan prosecutor Danilo Anderson

26-11-2004 10:14

John McDonnell speaking at a Hands Off Venezuela meeting
The left wing Labour Member of Parliament John McDonnell has tabled an Early Day Motion condemning the murder of Danilo Anderson, the Venezuelan prosecutor investigating the April 2002 military coup against president Chavez.

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Prosecutor investigating anti-Chavez coup killed in terrorist attack

26-11-2004 10:11

The explosion of two bombs in his car took the life of 38-year old State Prosecutor Danilo Anderson, late on Thursday night in Caracas, Venezuela. Danilo Anderson had waged a tireless struggle to get the leaders of the opposition prosecuted for the crimes they have committed and particularly for the military coup they organised on April 11th 2002.

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Spain says former government backed Venezuela coup

23-11-2004 20:01

the cards are falling...

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Prosecutor investigating anti-Chavez coup killed in terrorist attack

23-11-2004 16:29

The explosion of two bombs in his car took the life of 38-year old State Prosecutor Danilo Anderson, late on Thursday night in Caracas, Venezuela. The terrorist attack took place at 11.50 pm in Los Chaguaramos, in south east Caracas, where Danilo Anderson was coming away from evening classes he was attending at the University.From his role as State Prosecutor Danilo Anderson had waged a tireless struggle to get the leaders of the opposition prosecuted for the crimes they have committed and particularly for the military coup they organised on April 11th 2002.

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Terror Attack in Venezuela Kills State Prosecutor Danilo Anderson

20-11-2004 17:47

bush 2nd term priorities?

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Petition by MP's over Indymedia, GATS, Venezuela and Colombia

06-11-2004 18:46

After some dialogue with my labour MP, Harold Best, i recieved a letter including a selection of petitions, covering Indymedia, Venezuela, Colombia and Ghana.

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Venezuela, Bolivarian's sweep regional elections

02-11-2004 17:03

Early results of Venezuela’s regional and council elections, announced at 12.40am by the National Electoral Council (CNE), confirm the predictions of yet another election victory for Chávez’s Bolivarian movement, the ninth in just six years.

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Cesar released on bail - campaign continues

28-10-2004 16:11

On Monday, October 11th, at 8.30 pm Cesar Zelada was released on bail from the San Pedro Penal, La Paz, Bolivia, where he had been arrested by the Bolivian authorities for nearly a month. The campaign for his unconditional release and for the freedom of other political prisoners at the San Pedro Penal continues.

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the O12 statue-toppling debate: round 1!

27-10-2004 00:13

wonder if VA will print it, and if dawn will respond...

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DEBATE! Would Bolivar have Toppled the Columbus Statue?

22-10-2004 17:30

Debate on the O12 prisoners in Venezuela, 5pm Monday 25th October, Long Island University-Friends World Program, 403a Holloway Road, London N7

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Chavez, TNCs revolucionary

22-10-2004 11:59

The August 2004 elections legitimized Hugo Chávez's presidency, approved by the multinational powers-that-be, despite the opposition's claims of electoral fraud. We, at El Libertario (issue 39, September/October 2004), presented an indepth analysis of the consecuences of the referendum, as well as proposals for action in the new circumstances. We shall now quote a couple of notes from that issue that express the essence of the venezuelan anarchists' perspective.

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Hands Off Venezuela peaceful picket of Venezuelan Consulate, London 2004-10-21

22-10-2004 01:40

the revolution will not be terrorised!
report & pix of prisoner solidarity demo today outside Vz consulate, London

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Thursday 21st October: Day of Action in Solidarity with the O12 prisoners

19-10-2004 23:46

Thursday 21st October: International Day of Action in Solidarity with the O12 prisoners in Venezuela

London: Picket Venezuelan Consulate, 56 Grafton Way W1 (off Tottenham Court Rd, nearest tube Warren St) from 3pm-5pm

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Venezuela O12: Next Statues To Topple...

19-10-2004 23:26

Next Statues To Topple...
por A So-Called Front of Pachamerikan Liberation Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2004 at 6:16 PM
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