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UK G8 Japan 2008 Newswire Archive

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London migration related events

14-06-2008 02:38

In the month of June (Refugee Week and more political events) and July (G8...)

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An update on Japan G8 repression - 40 people arrested!

13-06-2008 10:26

Over 40 people have been arrested in pre-emptive sweeps of broad left and anarchist groups. Preliminary information available here:

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Anarchist in Kansai area (West Japan) arrested in G8 preparations- Solidarity ne

07-06-2008 20:58

Tabi Rounin, better known as 'Rebel_Jill' has been detained by police on minor charges in the run-up to the G8 in Japan, as the police attempt to investigate his international connections and disrupt his revolutionary activities. This is a known tactic of the Japanese political police, see the 325 magazine website for a similar case (Interview with Comrade 'M') and also see the interview with Tabi/Rebel Jill.

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Calling all Activists, Artists and Astronauts for Day of Action against G8

26-05-2008 17:09

Do you Screenprint? Make Music? Street Art? Perform? Do you like to bake Cookies?
The 5th July 2008 will be your chance to take to the streets and be part of a creative intervention in Croydon. Come together with lots of other artists, activists and alternative astronauts, to create a disturbance in the normal structure of time and space and show your support for the protests against the G8 in Japan.

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A first shadow of G8 repression goes through Siberian Russia and Japan

10-03-2008 19:26

After leaving Russian FSB detention, left activists is returned to sea by Sapporo authorities

Sapporo-Otaru. 10.03.08 – 13:00 GMT: The German left activist Dr. Martin Kraemer has been refused landing in the port of Sapporo-Otaru. He has been condemned by Japanese authorities to remain stay put on the Panama vessel BM-2, which had brought him from Sakhalin on Friday, 7th of March. “Just released from special confinement by the Russian political police FSB, it’s now the Japanese repressive forces who try to top them.

In Russia, I got kicked and received an official death threat in custody, but this is worse,” says Martin: “Today’s blow against Japanese dignity set in before I could even open my mouth in this splendid country.” The surprising decision by Japanese immigration officers was announced today after receiving central instructions at 16:00 o’clock local time (8:00 GMT). At that time, Dr. Kraemer had already spent 66 hours waiting in the port of Otaru to get landing permission.

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Collapsing the European security architecture

09-03-2008 20:41


For greater security-critical behaviour in Europe - A concrete proposal for the resistance movement against the G8 2009 in Italy

Each protest enables us to draw conclusions of how to do things better next time. In the same way, we can draw conclusions from the mobilisation against the G8 summit 2007 in Heiligendamm on how to achieve successful and broad resistance. Apart from three large self-organised protest camps and an international infotour in the months leading up to the summit, there were attempts to have international exchanges and establish networks beyond Germany. The decision was made not to respond to the G8 climate debate but to frame the protests in terms of other self-determined topics the movement was focussing on: migration, antimilitarism and global agriculture.

Looking ahead to the G8 2009 in Italy, this text takes up these points to propose a campaign against the new “European Security Architecture“. We outline some developments in police cooperation on a European level and call for a kind of antirepression work that goes beyond a simple critique and a scandalising police violence, and that is coordinated on a European level. Such political antirepression work would have to take new forms of social control seriously as an integral reference point for radical movements.

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No! G8 Japan Info Tour

27-02-2008 21:49

Following their presentation at Sumac, 'No-G8 Action' invite you to support their call for action against the G8 in Japan.

The next G8 2008 will take place from July 7th to 9th in Hokkaido Japan, near the lake called Toya-ko. Perhaps the fact that the venue is called the 'Windsor Hotel' shows where the G8's interests lie.

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Interview with Japanese anti-G8 activist, speaking in Notts tomorrow

26-02-2008 11:30

Unique opportunity to listen to and talk with Japanase anti-G8 activist in the run up to the G8 in Japan this summer

Talk 8pm, Hot vegan food for donations 7pm

Wednesday 27th February
Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone St, Nottingham

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Japanese G8 Infotour comes to London

21-02-2008 15:06

No g8 Japan 2008
flier and event details

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No G8 Japan info-tour in Cardiff: 23rd Feb

20-02-2008 20:15

The tour is also making a visit to a fancy dress shop in Cardiff...

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No G8 Japan Info-Tour

15-02-2008 14:04

Films Talk and Food with Japanese activists against G8 Japan 2008
When - Friday 22. February from 6:00pm until 8:00 pm

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Japanese G8 Info Tour comes to UK

13-02-2008 20:18

From 22nd to 28th February, Japanese activists are coming to UK to do an information tour about the anti G8 mobilisations this year in Japan.

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Japanese Anti-G8 activist coming to Nottingham

13-02-2008 10:03

G8 resistance in Japan – Info tour
with touring Japanese speaker

Talk 8pm
Hot vegan food for donations 7pm

Wednesday 27th February
Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone St, Nottingham

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Sea Shepherd Solidarity Protest at Japanese Embassy, Berlin

16-01-2008 22:06

Freedom for Hostages of Japanese Whale Hunters
People went to put pressure on officials at the Japanese Embassy at Hiroshimastrasse in Berlin today. They hung banners on the fences of the Embassy demanding the immediate and unconditional release of the two Sea
Shepherd crew members taken hostage on 15 January by the Japanese
Whaling Fleet.

For updates, see

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Japanese Government to Keep ‘Hooligans’ Away from Summit

02-01-2008 08:28

An article reposted from the mainstream media about immigration regulation for G8 in Japan 2008

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G8 2008: Japanese Call Out and latest planning update

21-12-2007 11:32

The G8 Summit will take place between the 7th and 9th of July. Our action days will begin on the 1st of July. There will be a series of themed demos in Sapporo during succeeding four days. July 5th shall be the day of mass rally and demo in Sapporo. We propose to make it the international day of action, calling a simultaneous protest in different cities of the world. During the three days of the Summit we are planning mass direct action at sites near Lake Toya.

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Preparation for the Japanese anti-G8 movements in 2008

28-07-2007 10:23

Groups of anti-authoritarians like us are calling for a large network of movements. Meanwhile in May, at the anti-Asian Development Bank protest, anti-US Base movements, labor unions, ATTAC, and NGOs gathered and made an agreement to develop a coalition for the anti-G8 struggle in 2008.

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Repression in Osaka, Japan, as city bids for G8 2008

03-10-2006 12:03

There has been a series of arrests in Osaka against the homeless liberation movement. Several activists, including anarchists, have been detained on serious charges. These arrests follow a number of attacks by Osaka city against homeless people and their supporters.

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A short history of the G8...

19-06-2005 21:36

A short history of the G8...
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