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UK August Riots Newswire Archive

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End Political Evictions

14-08-2011 16:20

Protest outside the home of the leader Wandsworth Council to prevent political evictions

Thursday the 18th of August 2011 at 5pm-8pm

53A St Ann's Hill Wandsworth London SW18 2EZ

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Solidairty from Thessaloniki!

14-08-2011 16:14

Thessaloniki Banners solidarity England.

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bristol direct action

14-08-2011 13:11


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3,000 march to demand: Give Our Kids A Future!

14-08-2011 11:59

On Saturday 13th August, 3,000 people of all ages and backgrounds, mainly from Hackney and Haringey, but with additional support from all around London, marched from Gillet Square, Dalston in Hackney, to Tottenham Green in Haringey. The march was organised and publicised just 2 days before by the hastily formed North London Unity Assembly initiated mainly by Turkish organisations and the Haringey and Hackney Anti-cuts Alliances [see list of some of the supporters at the end].

The aim was to provide a united community response to the recent disturbances, especially those in Tottenham and Hackney, and to the causes of despair and frustration that can result in riots. The march was led all the way by a dozen children behind a huge 'Give Our Kids A Future!' banner, followed by a mass of placards and banners from a wide range of community groups, trades union branches and political organisations as well as hand-crafted placards from scores of individuals.

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An open letter to those who condemn looting (Part two)

13-08-2011 19:52

First, this recurrent accusation of "materialistic" signals a broader refusal not of consumerism - with which you are well familiar and for which you cheerlead full-throated - but of the material fact of social disruption. To speak, with disdain, at the materialistic nature of these days is to speak, beneath your tongue, of a desire that people should go back to "protesting" in ways that remain representational: be counted, be seen, be ignored, go back to the places they live, remain there. It marks your horror at what it looks like for "protest" to become material, and, at that point, no longer protest.

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An open letter to those who condemn looting (Part one)

13-08-2011 19:48

Dear you all,

I fear we have nothing to say to each other.

What follows may therefore represent one half of a dialogue in the way that yelling at a jukebox made of ice does. Perhaps the sheer exertion of speaking - a certain quantity of hot air - will soften the surface a bit, but it's a pretty one-sided discussion. And it doesn't mean you can or will stop repeating the records you have been given to play, those looping phrases and evasions.

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Solidarity from Berlin with the UK Rebels!

13-08-2011 19:24

English poster
Posters from Berlin- spread the revolt!

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This Mob Justice Has to Stop

13-08-2011 17:36

Gloating Manchester Police

This is mob justice and it has to stop.

People are angry, frightened, confused – it is not surprising that strong, authoritarian gestures seem appealing.

Whatever one thinks of the British police – a subject to which I will return – you cannot deny that as people they have been under unimaginable pressure in recent days, working in frightening and dangerous circumstances. It is perfectly understandable that individual officers will feel triumphant when another person is sentenced. But this does not excuse the crowing tone of such messages. This is neither professional nor reassuring. Quite the opposite. This has the air of a lynch mob.

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Our report of Evening Post attack

13-08-2011 15:55

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Round up of articles and analysis on the Riot

13-08-2011 12:55

After the most severe rioting seen in England since 1981 [see: Like a Summer with a Thousand Julys ] the activist community is debating the riots and their likely consequences on protest, as an out of touch government lashes out with new laws and draconian measures to show they are in some sort of control. Here we round up some of the many articles and analysis of the events so far, no doubt this will be added to and amended over the next few weeks.

So far: 1600 people have been arrested, over 500 charged| With 5 people dead.





London: IMC Feature [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]
[ Pics | 2 days later | Storyful | Community pulls together | ]
Enfield: [ Sony Factory pic |
Brixton: [ Brixton Road Pics | Fire Sale in Brixton | Videos 1 | 2 | ]
[ Pic | ]
[ Pic | ]
[ text |  ]
[ text | Pic | Pic ]
Bethnal Green:
[ Report |
Clapahm Junction: [ The aftermath | ]
Ealing: [ 1 | 2 ]

Timeline: [ Map of London Riots ]
A collective analysis
[ Indy IM | London Tumbles ]
Green and Black Cross: Legal Advice

Across UK:
IMC feature
IMC Feature [ St Pauls - police state | ]
Nottingham: IMC Feature
IMC Feature
Salford: An eyewitness perspective on the riots in Salford and Manchester

Commentary and advice:
Eyewitness account from Edmonton 'riot'
by Really Fit
London riots: focus on Holloway
by gdm
Anarchist response to the riots
by London Anarchists
The UK Riots and Capitalism's Decay
by Infantile Disorder
EDL Switch To Anti-Black Racism
by StopTheEDL
Police tonight will be different - be warned
by Lars
Articles on capitalism's present crisis
by delpo
A riot of as a sign of desperation
by John
Nothing ‘mindless’ about rioters
by Dan Hind
On the Insurrection
by urbano
London Riots: Life in the Rolling War Zone
by KID
A costly mistake... but we are people too
by gdm
A few words... by Birmingham Riots 2011
Criminality and Rewards by max von sudo

Alternative Media:
Fitwatch 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
Libcom: Anarchists respond to the London riots by Solidarity Federation
Counterfire: Darcus Howe’s timely insurrection by Joe Glenton and Jo Gough.
Ian Bone blog: the 'riot experts' are amongst us by ian bone
T.H.A.G.: Tottenham Today. London Tomorrow. by Tower Hamlets Anarchist Group
Why here and now?
by Tariq Ali
Birmingham Riots 2011: A few words.
Democracy Now!: Anger over Inequality, Racism Boils Over into 'Insurrection' by Amy Goodman
The third estate:
Tottenham burning - first hand report... by Reuben Bard-Rosenberg
Nathaniel Tapley: An Open Letter to David Cameron’s Parents by concerned parent

Main Stream Media:
Aljazeera: Running through riotous London by Pennie Quinton
Guardian: Big Brother isn't watching you by Russel Brand
Guardian: The UK riots: the psychology of looting by Zoe Williams
Independent: In defence of anarchy by Boff Whalley
GoPetition: A call for more understanding and less moralising by pretty please
CommentIsFree: These riots reflect a society run on greed by Seumas Milne
Montreal Gazette: London rioters resent media image hooded teen thug by Mohamed Abbas
Grassroots: Video Interview about riot background by benuk1234
Reuters: London rioters point to poverty and prejudice
Guardian: Who are the rioters? Young men from poor areas ...
Independent: Caring costs – but so do riots by Camila Batmanghelidjh
Guardian: No evidence Mark Duggan opened fire at police... by IPCC
Gadget Helpline: Official BlackBerry blog site hacked
Youtube: Another classic BBC moment with Darcus Howe
The Telegraph: London riots: the underclass lashes out by retweetmyass
Guardian: Looting 'fuelled by social exclusion' by trumpet5
Google: Map of London riots: verified areas by google (you are tracked on their system)
Youtube: Amazing time-lapse photography rioting Tottenham by tweety pie
Huffington Post: Q&A w/ Jody McIntyre who witnessed Brixton riots by Dina Rickman
MediaGuardian: BlackBerry Messenger played a key role in riot by BBM
BlottR: Ire in Tottenham as riots continue by Theyoungjournalist

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Media demand mass arrests, reprisals against UK rioters

13-08-2011 07:33

Magistrates’ courts in London and other cities in England are handing down the harshest possible sentences to those accused of involvement in the riots that swept across London and other cities in England earlier this week.

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Anarchist Critique of the Insurrection

13-08-2011 01:30

An anarchist reaction, critique and analysis for the post-insurrection era. Relates to impact on policing in Britain and the subsequent complications for the anarchist and radical community.

Found on today.

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Social Media and the Riots: how our government has got it tragically wrong

12-08-2011 22:56

Fire services protected by police on Coylton Way, Edmonton, 07/08/11
Social media has been blamed for a variety of illls during the recent riots, but I it's just a convenient scapegoat for a government who have lost their way.

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Shop A Banker

12-08-2011 19:59

'shop a looter'
A poster in response to the 'Shop A Looter' campaign

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Waging a Savage War on Libyan People

12-08-2011 19:58

More bombs drop on Tripoli and across Libya tonight. Theses bombs dropped by the British government whose own youth are setting that country on fire in protest at their abandonment.

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Uk riots - music / song reflecting on riots

12-08-2011 15:23

Music + words released about the riots - and forward thinking, and a better place.

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In defence of anarchy

12-08-2011 08:04

Following is an article from Chumbawumba's Boff Whalley, it's a corporate repost but one of the few that are worth having here...

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Parliament demands violent repression of British youth riots

12-08-2011 07:56

Yesterday’s emergency debate in the British parliament, recalled in emergency session following the eruption of youth riots earlier this week, was a contemptible spectacle.

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Riots: viewed from Oxford

11-08-2011 19:55

At the time of writing, there have been no riots in Oxford*. However, what's been going on over the last few days is clearly not just isolated local events. Here's a round up of what some Oxford-based bloggers have made of things …

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Solidarity from Greece

11-08-2011 17:48

Photos from today's demo in Athens
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