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Leeds Bradford Workers' Movements Newswire Archive

Northern Class War organising - meeting in Newcastle

14-06-2006 08:03

Class War have organised a discussion about changing class composition in the north east, with relevant participants in major class struggles. Come and join the debate and get the class war moving in the north east.


Class Composition in the North East, Sat 17th June 2006

10-06-2006 23:22

The working class in the North East has changed since WWII, and in the past 20 years change at work (or not) has been rapid, but working class cultures continue. The old working class traditions and strategy have outlived their usefulness, and now something new is required to meet 21st century challenges.

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France -how workers and students won -public meeting monday 15th May

09-05-2006 12:00

Monday 15th May, 7-45pm O’Neills, Great George Street, Leeds
Sacha Ismail –Solidarity Editorial Board, reports on the recent victorious protests and
strikes in France and will discuss what lessons they have for British workers and students?


Bradford Students sit-in to support lecturers

03-05-2006 23:40

Following recent announcements that AUT/NATFHE lecturers who refuse to mark exams will be subjected to a pay cut of 25%, around 75 students at University of Bradford occupied the corridor outside the vice-chancellor's office. With lots of Samba and a discussion with the pro-VC, a meeting between AUT, Uni and Students Union reps was agreed.

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Far left is helpless to stop the rise of the BNP

03-05-2006 18:15

Anarchists, socialists, communists, social democrats and liberals do not seem to grasp the issues fuelling the rise of the BNP among the white working class.

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Report: Tyneside May Day - Asylum Seekers Demand the Right to Work

30-04-2006 16:34

On 29th April a contingent from Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) joined the annual Tyneside march for International Workers Day. Their demand was simply the right to legal work itself.

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Leeds glass workers to strike

22-04-2006 11:38

20 Apr 2006

A series of 24-hour strikes by members of the Transport and General Workers Union (T&G) begins tomorrow (Friday, April 21) at Allied Glass Containers Ltd in Leeds against management plans for a wage freeze. The 200 T&G members at the plant had sought a modest wage increase.


Rallies and pickets in West Yorkshire

28-03-2006 16:47

Union banners
A photo report of today's acion


Strike Rallies throughout Britain on 28th March - Red Tuesday!

23-03-2006 18:20

Red Tuesday - 28th March will see mass strikes against capitalist attacks in both Britain and France.
In Britain, the strike will be to defend workers pension rights, and will involve 1.5 million workers. It could be the largest strike here since the 1926 general strike.

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Northern Class War Organising - May 1st

23-03-2006 10:15

Utilising the Haymarket martyrs anniversary and the 80th anniversary of the start of the General Strike. Class War are inviting Northern unaffiliated anarchists and working class activists to a day long event in Doncaster - celebrating the finest rebellious working class traditions.

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Tues 28th March. Mass Strike in Britain and General Strike in France.

21-03-2006 00:08

Tuesday 28th March 2006 will see 1.5 Million workers strike to defend pensions. On the same day there will be a General Strike in France as part of the uprising against the CPE.

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Strike! The miners strike remembered 22 years on

06-03-2006 20:53

This Sunday at the Commonplace social centre in Leeds, we will remember the miners strike with films, talks, photo exhibitions and cheap grub. Come along to 23-25 Wharf Street in the City Centre

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How Much Is Your Overtime Worth?

14-02-2006 15:07

How much overtime do you work and what is it worth?

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Fighting the Asylum & Immigration Acts Conference

24-01-2006 20:03

Saturday January 28th Manchester 11-5pm


Lecture: Postanarchism and the future of Radical Politics

29-11-2005 13:14

Dr. Saul Newman (University of Western Australia) will be presenting a paper:

"Postanarchism and the future of radical politics"
...At Manchester University - 8th December 2005

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12-10-2005 14:29

Leaflet for Film Showing
On Monday 7th November Leeds Alliance for Workers Liberty will be hosting a showing of Eisensteins classic film of the October Revolution, "October", followed by a short discussion.

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Mark Barnsley Visits Derry's Bogside

26-09-2005 22:37

Some photos of Mark Barnsleys Talk in Derry, Ireland


Continuing protests at Brough BAe systems

19-09-2005 01:06

The regular monthly protests at Brough BAe military aircraft making plant on Humberside are set to continue.
This might interest any returning renegades from DSEi or any aspiring anti-arms trade virgins.!

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Leeds solidarity pickets for Tesco workers

05-08-2005 13:24

Leeds solidarity picket
Nationwide pickets were held yesterday evening in support of Tesco workers in Dublin, who were laid off after complaining about unachievable production targets.

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IWW and NUM Celebrate Anniversaries of Struggle

30-03-2005 18:06

Politicians of every stripe will destroy national
industries to avoid facing a determined industrial
union, said union activists in Newcastle, England. The
workers spoke on March 6, 2005 at a British centennial
celebration of the Industrial Workers of the World
(IWW) and the National Union of Miners’ (NUM)
1984-1985 strike.

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