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Leeds Bradford Workers' Movements Newswire Archive

Durham Working Class bookfair November 3rd 10-5pm

11-09-2007 11:49

North East Working Class Bookfair
St Nicholas Church, Market Place, Durham City.
Saturday November 3rd 2007, 10-5pm


Workers Vs Workers Beer Company

02-09-2007 21:02

The controversial leaflet. Management dispute the second section.
Servers who work at events with the Workers Beer Company have set up a union, in an attempt to protect ourselves from the creeping further influence of profit margins on our conditions.

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Postal workers countdown for strike action

09-06-2007 12:03

Workers in the CWU across the different sectors of the postal industry have given a massive vote in favour of strike action in a national ballot. The results, announced at the CWU conference in Bournemouth on Thursday 7 June, were a victory for activists, militants and the leadership. If Royal Mail does not change course then picket lines could go up within as little as ten days, on the first national postal strike in eleven years.


Defend Adult Education. Save ESOL. No Redundancies.

08-06-2007 16:30

A demonstration is being called by UCU (University and College Union) in response to government cut backs which are resulting in the loss of over 100 adult education courses at Bradford College as well as a number of redundancies for the teaching staff involved.

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Uthayasooriyan Family belong to Middlesbrough

01-06-2007 05:14

Please help stop the removal of the Uthayasooriyan family, Suntharalingam, Shanthini, and their two children, Anosha aged 8 and Anitha aged 4 (born in UK).

Detained on Tuesday 29th May they are due to be removed on Sri Lankan Airlines flight SL0506, departing 14:25 on Saturday 2nd June.


BNP Councillor to face new probe

29-04-2007 21:11

A BNP councillor who wrote a controversial song about Savile Town will face an investigation after all following a fresh complaint from Labour MP Shahid Malik.


Fraudster stands as BNP candidate

29-04-2007 11:15

AS IF THE BNP did not have enough councillors with criminal convictions, one of the partys candidates in Barnslev South Yorkshire, turns out to be a disgraced former magistrate with a conviction for fraud.


Support Blood Service workers! - IWW leaflet

11-04-2007 20:12

Here's the link for a leaflet from the IWW in support of NBS staff in dispute with management over service cuts + 600 looming job losses.


Kirklees Unity Day of Action

22-03-2007 19:57

Kirklees Unity Day of Action

Saturday April 7th 2007


Welfare Reform: The ‘unthinkable’ may be about to happen!

22-03-2007 16:41

biggest changes in welfare for over 60 years about to come...

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socialist wanker caliinicos gets it wrong again

23-02-2007 02:19

callinicos posits that the UK has always supported the US since WW2

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Iraq Union Solidarity meeting/films in Leeds: Monday 29th September, 7.30pm

21-01-2007 19:25

This is a notice about a meeting on Monday 29th September about Iraq Union Solidarity


Leeds bus strikes over pensions to go ahead

08-12-2006 13:05

Bus drivers at First Leeds will strike in protest at attempts to devalue their hard earned pensions. One thousand drivers, all members of the Transport and General Workers Union, will walk out on 11th, 23rd and 24th December when no buses are expected to run so hitting the lucrative Christmas shopping and leisure period.

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Griffin's Bodyguard In Faceparty Teen Orgy Scandal

31-10-2006 00:17

What anybody does in their spare time is their own business, but for an openly homophobic party who encourages violence towards gay and lesbian people, acccusing such people of being "promiscious", does smack of double-standards.

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BCB 106.6 FM Recruits Community Reporters

29-08-2006 18:39

Bradford Community Broadcasting 106.6 FM is recruiting a second round of community reporters to give a voice to their neighborhood's news and views. People in Bradford, Keighley and Shipley are welcome to apply. Call 771677 to check your post code eligibility!


Bradford IWWs Defend Fired Starbucks Union Organizer

17-08-2006 19:35

IWW Bradford in northern England leafletted two Starbucks stores on 12 August in support of union organizer Daniel Gross, who was the latest IWW fired in New York the Saturday before. The Starbucks Union has called for a boycott of Starbucks until all four organizers fired are re-hired.


Taxing Times for Inland Revenue Strikers

01-08-2006 19:51

Tax offices in Bootle, Glasgow, Newcastle, Salford, Wrexham, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Leicester, Bradford and Edinburgh were closed yesterday as up to 8,000 workers came out on strike against plans to make them fill in forms accounting for each hour they work.

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Fight for British Jobs: Nationwide Protest This Saturday!

13-07-2006 17:11

Car maker PEUGEOT have sacked 2000 workers, and are planning on uprooting their production plant to Eastern Europe, so that they can pay workers far less money and make them work in appalling health and safety conditions.

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10-07-2006 15:53

Cuba: spearheading the Latin American revolution

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'Our Cities are Not for Sale' - two public meetings in Leeds

30-06-2006 00:25

Oscar Olivera
Two major anti-privatisation meetings have been announced for July as part of efforts to create a city-wide anti-privatisation campaign network of trade unionists, tenants, health, education, and other public service workers and users.