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Leeds Bradford Workers' Movements Newswire Archive

John Bowden attack political liberals

21-08-2008 09:58

John Bowden, a long time class war prisoner, is constantly attacked by the prison service and various so called 'libertarians'. Here, he raises interesting questions about the nature of political action for self described 'anarchists', 'liberals', and 'Marxists'.

Is politics meant to be a holier than thou search for pure working class positions, which the working class are never part of, or is our politics meant to be for liberation of the working classes?

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Former NUM Yorkshire Area Executive member's Climate Camp Report

18-08-2008 19:20

Dave Douglass former NUM Yorkshire Area Executive member writes this report of his visit to the so called Climate Camp.
Yorkshire NUM website

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Class War bookstall in Tynemouth 17th August

16-08-2008 21:50

Sunday 10-4pm, a regional bookfair in North Shields, on the way to Whitley Bay, is taking place. There will be an anarchist and communist bookstall, covering many historical issues, including Labour movement e.g. Durham Miners Association and IWW.


Open letter to UAF

05-08-2008 20:42

In the build up to the June 21st Anti-Fascist demonstration in London, there were unfortunate problems with the mobilisation from Leeds. We are writing in the hope that such problems can be avoided in the future and ensure a better Leeds contingent for such protest

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26th July Revolutionary 'Hip-Hopera' in Newcastle

31-07-2008 17:14

RATB activists at the stall
Members and Supporters of Rock Around the Blockade (RATB) celebrated
the 26th July with live music and street theatre at Grey's Monument in
the centre of Newcastle.


Healthcare in Cuba and Britain: Newcastle Public Meeting 01/06/08

29-05-2008 02:25

Cuba is renowned for its healthcare system, but how is this possible for a small country under economic blockade?
And what can we learn from Cuba about the situation we face in Britain, with an NHS under crisis and privatisation?
Come and join the discussion. All welcome.

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MAYDAY Magazine meeting 24th May midday Newcastle

19-05-2008 14:53

Advertising a progressive political meeting and trying to take the working class movement forward and towards better politics.

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Workers Memorial Day 28th April Gateshead

27-04-2008 08:53

This is a great event concerning the growing social movement against diseases caused by capitalism. Asbestos is going to cause a growing number of deaths for years to come and it is important to be aware that it is in schools, workplaces and hospitals near you.


Cuban speaking tour this week!

18-02-2008 11:13

Yoselin Rufin, Orlando Borrego and Jesus Garcia: in Britain, 21 Feb - 5 March
From Saturday 23rd February three Cuban revolutionaries will begin the North West leg of a national speaking tour of Britain entitled 'Cuba: socialism into the 21st century', organised by Rock around the Blockade.

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"Fuck the Yuppies" - Class War Youth Hits Leeds Rich Apartments

07-02-2008 13:56

No War But Class War

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IWW and Friends Prepare to Take on Useless Blood Service Bosses

31-01-2008 13:52

Wobblies and friends on NBS picket line
The IWW (Industrial Workers of the World), the UK’s only revolutionary, rank-and-file, autonomous union, is getting ready to wreak havoc on National Blood Service (NBS) bosses if they don’t scrap cuts plans.

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Karen Reissman: Leeds Rally

12-12-2007 17:40

Karen is a Psychiatric Nurse with Manchester Mental Health Trust.
Karen is the Chair of the UNISON Branch and a member of UNISON’s Health Service Group Executive.

Karen has been sacked by her employer for;

• Speaking out against NHS cuts and Privatisation
• Telling people she was being disciplined
• Protest her innocence

Karen has received fantastic support from her colleagues who are currently on indefinite strike.

Come along to the meeting to hear Karen explain what has happened.


IWW commence build-up to major assault on NBS bosses

10-12-2007 05:45

Keep it local.
With new phase of IWW campaign against 600 job cuts, the wobblies launch massive recruitment drive. The Leeds blood centre is under threat. The IWW is going to save it.


IWW Launches Second Phase of National Campaign

07-12-2007 11:58

IWW launches second phase of fight against blood service centralisation plans.


Leeds support sacked nurse

25-11-2007 15:07

Leeds Keep Our NHS Public, Leeds UNISON, CWU and NUT members allturned out in support yesterday for Karen Reissman In Manchester. Karen has been victimised and sacked from her job as a Community Psychiatric Nurse for speaking out against cuts and closures. Her colleagues are now on all out strike for her reinstatement and need solidarity and support.


Protesters beaten & pepper sprayed at No Borders Camp - Mexicali.

12-11-2007 19:14

Uk activists report from No Borders Camp Mexicali/Calexico.
Peaceful protesters beaten & pepper sprayed.

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Durham Working Class Bookfair goes ahead on Nov 3rd

02-11-2007 09:41

Despite venue problems we are determined to press ahead with this event, which will be established in the annual political calendar in the North East


Publicity for 1st Ever Durham Working Class Bookfair

07-10-2007 16:36

The first newspaper article is published below about an important movement bookfair in the North East - there are no bookshops which sell movement literature in the N.E.


Housmans Bookfair Weekender

28-09-2007 20:54

Details of pre bookfair and post bookfair events at Housmans during a long weekend of literature related anarchist activities. Including, the launch on Friday evening of an independent new magazine, "MAYDAY", which aims to help the movement forward towards new glories. Important and well known anarchist figures from the movements recent past, contribute articles and will be in attendance. Bring a bottle and celebrate champagne anarchism:)

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A tale of two public sector meetings in Leeds

24-09-2007 17:04

Reports from two public sector meetings, September 2007: Leeds Public Sector Pay Campaign rally (Tues. 18 Sept) and Public Services not Private Profit (Thurs 20 Sept), Leeds Council Chambers - by Leeds Workers Power.

The next Leeds Public Sector Pay Campaign organising meeting is in the Unison Offices 3rd October at 19:30

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