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Scotland April/May 03 Features

ImcScotland | 14.05.2003 22:00

Content of the Indymedia Scotland April/May 03 feature.

1.) New structures -Media
2.) Pict Defence Force: There Is No Scotland - Only Aberforth! - Anti-Imperialism 12.5.2003
3.) Weapons of Mass Destruction on the road to Coulport, North of Glasgow ! - Anti Nuclear 12.5.2003
4.) Scottish human right observer under arrest and to be deported from Gaza! - Internationalism 10.5.2003
5.) Calton Hill blocked off by police to prevent Beltane celebration! - Alternative Culture 1.5.2003
6.) Faslane Trident Nuclear Submarine Base Blocked by Peace Protesters - anti-nuke 22.4.2003
7.) Peace Protesters still active! - Anti-War 3-8.4.2003

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New structures.
ImcScotland is at the moment building up its own Independant Media Centre. We are please to announce that with UK-IMC's planned move to a better web solution it will be easier to maintain the Scotland section on United Kollektives IMC and so should be more up to date and diverse, but please bear with us as to begin with it may take a little time to restore these features below and get posting new ones.
Feel free to contact those of us who maintain this Scotland sub section via the imc-scotland discussion email list. Also please do join this list if you wish to be involved and help IMC Scotland.

Archive of past months:
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Anti-Imperialism 12.5.2003

Pict Defence Force: There Is No Scotland - Only Aberforth!

The Latest News From Occupied Scotland
1. Text of interview with Pict Defence Force spokesperson:
May 9th, 2003 (19 Pitn, 2542 in old money)
(Pict Defence Force spokesperson, flanked by members of its political wing, emphasises a point at an interview given to various press agencies at a secure location in Aberforth ("Edinburgh") on May 9th, 2003, corresponding to 19 Pitn, 2542

[ read more.. | picture ]

Anti Nuclear 12.5.2003

Weapons of Mass Destruction on the road to Coulport, North of Glasgow !

Do you want to be a weapons inspector?

A British military convoy carrying illegal weapons of mass destruction is due to arrive in Scotland on Monday. The heavily guarded convoy of lorries slipped out of a top-secret atomic bomb factory near Reading on Saturday morning and travelling by road is due to arrive at its destination - a nuclear bomb store at Coulport on Loch Long on the Clyde - on Monday afternoon.
Each of the three lorries in the convoy is thought to be carrying two nuclear warheads which each have a destructive capacity eight times the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.

[ report | Faslane Peace Camp | CND | Trident Ploughshares ]

Internationalism and Imperialism 10.5.2003

Scottish human right observer under arrest and to be deported from Gaza!

Nick from Scotland, and his friend Alice, are currently held by Security Forces in Israel.
They were arrested at 8:30 PM on Thursday evening, May 8, 2003.
Their phones were temporarily confiscated, giving them no means of contacting friends, activists, or lawyers.
However, the activists called the British Embassy to inform them of the detention.
No formal charges have been brought against them, but they were told to be under arrest, although there are no grounds for legal action against them.
Nick and Alice are being held as part of the overall execution of a plan to remove Internationals from the West Bank and Gaza.
Another condition to enter Gaza is to fill in a form, which absolves Israel of all responsibility in the case an International is injured or killed and in addition forces the Internationals to waive all basic rights.

[ report on Friday | update on Saturday | update on Sunday ]

For further info:
Palestine Solidarity

Alternative Culture 1.5.2003

Calton Hill blocked off by police to prevent Beltane celebration!

The Beltane Fire Society is celebrated every year the start of summer on the 30th of april on top of Calton Hill in Edinburgh with Theatre show and Fire Shows. This year, due to the spiralling costs mainly due to the Councils demands, the celebrations have been cancelled. However, although the official celebrations have been cancelled, the police and the council try to prevent anybody to have a private pagan celebration by police force...
Here is a call for Resistance! And here is a report about what happened on Beltane at Calton Hill.

anti-nuclear weapon actions 22.4.2003

Faslane Trident Nuclear Submarine Base Blocked by Peace Protesters
see the timeline from the day and main IMC feature Indymedia / Camcorder Guerrillas have done a 4½ minute film for the IMC Newsreel

[report | another report | pics | more pics | even more pics | report in german]

anti-war actions 3-8.4.2003

Peace Protesters still active!

In Scotland anti war actions are still taking place nearly every day, despite the police tactics getting more and more restrictive for the protesters. On Thursday 3rd of April the autonomous demonstration suceeded in blocking an 27th of March.
On Friday the school students suceeded in blocking the traffic with a sit-in before marching of in a cordon of police to the American embassy. Friday saw also a mass mave-in of posters and postcards as a solidarity action for a protester, who was arrested alongside with others on the anti-war demo the 22nd of march for his design of the American flag.
An anti-war exhibition by local artists also opened on Friday, to be seen untill the 13th of april, in the Roxy Art House.
On Saturday, activists went to protest in front of the BP headquaters in Grangemeouth, Fife.
Peace Vigils were also held on Monday, 7th of april in front of the US consulate. The next women's vigil will take place on Saturday, 12th of April Night outside City Chambers on Royal Mile from 9-10pm.
More actions are also to take place on Wednesday, 9th of April, when Glasgow activists have announced a demonstration, starting off at Kelvinbridge Underground at 5pm to march to BBC studios, Queen Margaret Drive.
On Saturday, 12th of April, another mass demonstration will take place in Glasgow and in London, following on from the one on the 29th of march.



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