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The Pacific Fata Morgana and its Imperialist Origins

Internationalist Observer | 12.05.2014 15:03 | Analysis | Anti-Nuclear | Ocean Defence | World

Historically, it is going to be read as the definitive acknowledgement that the “Giant Bike Basket” has failed and the predictions the Tokyo regime would be unsuitable as a tool to clean up its own mess have proven true: The so obviously phoney Japanese “peace initiative” is yet another instance of the observation that when it comes to capitalist states, behind the cry for peace there hide the murderers. Abolitionist movements remember: Because no one in Japan wanted to have the reactors in their backyard, but the regime was too evil to draw the consequence of abstention, the compromise had been to hide them behind a mountain. There they sat on top of a permanent groundwater stream carrying the precipitation captured thereby into the ocean. When the meltdown finally came, it was discovered that no waste-water storage system was sufficient to collect all the contamination and only a reduction of their water intake could stop the toxic clods that once were reactors from forever unloading their deadly cargo into the Pacific. Reflecting the sweatshop architecture conditions of the Nonproliferation treaty, which left the supervision over the Japanese-American disaster to a Japanese diplomat in the “Nuclear Lottery” of the Unitednations organisation, the Tokyo regime ordered the clean-up of the Fukushima disaster to the hierarchy that had produced it and the result was the project of the “Giant Bike Basket.” The hollow structure was projected to be assembled into the ground around the molten reactors, and then frozen by means of the insertion of a refrigerant into the tubes to bring about an emergency clod pool whose water throughput could be regulated. The current situation where it cannot equals a scenario in which the notorious serial killer continues to go around – just because the regime has proven to be too dumb to understand the effects of Natural water cycles, the contamination, proliferation and worldwide lethal effects thereof go on. When now, without being able to put an end to its disaster, Tokyo is attempting to sell itself as the crystallisation core of world peace, it bears all the hallmarks of replacement psychology – a “Japanese peace” would be a radiological catastrophe.

Tokyo´s ill intentions became transparent already when one of its culturally most ignorant politicians compared the diplomatic effect of the North American military occupation in Japan to the situation of the European mainland and its shelf islands a century ago. Allegedly, China would be bent to colonialise East Asia because it was envious of its neighbours´ colonialist roles in other regions of the world. Though he made no mentioning of what – in this projection – would be the equivalents of Africa and South America under the European colonial rule, because this is the weak point of the comparison: There is no Japanese colonial empire anyone could be envious of, other than its projections of a role it might take as a facade of North American imperialism. This constellation is mirroring the situation of the Fukushima reactor: It was an American product that did not carry a mark saying “Don´t put this onto underground river flows,” so Tokyo could plead innocent (and ignorant) and claim compensation for its mishandling as a naive customer. That it did not is an indication that the two regimes prefer insider deals part of which such a scenario could be. This does also ridicule the Japanese implications its neighbours wanted to take over its colonial empire, because the places which it is referring to are as independent from imperialism as any, and all of them certainly more so than Japan itself. But that it sees itself as an East Asian equivalent of the British empire on the height of its expansion reveals that there appear to be such speculations.

The suspicion is confirmed by the fact that of all places, the partner to promote the so-called “peace initiative” is France, at this point the worst perpetrator of colonialist war crimes in Africa, and already together with Japan the most problematic proliferator of reactors in the world when it comes to the aspect of pushing the boundaries of acceptance for unacceptable risks. In the case of the Sinop reactors Turkey is planning to put on the Southern coast of the Black Sea, this so-called “axis of peace” already threatened to use – or from a Kurdish point of view, abuse – the power greed of the Ankara regime as a vehicle to risk the contamination of Crimea. This “peaceful threat” has stirred up Russia although it is itself a proliferator producing similar threats, like the Arabs fear in Persia, and in the fascist assault against Libya three years ago still was standing ready to become a collaborator in the treason of Africa – and did so once it was facing the alternative to respect the Caucasian interests. However although it has as a result served as a sufficient obstacle to prevent Europe from conquering a candidate storage site before the production of fresh reactor waste is stopped, it seems hardly capable to protect itself against a meltdown in Sinop, as its impulse-driven reactions in the Syrian war prove, where its promises to clean up the waste left by the imperialist betrayal turned out to be hollow rhetoric – even regimes with troops in Turkey were allowed to exploit Moscow´s unfounded sly hint against the North Americans. But while for chemical weapons in some instances incineration can in fact reduce toxicity, for reactor waste it cannot.

It must be taken into consideration that like the material contamination from Fukushima, the Japanese reactor industry proliferates to the outside as well in order to avoid obeying to the political will of the Japanese people, and not only that but even already the representation thereof which is generated by the democratic institutions and commercial media. Even the flawed mathematics of the representative system fails to distort the clear finding that Fukushima marks the end of the “Peaceful Atom” on the island and from there all throughout the ocean. The reverberations of the ideological cover-up for the outlook on even more ocean leaks and ever more proliferation of the risks thereof have so far been limited. This is logical because the idea of dealing with an unresolved problem by taking ever more of the same risk that brought it about is not quite reasonable, such as it is logical as well that the one remarkable exception would be from the worst target of reactor proliferation. Hence India mirrored the Japanese expansionism, for whose grasp at Africa it has already been framed as an useful idiot earlier this year, with a similar penetration into South America (see Jan. 16, 2014). Argentina, which has sharpened its stance on the Malvinas issue with every step the anachronistic haughtiness of the London regime was squeezed down, from within India´s colonial hangover might appear as a role model for how to shame away a colonial occupier. But the Himalayan subcontinent´s cultural back door is standing as wide open to an “oppressor change” as it did in its darkest days of the 20th century, because despite all “paper cow” independence no true political emancipation towards Anarchy has occurred and its administration remains a play-ball of unscrupulous multinational corporations, in this specific instance the reactor industry (see May 25, 2013).

It is hereby illustrated once again that the Nonproliferation treaty is not like an old building that could continue to be used once some however skilled repair work is done, but that the fissures are at its very core structures – it is the worst proliferator, with its grotesque 20th century record in the Pacific, and the biggest reactor consumer in the market, plus between them a shortcut one side of which is part of the Nonproliferation treaty while the other is not, and hence a boundary-defining issue. The deliberate Japanese attempt to intervene into these constellations and try to expand into any direction a projected market for reactors, only on the first glance appears to be a stringent anti-American policy. When untied it displays more resemblance to the carelessness with which the North Americans and some of their more neglegient satellites manage their reactors and spent fuel pools, and it is to be stated that this indicates that it does not express a genuine opposition or antagonism but an attempt of a dying empire to include itself into what comes after it.

The North Americans are drastically failing in the Pacific, to the degree that their efforts to compensate for the effects are visible to the unarmed eye as in the Philippines, and in fact the entire Hawaii-centered “partnership doctrine” has broken down as expressed in the phoney “government shutdown” during which the manufacturing of and transmission of orders to submarines continued. The obvious deception carried this grain of truth: The “Pacific identity” policy, which offered itself as an alternative to the in-your-face imperialism, had arrived at a terminal cluelessness as the personality cult for which it had been tailored failed to achieve its fraudulent objectives in other regions of the world. As a reaction, the increase of troops which already had begun with its sinking, is now aiming for yet another high water mark, while at the same time the attempts of penetration focus on these regimes which the imperialists are expecting to conquer the mess. This incestuous relationship to transplant its own contradictions into its expected heir is certainly a sign of decay of the imperialist formation, but until its complete breakdown it first of all is a danger. It proves that for Anarchy to take hold it is necessary to entirely deconstruct the hierarchies of the dying system instead of only changing their purposes.

The reception of the Fukushima incident observed a weird pattern when earlier this year it was reported that Unitedstates, obviously as an inside job of excess speculations, was doused with rumours over an alleged pool drain-down fire in Fukushima as it is a daily risk at their own reactors. This disinformation campaign marked the imperialist mainland´s military-industrial complex´ final goodbye to Hawaii both in the sense of a rhetorical mascot and a spying asset. Now Tokyo, which swallowed the despicable humiliation without complaint, although it can in no way be justified with North American irritations about itself, is interested to cover up from how deep inside the apparatus of Unitedstates it has come. Across South America, the Unitedstates-Japan-India-Argentina chain reaction has not been received as a contribution to antiimperialism but as the penetration attempt it is. Certainly a reactor-industry-driven diplomacy surrogate is not in the interest of smaller countries keen to keep up their abstention from the fission of the atom until the speculative swindle is going to collapse, and when it is both masquerading as an antiimperialist constellation and appearing as a result of imperialist meddling it is to be diagnosed that this is the diplomatic equivalent of an entrapment case.

Such as the imperialist spies like to prey on political opponents to frame them into pre-arranged schemes of deception, they are doing on entire nation states, and Japan only is the first instance to fall to it, with likewise inclusion-obsessed regimes following up. There can be no complaint that imperialism did not bring about “domino effects” - just that they are not quite what promised in implication but of the kind of the remote-controlled Japanese-American expansionism, a scorched Earth / poisoned Seas tactics. The Fukushima disinformation incident, which has been preceded by a similarly-shaped “methane burst” disinformation campaign aimed at disrupting the scientific “intensive care” for the Arctic ice meltdown, was a defining moment in which the Tokyo regime accepted to be dragged into an inferior role by Unitedstates, in exchange for the latter standing guard in proximity when Tokyo then overcompensates its humiliation by bullying the region. Abolitionists in India, and for that matter, Vietnam, must however recognise that the fact of their country being dragged into such a hierarchy does not only result from the evil intent of the latter but also the political aberrations of its own regime – when the “useless idiots” in Delhi, specifically those of them that cannot be voted out, chose to assassinate Kishenji they denigrated themselves to the genocidal level of Unitedstates.

But now the regime that associated itself with the murderers seems surprised to find itself penetrated by its radioactive death spasm. Clearly the “friends of the regime” in India did not expect that any adaption towards imperialism wherever it comes from is subject to the law of cause and consequence. But first of all the Fukushima disinformation incident marked the completion of a development which had begun with the reactor meltdown, and first materialised itself in the “hidden coup” within the Washington regime in which the NSA, enabled by the President, overpowered all other institutions to wage war on Libya. It feared the Libyan “quitter bonus” was now of increased value, and the centrifuges Gaddafi had handed in nearly a decade ago were becoming toxic assets for the actual proliferators – and at that time Moscow would still betray Africa once the issue of abolition was at stake. As everyone knows the archipelago of government branches in Washington since then has been drawn into total lockstep with its spying apparatus. And within that apparatus, the monopolisation tendency also had its effects: With one of the rivalling ideological factions there taking over all others, the spying complex has become ever more monolithic, and its sheer brutality against renegades has brought devastating internal shocks. As a result, the control over the so-called kangaroo courts which direct the spying apparatus from within has been wrenched away from many religious leaders and monopolised to only one hierarchy which came to arrange all remainders of other factions around itself.

Of course it can be argued that there is nothing but an empty cult of money behind the spying and all the rest of imperialism. But as true as that is, it does not identify its material facade. The Fukushima disinformation incident does not only constitute the completion of an institutional meltdown paralleling the material one, it also is an instructive example of intransparency. Although it is undeniable from the political and economical reverberations not only in Unitedstates but in the entire Unitednations system, as much such a thing is still at work, that monopolisation has taken place, there is no group or denomination or entity stepping forward with such a claim of achievement. It can only be seen from practical implications, such as the construction of a spy data centre in the geographical neighbourhood of the perpetrators. While before the Fukushima disinformation incident no such link could be proven, it is now revealed by the Utah investment of the NSA that the Mormons have laid down their name tags at the four ends of the Earth. Japan, with its dire legacy of atomic bombing, is only the weakest culture to fall prey to the swindle, followed by India which unlike the former does have a self-sufficient spiritual consciousness though that is totally helpless when framed by violence.

Now the “regime chain” of entrapment is lashing out at South America, back over the Pacific into the hemisphere where it came from, after only two hops in the one it is meant to target, like a misguided blowback effect, and this again demonstrates several facts: The dying regime of imperialism is incapable to meaningfully target its interferences. It is furthermore incapable to achieve its intentions, even though it vehemently gears up for war in East Asia. And finally, its project to form its heirs in its own image of plausibly deniable inferiority is failing as well, as the grotesque uttering of allegedly peaceful purposes by the first thereof prove. But apparently, for the dumbstruck emperor of Japan, it is not over until the fat lady sings, the little girl cries, and the invisible last man standing has taken away the harp and slammed the door of the “Church of Reactor Meltdowns” hard enough for all the damned bigots to get the memo: Don´t try this on top of underground river flows.

* * *

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