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UK 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces Newswire Archive

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Leaflets for Nottingham squat days of action this weekend

06-04-2008 23:11

Leaflet front - copy and scatter!
This weekend a temporary squatted space will be opened up in the centre of Nottingham, hosting two days of food, workshops, films, discussion, zines, free jumble stalls and partying.

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Days of Action For Squats and Autonomous Spaces

06-04-2008 22:37

Towards the end of last year an international call out was made for decentralised days of action for squats and autonomous spaces. Following the call out there was a preparatory meeting at Les Tanneries in Dijon and later still a National Squatters Meeting in Leeds to discuss UK actions and events in response to the call out...

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Codename 'Two Point Two'

05-04-2008 12:08

On the run up to the decentralised days of action for squats and autonomous spaces (, a new squat has been opened to provide yet another autonomous social centre in London.

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Reading: Common Ground, squatted community garden, to re-open 12 April!

04-04-2008 12:20

Spring re-energises squatting gardeners to dig-in and continue the struggle!

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Stop Selling Off Our City! Demonstration in Birmingham, Friday 11th April

01-04-2008 20:23

Demonstration against gentrification and for free, autonomous social space in Birmingham - meet outside the Council House, Victoria Square at 2pm, Friday 11th April. This is an event for spontaneous protest around these issues. Please bring your banners, whistles and drums!

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Free Social Space weekend of events in Birmingham, April 11th to 13th 2008

01-04-2008 20:05

As part of the Europe-wide call for decentralised action for squats and autonomous spaces (see ), there will be a temporary free space and weekend of workshops and events in Birmingham on the 11th to 13th of April.

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Gigs, Gardens & Grub! Action for Squats & Autonomous Spaces - Events in Reading!

01-04-2008 18:22

As part of the global days of action for squats and autonomous spaces (see or "upcoming coverage" in top left corner of home page) two (maybe three!) events will take place in Reading, Berks.

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New social centred hatched over easter weekend

24-03-2008 18:17

The long weekend saw both the death of one social centre in London and the birth of another...

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ASS Benefit & More 11th -13th April

21-03-2008 11:58

1st flyer front
ASS benefit
Open access squatters-housing-land art - photography exhibition
Workshops & stalls

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Autonomous action/Space Invaders Line Up

21-03-2008 10:59

space invader
Timeline of events in the next few weeks as part of the international autonomous days of action on decentralised places...get involved. Reclaim your city....

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Action for squats and autonomous spaces in Nottingham

19-03-2008 17:28

On Friday 11th and Saturday 12th of April, we are planning to answer the international call out for two days of demonstration, direct action, public information, street-party, squatting etc in defence of free spaces and for an anti-capitalist popular culture.

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Demo Callout: April 12th Manchester: Freedom of Movement and Autonomous Spaces

18-03-2008 14:41

On the evening of Saturday 12 April 2008, there will be a demonstration and street party in Manchester for the FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT FOR ALL and to DEFEND AUTONOMOUS SPACES. This forms part of the international days of action in defence of autonomous spaces that have been called for this weekend (

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April2008: one struggle - one fight

13-03-2008 14:14

any april2008 autonomous things going on in london like the rest of europe?

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Manchester Space Invaders.....Taking Over the City

11-03-2008 13:22

Manchester Space Invaders are a collective of autonomous groups and inidividuals working together to reclaim our city...we are mobilising to fight gentrification, 'regeneration' and all the borders that exist within the city. We call for all groups, individuals, networks and families to get involved and to join in our glorious celebration of autonomous spaces...

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Notes from the UK Squatters' Meeting 9/10 February 2008

07-03-2008 17:27

This, the first attempt to coordinate a national meeting for some time, was held in a beautiful old nursing home with extensive grounds at Headingley in Leeds. There was a good mixed turn out with squatters represented from many of the major towns in the uk, some protest sites and some travellers attending. All in all perhaps 30-40 people.

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Photo Essay - Londons Secret Social Centre

29-02-2008 10:30

Owners seemed to want to make the building uninhabitable
Londons Secret Social Centre...

When a possession order was granted to the owners of the squatted block of properties in rampart street which houses the rampART social centre, a scurry of activity began to secure a new building to act as a backup venue during the uncertain period prior to eviction. A suitable property was found and entered for the first time on new years eve and occupied a couple of days later.

Only a short walk from the rampART, the new building was also a commercial premises with three floors. While the area of each floor was only about two thirds of that enjoyed at the rampART, the new building benefited from the addition of a basement which looked like it could make a great gig space. The ground floor had a tiny kitchen but with a bit of work it would clearly make a good space for a cafe and free shop. The first floor was mostly open plan, a good place for large meeting. Meanwhile the upper floor had been subdivided into offices and planned to use it for residential accommodation. The most exciting thing about the new space however was the yard which gave us potential to do things we could never do a rampART.

Despite all it's potential, the place was a mess. The owners had completely trashed every floor. Wiring had been cut, light switches smashed, false ceiling and lights pulled down, partition walls torn down or holed. Additionally, the only two toilets in the building had been smashed to pieces. However, we didn't think it would take long to put in shape. We took over a load of bedding and cushions, fold up table and chairs, water, wind up torches, candles, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers and settled in. Now split between occupying two spaces we put a call out for help occupying both buildings and preparing the new building to become a social centre...

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Manchester Space Invaders Landing April

26-02-2008 12:10

11th & 12th April have been named as ‘international days of action on autonomous
spaces’. There will be things happening in Europe including squatted
buildings, parties, Reclaim the Streets, land occupations and more!
We have started an organising group to kick start ideas for action in Manchester. From reclaiming the streets to guerilla gardening..from a ceilidh to a
vegan party to permaculture space...

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Decentralised Day of Action for Squats and Autonomous Spaces

11-02-2008 13:32

On Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th of April 2008, there will be two days of demonstration, direct action, public information, street-party, squatting... in defence of free spaces and for an anti-capitalist popular culture. Come to an organisational meeting to get involved in Manchester!

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National Squatters Meeting 9-10 February 2008 Leeds

14-12-2007 11:57

So we are inviting people involved in all squatted autonomous spaces around the UK to meet and discuss the squatting situation and some preparation for the days of action in April. The idea for this meeting is inspired by the recent international meeting in Dijon.

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Call For International Days Of Action For Squats & Autonomous Spaces - April 08

16-11-2007 23:43

On Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th of April 2008, we call for two days of demonstration, direct action, public information, street-party, squatting... in defence of free spaces and for an anti-capitalist popular culture. Through these two days, we want to help create more visibility of autonomous spaces and squats as a european/global political movement. We want to develop interconnections and solidarity between squats and autonomous spaces. We want to keep linking our spaces with new people and new struggles, and support the creation of autonomous spaces in places where there has not been a history of this kind of action. We want to build, step by step, our ability to overcome the wave of repression falling on us.
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