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UK Guantánamo Newswire Archive

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Activist dying in jail for having evidenced pedophiles' networks in Belgium

19-06-2009 06:46

Some high ranking officials in Belgium and in France protect pedophiles and persecute the activists who try to reveal the extent of the corruption. Since 1995 more than 20 people were murdered (victim-witnesses, investigators, activists, attorneys...). Many others were threatened.

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Obama Proposes Swift Execution of Alleged 9/11 Conspirators

09-06-2009 00:24

The five alleged co-conspirators in the 9/11 attacks.

In a leak that seems designed to gauge public opinion - and that of lawyers and other relevant parties around the world - anonymous officials in the Obama administration have told the New York Times about a proposal, in draft legislation to be submitted to Congress, which, as the Times put it, "would clear the way for detainees facing the death penalty [in Guantánamo] to plead guilty without a full trial."

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Show Down Guantánamo! monthly demo - 1 May,US Embassy

29-04-2009 12:10

100 days after becoming president, only one prisoner has been released from Guantánamo, the abuse and violence against prisoners continues, Bagram is growing and corporations involved in extraordinary rendition are still getting away with it...a change you can believe in? Join us outside the US Embassy at 6pm on Friday 1 May...shut down Guantánamo now!

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Obama approves torture

26-04-2009 19:36

Obama Rejects Truth Panel

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Tortures of Iraqi Citizens in Poland- Jerzy Kos a key suspect?

16-04-2009 07:00

As independent bloggers observed, key suspect in the case should be former CEO of the Szczytno- Szymany airport, i.e. the airport where the flights from Kabul with kidnapped Iraqis were landing. A CIA prison, according to media accusations, was located in the CIA base in Stare Kiejkuty, 50 kilometers from the airport. It is there where Iraqi citizens were illegally tortured by people employed by US government.

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Andy Worthington: A Comprehensive Exposé of Britain's Guantánamo

05-04-2009 22:28

In a series of articles following, Andy Worthington, journalist and author of The Guantánamo Files, follows up on a Parliamentary meeting in the House of Commons on Monday, March 30th 2009 - "Britain's Guantánamo? The use of secret evidence and evidence based on torture in the UK courts," chaired by Diane Abbott MP - with four articles examining how and why the British government has turned its back on the principles of open justice, and five statements made by prisoners held on the basis of secret evidence.

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Shut Down Guantánamo! demonstration: Friday 3 April, 6-7pm

02-04-2009 17:20

Monthly demonstration outside the US Embassy, London, calling for the closure of Guantánamo Bay and all other illegal CIA-run prisons around the world. Freedom and Justice for all.

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Britain’s insane secret terror evidence

18-03-2009 08:17

A month ago, when Britain's Law Lords ruled that three men who have each spent between six and eight years imprisoned without charge or trial, or held without charge or trial under strict bail conditions amounting to house arrest, could be deported to their home countries, even though there was a risk - or, perhaps, even a probability - that they would be tortured or subjected to ill-treatment, the British media briefly woke up to the story. This was almost exclusively because one of the men was Omar Mahmoud Othman (more commonly known as Abu Qatada), a man routinely described as "al-Qaeda's spiritual ambassador in Europe," even though this claim has never been tested in a court of law.

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LGC calls for independent inquiry into UK involvement in extraordinary rendition

13-03-2009 11:19

Over the past few weeks, evidence has been emerging and pressure has been growing for an independent inquiry into the UK's involvement in extraordinary rendition, both of British nationals/residents and foreign nationals with no ties to the UK, by being complicit in torture, facilitating the "rendition" (kidnap and torture) of individuals in Iraq, Pakistan, Gambia, etc. and allowing "rendition" flights to stop over, fly over or refuel on British territory. Calls have been made by politicians, including Conservative Party leader David Cameron, for an independent inquiry.
Take action - write to your MP and the Foreign Office now and demand a full independent public inquiry!

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G.W. Bush's criminality

08-03-2009 18:16

GW Bush 1981
Should George W. Bush Be Arrested in Calgary, Alberta, To Be Tried For International Crimes? ... Serious allegations of criminality are swirling around ex-US President George W. Bush and current Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. In late February of 2009 it was reported that the Hague-based International Criminal Court was preparing to issue a warrant for al-Bashir alleging his culpability for genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. As the documents were being prepared against Sudan’s head of state, ex-President Bush was preparing to initiate a series of high-paying speaking engagements beginning in Calgary Alberta on March 17. Bush’s visit to Alberta’s oil capital tests the consistency and authenticity of the Canadian government’s "unequivocal" position that "Canada is not and will not become a safe haven for persons involved in war crimes, crimes against humanity or other reprehensible acts."

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Action Against Judicial Corruption & Institutional Failures in the UK

28-02-2009 08:12

Demonstration against Judicial Corruption, Unlawful Imprisonments, Convention Rights Violations, Institutional Failures and unaccountability in the UK; weekly every Saturday outside HMP Wormwood Scrubs, Du Cane Road, London W12 0AE; commencing from 12pm until 3pm.

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Binyam Mohamed’s Coming Home From Guantánamo, As Torture Allegations Mount

22-02-2009 19:37

The Washington Post broke the news on Friday that Binyam Mohamed, British resident, Guantánamo prisoner, victim of “extraordinary rendition” and torture, and the subject of high-profile court cases on both sides of the Atlantic, will be returning to the UK “early next week,” according to “a source involved in the process, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak on the subject.”

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Who is a Terrorist?

18-02-2009 21:28

There is a shrinking group of free people, people who believe in a context with everyone’s equal worth. This group still dreams about a society where everyone is included and for this, one is prepared to struggle.

The hours are not enough. Daddy Obama tries every night to give Natasha and Malia some of his time. The hours are not enough. That is just the way it is. Part of the job, the assignment. Much has been promised and every promise has to be kept.

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Report: Emergency Demo: Bring Binyam Back

18-02-2009 07:58

The London Guantánamo Campaign and Brighton Against Guantánamo held a demonstration on Tuesday (17 February) lunchtime to call on the US president to release British resident Binyam Mohamed who has been held at Guantánamo Bay without trial for over four and a half years. Free Binyam now!

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TUESDAY LUNCHTIME: demo outside US Embassy: Bring Binyam Back

16-02-2009 18:42

A British doctor, part of a government team who recently visited Binyam Mohamed in Guantánamo Bay, has declared that he is fit to travel home. It's now up to the American government to order his release. Please join the London Guantánamo Campaign and Brighton Against Guantánamo as we call on President Obama to make that sooner rather than later...

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Hiding Torture And Freeing Binyam Mohamed From Guantánamo

12-02-2009 17:58

Bring Binyam Home

This has been an extraordinary week for British resident, torture victim and Guantánamo prisoner Binyam Mohamed. Last Thursday, his lawyers’ ten-month campaign to secure the disclosure of documents in the possession of the British government, which apparently confirm details of his “extraordinary rendition” and torture, sparked a crisis when the High Court judges in his case, Lord Justice Thomas and Mr. Justice Lloyd Jones, bowed to pressure from the foreign secretary, David Miliband, not to make public a summary of the evidence because the US government had threatened to re-evaluate its intelligence sharing relationship with the UK, which “could inflict on the citizens of the United Kingdom a very considerable increase in the dangers they face at a time when a serious terrorist threat still pertains.”

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Direct Action Germany: 27th Jan-7th Feb

12-02-2009 17:11

Again two arsons against upperclass cars
07/02/09: Attempted arson on cars
06/02/09: Administrative building of the police attacked with butyric acid
05/02/09: Attack against the CDU offices
01/02/09: „Car-Lofts“ attacked with stones and color
01/02/09: Several buildings spraypainted
31/01/09: Again two arsons against upperclass cars
30/01/09: CDU offices trashed
30/01/09: Porsche torched
28/01/09: Action against DHL: letter boxes painted olive green
28/01/09: BMW burned
27/01/09: Again a car burned in Berlin: state security investigates

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Israeli University Welcomes 'War Crimes' Colonel

10-02-2009 18:15

The Israeli government has moved quickly to quash protests over the appointment of the army's senior adviser on international law to a teaching post at Tel Aviv University. Col Pnina Sharvit-Baruch is thought to have provided legal cover for war crimes during the recent Gaza offensive.

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Vice President Biden signals continuation of US aggression

10-02-2009 12:22

At the centre of this weekend’s 45th Munich Security Conference was the speech given by the new US Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday. His speech had been keenly anticipated by the assembled audience of 300 leading politicians and state officials, including 13 heads of government and state and 50 ministers. They were eager to hear of the new content of US foreign policy under President Barack Obama and evinced a desire for the revival of transatlantic collaboration.

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Email David Miliband about Binyam Mohamed

08-02-2009 19:46

UK an US intelligence want Binyam Mohamed dead in Guantanamo because they don't want the facts of his torture made known.

Email David Miliband:
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