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Leeds Bradford Migration Newswire Archive

Leeds No Borders organising meeting

30-11-2005 16:23

No Borders is a Europe-wide network of groups, individuals and grassroots organisations opposed to and campaigning against immigration controls. Leeds No Borders has been set up to campign about asylum/immigration issues, raise awareness and help local asylum seekers and refugees.


Leeds No Borders first meeting

08-11-2005 16:58

No Borders Leeds flyer
We would like to invite you to the first meeting of Leeds No Borders on Tuesday November 15th at 7pm, at The Common Place (23-25 Wharf St, Leeds).
--Films-discussion-introduction to No Borders--


Magical Mystery Tour

30-09-2005 20:28

Magical Mystery Tour in Glasgow
Magical Mystery Tour - 15th October - 1pm Cathedral Square - Sheffield
On Saturday, October 15th, Sheffield no-borders collective invites you to assemble at 1pm on Cathedral Square, City Centre, for an extraordinary event....
The magical mystery tour -

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manuel bravo's death unnecessary with the court change

17-09-2005 11:25

The Independent today has a front-page exclusive on an asylum seeker based in Leeds, Manuel Bravo, who committed suicide in Yarlswood in order to prevent his son's deportation back to Angola. Their case had already been screwed by solicitors who took money and failed to represent them, and though they had not yet lost the case they were slammed into Yarlswood improperly to intimidate them - with this result. But there is a legal advance, the "court change", that all the big asylum groups have ignored and that would have made this disgusting injustice preventable.


Asylum Profiteers 'The Angel Group' sponsor Celebrating Sanctuary in Brum

17-06-2005 15:47

The Angel Groups tent at Celebrating Sanctuary
The euphemistically titled 'Celebrating Sanctuary' event during Refugee Week in Birmingham is mostly funded by The Angel Group. The Angel Group is a corporate housing provider contracted by the Home Office's National Asylum Support Service (NASS) to house refugees. The Angel Group fund the week-long event in Birmingham's City centre to the tune of £50,000.

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June 25: no one is illegal conference

18-04-2005 22:35

On Saturday June 25, the no one is illegal manifesto group is organising a No One Is Illegal conference in Manchester. All invited.

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"Dogs run free" @ 1in12Club, 5th Dec

17-11-2004 19:07

indycafe screening "Dogs Run Free"
@ 1in12 Club, Bradford
7.30pm sun 5th Dec
A 33 min's informative and analytical glance over the building of Fortress Europe through migration management, regulation, and control.


There's not enough unemployment

13-07-2004 19:33

This article offers an alternative analysis of the business success story of Greyfriars UK, as reported by North East Tonight (ITV) and the Yorkshire Post.

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Refugee Film Festival-Full Programme

14-06-2004 22:26

VII Leeds Underground Film Festival
Celebrating National Refugee Week
‘Refugees and Us, No One is Illegal’

15 and 17 June- 6-9 pm
Lecture Theatre 2- City Campus-Leeds Metropolitan University.
Free Entry- All Welcome-
Groups and political parties welcome to have a stall.


'Refugees and Us: No One is illegal' two days of events

08-06-2004 22:07

Two days of actions and events in solidarity with refugees

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Lindholme Noise Demo videos

02-02-2004 15:46


Two short video clips from last Saturday's demo at Lindholme Detention Centre.


Building a safe, just and tolerant society

01-02-2004 21:38

Notice for visitors outside Lindholme.


Lindholme Noise Demo Photos

31-01-2004 20:03

Police Video
A couple of hundred protestors made a lot of noise at Lindhome Detention Centre, near Doncaster, today to protest at the treatment of asylum seekers.


Saturday Jan 31: art day in aid of asylum seekers

25-01-2004 19:31

a day of arts and culture for refugees and people seeking asylum and those wanting to help and support them.


Noise Demo @ Lindholme Refugee Detention Centre

12-01-2004 15:57

Noise Demo, Saturday 31st January @ Lindholme Refugee Detention Centre. European Day of Action against Refugee Detention and for Migrant Rights!, Meet 12 noon @ Tyrham Hall Hotel, South Yorkshire, on the A614 south of Hatfield Woodhouse


Anti-asylum legislation demo in Leeds- photos

10-01-2004 16:52

"asylum for those who seek it"
Here are some photos from the action- full report at


Protesters cause traffic chaos defending asylum rights in central Leeds

09-01-2004 13:27

asylum demo
No to Government-sponsored destitution. Asylum seekers welcome in Leeds!

Waterside Court, the Leeds Immigration Office was blockaded by 25 protestors to mark the 1st anniversary of the Government’s cruel asylum legislation.

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Fight back against xenophobic injustice! Hitting the Home Office in the Inbox

01-06-2003 07:58

A call for online activism against Home Office injurtice

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Demonstration against the forced deportation of Afghan asylum seekers

08-05-2003 22:33


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Leeds Mayday Protests

01-05-2001 18:35

the Leeds Mayday protest - the tour of shame!

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