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Leeds Bradford Migration Newswire Archive

Erdogan family and TCAR resist deportation from Tyneside

06-03-2007 02:34

Thank you to everyone who came to the emergency demonstration for the Erdogan family this morning. We held a lively protest outside the Government Offices and then handed in our demands to a member of staff (the director of the Government Offices North East was 'in a board meeting').

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Vigil held for DR Congo asylum seekers

05-03-2007 18:54

A candlelight vigil was held in Leeds on Monday 5th march to remember all those deported to the DR Congo one week ago.


Leeds demo against DR Congo deportations

25-02-2007 17:57

People from across the Yorkshire region came to protest outside the Home Office in Leeds on Friday. Protestors were demanding that all deportations to the DR Congo must be stopped immediately.


More from Harmondsworth 10/2

11-02-2007 00:26

Around 250 people assembled outside Harmondsworth today, a mix of refugees, asylum seekers and their supporters. Some had travelled by coach from as far away as Manchester, Leeds and Bradford. Some played Samba. Some wanted to give long speeches and pump their ego's for the Labour leadership race.

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Asylum Seekers at Christmas

02-01-2007 11:05

On the 23rd of December, the last day of Christmas shopping, Asylum Seekers in Leeds gathered to raise awareness of the harsh realities that they face.


Leeds No Borders in Solidarity with Harmondsworth Detainees

08-12-2006 16:58

Friday 1st December. Following revelations concerning the atrocities perpetuated in the Harmondsworth Removal Centre, and subsequent riots, Leeds No Borders gathered outside of the Waterside Reporting Centre to express solidarity with asylum seekers and raise awareness of Watersides status as the shame of Leeds.


The truth behind the deportation statistics

30-11-2006 22:06

We have seen this week what detention at Harmondsworth and Lindholme have driven people to, here's why...

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Stop locking up our children! TCAR demonstration 18th November

21-11-2006 22:41

On Saturday 18th November Tyneside Community Action for Refugees held a lively demonstration against child detention and deportation in Newcastle city centre. Over 50 activists and their families spread the message about the horrific crime of detaining children through lively chanting, singing, and giving out balloons with messages from the children of TCAR members.


Beatings and Sugar Plums: New Labour's War on the Kurds

02-11-2006 16:17

Early morning on September 5th security guards burst into the sleeping quarters of Colnbrook detention centre in west London. The guards had come to take thirty two Iraqi Kurdish men away. Barefoot, handcuffed, with the guards swearing at them, the thirty two were taken to RAF Brize Norton. Their threatened forced deportation to Arbil in northern Iraq was imminent. In response, one man slit his throat and up to fourteen others took overdoses or cut themselves in a desperate attempt to avoid "removal". One eye witness described the scene at the holding area at the airport as "carnage with blood on the walls".(1) The Kurds knew the danger of returning to Iraq. They had fled the country years before because of that danger.

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Congo Film Evening!! Friday 3 November

27-10-2006 15:54

On Friday 3 November at 7.30pm at the Basement Cafe, 24 Lever Street, Manchester, the North West Asylum Seekers Defence Group (NWASDG) present the film 'Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death', the story of how Belgian colonialism killed 10 million Congolese and plundered the country.


Public meeting: 'Still in chains? The experience of African asylum seekers and f

23-10-2006 19:54

Next year, 2007, will see the commemoration of the bicentenary of the
parliamentary abolition of the transatlantic slave trade in the British
empire. But has African enslavement really ended? Leeds No Borders & School of Geography have organised a public meeting this Friday to debate the issue.

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Major public meeting on African asylum situation in Leeds

17-10-2006 23:40

Leeds No Borders has announced a major public meeting for Friday 27th October on the critical situation facing African migrants living in Leeds. The meeting aims to uncover what life is like in Africa, why and how its people are fleeing to the UK to claim asylum or work, and how they are treated when here.


Benmira Family belong to Leeds

06-10-2006 05:34

At 6.00am on the morning of Thursday the 20th September, immigration and police officers 'snatched' the family from their Leeds home and took them to Tinsley House IRC, where they spent five days before being transferred to Yarl's Wood IRC. Removal directions have been set for Sunday the 8th October.

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BNP trouble makers get it wrong again.

26-09-2006 15:31

BNP try to blaim murder on Asians... Again

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No Deportations to Zimbabwe Pictures

16-09-2006 21:16

More photos of the demo, from the time outside the art gallery.


Zimbabweans call demo against mass deportation this Saturday (16th)

14-09-2006 11:33

Blair and Mugabe are on the same side
Thando Dube, who was recently freed after 12 months detained in Yarlswood after joining a hunger strike among Zimbabwean detainees, will join a demonstration against the deportation of Zimbabweans in Leeds this Saturday 16 September.

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22 Iraqi Kurds detained today

07-09-2006 16:23

Today, 22 Iraqi Kurds were detained at mainly reporting centres across the UK with plans to forcibly deport them next week to Northern Iraq in another high profile, media event. This follows the forced deportation two days ago of 32 Iraqi Kurds. The government is clearly now going for it big style on mass deportations.

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Leeds demonstration called against Zimbabwean deportations

05-09-2006 23:07

Following a recent legal setback, Zimbabweans living in Leeds have called a city-centre demonstration for Saturday 16 September in protest at the UK government's renewed efforts to deport all "failed asylum seekers" back to Zimbabwe. The protest has the support of several groups and organisations in Leeds, including No Borders, the Refugee Council and members of the Common Place social centre.


Asylum Seeker - between Life and Death

24-08-2006 15:41

An asylum seeker's story...


Close Down Dallas Court reporting Centre! Protest - 18 August

14-08-2006 09:45

the next protest in the series of monthly protests at Dallas Court Reporting Centre, Salford Quays, will be held on Friday 18 August at 2-4pm. All are urged to attend and support these protests against the oppression of asylum seekers by this racist Labour government.
The one after that will be on 15 September, same time and place. Next organising meeting of the NWASDG is on Tuesday 29 August at 7.30pm at the Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester.