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Leeds Bradford Migration Newswire Archive

Another TCAR member snatched, protest this Friday and fax request

04-06-2008 23:00

This is the third asylum seeker we know of being detained in Newcastle in the last few weeks, all scheduled for flights with Ethiopian Airways. If you are at risk of deportation or know anyone who is, please spread the word to be alert, especially if Ethiopian Airways flies to your country. If you have somewhere else you can stay temporarily it may be a good idea to not sleep at your usual address.


Action needed to halt deportation of mother and son to Ethiopia this Wednesday

01-06-2008 21:06

In the early hours of Friday morning TCAR member Ayisha Abeli was snatched from her home together with her three year old son. They are currently being held in Yarls Wood detention centre, and have been told they will be deported to Ethiopia on Wednesday 4th June at 9pm.


Huddersfield Attack Press Release

31-05-2008 23:26

The fascist BNP and their far right friends have stepped up their intimidation of trade unionists and political activists in Kirklees.

On Friday morning a young female student was attacked on her way to work by three armed members of the far right.

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Northern Conference Against Racism 21st June 2008 Newcastle

30-05-2008 23:01

On Saturday 21st June TCAR will be hosting a Northern Conference Against Racism in Newcastle. All anti-racists are urged to attend. See attached flier for details. Entry is free to asylum seekers and unwaged. For those on a wage tickets are £3, and can be purchased in advance from Please buy your tickets in advance if you can, as this will help to meet the costs of childcare, which can be booked for free.


Northern Conference Against Racism all set for June 21st

12-05-2008 14:05

flyer for the event
On Saturday 21st June Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) will host an anti-racist conference in order to make links with other anti-racists and broaden the struggle against racism. The day will consist of a panel discussion, interactive and practical workshops and a plenary session to attempt to draw together some concrete plans for action against racism in the North of England.


No Borders demonstration outside the Home Office in Leeds

27-04-2008 13:44

Over fifty people took part in a demonstration outside Waterside Court Reporting Centre in Leeds on Friday calling for an end to dawn raids, detention and deportations.

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Action report-Angel Group targetted

14-04-2008 10:52

As part of the days of action in support of squats and autonomous spaces-
Action at Angel Group- building graffitied, locks glued, 12 company vehicles damaged.

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Sickle cell suffer taken from hospital to be removed to Cameroon

10-04-2008 03:15

Olivier Mmounda a Nyam, who has sickle cell anaemia, was "snatched" in a "dawn raid" on 28th March at his home in Leeds and taken to Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) for removal to Cameroon.


Smash The National Front

09-04-2008 10:39

Protest and make your voice heard and make it known that the NF aren't welcome in Newcastle on Sunday 13th April.

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URGENT: Please fax Jacqui Smith to protest against Rose's deportation

08-04-2008 20:59

Today Rose was moved from the police station to a detention centre, and we have information that she is due to be deported this Thursday, 10th April. Please fax Jacqui Smith on 020 8760 3132 and ask her to halt Rose's deportation and give her exceptional leave to remain. You can use the attached model fax or write your own


Freedom for Rose! Demonstrations Tuesday and Wednesday in Newcastle

07-04-2008 22:52

Rose speaking at a TCAR march last year
Rose Aboukha from Newcastle was arbitrarily arrested under immigration regulations today at North Shields. Demonstrations for her released are being organised on Tuesday 8th April and Wednesday 9th April. Your support is needed.


This Government Makes Asylum Seekers Sick

07-04-2008 15:56

Public Meeting - "Atrocious Barbarism": Limiting Healthcare Access to Asylum Seekers and Migrants
Monday 14th April 7pm at Showroom Cinema, Room 5, Paternoster Row, Sheffield S1 2BX


Demo outside Home Office In Leeds

28-03-2008 12:57

A Demonstration calling for an end to detention and deportations was held outside the Home Office immigration reporting centre at Waterside Court in Leeds yesterday.


NCADC North West News & Events Listing

21-03-2008 15:09

1. News in the North West
2. North West Events Listing
3. Regular Events in the North West Region


Defendants in Newcastle win right to take their case to a District Judge

10-03-2008 18:23

The four activists charged with participating in an unlicensed street collection at an anti-deportation event on 7th May 2007 won the right today, Monday 10th March, to have their case heard before a district judge.


Saddiq Family belong to leeds

09-03-2008 15:48

The Home Office have issued the Saddiq family with new removal orders for the 17th March.

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Saddiq Family belong to Leeds, urgent support needed.

06-03-2008 14:24

On Tuesday 26th February Border and Immigration Officials broke down the Saddiq family's front door in a dawn raid in Harehills, Leeds. They were given 20 minutes to pack up their belongings and then taken to Yarlswood removal centre in Bedford. They have been given a removal order for March 7th.

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Lincoln Mzezewa belongs to Leeds!

03-03-2008 22:26

Lincoln claimed asylum in February 2007 and has lived in Leeds since this point. He has established himself within the area of Leeds where he lives and is regular visitor to certain charities in the locality. He fled from South Africa after he claims that he was abducted on two separate occasions.


Tyneside family face 2nd deportation attempt after 8 years in Britain

18-02-2008 01:12

A Nigerian family face a second deportation attempt after being snatched in a dawn raid from Byker in Newcastle last Wednesday. They were not put onto a flight on Friday, due to protests from TCAR combined with resistance at the airport but now they have been given another flight date on Tuesday and Yarlswood is refusing to let Kunle, the father of the family, see a psychiatrist.


XL airways court case results

28-01-2008 18:03

Anti-deportation activist found guilty, 12 month conditional discharge £300 costs. ‘The judge said I 'went too far' - I feel my actions went just far enough. I believe that everyone should take whatever action is within their abilities in the face of social and environmental injustices like deporting so-called ‘failed’ asylum seekers to a country destabilised by wars over resources. I would happily do what I did again.'