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UK Free Spaces Feature Archive

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Carlo Vive!

13-07-2003 22:16

The 20th of July will mark the second anniversary of the murder of Carlo Guilani by the Carabinieri (Italian paramilitary police force) during the protests against the G8 summit of Genoa 2001. In those remarkable days, where Berlusconi's goverment gave orders to stop protesters by "whatever force necessary", the independent media centre was brutally attacked by police, resulting with the arrests, tortures, assaults and beatings into coma of many protesters.

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Gatecrashers Ball Marred by Chaotic Policing and 3 Arrests

07-07-2003 22:00

Official and unoffical flags outside Menwith Hill spy base.
On Friday 4 July,thousands of citizens across the UK held parties at US military bases (Fairford, Plymouth 1, 2, 3) as part of 'Independence from America Day'. One of the main events was the 'Gatecrashers Ball' held at the US's Menwith Hill Spy Base, near Harrogate in North Yorkshire, and hosted by the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB). As usual, chaotic policing led to three arrests and the walk around the base being curtailed. Police also closed off the public footpath for no stated reason. One of the arrestees was detained for 'assaulting a police officer' whilst apparently trying to protect his partner from pushy police. Another was chased and arrested for refusing to remove their mask, and the third arrest was for trespass.

There is an appeal for witnesses.

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Noborder Camp in Krynki, Poland

06-07-2003 11:14

On the 30. Juni 2003 a demonstration took place against borders, deportations and the new visa-regulations in Warsaw, Poland.
This noborder demo in Warsaw on June 30 ended with 16 arrests for a short time.
A website with templates for appeals to authorities and more info was prepared.

The demo ended a noborder conference and an International Anarchist Meeting preceding the Krynki bordercamp which started on June 2nd.

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July 4 - Independence from America Day: Gatecrashers Ball at Menwith Hill Spy Base

04-07-2003 01:24

globocops - defending the domes at Menwith Hill
As millions of Americans celebrate 'Independence Day', thousands of citizens across the UK are today holding their own parties at US military bases as part of 'Independence from America Day'. One of the main events is taking place just a half-hour drive away from Leeds at the notorious Menwith Hill spy base near Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

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Arundel - a tale of two by-passes

26-06-2003 22:00

Arundel in West Sussex already had a bypass built in the 1970's, now they plan to build another one over the old one. A 5.2 kilometre area of ancient woodland is threatened with the chop at Binstead Wood and Tittington Common, and a protest camp is now up and running at Tittington.

Bypassing the existing bypass, it would cross the important River Arun wetlands south of Arundel on concrete stilts or a huge embankment, and then plough through a mile of precious Sussex woodland. Thousands, probably tens of thousands, of trees would be lost, including some fine 100 foot oak trees, yews, and one particular 100 foot beech tree, thought to be the oldest tree in the woods.

Protestors are meeting on Sunday 29th June for a walk along the proposed bypass route. Meet at 2pm outside the 'Red Lion' Pub, High Street Arundel.

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Celebrate the Solstice

20-06-2003 21:24

English Heritage decided to open Stonehenge on the wrong day! The Solstice is at 20.10h on Saturday evening, and the Solstice dawn occurs on Sunday June the 22nd. But free access to The Stones will only be permitted from Sat 2.00h to 12.00 h.
Campaigners demanded full restoration of their traditional rights of free access to Stonehenge and provision of land for camping while attending the Midsummer Solstice Celebration (21-23rd June)with: Music Fun and Agit Prop Morris dancing, with Seize The Day, Headmix, Celtica, Tarantism, Judge Trev, 2000DS and Nik Turner (of Hawkwind), Threefortenpound, RinkyDink + other cycle sound-systems.
Reports [1 | 2] Pics [Saturdays sunrise from Tash's mobile phone | Solstice Sunrise & Arrest

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Peace Protesters still active!

09-04-2003 22:00

In Scotland anti war actions are still taking place nearly every day, despite the police tactics getting more and more restrictive for the protesters. On Thursday 3rd of april the autonomous demonstration suceeded in blocking an Esso garage for about an hour, following on from the demonstration a week earlier on the 27th of april.
On Friday the school students suceeded in blocking the traffic with a sit-in before marching of in a cordon of police to the American embassy. Friday saw also a mass mave-in of posters and postcards as a solidarity action for a protester, who was arrested alongside with others on the anti-war demo the 22nd of march for his design of the American flag.
An anti-war exhibition by local artists also opened on Friday, to be seen untill the 13th of april, in the Roxy Art House.
On Saturday, activists went to protest in front of the BP headquaters in Grangemeouth, Fife.
Peace Vigils were also held on Monday, 7th of april in front of the US consulate. The next women's vigil will take place on Saturday, 12th of april Night outside City Chambers on Royal Mile from 9-10pm.
More actions are also to take place on Wednesday,9th of april, when Glasgow activists have announced a demonstration, starting off at Kelvinbridge Underground at 5pm to march to BBC studios, Queen Margaret Drive.
On Saturday, 12th of april, another mass demonstration will take place in Glasgow and in London, following on from the one on the 29th of march.

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Stop the War- Stop the City!

22-03-2003 23:00

Direct actions and peace demonstrations took place again today.
In Edinburgh, lots of speeches and a die-in in front of the Scottish Parliament started the anti-war protest, before school students speeded the demonstration off to Princess Street to block the traffic several times with sit-ins before marching to the US consulate followed by another row of speeches.
Then back to Princes Street with more Sit-Ins and Die-Ins to Charlotte Square.
Police until then has been astonishing relaxed, but become violent, aggressive and provoking when plain-cloth policemen brutally tried to arrest a protester for no apparent reason which kicked off the bystanders to intervene, resulting in more arrests and detention.
Whereas the speakers of the rally tried to support police tactics by asking demonstrators repeatedly not to bother, the police had to let the detained people go due to crowd pressure.
The crowd finally walked off to have a solidarity picket in front of St.Leonards police station, St.Leonard Street.
The demonstration broke through police-lines, when police tried to block their way.
The solidarity picket is still continuing after 10 pm on Saturday night.
In Glasgow there was a big demonstration, and protesters were boxed in for over one and a half hours by police.
Hoosie, from Faslane Peace Camp has been beaten up by police and is now hospitalised with bruised kidney and bruised liver.
He was arrested on Thursday at an action for allegedly assaulting a police officer.

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Anti-road protest in Edinburgh gets stronger and stronger!

20-03-2003 23:00

Having just had a massive spring clean of our surroundings, site and paths we've now erected a large kitchen/ free cafe with an infoshop attached. Our stage is built, and after an initial performance by the "Beltane Drummers" from Edinburgh we now hope to host more local bands and musicians. There are two new treehouses in progress and our walkway system is ever extending.
We would welcome vistors to come for short or long stays, or even just to pop by for a cup of tea and a read.
[ Bilston Anti Bypass Camp - News Update | Bilston Wood- Anti Road Protest Camp near Edinburgh | No Alignment Action Group]

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Edinburgh Anti-war Protesters storm the Castle and block Princes Street

17-03-2003 23:00

An Anti-War demonstration took place this morning in Edinburgh, amongst the protesters mainly school students, who went on strike.
The activists stormed Edinburgh Castle, which is not only a main tourist attraction, but also a military garrison. After blocking the entrance for about an hour, the demonstration moved on to the front of the Scottish parliament, and then, further to Princes Street, where the traffic was blocked and a sit-down took place.
Later, the protesters tried to raise their opposition in front of the US consulate, but police hemmed the protesters in and allowed them to leave in small groups.

[ full story | pictures]

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Faslane Peace Camp needs more guests!

10-03-2003 23:00

Faslane Peace Camp, exists to protest against nukes and war for 21 years, and has become the activist centre of Scotland.
The next big direct action will be at the Big Blockade in April- see Calendar, but at the moment, Faslane Peace Camp is in urgent need of guests.

[ report | Faslane Peace Camp | Blockade]

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Women against war- Womens' rights are human rights!

08-03-2003 23:00

On International Womens' Day women all over the world made their voices heard. In Glasgow a two days diy-conference and gigs took place, named “ Frock On ”.
In Edinburgh an anti-sweat shop protest took place in front of GAP. Also in Edinburgh, “ Enact for Women ” has put together a weeks long program for, about and by women, located in various parts of the city, with the main focus on the conference about women and human rights taking place on Thursday, 13th of march. [Frock On | protest | Enact]

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Critical mass against the war in Edinburgh

27-01-2003 00:00

On Sunday, 26th of January, a crowd of cyclists, drummers, pedestrians and wheelchairs took the street to protest against the forthcoming war and to deliver a clear message of “ Don't attack Iraq ” to the American embassy.

[full story | another report | more impressions]

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Stop the war, chuck out the army and remove the Chancellor!!

18-12-2002 00:00

Glasgow Anarchist Students occupied the main hall of the university building in Glasgow. They protest against the war, the army which has recently tried to recruit on the campus, as well as the investment of the Universities pension fund in war-profiteering companies.
[ full story ]

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Protests Against EU Summit In Copenhagen

14-12-2002 23:00

The weekend of the 13 - 14 December an EU summit took place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Anti-Rascist Demonstration in Glasgow after Refugee was stabbed

01-12-2002 00:00

Around 2500 people marched in Glasgow on Saturday, 30 th of november, in the annual anti-racism demo organised by the Scottish Trades Union Council. The night before the annual anti-racism demo in Glasgow, an asylum seeker is attacked and stabbed by a gang in Sighthill, Glasgow.

[full story | the attack on the refugee | physical attacks and verbal ones ]

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Bilston Wood- Anti Road Protest Camp near Edinburgh

25-11-2002 00:00

The road and associated developments herald a massive southward expansion of the city of Edinburgh through green belt land and vast tracts of countryside and prime agricultural land. Bilston Wood and Bilston Burn (SSSI) will be among the casualties. Here are pictures and a report about the protest camp there.

[full story | Background information | News about biotechnology]

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SAMHUINN PROCESSION by Beltane Fire Society

31-10-2002 00:00

On Samhuinn, the Beltane Fire Society celebrates this pagan festival with a procession and a street performance. At Samhain we know, that we are entering winter; its celtic name meaning “ summer's end ” . It is a time of coming to terms with death, and to mediate on letting go of past hurts and wrongs.Symbols and customs involve apples and the red poppy, the Lammas symbol of blood upon the corn.

[ BFS Samhuinn procession | More pics ]

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Big Blether .... is over for a couple of years!

08-09-2002 23:00

We were blethering at Talamh Life Centre, Lanarkshire from 6-8 September 2002.

Roughly every two years, we, the grassroots activists come together to enjoy ourselves and to inspire and encourage each other. The whole weekend was about direct action, peace and environmental issues and campaigning for social and ecological justice. At this DIY gathering we had the chance to learn new skills and broaden our minds and share our hopes, fears and experiences.
There were workshops, practical skills sharing, networking, mutual support, positive solutions, solidarity, alternative lifestyles, blethering, music, sunshine, camping ...

Full story at:
article and pictures

Also see our website at:

Full article

Occupied student homes and Lelas Karayanni 37 Squat under repression

19-08-2002 22:00

Since the end of July, the squat of Lelas Karayanni 37 has been confronted with a local and state repression as the chancellors of the university commissioned police to cut off the water and electricity supplies into the occupied building, and threaten a violent eviction refuse they to leave. L. K. 37 was bequeathed to the University, under the proviso it is used to house homeless and poor students. Despite that, it was abandoned since 1960, until April of 1988, when it was occupied by a collective of young students, workers and jobless, who transformed it into a place for housing and self-organisation. L.K. 37, through open assemblies, publications and social interventions became a workshop and base for radical criticism against housing issue in Athens.

The repression seems to be one of the initial casualties that seem to co-inside with speculative business enterprises earmarked for the "Olympic Games 2004". In another case the Students' House in Ilisia suburb has been occupied for more than two months as the rectors' council demanded all students must leave in order to use it for the journalists' accommodation during the Olympics, the students have refused.

[ Full report | athens.indymedia | L.K.37 page ]

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