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UK Free Spaces Feature Archive

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Nottm Community Print Resources are Go

17-11-2005 19:48

Following an earlier Indymedia appeal for storage, a location for Nottingham's Community Print Resource has been found at the Asbo Community Centre at 33-35 Burns Street, 1 Wildman Street, Arboretum. There is now an urgent call out for help in setting up the facilities, starting (during the ASBO open day) on Saturday 19th November.

Please call by from 2pm (til possibly 7pm) to check it out.

Links: Print resources - A call out | CPR to the Rescue: Nottm Alternative News article.

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'The Revolution will be Televised'

05-11-2005 16:07

The Revolution Will Be Televised

The Common Place Social Centre in Leeds has relaunched with an incredible 10 days of radical films, talks gigs and art. Called The Revolution will be Televised, the festival is also the main political fringe of the Leeds International Film Festival. Hundreds of people have passed through the building, a former disused factory in the yuppified Calls district of Leeds city centre .

[Over 100 people attend First Day] [Newsire Details and Programme] Download Programme (RTF format)

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Another Squatted Social Centre Taken, and our Freedom

18-10-2005 16:37

Circle Community

The Circle Community Centre at the old St.Georges Theatre 49 Tufnell Park Rd, London was occupied just over a year ago, but sadly was evicted last week by 30 police and and 10 bailiffs. [1] [2]

It will be fondly remembered not least for indymedia's 5th Birthday party, but also for the many workshops and events held there over the years, and their work with the local community. To hear an Audio interview on the eviction.

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Leeds Queer Film Festival

14-10-2005 09:57


Queer Mutiny North Invites you to...
the first ever Leeds Queer Film Festival and...

The DIY collective will be showing a diverse range of films by queer film makers and around subjects of queerness, transgender, genderqueerness. On the weekend of the 14-16th October. The event is free. Movie style snacks and refreshments will be availiable for donations.

Later in the month they are holding a Dressing up Party with music, performance and a DRESSING UP RO0M! There are still slots for DJ's and performance so get in contact if you wanna play

For more info:
Movie festival program | Dressing Up Party | Queer Mutiny North website

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YES, we're open !

12-10-2005 16:15

Here an update on some new community initiatives in Nottingham:

Radford - Last night the new community cafe in the Blueprint, Radford, opened its doors for the first time. The fairtrade cafe has been set up by people who put on the famous ethical clubnight Demo, at Blueprint every last Saturday of the month. Trying to create a chilled space for people to meet and hang out, while enjoying organic cake, and eclectic DJ's. Every Tuesday, 509-511 Alfreton Road, Radford.

Links: Blueprint | Demo

Arboretum - Saturday will see the grand opening of the ASBO Community Centre on Burns Street, Radford. The occupied community space is opening its doors on Saturday at 2pm. There will be 'Broad Bean' internet access all afternoon, 'Kranks' Bike maintenance workshop from 3-6pm, 'Free Shop' open from 3pm and the People's Kitchen will be serving food from 5.30pm till 7pm. These events will be running every Saturday, 33-35 Burns Street, 1 Wildman Street, Arboretum.

Links: Download: poster / A5 flyer | Contact ASBO via email | Previous feature article on the project

Photos: Gallery | Tidy Up | Workday

Sneinton - Rumours go that a new collective has also been set up in Sneinton, to start a community cafe/open arts space there. More information to follow... (or contact

Print resources - A call out was issued this week as help is needed to set up a print workshop and resource centre for Nottingham's campaign community. In July 2004 Veggies catering campaign funded the acquisition of the resources of the now defunct Nottingham Community Resource Centre. The intention was to find premises, such as a portable office in the yard of the Sumac Centre, to set up a well equiped print workshop for community use. However a year has rolled by and it has proved impossible to find suitable premises. The situation is now desparate - the equipment must be removed from its temporary storage in two weeks. Are you involved in a project that could make use of printing equipment, in return for making it available to others? Do you have any storage space to offer? If you can help email:

Links: Call out for help | Article Nottingham Alternative News | Veggies catering campaign

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Garden Festival - Glossy plans, but what lies beneath remains unknown

12-10-2005 10:19

Wrong kind of trees
The new owners of the old Liverpool Garden Festival Site, Langtree McLean, present their ideas for the former landfill site.

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The Sumac Centre needs help !

25-09-2005 14:20

The Sumac Centre is an independent community and activist resource centre in Nottingham. It is made up of a community cafe, social club, radical/social library, art exhibition space, Veggies catering campaign, filmnights, talks, meeting spaces and the residents. The centre is used by various local groups, collectives and individuals working towards social change and sustainability. It has hosted many national and international gatherings in the past and hopes to continue to do so. The centre is entirely run by volunteers

At the moment the centre is in need of help. Mainly due to reduced use of the centre/bar/cafe over the summer and mortgage rates increasing. At the moment there is a shortage of volunteers meaning the centre can't be open as much. We would like to continue to support and promote the work of many campaigns and individuals and continue the work we do in our local community...

More Links: Workday October 8th | Sumac Website | Regular Events | More information on volunteering

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Demolition Threat in Glasgow

25-08-2005 09:41

sighthill united

Glasgow Housing Association seek undemocratic demolition solution for Sighthill housing estate in Glasgow. Tenants continue to fight against housing privatisation agenda, as 1,200 homes come under threat.
[Stocktransfer Info | Defend Council Housing | City Strolls | MSP vs. tenant debate in SenScot]

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Abandoned for over 7 years...

21-08-2005 20:50

Unsatisfied with years of council inaction, an abandoned block of flats on Burns Street, Arboretum, has been occupied and turned into living spaces once again. The new homes, which are owned by the City Council had been left to rot for over 7 years.

The occupiers, who squatted the building early August, have been repairing damage and planting flowers in the garden with local residents. The council have given the new residents a 'notice to leave', stating they would obtain an eviction order through court, if they would not leave within 7 days. There is much support from local residents, as for them, the property has been an eyesore, attracting drug users and causing a general hazard.

Photo Gallery of the Squat | Notice to Leave | Announcement Garden Project | Council still no plans with previous squat (Forest Lodge) | Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS) | More Photo's of the Tidy Up | Some current advice on squatting

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New Squatting Project in Nottingham

13-08-2005 01:17

A building empty for many years has been occupied. The neighbours constantly fed up with the council inaction, a mess in the garden, drug abusers round the back of the property, windows smashed. Not something you would like to live next door to. Thus, the group has much community support, and now they're secure in their new home, there is much tidying up to do and this has already begun.

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Radical Summer in Cambridge

07-08-2005 11:13

Demolish this?

Things seem to have slowed down in town, but not for those who want to change the world! Lots of traveller support, free spaces and cycle power activities are taking place over the next month.

Part of the Essex traveller community, Dale Farm, housing 1000 people, is under constant threat of eviction. A public meeting, and training session will be taking place on the weekend of August 13th for those who want to support the traveller community. There is a special need for human rights monitors and people with recording equipment (since an eviction is quite an ugly business, often unseen by most people). The Hoverfield community just got evicted [report, another report].

Meanwhile in Cambridge a group of people have decided to put empty buildings to use, and have opened a Social Centre in Fitzwilliam road [open letter]. A film screening of "The Mark Thomas Comedy Show" will take place there on the Sunday 7th, but much more is promised in the next few weeks.

Finally a Critical Mass, a spontaneous convergence of cyclists, skateboarders and skaters to celebrate life without cars took place in Cambridge. This is to become a regular event, with people meeting the last Friday of every month, 6pm, beneath Elizabeth Way Bridge.

[Looking for a radical holiday? : Earth First! summer gathering 17-21 August 2005]

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Keep the Jericho boatyard!

05-08-2005 17:22

Castle Mill Boatyard

Update (16/09/2005): The boatyard is having an open day on Sunday 25th September, with a buffet, BBQ, exhibition, tat auction, talks, films, music and tons of other entertainment

Update 10/08/2005, from WON !....Planning inspector deems that the BW Bellway plan is not suitable. See latest newswire report.

The Jericho Boatyard was officially handed over to British Waterways on Friday, July 29, but has been occupied since then by people who want to keep it as a boatyard and a community space rather than letting it be sold off to Bellway Homes to build yet more luxury flats.

The boatyard is a vital resource for people who live in boats. British Waterways, the body that is supposed to maintain the UK's canals, is selling off bits of land around the country - Jericho is not the only boatyard that is under threat. British Waterways plans to sell the site to Bellway Homes, which is seeking planning permission (not yet granted) to build luxury flats. There is a need for sustainable and affordable living space in Oxford but this would not be provided by the Bellway development.

The Jericho boatyard is also famous for having inspired Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy. A lot of history and culture would be lost by building over it, making Jericho and Oxford a culturally poorer place.

To keep the site it needs to be occupied all the time, so visitors are always welcome! There's food and tea and plenty to do. The site has only been under occupation for a few days so it's an exciting time and people with ideas and enthusiasm are needed to come and contribute. At the moment it's all of our space - let's keep it that way.

For more info on this follow the Oxford Indymedia newswire or go to - or just go to the boatyard!

Reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | Video | Website: Save Castle Mill Boatyard

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Bradford site eviction

18-07-2005 19:31

Claremont a squatted travellers site opposite Bradford University is in danger of eviction as its year long legal battle with property developers draws to a close. Claremont originally the site of a large Victorian house which burnt down in the 50's was squatted in 1989 and since then has provided a home for literally hundreds of people some staying for weeks others for years in a variety of trucks, buses and caravans.

As a consequence of Bradford council's attempted regeneration/gentrification of the city the site has come to the attention of property developers- who bought the land and issued a claim for possession last year. The site's legal battle concluded in a hearing at dewsbury county court last Tuesday- with the court postponing judgement until the 18th of this month- as for what he'll decide, it was to our minds made pretty obvious when the judge responded to a request that any eviction be suspended following the judgement to allow the defendants to find new homes with the words "I'd suggest the defendants should be doing that now" or something to that effect.

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Cowley Road Carnival

12-07-2005 17:23

carnival kids
Hooray! No cars! All the fun of a reclaim the streets action but no hassle from police! Despite the day's greyness Oxford's cultural diversity was celebrated in all its multi colour fabness. The freedom of the streets came to East Oxford in an organised fashion this year celebrating the theme of the 'Earth'.. with everyone dressed up as hippies with lots of green and flowers everywhere.. I even spotted some people dressed up as vegetables.. All with the exception of the cheeky 'G8 leaders' who made a re-appearance to celebrate capitalism and poverty only as they know how, with a brief stop to bow down and worship at Tesco's on their way..

There was some great music to be heard from all walks of life, with artists and performers from the local community and from overseas too... with some specially sponsored graffiti above some local shops to jazz it all up and remind us of a great day had by all.

Check out the main carnival website for more info and photos.

[ main web page ] [ photos: 1 | 2 (lo-res / hi-res) | 3 | G8 leaders ]

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Tenants occupation in Glasgow

24-06-2005 13:09

Yesterday, Tuesday the 21st of june, tenants from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee occupied the offices of 'Communities Scotland' to protest the run-down of basic services and the erasure of publicly-funded housing in Scotland. They sent out a message that they are organised and willing to resist New Labour's privatisation agenda for housing in Scotland.

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Glasgow Convergence Space Opens

23-06-2005 11:18

Warehouse in Glasgow used as Convergence Centre

The Convergence Centre in Glasgow has opened from Tuesday, 21st of June onwards, to facilitate meeting space, accomodation and projects in Dissent! to the forthcoming G8 summit.
It is situated in 30 Dora Street, Dalmarnock, Glasgow, G40 4DP, Scotland. The telephone number for this place is (0044)/ (0)141-551-0401 .

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Dissent! G8 infoshop opens in Edinburgh

20-06-2005 21:59

Shopfront; to be painted tomorrow

The G8 public Infoshop opened today to satisfy local curiousity and welcome autonomous groups and individual anti-G8 protesters.
The Infoshop is located 10 Albert Place, Leith Walk, in Edinburgh, EH7 5HN. It is about 10 minutes away from the bus and train station.
From now on, the access point will be opened 24 hours a day, the infoshop is also contactable under telephone number (0044)/(0)131-5611356 .
Collective meetings are held at 6 pm daily to update newcomers and to facilitate the running of the Infoshop.

[ Dissent! | Recent update about Practicalities | Protest Activities Overview | Mobilisation Links ]

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Reclaim the Future III - Party and Protest

09-06-2005 09:39

This Saturday 11 June sees the third edition of the infamous Reclaim The Future benefit parties in a self-organised space in London.

RTF III is set to be one of the biggest parties-with-purpose to take place in London for a long time. From eight to eigth 5+ rooms including live stages, bands, djs, chillout, bar, cafe, Indymedia cinema, performance and vjs, will keep the crowd on its toes. Musical flavours will include Punk, Techno, Reggae, Drum & Bass, Breaks, World Music and Cabaret. The address is S&W Nightware Factory, Alie St. E1 near Aldgate East tube station.

The concept of RTF arose from a meeting of London Reclaim The Streets (RTS) on June 2002. The idea and call went out, and soon many of the people from the groups that RTS had spawned came together. These included Indymedia, Wombles, Rhythms of Resistance samba band, London Rising Tide, LARC, Disarm DSEi and it started to grow and grow. Quoting one of the party organisers she states:

"RTF was created as a way to show that the streets are ours and we will not be prevented from partying and protesting by laws which have tried to squash the reclaim the streets movement. RTF is also about working togther for a future that we all want, free from capitalism and freedom from exploitation for all peoples and for a planet free from the destruction and pollution it currently endures."

For more information about past RTF events see:

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One year of DIY culture

19-05-2005 11:00

ramPARTY flyers for 21st May

The UK has had its share of squatted political spaces over the decades but the last few years has seen something of a resurgence in activity, inspired by the strong social centres movement found in Spain and Italy etc. Social Centres have been springing up all over the country but their existence is often precarious, dependent either on maintaining rent or retaining a squatted property.

The average lifespan of a squat typically clocks in at around three months. However the rampART ( will be celebrating its first anniversary this weekend (21st May)

Established May 21st 2004, rampART took it's name from Rampart Street E1, home of the abandoned warehouse which was previously used as an Islamic girls school. For the last twelve months the derelict building has hosted over 100 cultural and political events - placing the rampART firmly and literally on the activist map of London (see ramPARTY details and lineup)

Other coming events:
22nd May - Movimientos Day School | 27th May - Post-criticalmass G8 Bike Ride Benefit (flyer) | >28th May - GUADALAJARE Benefit

Other UK social centres:
See and add to user contributd list | Institute of Autonomy opens | Leeds gets new social centre | Search for social centres

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Pedal Powered Revolutionaries

29-04-2005 10:25

In 1992 in San Francisco cyclists started riding together monthly to assert themselves as traffic in a ride that became known as Critical Mass. Since then Critical Mass has spread to over 300 cities around the world and become a common feature of protest culture.

To celebrate 10 years of critical mass, over 800 cyclists took to the streets in London last year with a bike samba band, live guitar from a rickshaw, multiple sound systems, mad bikes the like of which have to be seen to be believed. It was massive, and it happened again on Friday April 29. At least 500 cyclists, rollerbladers and skateboards joined the 11th Annivesary in London [photos 1, 2, 3, report]. There will also critical masses in Glasgow, Liverpool and Nottingham [photos] - and probably other cities around the country as well.

On Saturday 30th April there was a successful mass "against climate change, pollution and the G8" in Worthing, Sussex. Meanwhile, in Sheffield on June 11th and the 15th there are more rides to coincide with an anti-war demo and the G8 meeting of Justice and Interior Ministers in Sheffield taking place 15th/17th.

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