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UK Technology Newswire Archive

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Fw: 4 new releases from green anarchist zine Return Fire

25-06-2016 09:45

got this elsewhere a while ago, now reposting here cos noone had put it up - better late than never!

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Any hacker will be able to falsely accuse you starting september 2016

23-06-2016 21:53

The first smartphone of Tango project of Google will be sold out worldwide in september 2016. The Tango smartphone will allow Identity theft and privacy life of everyone even of people who will not buy the Tango smartphone, all reasons to prevent all smartphones of Tango project of Google to be sold ! or Lenovo Tango Smartphones! And in the end, the following Lenovo Smartphones! They will begin to be sold in august 2016 in USA!

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USA is run by the criminally insane

23-06-2016 00:52

Geral Sosbee, Attorney
See this report with evidentiary links which demonstrate my thesis that the United States of America is in reality run by criminally insane officials.

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Confused Internet Army (CIA) , Political Activities Division, floods BREXIT

08-06-2016 18:57

Again a big success for the C.I.A.
We'll continue flooding servers in the next couple of days

The results in the Dutch polls affected the referendum positively
We have ensured the people a NO (OUT) outcome
And the politicians (Prime Minister Rutte) again ignored the masses after the poll

The eyes of the people have been opened
Now it's time for our fellow Britons to see through the same conspiracy

Welcome to dictatorship

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Tchnology & Medicine

10-04-2016 20:32

The Brazil after approving the Law of Civil Marco Internet, which served as inspiration for other countries, is advancing in technology and in areas related to medicine.

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HUMAN RIGHTS violation by a group of Poles in London

31-01-2016 01:15

I have become a victim of psychological and physical torture while living in London. My persecution is being done by an organised, technologically advanced group of people, claiming to be Polish Special Services

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Robotics and the real (sorry, Karl, you got it wrong) final crisis of capitalism

22-01-2016 21:05

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is progressing very rapidly and within the foreseeable future there will be robots capable of doing most the jobs done by humans. They will also be able to do most of the new jobs which arise. The consequence of such developments will be a catastrophic lost of demand due to the destruction of jobs for humans and this will make capitalism impossible.

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How to stop popup ads in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and O

17-01-2016 16:19

Nasty Popups
Malware isn’t all about identity theft, banking frauds or ransom extortion. In fact, the overwhelming majority of malicious applications on the loose seem to have a much milder adverse impact, but the frustration caused to the victims is still immeasurable.

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Mixed picture after monitoring at the Rivne NPP, Ukraine

03-12-2015 10:10

In May 2015, the IAEA conducted an inspection in terms of nuclear materials use monitoring at the Rivne NPP, Ukraine. We got somewhat mixed picture after we had visited Unit 1 and Unit 2 of the facility. The face-lift work had been done but crookedly paved tiles and outdated transformers spoiled the impression from the very start. On our first working day the commission members registered series of breaches of international safety requirements, NSS-8 related ones in particular. This was quite an unexpected revelation, for there are special regular training courses on NSS-8 for NPP staff in Ukraine. It appears, the training is mostly on paper and the trainees themselves see the requirements as just not so much obligatory for them to follow.

Full article adware pimps an online service of its own

02-12-2015 15:50 adware screenshot
Out of all malicious programs in the wild, adware is special because it combines mild severity with a serious commercial potential.

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CryptoWall virus imposes a money-for-data bargain

02-12-2015 14:41

Over the course of many months that the CryptoWall ransomware has been on the loose, no authority has come up with a way to take the campaign down, nor have security labs elaborated a method or recover the files this virus encrypts.

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Ransomware Viruses – A Growing Threat

26-11-2015 14:58

Ransomware is a computer virus that encrypts system and personal files and asks for payment. Ransomware may propagate in different ways, but commonly as a Trojan by entering a PC through a downloaded file, email or a vulnerability in a network or website.

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ProtonMail Up!!

08-11-2015 21:23

Protonmail is working again!!

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Proton Mail Down

07-11-2015 14:10

Protonmail was hit by a DDOS attack and at time of writing it was still down.

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Moron Hunt through Haze October

16-10-2015 22:13

A Brief Introduction to Cyber Peace and Cyber War (PDF)

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WiFi a Thalidomide in the making

15-10-2015 05:45

WiFi a Thalidomide in the making - Latest Paper by Barrie Trower, on Microwave Safety.

Safer Alternative to WiFi.

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Putin Shoots Down South Korean Cellphone Giant

12-10-2015 12:49

The Russian government has declined a major business application by a Seoul-based electronics corporation. A Kremlin spokesman said on state television a plan to open duty-free shops along the Russian borders to allow neighbouring customers to benefit from exchange rate shake-ups was not feasible to foster sustainable investment. The plan had been developed on a background of increased economic instability resulting from intensified trade sanctions. The speaker also declined permits for two projected deep-water drilling sites in the Arctic Sea.

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UG#709 - Facing The Failing Culture Of Control - 2 (Atoms For Profit)

09-06-2015 16:01

Power "too cheap to meter" offered humanity a whole lot of control, but that hardly describes what the plutonium industry actually delivered. Our continuing examination of the failing culture of control looks an aspect more serious than climate change - the nuclear power/weapons complex. Our first hour focuses on the close connection between the refinement of the technology of murder and the concomitant degradation of the deliberative process of waging war. Our second hour examines the intimate connections between nuclear war and nuclear power and between the privatization of the nuclear weapons establishment and the abandonment of any kind of effective oversight. The disturbing combination of a nuclear complex beyond government control and a commercially-controlled media which refuses to address the issue will be all too familiar to students of Deep Politics.

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TAILS/TOR/12P/how safe

18-05-2015 15:44

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