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Birth of an Independent Hope – the Revolution in West Asia

Internationalist Observer | 26.06.2014 15:56 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Iraq | World

It is the best news since Rosa Luxemburg rejoiced over the collapse of the Kaiser´s „peace“ plan in WWI, only that this time it is not American capitalists running amok over collateral disruption of their lethal business, but indigenous people liberating themselves from the remainder of imperialist occupation who intervene into a dystopian scenario all painted with the mimicry of utopia. Yet the significance of the fresh uprising in the Land of the Two Rivers is not merely expressed in the reports of mercenaries burying their uniforms in the near death experience of their suicidal oaths, and the hectic and contradictory reactions of various imperialist factions to the unexpected surge which remind of these nearly a century ago, it is first of all coming to the fore in the observation that the creative chaos which is rapidly defeating the occupation is something entirely new which does not fit any of the descriptions the various reactionaries are attempting to attach to it. In fact, it is neither a nation nor a government nor a market, and although it is calling itself a state it does not at all resemble the capitalist state. It takes the place of the state but it is set to retreat from worldly matters once state pressure against the territory and the people declines. Nevertheless it is not merely a knee-jerk reaction to the external pressure of imperialism, it also is an early prototype for the permanent solution of the occupation issue bearing unique potential to end the world war without massive death of innocents.

The disputed phenomenon is the last offspring from a murderous marriage of two death cults in the military-industrial complex, the Northamerican Mormons and the Saudi Wahhabis, such as the useless neoliberalist idiots in Europe and its former colonies are its placenta, and Dr. Assad of Syria mastered the accouchement (see Aug 24, 2013). Since the demise of history´s longest-lasting empire in world war, the colonialist rape of Arabia under the guise of democratic capitalism that brought about this pregnancy has spawned much of the public violence mimicking the terror of the imperialist regime over the last generations. But after decades of surrogate armies, this one bears a notable difference – it has the potential to become entirely independent of its parent entities, and achieve the goal its predecessors only dreamt about in their wildest imaginations, such as in the iconic attack on the North American mainland at the turn of the century. It is an indication of the proverbial “fog of war” obscuring the respective truth that this incident is often misread as yet another American self-mutilation or an Arab attack – while in fact its strategic objective, expressed by the commercial speculations documented just ahead of it, had been to defeat the Saudi monarchy by hitting at its collaborators.

This goal is now again in reach despite the fact that if differs from the intention of the Saudi speculation and American entanglement which brought about the group. And with his disarmament campaign, which is worth even more as a prototype for “depleted uranium” and “cyber drones” and other weapons of massive destruction than it was to his own chemical operations, Assad has now cut the umbilical cord of the newborn. There is no way back to the old “security environment” of the Mormon-Wahhabi conspiracy, because the connection with the placenta of this evil act, the rackets of collaborators in Europe which have exported the chemical weapons to the region and thereby triggered the escalation in Iraq, is cut. (If they had seriously opposed the Iraq war, they should have disarmed themselves at the time such as Assad now did instead of them.)

These entities can be characterised as toxic by-products of imperialism, which does not use all that it spends but leaves something for waste. In the case of Europe, among others, this is the confederacy of parasite regimes depending on the military supply of an empire they intend to succeed. Such power quarrels obscuring the possibility of a healthy decomposition have always been a malignant side-effect of imperialism with the disadvantage of kicking in when it tends to go away, thereby expressing the dystopian teleology of its false worldview. In this instance however they have taken the according to human knowledge most deranged form of a military-industrial complex masquerading as a living human being, while in the American case at least this deprecation of political ideology into personality cult is restricted to dead figures called “Founding Fathers.” The “placenta states” in Europe went even further and chose death as their authority, as demonstrated in their hopeless mimicry of anyone they exploit.

This parasitic condition of Europe is the result of the same Saudi-American collaboration which brought about the seemingly endless chain of hierarchical militant groups with command structures resembling these of a state and so forth, that have evolved into what is named ISIS, the transnational form of existence of people and territory not submitted to a nation state. But thanks to the role of Assad, who shielded it against the extinction-headed insanity of its parent organisations, the newborn is now more than a mere toy of its owners against their common enemies and everyone they would suspect thereof – it is gifted with the potential to recognise its opportunity to defeat its real enemies, the Saudi and American oligarchies and the depraved mob of client states and collaborator regimes revolving around them.

There can be no doubt that even those neighbours most critical of these groups, because as fierce opponents of the Mormon-Wahhabi axis of evil they had been their first targets, do value the chance to put an end to the malignant situation much higher than the enmity that had been going on due to the lack thereof. Once this movement liberates the territory and the multitude of affinity groups that currently is being defined as “Iraq” from the occupier and its toxic collaborators, there is a real chance for the liberation of Arabia, the repelling of the North American military-industrial complex out of the Persian gulf, and together with its satellite navies from the horn of Africa back to the improperly annexed Diego Garcia if not further, plus of course the revaluation of that period by these who opposed it at its time.

The Saudi “one percent” on trial in Tehran, the Arabs set free from the prison of the dropped name, the perspective of a denuclearised Mediterranean Sea and West Asia with the outlook of the liberation of Europe on the horizon, repercussions on the imperialist centre drastic enough to permanently spoil its two-party system and wreck its fraudulent currencies, the various proxy conflicts surrounding the territory dissociated from the spectacular rampages by means of which they currently resonate through the deprecated international system, and last but not least a decisive irreversibility of the change – all that could be achieved from such an outcome.

The propaganda of alleged sectarian conflict in Iraq is already being proven absurd by the regime and occupation efforts to match up to the the unity of cause of the liberation movement. But all the affinity groups in one way or another have been betrayed by the North Americans and in the event of collaboration were to risk the repeat of such incidents. The bad precedent of the “regime change in the regime change” has already been set just nearby – for Africa, the practical abolition of the Saudi monarchy would be a large advantage because a collapse of the junta in Cairo which has crippled that population so badly for its ambition to take an avantgarde role in the historically inevitable is the necessary precondition of any improvement, and the latter can only go down after the former.

The Asian populations could ease their fears of imperialist pivoting, and the Israelis and Palestinians would cease to be puppets of the Mormon and Wahhabi death cults (see May 12, 2014). The central place of the territory in the Pangaean hemisphere makes it that with the liberation movement going for the permanent removal of government there is much more at stake than only the internal situation of itself. As this movement extends into territory, it does not merely suspend government, it ends it with the appropriate death toll necessary to achieve irreversibility. Yet unlike earlier revolutionary movements it does not replace it with a similar structure aimed at the same purpose, but is resorting to an entirely different system which does not grasp for permanent monopoly of power like the capitalist state. Instead it only removes the hierarchies and leaves the territory devoid of any such destructive capabilities.

Although this is a condition vulnerable to error, it is much less of a problem than the known side-effects of occupation. In fact only now ISIS does make its own mistakes and can no longer blame Assad for the misery of imperialism, which is now being faced directly without any such mediator (ironically enough, after the military coup in Egypt, being a true beacon of sanity among Unitednations diplomats). Had it been feared at the point of the coup that Syria might become another Libya, with a defeat of either side by the occupier, it now turns out that neither side has been defeated and the star born from the chaos is rapidly rising (see Aug 30, 2013).

It is of decisive importance to keep in mind that the lethality of the situation is a predictable symptom of overpopulation as caused by an overstretched empire and its deprecation of the value of human life, not a voluntary choice of the insurrection movement. Had it not been that the hopelessness brought about by imperialism had caused the animal reaction of excessive population growth and thereby reinforced its obvious political failure with easy replaceability, there would not be the shadow of death upon the populations who only due to this chose to rather rid themselves of the oppressor caste than engage with its extinction-level insanity. Economically the death toll that might result from the pursuit of the liberation movement in any case is insignificant compared to the one that might be caused by a continuation of democratic capitalism until it finally breaks down under the load of its own lies. Yet for the political outlook it will be most relevant that it can obtain the result it is capable of – drawing a final line under a story of government to mark its definitive end – with the least possible death toll, so it will not only provide local solutions but also the wider prototype needed so badly to confront all the legacy of imperialism.

While in Iraq the deconstruction of the external affairs of the collaborator regime merely requires ending the occupation to the last man and mouse, in Arabia that would not be sufficient to defeat the Americans but more likely to seduce them into the temptation of a “nuclear rampage” as it was already looming in the Algerian gas factory siege of 2013. The insurrection movement will have to find a consensus with its accordingly aware Persian neighbour to hammer the Americans out of the hemisphere without them or their puppets leaving losses of population against which anything imposed by the newborn force would have to be rated as negligible, and even more important, to bring about the emancipation of the indigenous people within North America so they will become able to permanently rid themselves and the rest of the world of their occupiers.

The coordinated undoing of the misery resulting from the wars of both 2003 – on the pretext of weapons of massive destruction which were neither real nor taken as a surreal possibility mandating broader system change that particular invasion would only be tangential of – and 1991 – at the initiative of the other side in the aforementioned “literal axis of evil” – is merely an expression of the fact that the conspiracy of these two groups (actually three, with derivatives) is not being approved by these concerned. Partly, the weird situation of Iraq, with its mirroring of the two wars of Germany (counting the current one only once it is finished) and the time in between, is due to the contradictory nature of the Saudi-American pact. Beyond theft of material resources there is little common interest there and this ideologically plastered fact is resulting in the divergence of purpose of the involved groups that plays out in such patterns.

With its significant long term damage of war, Iraq is an example that such a contradiction-ridden entity as that axis is no suitable precedent for any future arrangement, and itself a regime to get rid of before it can bring about such scenarios. The breakup of the axis, and the implementation of irreversibility on both sides, including the derivatives across the world, is the necessary precondition for any sustainable peace. This means that these in the Iraqi regime who regret their involvement will be able to chose between the liberation movement and Persian exile. That the West Asian neighbour came about as what it is a long generation ago from the fall of an imperialist collaborator monarch, and with it the entire monarchy, as it is still ahead on the Arab side of the Shia-Sunni fault line, makes it a natural ally for any such effort.

Once the insurgent movement has defeated the Baghdad regime, it will have to come to terms with the conserved Islamic revolution at its Eastern side against the imperialist campaign and its regional legacy in form of the Saudi monarchy. That would then mean transparency over the fossil resources around the Persian gulf, as any speculation-based agreement could not stand the external pressure of speculation. And that transparency alone, which cannot be obtained with monarchy and military and occupation and empire, would save more human lives which are currently being put at risk in incalculable climate disruptions resulting from ignorant fossil speculation (including military radioactivity) than any “regime end” might cost when implemented without likewise errors.

From the climate aspect, anything that would in any way bring about the end of the imperialist system, either irreversible shutdown or enforced collapse, is of priceless value for limiting the mortality to be expected from the climate disruptions. The difference made by such transparency can currently be seen in the comparison of Unitedstates and Russia – while even the latter is exploiting resources whose lack the future will complain about, it does not happen there with the same heated speculation and irrationality (if not extinction-level insanity) that is so characteristic of the North Americans and their collaborators. And of course the expansion of transparency to a larger number of fossil resource exploiters will also further restrain these who adopted it first.

Once the last financial bubble, consisting of the bizarre fact that the passing of peak oil in 2006 does not economically represent itself due to the political intransparency, is pinched, and that would be the external consequence of revolution in Arabia, the ongoing “currency spill” of the corrupted central banks can be stopped, the perpetrators behind it be treated accordingly for their deliberate wrongdoing, and the self-destructive economy be transformed into a safe tool of equality as it should have been done at the occurrence of peak oil but was delayed by the bloody greed and murderous ignorance of the suicidal exploiters. Finally, in the self-liberation of the land of the two rivers, the world can see the harbinger of the coming disintegration of the system of nation states which became the breeding ground for the two death cults. In the future there will only be people and no nations. The awakening of the oppressed demonstrates that the imperialists of the present will not be a part of it and the phoney name of their big lie is going to die as what it is.

* *

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