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UK Stop Sequani Animal Testing Newswire Archive

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Crucial: Repost: Support the Sequani Six (SOCPA defendants)

28-02-2008 23:40

As the last 5 weeks of the Sequani 6 trial is now upon us, all 6 defendants need cash more than ever to travel to Birmingham crown court each working day. The 4 furthest away from the court need to pay up to £27 per week to get B'ham and back every day. The only alternative to being able to afford to travel to court every day is to be remanded in custody (Prison).

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Dispatches from Sequani torture labs, SOCPA and the implications for democracy.

27-02-2008 01:32

Netcu watch site updated 27th Feb 2008 - sorry for the delay in posting we have a few good uns coming up soon, keep your eyes pealed!

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Videos; HillGrove, Shamrock & Newchurch --- CLOSED!

25-02-2008 20:45

A message to let everyone know that the following (historical) campaign films have now been YouTubed; Save the Hill Grove Cats, Save the Shamrock Monkeys & Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs. Altogether they will give you 45 minutes of footage, not including shac's campaign footage, another half an hours worth, as well as prisoner details (Newchurch, SHAC & SPEAK). + Raid + Letter
Get inspired!

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SOCPA Karaoke LIVE @ Sequani Labs Friday 29th Feb!

28-01-2008 12:02

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Join us for SOCPA Karaoke outside Sequani torture labs in solidarity with the Sequani 6.

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Sequani Campaign - New Email List - Join Today!

28-01-2008 02:54

Keep up to date with the campaign against Sequani torture labs in Ledbury, Herefordshire!

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New Sequani campaign building momentum + new job openings for security staff!

26-01-2008 00:09

Demos every day at Sequani torture labs, workers shamed in and out of work! Now up to five security guards for five protesters as new campaign builds up momentum!

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ALF & Underground Global Reports

22-01-2008 01:39

Various reports; new vivisection project sabotaged and Zoolandia pet stores targeted again in Italy; actions against Sequani Labs suppliers & HLS customer; other businesses/billboards vandalised in France and the UK; more hunting towers in Germany reported to be destroyed and puppies freed in Mexico.

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Support The Sequani 6 / Fight SOCPA Banner

21-01-2008 18:16

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Please spread the word about the SOCPA Sequani 6 who are facing prison.

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Support the Sequani Six (SOCPA defendants)

20-01-2008 01:14

A member of Coventry Animal Alliance has written the following appeal, on behalf of the 6 defendants currently on trial(at Birmingham Crown Court) for taking part in peaceful protests outside Sequani, an animal testing lab in Ledbury. This was originally written primarily for the attention of animal rights groups, but it is of equal relevance to any group or individual who has an interest in justice.

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How to be a seriously organised animal rights criminal - Section 145 SOCPA.

19-01-2008 14:41

Our hypothetical campaign situation resulting in a civil liberties cluster-fuck happy reading…

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Don't forget the SSAT 6 now on trial

12-01-2008 17:14

In Birmingham crown court every week day (court 9 - 10.30am onwards) for the next 12 weeks are 6 non-violent anti-vivisection campaigners charged with "contravening sec 145 SOCPA so as to cause harm to an animal research organisation and its suppliers" (re Sequani Limited vivisection labs Ledbury Herefordshire)

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AR activists set to challenge SOCPA in the courts next week

04-01-2008 16:06

In the first trial of its kind in the UK 7 animal rights activists are set to challenge section 145 of the serious organised crime and police act 2005 which made it an "offence" to "interfere with an animal research organisation".

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Short video of Sequani march & blockade

19-12-2007 22:58

Thanks to SARC activists for this footage of police rushing to quell civil disobedience at the Sequani National March on 15th December 2007.

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18-12-2007 20:41

A big thank you to all Sequani Marchers. Plus update on trial.

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Pictures from Sequani March & Blockade

17-12-2007 18:25

Activists from around the country travelled for a national march and demonstration in Ledbury on Saturday 15th December. One the return journey, five people sat down and began a blockade in the centre of town in solidarity with the Sequani 12: on bail and awaiting court cases for SOCPA conspiracy charges.

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Sequani Labs March & Blockade in Ledbury

16-12-2007 22:08

Activists from around the country travelled for a national march and demonstration in Ledbury on Saturday 15th December. One the return journey, five people sat down and began a blockade in the centre of town in solidarity with the Sequani 12: on bail and awaiting court cases for SOCPA conspiracy charges.

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120 March against the Sequani vivisection lab in Ledbury

16-12-2007 21:47

Yesterday (Sat 15 Dec) 120 animal activists marched through the town of Ledbury against the Sequani vivisection lab on the edge of the town.

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Hundreds expected to march against Sequani animal torture labs in Ledbury

14-12-2007 09:50

Sequani Flyer
For Immediate release:
12th December 2007

Chris Dowdeswell (Western Animal Rights Network) – 01452 539673

Activists from around the country are travelling for a national march and demonstration in Ledbury this Saturday 15th December commencing at 12:00 from Ledbury train station marching through the town centre and through residential areas.

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Sequani National March & Rally - 15th Dec

08-12-2007 17:22

With all the news about SHAC, many have forgotten that 12 local anti-Sequani campaigners are currently facing charges under the new SOCA law which specifically targets anti-vivisection campaigners.

Let’s show Solidarity with fellow campaigners under attack!
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