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UK Feature Archive

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New anti-terrorism bill

16-11-2001 07:01

Life in the UK is no different today than it was before September the 11th, yet we have woken up in a Police State: Britain is to be placed under a state of 'public emergency'.
David Blunkett , the Home Secretary is asking Parliament to push through new anti-terrorist legislation which will allow internment without trial of suspected terrorists.
The bill gives new powers to MoD police, allowing officers to arrest people anywhere in the country and also force internet service providers (ISPs) to keep a year's worth of information on their customers - ie: you and me.
This "new regime" seems to be happening all over the world: America and Canada both have proposed terrorist bills on the way.

The bill is published in PDF format here
Anti-terrorism bill latest
For more info visit

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Belfast & Manchester Peace Movements on the Streets

03-11-2001 09:36

The call for peace continues. 2500 people joined a lively march in Manchester, soundwise supported by a Samba Band. The peace campaigners ranged from trade unionists to students, from CND to a fluffy pink tank, from members of Manchester's Asian and middle eastern communities to members of various parties on the left, the (anti-)globalisation movement and many "Stop the War" groups that have sprung up around the city in the last few weeks. Meanwhile, also to the sound of drums 150 marched through Belfast to an Anti-War Movement rally.

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Seven 'WOMBLES' attacked and arrested by police

02-11-2001 10:32

LATEST: The trials have been adjourned until 21st November.

The criminalisation and harassment of the Social Movements seems to be on the increase in the UK. On Wednesday evening, seven people, some wearing white overalls and halloween masks, were attacked and arrested while walking down Oxford Street on Halloween night. One person was charged and other six were taken to West-central police station Read full story.

All of these arrested have now been released, but a Court date has been set for Wednesday 7th at 10am. Click here for an update of the charges the "Halloween 7" face. Meanwhile police harrasment continues of those arrested on Halloween night.

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Blockades, Vigils and Marches

23-10-2001 10:03

Monday 22nd October

170 people were arrested during a shut down blockade of Faslane nuclear submarine base. Almost 800 people attended the blockade with many chaining themselves to the gates. See reports one and two. See photos. For more information see Scottish CND and Trident Ploughshares (who since they started campaigning have seen 1350 arrests, 1351 days in prison, 171 trials and fines totaling £25,274).

Sunday 21st October

Around 500 people gathered in torrential rain in an anti-war march on Whitehall, where approximately 60-70 participated in a one and half hour sit down that blocked one side of the road. A group discussion then led to the group to lay white flowers in memory of all of those killed opposite the cenotaph. The group held a minutes silence. Police made no arrests. See report and pictures. Peace group ARROW's international days of remembrance were held on 10/11 November. The main slogans called for "food not bombs for Afghanistan" and strengthening opposition to widening the war to any other countries. See ARROW site for more details.

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McDonalds Action and Deaf Protests

22-10-2001 14:18

Worldwide Anti-McDonald's Day, 16 October

To mark the 17th Worldwide Anti-McDonald's Day, activists in London and Newcastle protested outside their local McDonalds. In London protesters marched from the Strand to Whithall, giving out free veggie burgers. Tyneside activists protested outside the Northumberland Street McDonald's, giving away baked potatoes also to mark the United Nations World Food Day.

The Worldwide Anti-McDonald's Day is in protest against McDonald's' record of damage to the environment, promotion of junk food and animal cruelty. Protesters around the world gave out free food and leaflets about what's wrong with McDonald's. Other protests highlighted McDonalds poor worker-relations records and the company's ban on workers organising. Read call to action.

Elsewhere McD's pulled out of attempts to open stores in New Forest and High Wycombe due to much local protest. In Santiago,(Chile), authorities temporarily closed one McDonald's restaurant two weeks ago after a routine inspection found traces of the E. coli bacteria, similar to that found in August at four McDonald's restaurants in Buenos Aires, (Argentina), and in Rio de Janeiro,(Brazil), a homemade bomb suspiciously exploded in front of a McDonalds restaurant.
For more information see the McSpotlight website.

No sign of language for the deaf in Cornwall

Deaf activists staged a march in Truro, Cornwall, to protest at the non-recognition of British Sign Language in the Cornish educational system. The pre-arranged march was colourful but hampered by police interference and obstruction - protesters defiantly went ahead with a second march around the city centre. Later some activists blocked the road in a sit down protest and four were arrested (without the presence of an interpreter). They were later released after eight hours in jail.
See report, the World Deaf Federation, links to Deaf issue pages.

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Hackney sold to the highest bidder

19-10-2001 13:12

Outside offices of Nelson Bakewell
Hackney council are in the process of selling of so-called council assets in order to try and pay off some of their debts. Local residents have been taking direct action to bring awareness to the policy by occupying the offices of the property consultants involved and disrupting the auction itself. Manual workers decided to have a wildcat strike and protest outside the town hall on the same day as the occupation.

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Protest Reports from Ireland

17-10-2001 17:06

At present Irish Indymedia and Indymedia UK are working to get an Irish features page up within IMC UK prior to the Irish Indymedia site going online in the future; until then keep reading and uploading reports here.

In the last 3 weeks we have had numerous reports on the newswire of actions in Ireland articles, photos and video footage.

A loud but peaceful AntiWar gathering of about 300 people in Dublin marched to the American embassy to protest against the war. The demonstration was attacked by police and 2 people were arrested (later released).
Anti globalisation protesters stormed a European PPP Public Private Partnership meeting in Dublin which was attended by international corporate delegates and EU ministers of finance. The action ended with 16 arrests after police baton charged a peaceful sit-down protest outside.
Reclaim The Streets Dublin organized an action for European Car Free Day, 400+ peaceful protesters blocked O`Connell St (Irelands premier shopping street) for over an hour while they played a game of street football. One protester has appeared in court so far. Lastly at an anti-fur action one protester dressed as Death carrying a bloodied axe chased another activist dressed as a fox around one of Dublins foremost department stores.

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Public says 'Not in my Name'

15-10-2001 07:58

Tens of thousands of people from across the country gathered in London on Sat 13 October to protest the war on 'terrorism' and Afghanistan. Demonstrators marched from Hyde Park to a rally in Trafalgar Square, organised by CND. The diversity of individuals and groups involved - peace groups, women's rights campaigners, Palestinian groups, pensioners, kids, Wombles, Muslims, Quakers and many more - was best described by one demonstrator: "We're not part of any group, we're just...people." At the same time there was also a protest at Menwith Hill.

See imc-uk special feature "Peace Not War" for in-depth anti-war info, analysis and reports.

Reports: one, two, CND report
Pictures: one, two, three, four (slow loading), five, six, seven (gallery) CND pics, GR pics 1, GR pics 2, U75 pics
Video report: one

Anti-war protesters have taken to the streets

As the bombing of Kabul started on October 7, peace protesters took to the streets of New York, London, Stoke on Trent, Colchester and Bristol in a series of impromtu demonstrations against the US-lead military strikes against Afghanistan. By 7pm, 50 people had gathered at Trafalgar Square while 100 held a peace vigil opposite Downing Street. A convergence at Oxford Street went through Trafalgar Square to Whitehall,then to Parliament Square chanting 'No War but the Class War'. The 100-strong, constantly moving demo kept police confused until dispersing into nearby side streets. There were reports of two arrests and a section 60 around a 'Wombles' group who later rejoined the protest opposite Downing Street where over 100 were gathered (see pictures).

There have been reports of similar protests across other parts of the UK - please send your reports to the newswire.
The lives of many Afghani civilians are at risk from the air strikes.
For the latest updates on the war in Afganistan see:
- "Peace and Justice" Feature

Peace Movement Roundup

Across the world people have been holding peace vigils, anti-war protests, rallies and meetings as a growing peace / anti-war movement takes root. In America thousands have protested in Portland, Berkley, New York Washington and other large cities, while anti-war protests have been held at over 150 college campuses. On over 20 US IMC sites many reports of events have been coming in - see recent highlights. There have been protests throughout Germany involving a total of over 15,000 people, in Australia, Italy, Canada, Austria, India, Japan, Pakistan, Mexico, Spain etc etc

Roundup of Events:
There have been recent peace vigils held in Reading, Nottingham, Glasgow (1000 people), Portsmouth, Leeds, Manchester, Dublin, Bradford, Birmingham, Brighton, Oxford, Cardiff, and many others with more events being planned every day. Click here for a growing list of up-coming events.

In London, the now regular Tuesday evening vigil opposite Downing Street drew around 500 (see earlier feature for previous weeks report), while the peace vigil on Saturday 22nd called by CND saw over 4000 people line whitehall - report and pictures. Read some corporate media coverage here.

A Stop The War coalition meeting in London on 25th Sept was attended by around 500 ( report),which followed the huge "Stop the War Before it Starts" meeting on September 21st - attended by an estimated 3,000 people - report one, report two, report three. There have been scores of other similar but smaller meetings including Sheffield.

With new emergency anti-terrorism legislation soon to be announced including the introduction of ID cards (see SchNEWS 324), the ever-reliable Statewatch has raised concerns that EU proposals may target demonstrations, protestors and the anti-capitalist movement.

Before the cancellation of the IMF / World Bank meetings in Washington many groups including FoE, the Sierra Club, Trade Unions, and the Ruckus Society pulled out of the Mobilization for Social Justice protests, but still plan to go ahead with non-action based events. Others however, including the Anti-capitalist Convergence are going ahead with protests with a new anti-war focus which started on Friday 28th September. See DC Indymedia for coverage. The planned NATO ministerial meeting in Naples, Italy, has also been cancelled and rescheduled to take place in Brussels.

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Indymedia site: some older postings are not showing

05-10-2001 03:19

Currently there are problems accessing the older postings 10558 to 12918. We are aware of the problem and are working to rectify it (no worries, we have a backup). You may have noticed some changes to site layout and functionality, this is due to upgrade work which will provide better facilities and useability. Update to be posted when available, please bear with us.

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Protest In Brighton

04-10-2001 08:32

Thousands of people demonstrated in Brighton on Sunday 30th September, the first day of the Labour Party Conference. Estimates on numbers mainly range from 4-5000. Organised by several groups, see Globalise Resistance and Gatecrash Labour's Party, the demonstration gathered in a park space to protest against privitisation and other issues, with a strong anti-war focus. As the march was heading off, dozens of riot police moved into the crowd to make unprovoked 'intelligence led' arrests, dragging off wombles and others (see mpeg film clip). The march was heavily policed with conditions imposed agreed by Globalise Resistance under "Section 12 of the Public Order Act 1996", and was filmed by a large number of police cameras. A wide range of groups marched through the torrential rain and strong winds, past numerous blocked streets and along the seafront. Led by a 'carnival collective' band the march stuck to the agreed route and conditions, staying for around half an hour outside the conference centre before returning to the coach pick up point.

Pictures: one, two, three.

Accounts / Reports:
Legal view of police actions: here
Report by an independent reporter: here
Personal View of Brighton demo: here
Police state and direct action: here
We're Wet, We're Tired, But We Will Be Heard: here
Accusation and debate around arrests: here

Additional Info:
Corporate media coverge of Brighton protests.
Legal Information given out at demo.
Blaggers guide to labour conference.

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Legal Car Free Fun

27-09-2001 03:51

While peace vigils and anti-war protests were happening on Saturday 22nd, a lighter set of events were held in over 600 cities across Europe as part of the official Car Free Day. Streets (large and small) were closed by councils and opened up to local communities. Dozens of cities here took part - see reports from Brixton and Dublin, where an IMC reporter was arrested.

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Italian social centres raided

23-09-2001 06:47

On Tuesday 18th of September, 60 people were taken into police custody to be questioned. Also, the Pinelli Social Center in Genoa and Memorial to Carlo Guliani were targeted by fascist fire bombs on Sunday, 16th of September. "Solidarieta Internazionale" is being accused of terrorist bombings in Milan.

Read full story on our World page.

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Peace Vigils In London

19-09-2001 07:59

peace vigil picture 18 september london
UPDATED (25.09.01) List of Peace / Anti-War vigils and events here.

For in depth coverage and analysis of the crisis see the main Indymedia site's special 'Peace' section at

All around the world, vigils and protests are taking place as military action seems to draw closer. On Tuesday 18 Sept around 300 people gathered outside Downing Street for a peace vigil, calling for justice for all, not vengeance - see picture 1 - picture 2. This followed a small, afternoon vigil at Parliament Square - report and pictures.

The vigil outside Downing Street will be repeated every Tuesday at 6pm.

Protest Net has created a calendar for peace events - see

Full article

International protests against the planned war

18-09-2001 19:27

The backlash against US-spearheaded war plans has been gathering pace as peace campaigners around the world have called for an end to the cycle of violence. In Portland, Oregon (USA) over 2,300 people held an unpermitted demonstration and took over the streets of the city to remember the victims of Tuesday's attacks and to demand that authorities do not unleash the US military might on the people of the Middle East. In the UK hundreds of people have been holding a series of actions across the country demanding an end to war and while an online petition against the war effort is building signatures. Fashion designer Katherin Hamnett wore a t-shirt during the filming of a BBC news programme with red lettering which read: "NO WAR" and "STOP AND THINK" while criticising Blair and the Conservative Party for their support of US war mongering. A former Pakistani diplomat has also revealed that the US had been planning an attack on the Taleban even before the attacks on the US.

In the USA, Nigeria, UK and Australia there have been confirmed attacks (some fatal) on people believed to be muslims - many have cited flag-waving patriotism from much of the mainstream media as being partially responsible for this blind rage. An Afghan-born cab driver from west London has been left in a coma after he was attacked while a 19-year-old muslim woman from Swindon has sustained head wounds after two men beat her with baseball bats.

For many there is a strong feeling that the poverty-stricken people of Afghanistan have had to endure suffering on a vast scale for the last 30 years and that further warfare would not assist their plight in any way. Aid agencies have explained that Afghinstan already has the largest refugee population in the world.

A further blow to the war effort came when CNN was forced to issue an apology after it had incorrectly reported the identities of 2 suicide pilots - along with photographs. Adnan Bukhari - who has been ruled out as a suspect - has been found alive in Florida while Ameer Bukhari died a year ago.

There has also been widespread condemnation of the Israeli government after they launched attacks on Palestinian territory killing tens of civilians. The relationship between arms-dealing nations such as the UK and Israel has been addressed by writers from Brighton-based Schnews magazine which links the relationship between increasingly lucrative arms industry and the current state of global instability.

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Security clamp down

14-09-2001 07:29

After the hijacked airplane attacks on key buildings in the USA - including the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon - western security forces have begun outlining new "anti-terrorism" measures in an effort to maintain the institutions now believed to be under increased threat of attack. In Spain, activists from leading social centres have been arrested and in the UK Tony Blair has been detailing new anti-terrorist powers.

The US has been quick to point the finger at CIA-trained Saudi billionaire Osama Bin-Laden with many western mainstream media networks joining the war chorus. There have been random attacks on people believed to be muslims in many parts of the world.

The tragic loss of life on the East coast of the USA has been widely condemned by many people around the world. There has also been a call for western powers to review their foreign policies cited as being a contributory force to unecessary suffering worldwide. In Iraq, for example, one million people have died as a direct result of US and UK spearheaded sanctions.

Full article

Fiesta for Life in the Docklands

14-09-2001 07:26

The 'Fiesta for Life against Death' focusing on Europe's biggest arms fair drew over a thousand people to East London on 11 September. Campaigners from a wide array of groups, including Reclaim the Streets, Earth First, Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT), Wombles and Christian pressure groups, converged into a loud and colourful protest at the lavish Excel conference centre in Canning Town, one of the most deprived regions in Britain. Despite heavy policing from the onset, crowds remained bright and calm, gaining support from much of the local community on the issue of international arms trade.

Full article

Residents against Hackney sell-offs

14-09-2001 07:24

From 6 - 8 September, concerned local activists and residents of Hackney squatted a local shop in Stoke Newington in disgust at the cuts (some up to 100%) to local funding for necessary playgrounds, nurseries and community centres. This property was used to create a temporary estate agents (and showcase) to create awareness in the community of the hundreds of public building to be sold for development.

Full article

Incinerator Construction Stopped - 3 September

13-09-2001 11:39

Local activists stopped work at an incinerator construction site in Wales by blockading the entrance, chaining the gate shut and setting up a 20-foot tripod for the day. Incinerator builders and materials were prevented from entering the Crymlyn Burrows site near Swansea, Wales. The incinerator is planned to burn tons of waste and contaminate the region with health- and environmentally-damaging dioxins. It has no official license from the Environmental Agency.

Full article

Protests at GM planting

11-09-2001 06:03

Eleven protesters were arrested while trying to stop a GM crop being planted on a Highland farm on 23 August. Arrests began in the afternoon, as protesters sat in front of a tractor planting genetically modified oilseed rape at Roskill Farm, Munlochy. The protest and more arrests continued into the night as repeated attempts were made to stop farmer Jamie Grant planting the crop for US seed company Aventis.

Full article

Fiesta for Life in the Docklands 2001

11-09-2001 00:00

The Campaign Against Arms Trade and the umbrella group Disarm DSEI have joined in a "Fiesta for Life against Death" in the Docklands of London to shut down DSEI, the largest arms fair in Europe.
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